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KISS400 Brian Hiatt of Rolling Stone reports:

Rolling Stone‘s first-ever KISS cover story mostly focused on the original lineup of the band: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. The Rock and Hall of Fame also chose to induct only those members – a decision Simmons and Stanley made quite clear that they opposed. They invited current KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer, current drummer Eric Singer and former guitarist Bruce Kulick (who played in the band from 1984 to 1995) to join them at their table for the April 10th ceremony, and thanked them from the stage for their contributions. In that spirit, here are KISStory-spanning conversations with each of those musicians, culled from the cover-story transcripts.

Tommy Thayer:

RS: When Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent wore makeup in Kiss, they had new characters. Did you have any discomfort about simply wearing Ace’s makeup?

TT: No, first of all, I didn’t have any input on that. That was a decision that those guys made. There was not even a conversation about it, because I think it was so obvious, that they weren’t going to introduce new characters 30 years into the band. I never thought that there should be some new designs or something. I thought that would have been ridiculous. And the only thing is, you’ve got a lot of push-back from some of the diehards. And that’s understandable. Hey, you know, if you lived in the Seventies and KISS was your favorite band, and that’s what you grew up with, and suddenly there’s another guy wearing that makeup, I can understand how some people, it might not have appealed to them as much. But as time as gone by, a lot of people have changed their mind.

RS: You can imagine what Ace has to say.

TT: He probably wouldn’t agree with that, would he?

RS: He told me, “A supergroup has one of the most dynamic, greatest lead guitarists in the world leave the band, and who did they hire to play lead guitar? Their road manager, who used to be in a Kiss cover band. How insane is that? You can’t make this shit up.”

TT: [Laughs] You know, that’s one way to… that’s one way to put it, I guess, even though that’s not really accurate. These guys like to say that, oh, he was the road manager. He never paid his dues. Well, you know, if you look back, I’ve been in music professionally for over 30 years now, and I’ve made just as many records as they have, probably. And it’s not to detract from what he’s saying as far as, he was iconic in the Seventies, you know? And he did influence a lot of guitar players, and he did record and write some great stuff. Specifically, the first three or four KISS albums, up to KISS Alive!

RS: He feels that it’s almost like trying to trick people that he’s still in the band.

TT: Yeah. Well, you know, I can understand him saying that, too, but I don’t think that’s really accurate. I don’t think there’s anybody going to a KISS concert thinking that it’s Ace Frehley on stage. I really don’t. And if it is, then they’re really not paying much attention at all. But the vast, 99.99 percent of people that are there, they know what’s going on.

RS: Did you ever play in a KISS cover band?

TT: [Laughs] Yeah, I did, I actually did. One of the guys from Black and Blue, and a couple other friends, we were all KISS fans, obviously, growing up, so back then when Black an Blue had kind of run its course, we said, let’s get onstage at a club in Hollywood and play KISS songs. And this is kind of before tribute bands became kind of common. People went crazy, because nobody had kind of done that thing. And then it was Halloween and for a goof we put makeup on, just for a laugh. And we did that for a while, but it was never like a serious career move or something.

RS: People kind of use this fact against you.

TT: It can be kind of misleading, because it was just for goofs. But then Gene and Paul and the guys came to a few of the club shows we were doing and they got a kick out of it. But I always tell people, it was like the minor leagues or something. It was my segue into KISS, because I think once they finally decided they wanted a new lead guitarist around 2002, they knew I could do it. Because they had known me for a long time, they knew I was quite capable on the guitar, but they also knew I could put KISS makeup on and get onstage and do a great job. So I think, in the back of their minds, I think that might have stuck a little bit.

RS: You [also] worked with Ace and Peter to help them prepare for the reunion tour [in the 90’s].

