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Rex Brown will be releasing his book, “Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story Of Pantera,” next Tuesday, March 12th! As the press release states, “This is a lucid account of the previously untold story behind one of the most influential bands in heavy metal history, written by the man best qualified to tell the truth about those incredible and often difficult years of fame and excess.” After reading this book twice in the past two weeks, that is exactly what you can expect. Rex is completely honest and forthcoming in this book, and it’s a major insight to one of the most influential bands of all time. Did some things surprise me? Yes. Did it open my eyes? A little. One thing we all have to remember though is only four people truly know what happened inside the group, but thanks to Rex and this book, we now learn more!

Yesterday I had the absolute privilege and honor of speaking with Rex on the phone about the upcoming book release, some specific parts that stand out to me, PanteraKill Devil Hill and much more! The interview is below and don’t forget to pre-order this book! IT’S A MUST READ!

Metal Mark- Rex, thank you so much for taking the time out today to speak on your upcoming book release.

Rex Brown- Thank you man. This is the first press day for me promoting this book and I’m here in the mountains, so let’s get it started bud!

MM- Sounds good! For starters, you were always considered the “quiet” member of Pantera, and you really hold nothing back in the new book. Was it challenging or weird for you to let people in more than you ever have before?

RB- It was more cathartic for me than anything else. It was a lot harder than I expected, but I think it turned out great. Writing a book ain’t easy man (laughs). Trying to get all those words in, all the stories in, and everything else in 320 pages was really difficult. It could have been over 900 pages, but we made sure it wasn’t ya know. As for it being weird, I would never say it was weird, because I had a story to tell, and it’s finally coming out for everyone next week.

MM- The beginning focuses on your upbringing, music all around you and your family life. You even open up about your father passing away, which you wrote you never opened up to your family about before, so was that a bit of closure for you in a way?

RB- Maybe deep, deep, deep down inside it was. I mean you are dealt certain cards in life and we all deal with them in our own way ya know. You can’t look back and go “Oh poor me,” you keep going down the road. That’s life. The hardest part for me was writing about Dime. That was unbelievably difficult.

MM- For me as a Pantera fan, reading about where you were the moment you heard about Dime and the days after, it was tough to get through. How hard was it for you to go back to those memories and sort of relive them for this book?
RB- Bro, the word cathartic just keeps coming up for me. Having to rewrite this thing so many times, it was good, but at times it was really sad. I really wanted to put my experience out there, because I’ve heard so many others, so now people know my experience with hearing the news as well. It’s still devastating to think about, but I think we all feel that way. It was definitely tough though man, I won’t lie.

MM- As you mention Dime, the parts in the book about all of you growing up together is really an awesome read. From the classrooms to the jam sessions, it’s really cool to learn. Of course no one could have imagined how huge Pantera would become, but it seemed right from the beginning that you knew that this was going to be something good.

RB- Yes and no. We were four completely different individuals, even in the beginning, but we had that drive to be the best we possibly could. We just went through a crazy ride that took us to the top and it was unreal at times. It wasn’t always good and fun, but in the end, you mention Pantera and the amount of respect that name brings is something I’m sure we are all super proud of still to this day.

MM- One thing I love about this book is you don’t hold back. There are several mentions of Vinnie Paul and his “my way” attitude hurting relationships and other situations. Do you think Vinnie will respond to these stories or release some from his side?

RB- Who knows? He can write or tell people whatever he wants to. I’m just telling people my story ya know. He can respond if he wants, it doesn’t fucking matter, this is my story. That’s what this is about ya know, my years before Pantera, after Pantera, and beyond.

MM- In your mind, was this some more closure of that chapter of your life as well?

RB- Not really, because I’ve been done with that for a while ya know. I’m just done with it. I’ll probably have two more books come out with more stories and memories, and we’ll see where it goes from there. For right now, I’m just really excited for people to read this one. It took almost two years to come together, so I hope fans dig it.



As you know, with every musician’s book, there will be those people who say it’s only your side of things and it may not be completely accurate. How do you respond to those who say that?

RB- It’s all true man. I didn’t fabricate anything. I threw in entertaining stories, to keep the reader involved, but it’s all true. Everyone that has read it can clearly feel the honesty and that was important to me. The bottom line was if I was happy with it, and I am, so people can respond how they choose. I’m very proud of this book. This is just my story man. I didn’t write it for money or to piss people off, it’s just me telling the story from my eyes, because I lived it. There were only four of us who knew what went on and this is my story, I can’t stress that enough.