TT: They were off track and they weren’t playing the stuff in the classic, signature way. So we had to help get those guys back into shape and it took a long time. It wasn’t like it took a week. We spent a month or two working on that, before the actual four of them started rehearsing together as a unit. Ace was a little more on track, and his attitude at the time was a lot more easygoing than Peter’s was, to be honest with you. Peter on the other hand would get more uptight and actually, he would get upset sometimes, with me giving him direction. At least, initially he was, and then he got more comfortable with it once we got going. But I couldn’t believe how upset he got, because he basically said, “Don’t you fucking tell me what to do.”

RS: There was that one show where they had you in makeup ready to go because Ace was so late?

TT: After a while, I did have an outfit, I did have boots, and stuff made and ready, just in case, as an insurance policy really. Because you can’t go on tour, and start canceling shows potentially when there’s millions of dollars on the line. I remember one gig in Irvine, California. I think it was the summer of 2000, and I was completely made up and ready to go because we didn’t think Ace was going to be there. He was in another city still. So twenty minutes before we’re going onstage, we’re all standing there in makeup, and here comes Ace walking in. It was the weirdest thing. He just looked at me, and he goes, “Hey Tommy, how are you doing?'” Like any other day! It was really weird.

RS: How did it start to become clear that Ace might be leaving and you might be taking over?

TT: Well, there were a few more gigs where there were close calls. Finally, the band was scheduled to do this private concert down in Jamaica. Doc called me. He said, “Tommy, you gotta come to Jamaica. You’re going to be on stage, you’re gonna be on.” He goes, “Ace is not coming.” And I was just basically filling in, because I don’t think they knew exactly what they were going to do long-term. But we all knew I was going to go down and do that gig, and step up, and do my first whole, real gig with KISS. And that was really interesting.

Eric Singer:

RS: You played with KISS for a few years, and then they went off to do the reunion tour. How did you handle that?

ES: I never burned the bridges with Gene and Paul. I never slammed them in the press. But I was mad. I was unhappy about the whole situation, but I’ve always told people, you know, you can’t blame Gene and Paul for doing the reunion. It’s like if I gave you the winning lottery ticket but I said, “You’re going to get the money, but you have to do all this work first.” That’s what it was like for them. You have to do the touring, and I’d have done the same thing. I don’t always agree with the way Gene and Paul do things at times, but I don’t have to agree with them, it’s their band. You hear people say, “Well if you want to do it differently, you have your own band.” That is a true statement.

RS: And then around 2000 you started to come back in the picture. How did that all come to happen?

ES: I started hearing that there were some issues with Peter, but I was busy doing my own thing playing with Alice Cooper. Then one day my lawyer calls me up, I was in Japan, and he says, “Hey, I just got a call from KISS’lawyer and they want you to come back and play in the band.” And I remember I asked him, “So what am I going to do about the makeup? Are they going to have me come up with a new design?” He goes, “They haven’t decided that yet.” And this was the beginning of the week. That Saturday I got home, and he said, “Okay, here’s the deal. The show’s on, they’re just going to have you keep wearing the cat makeup.

RS: And how did you feel about that?

ES: I didn’t really give it much thought. I was like, “OK, whatever.” I mean, honestly, I never looked at it emotionally like some people do. I don’t look at it like it’s sacrilegious. It’s just a band. It’s just music. No offense. And some people say, “You don’t understand, though!” No, I do understand! Because I was a big fan of, not just KISS, but a lot of bands, myself, when I was younger. But then I became a musician, and I have a different perspective. I know what it’s like to be a huge fan, really love a band, and then also know what it’s like to be in that band. And that’s a unique perspective. This is just music. It’s not solving the problems of the world. You know, the most important thing is – I tell everyone – “Look around you. If you have a kid, look at your kid. Look at her smiling. Look at your family.” That’s life. That’s what’s really important. Not what some band does.

RS: So you think people get too upset about this stuff.

ES: I’m sorry, but I just cannot put so much value and importance on what a fucking band does. I’m sorry! And I don’t mean that out of disrespect. If somebody loves a band, and has a passion for it? Great. It’s because of fans having passion that bands have a career. But at the same time, you’ve gotta take a step back and look at the reality, and the reality is, it’s just a band.