MM- Definitely. One part I want to bring up is when you mention certain websites and how they may have made things in Pantera worse. You eluded to it a few times, but do you believe that if these “gossip” websites didn’t exist back then, that things may have been different?

RB- Without a doubt. Yes. I mean I read the news like everyone else, what’s going on ya know, but a lot of blogs are just crap. It’s just people stating their opinions on stuff they know absolutely nothing about, but that’s what is popular now. As for the real news, today I must say, thank God that Randy Blythe was not convicted of that crime in the Czech Republic. That was just an awful situation all around ya know.

MM- Yea I agree. The whole metal world breathed a sigh of relief once that was released.

RB- Absolutely man. It was definitely great news for the metal world, but more importantly for Randy and all those close to him. I wish him the best.

rbWell as the metal world reads your book, they will learn about tales with Metallica, Motorhead and Black Sabbath that only you’ve experience. Throughout all the bad things that may have happened during those years, it does not take away that you four guys lived a dream that only a few people can say they have. Do you have any regrets looking back on those years?

RB- I totally agree man. We were very fucking lucky, we were very fucking determined, and I have absolutely no regrets. The only regret is what happened to Dime, but I had no control over that. It’s a shame that some fucking deranged idiot decided to do that to someone so special in this world. It’s a bigger shame that we will never know what might have happened. As I said in the book, if Dime was alive, I believe we would still be jamming together. To put it plain and simple, I have no fucking regrets. You can always look back and say we could have done things differently, but that’s life in general. You live and you learn ya know.

MM- That is something I truly learned from your book. Throughout all you’ve been through, you’ve learned from all of it. Now since the Pantera years, you’ve had some health issues that you go into detail about in this book as well, which has to make me ask, how are you doing today? What’s the latest?

RB- Today I went and had blood work done and I’m fucking great! Of course I lost some weight because of the surgery, but I’ve always been a skinny motherfucker (laughs). The doctors say I’ll be this skinny for a while, but I’m trying to prove them wrong by eating all the damn time, so we’ll see how that goes. Thanks for asking though, I’m doing awesome (laughs).

MM- That’s great to hear! Well with this book release and the buzz around Kill Devil Hill’s next record, what do the next few months hold for Rex Brown?

RB- Like you said, we are in the studio right now and we have nine tracks done right now. The record is more about the song than the first album, if you get what I mean. It will still be heavy, but there is a lot more focus on the melodies and vocals. It’s really coming together well, so I’m really excited for people to hear it. If you dug the first record, than you will fucking love this one!

MM- That’s exciting man! As a fan it’s great to hear you so excited about new music. It’s kind of like a rebirth in some ways.

RB- It really is man. I know what to do and what not to do now, and the music is really hitting home with Kill Devil Hill, so I’m in a really great spot right now. I’m just having fun right now and that’s what it’s all about. I think this next record will put a lot of smiles on people’s faces and that’s everything to me. It’s not on a massive scale like Pantera of course, but it’s still just as special to me.

MM- Very cool Rex. Once again, thank you for taking out the time to speak with me today. Do you have anything left for the fans about the book, the band, or anything else?

RB- Go pick up that son of a bitch! Read it and enjoy my friends!


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2499059-queensryche-new-617-409Band signs with Century Media Records, becoming de facto labelmates with former singer Geoff Tate

Billboard has exclusively learned that rock band Queensryche has signed with metal label Century Media Records for a worldwide record deal. The group will release its next album — its first with singer Todd La Torre — on June 11.

Drummer Scott Rockenfield says, “Century Media has been extremely enthusiastic ever since they came into the equation with us, and for what it’s worth it’s hard to find enthusiasm like that. After 35 years I guess I’m gracious and honored that we have people that are that enthusiastic about the band, so we’re really happy about moving forward with them.”

Century Media president of North American Don Robertson wrote in an email to Billboard about the label’s interest in the band, “Many of us at the label have been longtime fans of Queensryche as a band. When we heard they were recording a new record, we were all definitely interested.”

The deal resulted from Queensryche’s team putting out feelers for interest in the album. Conversations directly with the group began when the band met Robertson at the Anaheim, Calif., NAMM convention in January. Rockenfield and Robertson declined to reveal details about the deal, other than Robertson stating in his email, “We have the option to be in business with Queensryche for a long time.”