RS: Some people see what you and Tommy Thayer do in Kiss now as almost an impersonation.

ES: I know, but here’s the thing that’s ridiculous. I love when people say that, because the reality is, I’m not impersonating. Because I wear the makeup that he wore? Did they come up with their designs? Yes. Of course. But it’s not an extension of their personality. Peter wasn’t a cat. Peter Criss was a cat? They had to create a character. You know something? I don’t know if he even had a pet cat. Come on, it’s ridiculous.

RS: When you were singing Beth in his makeup – how about that? That seemed to freak some people out.

ES: But the thing is, I didn’t go out there and do the same thing he did. I didn’t bring out a drum stool and sit out there with a dozen roses. We did it in a different way. The point is, it’s a KISS song. I love when people try to say, “That’s Peter’s song!” or “This is an Ace song!” No, they’re KISS songs.

RS: You’ve argued that there’s a certain hypocrisy to Ace and Peter’s criticisms of other people wearing their make-up, right?

ES: This is something that I notice that nobody seems to point out. When I came in to play with the makeup, Ace was in the band, and had no problem with me playing with Peter’s makeup while he went onstage and made that KISS money. In fact, he loved it, and he didn’t want Peter back in the band. And then go forward the next year, when Ace decided to leave. When we fast forward, all of a sudden they bring Peter back, and you got Tommy Thayer playing guitar wearing the Ace makeup, and all of a sudden, no one minded it was Ace’s makeup design. Peter had no problem, did he?

Bruce Kulick:

RS: How did you feel about the band’s look in your era?

BK: I don’t like to make excuses for the Asylum era. That’s what everybody was wearing! It was ridiculous. Paul, he’s flamboyant with his clothes in any era, okay? So of course he went wild with it, and I fit in the best I could. Gene was lost, completely lost. You know, he buys a sequined, red top from a crazy woman’s shop in Vegas and cuts it up and wears it. I’m like “Come on.” He went through a period there he didn’t know what to do.

RS: Were you bummed that you never got to wear makeup?

BK: When I joined the band they already took it off, the year before. Because they’d kind of reached the point where it was not even that interesting. I was kind of relieved that my whole era I didn’t need to. In the reunion era, I was kind of in panic at times when I was hearing through the grapevine that Ace was potentially going to be exiting. I wondered if they would they ask me, and I was nervous, because what if I left Grand Funk, and then Ace wants back the next year? Who knows? It was stressful, for me. I wasn’t looking forward to becoming the Spaceman if they offered it to me, I’ll be quite honest.

RS: The late Eric Carr was the drummer in KISS when you first joined. How well did he fit in?

BK: He was just, like, not real happy. Usually there were two limos for the gigs, and it was usually Gene and Paul in one and Eric and me in the other, and Eric would just be complaining about various things. And I’d be like, you know, you gotta shut up. You’re killing me. You know how many people would want your gig right now? Every band needs a pecking order – Gene and Paul are kind of like the two presidents, and you’re not gonna get the same power. And I think Eric didn’t know how to fit in with that, just let it kind of bother him, and I just wanted to slap him around. But we became very close. He was the best with the fans, I gotta say. But it drove me crazy that he was that miserable. Now, in time, I got to see what some of the faults are of being part of the band. Things don’t always go down the way you think they might go down. But in general, Gene and Paul run a very, very hard-working, focused kind of band. They’re very dedicated to what they do and how they’re perceived, and how to make it go from A to Z. That might mean your feelings might be hurt to make it happen. So be it.

RS: Then Eric got sick, which must have been awful to deal with.

BK: It was awful. I mean, I was definitely close to him. He really had a valiant fight against a very aggressive, difficult cancer. And it was a really hard time for everyone. It really was. I mean, I was really happy to see him do his last video with us, for God Gave Rock N’ Roll to You with us. And he had more energy than me in that video, even though he was going through the chemo, and he was wearing a wig that really looked like an Eric Carr wig. His hair was always so hair-sprayed and crazy to begin with. The bigger the hair spray, the better. The bigger the hair, you know? “More hairspray! Bring it in.” Eric’s always been a part of my life, just emotionally, but also in some dreams, and some other things that have happened to me. I always feel like he’s been watching over and he’s a part of my life. So I feel very honored that I had that relationship with him.