Queensryche announced last summer that it was recording that album with La Torre, after former singer Geoff Tate was fired from the band in June. But the group’s new contract is newsworthy on several counts. Since June, Queensryche has been in engaged in a lawsuit with Tate and his wife, former Queensryche manager Susan Tate, regarding the legality of his firing, his severance package and which party owns the rights to the name. The paperwork Tate submitted with his lawsuit included a declaration from Century Media A&R/product manager/InsideOut Music label manager Paul Gargano. Gargano’s declaration supported a preliminary injunction request (sought by the Tates) that would have prevented Queensryche and Tate from working under that moniker until the matter is settled in Seattle’s King County Superior Court. (Superior Court Judge Carol A. Schapira denied that request in July.)

Further, in the wake of his firing, Tate released his second solo album, Kings & Thieves, on InsideOut in November as part of a worldwide multi-album deal. InsideOut, which features progressive and theatrical metal, is a Century Media-associated label. That makes Tate and his former bandmates—Rockenfield, guitarists Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren, and bassist Eddie Jackson—semi-distant labelmates.

Topping all that off: Tate announced on Jan. 25 that he signed a contract with Cleopatra Records, known for goth albums and catalog reissues, to release an album with his own version of Queensryche later this year. For now, Tate and the original Queensryche are legally permitted to enter business agreements under that name. This resulted from a failed attempt by Queensryche to stop Tate from using the name until the suit was settled; Schapira ruled in October that both parties could continue working as Queensryche.

Billboard sent a request for comment to Tate about Queensryche signing with Century Media, but did not receive one by press time.

Gargano had summarized his declaration with, “In my opinion, based on my experience in the industry, the best course of action to take at this point would be to stop any tours or recordings by anyone in the name of Queensryche until the litigation is resolved.” One reason he listed was because he had seen how bands’ brand value were eroded “after those bands attempt[ed] to replace their lead singer, [especially] when they do so in an acrimonious manner.” In July, Gargano further commented on his position in an email to Billboard, writing in part that “the intention of the injunction was to protect the future value of Queensryche by eliminating the possibility of there being multiple versions of Queensryche. Not only did the judge deny the injunction—she also urged and encouraged that there should be two Queensryche bands moving forward. Which is precisely what the injunction intended to avoid.”

When asked if there was any concern about the potential for conflict with Tate or Queensryche in relationship to Gargano, Robertson wrote, “Our employees’ personal opinions in no way reflect the opinions of Century Media as a company. We expect there to be no conflict with any of our artists.”

Rockenfield says he isn’t concerned either. “To be honest, we don’t really care. The label wouldn’t be signing us if they weren’t interested in what we’re doing as Queensryche,” he says. “They know exactly what’s going on in the lawsuit. They’ve read everything, they did their own research because they’re not going to throw money and time and support into something if they didn’t know what they were doing. Don and Steve[Joh, head of Century Media A&R] are hugely supportive of what we’re doing, and that’s all we need.”

Robertson also stated that Joh, not Gargano, will oversee Queenryche’s A&R/product manager responsibilities.

In September Tate rolled out his own Queensryche lineup, followed by a November announcement that the 25th anniversary of the band’s 1988 breakthrough album “Operation: Mindcrime” would be celebrated with a tour. Two of those members (guitarist Glen Drover and drummer Bobby Blotzer) have since left the band. The lineup now features brothers Rudy and Robert Sarzo on bass and drums, respectively; drummer Simon Wright; guitarist Kelly Gray; and keyboardist Randy Gane. Multiple guest musicians are also performing on Tate’s upcoming Queensryche record, such as Brad Gillis, K.K. Downing and Ty Tabor.

As far as the original Queensryche is concerned, it’s focusing on its Return to History tour, which begins March 5, and completing the album. “Recording is finished. It’s that final stage where we mix and we master . . . It’s been quite crazy so we’re winding down so we can focus on the final section of the record, which is the artwork and the name and everything else,” Rockenfield says. The band has reteamed with producer James “Jimbo” Barton, who also guided Queensryche in the studio for its albums Operation: Mindcrime, Empire and Promised Land, for its latest project.

What will happen when the album hits shelves — and the lawsuit is settled — remains to be seen. The trial date is set for Nov. 18. Asked how it would affect the terms of their deal if its version of Queensryche loses the lawsuit, Robertson wrote, “I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it.”




rex book thumbOn March 12, 2013 Da Capo Press will release OFFICIAL TRUTH 101 PROOF – THE INSIDE STORY OF PANTERA, written by Pantera bassist Rex Brown, along with Mark Eglington. Rex, who now plays along side Vinny Appice in Kill Devil Hill, joined Pantera in 1982 at the age of 17, after meeting Dimebag Darrell while both attended high school together.


The book offers shocking insight into one of the most influential and enduringly popular bands in heavy metal history. Rex’s memoir is the definitive account of life inside Pantera, which succeeded against all odds and released a series of fiercely uncompromising platinum albums, including #1 albums Vulgar Display of Power and Far Beyond Driven, but ultimately ended in tragedy when iconic lead guitarist Darrell “Dimebag” Abbot was murdered on stage by a deranged fan.


According to Brown, “This is what went down, from my point of view. If you read it, everything should be clear, at least from where I was sittin’!” He continues, “I’ve simply tried to shed some perspective and insight onto my life so far, and the many beautiful people that have surrounded it. With all the trials and tribulations, sacrifices and tragedy, I’m very grateful for even having a chance to put a smile on the fan’s faces. That’s what it all boils down to after all.”


OFFICIAL TRUTH 101 PROOF – THE INSIDE STORY OF PANTERA will be officially released on March 12, but is available for pre-order NOW at Amazon! CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY!


rtrCOLUMBUS, OH: America’s premier destination rock festival Rock On The Range–which has expanded to three days this year–will hit hard with performances from some of rock’s biggest names. The 2013 line-up features Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Bush, Stone Sour, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Cheap Trick, Bullet For My Valentine, Volbeat, Lamb Of God, Skillet, A Day To Remember, Buckcherry, Halestorm, Hollywood Undead, All That Remains, Device (with David Draiman), Steel Panther, Sevendust, Sick Puppies, Asking Alexandria, Pop Evil, In Flames, Clutch, In This Moment, Black Veil Brides, The Sword, Ghost, Motionless In White, Red, Deuce, Middle Class Rut, Big Wreck, Oleander, Otherwise, Red Line Chemistry, Young Guns, Thousand Foot Krutch, Mindset Evolution, Tracer, Beware Of Darkness, Heaven’s Basement, American Fangs, Love And Death, Gemini Syndrome, and more.

“We’re really looking forward to returning to Rock On The Range with a batch of brand new killer Alice tunes to play for everyone!” says Jerry Cantrell, Alice In Chains.

“Head is back!!,” says Korn’s Jonathan Davis. “Rock On The Range is going to start it all off!! Get ready, we are going to hit it hard!!”

“Bush are thrilled to be playing Rock On The Range with such great bands,” says Bush’s Gavin Rosdale. “We look forward to seeing you all out there.”

“This massive lineup has scratched our seven-year itch!” says Gary Spivack, co-executive producer of the event for Right Arm Entertainment. “Getting Soundgarden for their first Ohio play in two decades and having seminal acts Alice In Chains, Korn, Volbeat and Papa Roach return along with bands new to ROTR that include Smashing Pumpkins and Bush, and everything in between–the spectrum of rock n roll is covered…three days of constant energy. Rock On The Range is truly where rock lives.”

Now in its seventh year, ROTR will again take place at Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, OH on Friday, May 17, Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, 2013. With the addition of a full slate of artists performing on Friday, festival organizers are also adding a series of additional enhancements for ROTR 2013, including the new ROTR Comedy Tent.

“Our goal with ROTR is to constantly create new and interesting ways to expand the event and give even more value to our fans,” comments Joe Litvag, co-executive producer of the event for AEG Live. “In 2013, we’ve added a comedy tent within the site that will be curated by The Funny Bone comedy club. Having a slate of incredible, up-and-coming comedians to riff on the rock experience will be a great change of pace for the weekend. The site layout is also changing dramatically in 2013 to create better event flow, to add more interactive fan activity to the festival, and to allow even more people to experience the higher caliber of talent on the second stage this year.”