RS: After Unplugged, how did they break it to you that they were reuniting the original band and that you were out?

BK: We literally just went to Gene’s guesthouse. He just said, “Hey, since Unplugged, this is what’s happened. And we’re gonna do this. We’re probably just gonna do it for a year, but it’s now or never, and we realize we gotta do it.” And I accepted that. But, you know, Eric [Singer] was in denial. He was like, “There’s no way. No way Peter Criss could do this. No way!” I was like, “Uh, dude, they’re gonna do it. They’ll figure it out.” And they did. And they did it well. Obviously, the cracks started to show after some time. And then the machine keeps going. And it’s a big machine, what can you do?

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  1. After reading it and leaving the emotion out & having perspective….I can understand Tommy & Eric. I don’t play a instrument …. I just love the music and people like Eddie that report it. I really appreciate what they have done. Tommy was always there for Gene & Paul….in all honesty, he did pay dues, and especially Eric. KISS is very important to all of us. It is a band like no other. I do believe the RRHoF has zero importance in my opinion. In my view….and especially just reading this….Everyone in this band are Hall of Famers. I wish Eddie can construct his patent to a REAL Rock Hall of Fame. I also really hope all current & former members really let these insane combative issues cease and just look back to all of the great music & entertainment that we have enjoyed for the 40+ years…….A-Men….Joe in The Cuse

    1. Great post Joe! Amen to everything you said here. What happened to Rock Honors on VH1? Maybe Eddie could bring that back?! Alternatively, begin his own award show? That would be great.

      1. MANY discussions for a real Hall event but don’t want it to be half ass. Has to be big or not worth it to me. VH1 Rock Honors died. Didn’t do well and was expensive. Cost a huge issue as always.

    2. Joe…man, that’s what I’ve been saying for the longest. I just glad I had a bad like Kiss to get me through growing up and why I’ll always support them even if I don’t buy, agree with their opinions or even like what they do now. They’ll always be my band.

  2. Has Eric Singer completely lost his mind?? It’s just a band, it’s “just” music, I know what it’s like to be a fan, then I became a musician? So I guess he’s saying if you become a musician you can’t be a fan anymore? Ace & Peter created these personas but they’re not an extension of their personalities? WTF?? If it’s not that important to you Eric, why the hell are you doing it – playing music, is it ALL about the money? If you don’t love it, enjoy it, if it don’t make you happy, enhance your life, again, why the fuck are you in the band? This is just music? Not solving problems of the world? Newsflash Eric, music has helped me more than anything else ever did in my life. I know a lot of people say this, because it’s true, I don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for music. Are you still playing drums because you want to, or because you have to? is this gig “just a job”? Or is it ALSO your life? Of course family, friends, health, MONEY, are ALL important, but to a lot of people music is just as equally important in their lives. Without music a lot of us wouldn’t have a life, OR a career!!!!

    1. Ohhh here we go. Just because someone doesn’t have the same perspective as you, they seem to have “lost their mind”? Isn’t he supposed to say, “Eric, you and I don’t agree, but I respect your opinion” ? Isn’t that how you’re supposed to tow the line on this message board, Dana?

        1. Given how many KISS posts and Dana’s ever increasing disgust for all things KISS right about now…I would tread lightly Merv. I heard that just last week Dana nearly had to be sedated and coerced off the 52nd floor of the Trunk tower because of this!! I think there is a YouTube video that Eddie posted. It’s actually quite touching-and slightly amusing. “Dana….it’s Eddie. I promise NO more KISS posts…, come down off of that ledge. But, if you do jump take off THAT METAL SHOW t-shirt. Jim wants it……” 🙂

          Put another way: Dana is a few more KISS postings away from dishing out the whoop ass. 🙂

          1. Scott,

            You always crack me up-LOL!! Thank you for that, you have no idea how much I appreciate the levity.

            D 🙂

      1. Merv is it? I have a right to speak my mind & a right to my opinion, which is shared by many on Eric Singer, trust me. It really really pisses me off when somebody downplays the importance of music. Especially a musician!! What are you doing it for then? It makes no sense to anybody & nobody gets that kind of talk especially coming from a musician. If Eric Singer wasn’t already super rich would he then still care about music? “just music” MY ASS! Music is a BIG part of my life, don’t tell me it’s not important.

        1. Well, my opinion is that your post is tad bit overly dramatic. Music is a BIG part of your life? How so? is that how you make a living?

          1. First of all how I make a living is none of your business, and if you have to ask somebody how is music important to them, you’re not a music fan. What would Eric Singer be doing right now, or what would he have done for the last 40 years or so if it wasn’t for as he calls it, this “non-important” thing called music. It’s not being “over dramatic” when a so called musician insults music, when he says “it’s not important”, that’s insulting to real musicians, real music fans, regardless of what they do for a living.

        2. Doug,
          I appreciate where your’e coming from about how much the music means to you. Music is a great outlet and has helped many people make it through some hard times. That goes for me as well. Maybe its not the same for everyone.
          Nevertheless, I think what Eric Singer is saying is that people are making too big a deal of the character. Why can’t Eric Singer wear the makeup? Another question–is it the music or the characters that got you through? For me, its the music–otherwise, I would have stopped listening to KISS in the 80’s. That’s all Eric Singer is saying–the character’s are not a matter of life and death. Maybe if you try to look at this from his point of view, it will make more sense where he’s coming from.

          1. Mike B, let’s just say “if” that’s all Eric meant by his comments, let me ask you this, how would you feel if someone was walking around impersonating you? If it was something you created, you designed, you lived? I know Ace & Peter “sold” the rights to those “characters”, and I’m not making excuses for them, who knows at that time why did it, but I really don’t think if they knew then what they know now, they would have made that decision. A tribute band is 1 thing, but I never want to see anybody else impersonating Paul & gene either, no matter who it is, even if Paul & gene are all for it themselves. I know when you see Kiss today, Paul doesn’t say, Ladies & gentleman, MR. Ace Frehley & Peter Criss when he introduces the spaceman & the catman, but no matter what, to me, it’s still WRONG! They can try to justify it all they want by calling Kiss a “brand”, because they’re blinded. I can appreciate that they want to keep Kiss going, and it will, it always will, like every other band, through their MUSIC!

          2. Sorry for a couple of typo’s, it’s not easy trying to do about 20 things at the same time.

          3. @doug r,
            Okay, I get it. Mainly because when I first saw Eric and Tommy wearing the makeup, I couldn’t believe it. I do understand–believe me. I have had time to get used to it. After all, Eric first appeared on TV in the cat makeup around–what was it, 2002? All I can say is that I have adjusted to the new lineup in makeup. I choose to buy the albums and I am glad that I have both SB and Monster. I saw KISS with Motley Crue on The Tour. Motley Crue was great–and KISS was awesome. Honestly, I would not say one was better than the other. I think KISS has a good thing going right now. No disrespect to Peter and Ace. The best times for KISS were the 70’s when they were mysterious, high energy, and controversial. In exchange we have a KISS that has honed its craft for 40 years, sounds better than ever, and continues to give 100% to the fans. I am not going to dispute some of your statements here because I get the sense its just how you feel about KISS at this point and I can appreciate that.