As a special limited offer, pre-sale weekend tickets startat a low price of $89.50 (plus fees), for Stadium GA tickets only, from Wednesday, January 30 through Thursday, January 31 at 10pm EST. Additionally, a limited number of Stadium GA “4-ticket packs” are also available for $299–a savings of nearly 25%–beginning on Wednesday, January 30, while supplies last.

Pre-sale tickets are available at Tickets go on-sale to the general public Friday, February 1 at 10am ET. Rock On The Range is again offering premiere VIP Packages, Hotel and Ticket Bundles and Camping packages. Details and prices for VIP, Hotel, and Camping packagesare online at Visit the website,, and for the most up-to-date information.

“Rock On The Range strives to deliver an outstanding lineup for an affordable price and this year is no different” said Ryan Smith, General Manager of Crew Stadium, co-executive producer of Rock On The Range. “With the creation of the special $89 pre-sale ticket and 4-pack bundle, rock fans can see over 40 of their favorite bands for an unprecedented value.”

Presented by Right Arm Entertainment, AEG LIVE and Crew Stadium, Rock On The Range is a multi-stage music and lifestyle event featuring a potent lineup of bands on three stages and is proud to be sponsored by Monster Energy, Jägermeister, f.y.e., and U.S. Army. The nationally renowned festival, centrally located in the heart of the country, has annually drawn weekend crowds in excess of 70,000 since its inception in 2007.




Tom-Morello-Steven-Van-ZandtTom Morello may not be rocking with Rage Against the Machine at the moment, but the guitarist has found another tour that will keep him occupied. Morello has agreed to play in Bruce Springsteen‘s band for their upcoming Australian tour while regular guitarist Steven Van Zandt (above, right) takes a break to shoot episodes of his television series ‘Lilyhammer.’

The admiration between Tom Morello and Bruce Springsteen has been there for years, and the guitar great has frequently joined Springsteen for performances of ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad,’ a song that both ‘The Boss’ and Rage have recorded as part of their catalogs.

In addition, Morello turned up on multiple recordings on Springsteen’s most recent album, ‘Wrecking Ball.’ The RATM axeman has also signed on to perform at the 2013 MusiCares benefit tribute saluting Springsteen next month in Los Angeles.

For those wondering, Morello will perform on shows between March 14-31, with multi-night stops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Macedon along the way. Little Steven is expected to resume his guitar duties with Springsteen’s band beginning Apr. 29 in Oslo, Norway.

Source:  Loudwire


89Anthrax has just made available a taste of the band’s upcoming EP Anthems, due out March 19 (Megaforce).  “Anthem,” the band’s cover of the classic Rush song, can be heard here.

In addition to the EP’s cover art, each of the cover songs will have its own special artwork, each one based on the tracks’ original album cover art, but subtly “reimagined” by Anthrax’s Charlie Benante and artist Stephen Thompson.


The eight-track Anthems EP pays tribute to the classic songs by some of Anthrax’s favorite bands from the 1970s.  In addition to Rush’s “Anthem,” the track listing includes Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak,” “TNT” by AC/DC, Boston’s “Smokin’,” “Big Eyes” by Cheap Trick, Journey’s “Keep on Runnin,” as well as the album version and a special remix of Anthrax’s “Crawl” from the band’s critically-acclaimed 2011 album Worship Music.


Anthems was produced by Anthrax, Jay Ruston and Rob Caggiano, and recorded for the most part throughout 2012 literally all over the world:  at Benante’s home studio, in Ruston’s New York studio, on the band’s tour bus while on last summer’s Mayhem Tour, in hotel rooms, and backstage at their Berlin show last December.


Anthems EP Cover Art:

Anthems Final Cover


Metallica: Seek & Destroy

Def Leppard: Fooling

Quiet Riot: Metal Health

Slash: Standing In The Sun

Judas Priest: Sinner (Live)

Accept: Restless & Wild

S.U.N.: Burned

Ozzy: Mr Crowley (Live)

Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss

Rainbow: Kill The King

Jason Newsted: Soldiered

Motorhead: Chase Is Better Than The Catch (Live)

Overkill: Rotten To The Core

Riot: Swords & Tequila

BLS: Overlord

Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour

Zebra: One More Chance

Aerosmith: Seasons Of Wither

Black Sabbath: Children Of The Sea (Live)

Black Sabbath: Snowblind

Thin Lizzy: Still In Love With You (Live)


robcaggiano400Former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano hasn’t wasted any time whatsoever with his recent decision to leave the band and dedicate his career to production. In fact, Caggiano has entered the studio with Danish rockers Volbeat to twiddle the knobs on their fifth studio album, which is titled ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’ and due this spring.

“We’re back in the studio, this time breaking some of our old habits and this sometimes means leaving our comfort zone,” reveals Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen. “We are recording in a new environment, producing with a new set up breaking new sonic ground and it’s exciting! Together with our long time collaborator Jacob Hansen we also have the honor of having producer Rob Caggiano on board in the producer’s seat. Expect lots of surprises and some of our most rocking heavy songs to date. We feel more than ever that we are taking the Volbeat sound to another level without changing what we’re all about. Can’t wait for it to get out there!”

Caggiano shocked the metal world two weeks ago when he announced his departure from Anthrax, but his producing resume includes work with Anthrax, Bleeding Through and the Damned Things among others,

Volbeat’s ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’ will be the follow-up to their 2010 album ‘Beyond Hell / Above Heaven,’ which yielded the chart-topper ‘A Warrior’s Call’ and the current hit ‘ Heaven Nor Hell.’

Volbeat will visit North America once again for a comprehensive tour with Danko Jones beginning in Dallas on March 6 and concluding in Philadelphia on April 11.

source:  Graham “Gruhamed” Hartmann for Loudwire


22-9dfdcc651a28ec0c273302795a696687Dave Grohl has released a new song, “From Can To Can’t,” featuring Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour), Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) and Scott Reeder (Kyuss).  You can listen to the song below.

The song comes from the upcoming soundtrack to the film Sound City, a documentary Dave has produced and directed about the infamous recording studio in Van Nuys, CA. Told through interviews with many of the artist’s who have recorded there, the film will tell the story of the incredible history of the studio, focusing on the legendary albums created there – including albums by Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Santana, Cheap Trick, Dio, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Metallica.  Grohl, Taylor, Nielsen and Reeder have all recorded at Sound City and also appear in the film.

Dave has a long history with Sound City, having first recorded there in 1991 while making Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” an album that arguably changed the musical landscape forever. He had the idea to make the film after he purchased the studio’s Neve 8028 console last year. Built in 1972, the console is widely considered to be the crown jewel of recording equipment, and is the very console used to record many of these legendary albums.

The film comes out on February 1, 2013 and the soundtrack will follow on March 12.  For the soundtrack album, Dave wanted to capture the human element of creating music, so he enlisted many of the diverse musicians who have recorded at Sound City and convinced them to team up and write/record brand new original songs on the spot.  Included on the soundtrack is “Cut Me Some Slack,” the collaboration between the surviving members of Nirvana and Paul McCartney – first heard when they performed it together live at the 12.12.12. Concert for Sandy Relief.  The album is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

Check out the trailer for Sound City!

Check out “From Can To Can’t” here!


2685289-Sevendust-2012-617Hot on the heels of last week’s premiere of the first single, “Decay,” from their forthcoming album, BLACK OUT THE SUN, SEVENDUST has added a slew of new tour dates to their previously-announced headlining trek with Lacuna Coil that starts February 2 in Winston-Salem, NC at Ziggy’s.

SEVENDUST–Lajon Witherspoon (vocals), Morgan Rose (drums/vocals), Clint Lowery (guitar/vocals), Vince Hornsby (bass/vocals) and John Connolly (guitar/vocals)—will team up with Coal Chamber for a co-headlining tour starting March 28 in Tempe, AZ at The Marquee and concluding April 28 in Dallas, TX at The Palladium Ballroom. In addition, a handful of shows with Candlelight Red (whose latest DEMONS EP was produced by SEVENDUST drummer Morgan Rose) will start March 15 in New Orleans, LA at the House of Blues. The SEVENDUST/Coal Chamber run will include stops at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA on March 29 and at the Best Buy Theater in New York, NY on April 17.

The Atlanta band has created the SEVENDUST “Black Out The Sun” Pre-Sale Package, which will be available beginning THIS Wednesday, January 16 at It will offer opportunities for fans to pre-purchase their new album and ticket to the show.

All this touring comes in support of SEVENDUST’s highly anticipated release of their ninth studio album, BLACK OUT THE SUN, March 26 on their 7Bros. Records label (through Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group). Now that it officially had its online premiere, “Decay” will soon be heard on terrestrial radio stations nationwide and available for download at online retail outlets January 22.

As drummer Morgan Rose recently explained to, “Decay” was actually one of the final songs tracked for BLACK OUT THE SUN, which started as a riff left over from the COLD RAY MEMORY recording sessions. “We were starting to get burnt and we didn’t want to push it,” he says. “So we had this riff, and we said, ‘Let’s jam it and see if anything comes of it.’ And before you know it, it became a song that ends up on the record, and everybody listens to it and they end up picking that as the single, which was pretty cool.”

In a review of “Decay,” raved: “The first single from their forthcoming ninth studio album, BLACK OUT THE SUN, seesaws between tight and tough pummeling from guitar-slingers Clint Lowery and John Connolly, pounding rhythms from Morgan Rose and bassist Vinnie Hornsby, and Lajon Witherspoon’s unmistakable scream from the soul. After a groan of feedback, eerie clean guitar builds with a hum before steamrolling into a chugging verse. It’s as potent as the band’s early fare, but simultaneously the melodies rise elegantly with seasoned songwriting chops….This band remains one of the most crushingly consistent of the past 20 years. They’ve never wavered in their infectiousness or intensity, and that’s why they’re nine albums deep. For fans, rest assured. SEVENDUST hit harder and heavier than ever with their best offering since SEASONS and one of the best hard rock records of 2013.”

Check out SEVENDUST at any of the following stops. Fans should check their local ticket outlets for purchase info.


Co-Headlining shows with Lacuna Coil:

Sat 2/2 Winston-Salem, NC Ziggy’s

Sat 2/3 Jacksonville, NC Hooligans

Tue 2/5 Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club

Wed 2/6 Clifton Park, NY Upstate Concert Hall

Thu 2/7 Portland, ME The Asylum

Fri 2/8 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock

Sat 2/9 Lynchburg, VA Phase 2

Sun 2/10 Nashville, TN Marathon Music Works

Tue 2/12 Fayetteville, AR George’s Majestic Lounge

Thu 2/14 Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Fri 2/15 Broussard, LA The Station

Sat 2/16 Beaumont, TX Dixie Dance Hall

Sun 2/17 Little Rock, AR Revolution! Music Room

Tue 2/19 Springfield, IL Boondocks

Thu 2/21 Bloomington, IL The Castle Theatre

Fri 2/22 South Bend, IN Club Fever

Sat 2/23 Cedar Rapids, IA Pepsi Pavilion


With Candlelight Red:

Fri 3/15 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues

Sat 3/16 Broussard, LA The Station


With Lacuna Coil and Candlelight Red:

Sun 3/17 Abilene, TX The Lucky Mule

Tue 3/19 Farmington, NM Top Deck

Thu 3/21 Boise, ID Knitting Factory Concert House

Fri 3/22 Reno, NV Knitting Factory

Sat 3/23 Las Vegas, NV The Railhead @ Boulder Station Hotel & Casino

Wed 3/27 El Cajon, CA Sycuan Casino


With Lacuna Coil, Coal Chamber and Candlelight Red:

Thu 3/28 Tempe, AZ The Marquee

Fri 3/29 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia

Sat 3/30 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom

Sun 3/31 Sacramento, CA Ace Of Spades

Tue 4/2 Englewood, CO Gothic Theatre

Wed 4/3 Wichita, KS The Cotillion

Thu 4/4 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom

Fri 4/5 Sauget, IL Pop’s

Sat 4/6 Milwaukee, WI The Rave II

Mon 4/8 Minneapolis, MN Mill City Nights

Tue 4/9 Joliet, IL Mojoes

Thu 4/11 Ft. Wayne, IN Piere’s

Fri 4/12 Detroit, MI Harpo’s

Sat 4/13 Toronto, ONT Sound Academy

Sun 4/14 Hartford, CT Webster Theater

Tue 4/16 Worcester, MA The Palladium

Wed 4/17 New York, NY Best Buy Theater

Thu 4/18 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory

Fri 4/19 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino

Sat 4/20 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom

Mon 4/22 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live!

Tue 4/23 Charlotte, NC The Fillmore Charlotte

Wed 4/24 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle

Fri 4/26 Houston, TX Warehouse Live

Sat 4/27 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Amphitheater

Sun 4/28 Dallas, TX The Palladium Ballroom