          4. Mike B, nice chatting with someone who even though we don’t see eye to eye and agree on everything, we can agree to disagree without insulting each other. I know Eric & Tommy have been doing this for a while now, but I never have and never will get used to it. To me, it does matter who’s behind the makeup, because when you know who it is & who it isn’t, it’s too late to try to convince people otherwise, to see it any other way like Paul & Gene are still trying to do. Kiss is a rock and roll band, not a bunch of circus clowns (despite what critics say) that nobody knows, we know who they are. if you went to see Aerosmith, and even though you knew ahead of time they had a different lead singer, (could you imagine) and he looked exactly like Steven Tyler, same hair, clothes, lips (LOL!) basically looked like his twin, and even though you knew it wasn’t him, don’t you think that would be at least a little weird, strange & awkward? could you really enjoy a Aerosmith concert watching a clone? I don’t know, I guess to some it really doesn’t matter who’s who, and for the one’s like myself that it does matter, I guess all we can do is ignore it. Gotta go, hittin’ the road again, later.

          5. He’s also saying Ace and Peter are hypocrites because when there was money in it for them, neither had any problem playing with Tommy in Ace makeup or Eric in Peter makeup and he is absolutely correct…I love the originals, can’t stand Tommy or Eric In makeup, don’t like the current predictable set lists and on and on…BUT I am so tired of Ace and even more Peter with the woes me…Look, they fucked up and were not reliable…I heard Eddie on the Three Sides of the Coin podcast prior to the RRHOF, and he even said Ace was a disaster upon leaving Kiss and record companies were afraid to invest in him, so whether you like Kiss as they are today, or if it isn’t for you, many of you need to stop acting like Ace and Peter are perfect angels…PETER DID AND ALBUM WITH TOMMY IN ACE’s MAKEUP!!! The only reason the makeup matters now, is because it is something for Peter or Ace to bitch about due to the spotlight being on the original band because of the RRHOF…And lastly, WHY DID YOU DUMMIES SELL YOUR RIGHTS TO THE MAKEUP IF IT IS SO SACRED?????

    2. “The basic thing in my mind was that for all our success The Beatles were always a great little band. Nothing more, nothing less.” — Paul McCartney

    3. I hear you Doug, but what you have to remember is Eric Singer has to down play it all, because he’s really being a hypocrite. You can’t grow up idolizing a band like KISS and then putting on Peter’s make up and costume and pretend it doesn’t mean anything, I’m sorry but just like everyone in this band, they’re all spin masters and full of it.

    4. Doug,m you clearly missed the point. MUSIC may have changed your life, but NO ONE has any right to try and dictate what happens in someone’s band. It doesn’t matter if you spent 30 years and $10,000 on KISS stuff. It’s NOT YOUR BAND. And, the fact is, we only know MAYBE 5% of what goes on behind the scenes every day. I’m a pretty devoted fan to bands like Priest, and probably got way too caught up in the drama. Now, I realize, as was said above, there are a hell of a lot more important things in one’s life than a band. Period. So, you obviously need to think a little more about it. He’s not downplaying music. He’s downplaying the silly obsession many fans have with a band.

      1. DC, I think you’re missing my point, I’m not trying to dictate anything. Eric’s words – not mine, it’s just music, there are more important things in life. Like I said before, of course family, friends, health, all should come first in everybody’s life, but to me you are downplaying music when you say the things he said. Look at it this way, what kind of life would he have right now if it wasn’t for music? That’s my point. Not saying you can’t make something out of your life & be successful without music, but he’s a musician right? I don’t know , maybe I did misunderstand some of what he meant, but when somebody, especially a musician says “it’s just music”, that just really irks me.

        1. It is “just music”. There are more important things in life. Now, do we have a crisis negotiator on this board because someone needs to talk Doug off the ledge.

          1. Merv, obviously you don’t get it, so go find Totie and maybe she, or he, can explain it to you. Now, go back to producing or whatever it is you do and stop posting. I know it’s “just music”, just like Jeopardy is “just Jeopardy”, what would you do without it? LOL! KEEP CALM and ROCK ON, I know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I like it, yes I do!

    1. Well, it seems none of the other members of Kiss were happy with what Gene and Paul did. The thing is, Gene and Paul have the trademark and the marketing machine on their side, and obviously enough people go and see them that it makes them $$. That’s what it’s all about.

      I honestly didn’t know Eric Singer came out and played Beth during the concert…sweet Jesus that’s a low blow, but Eric’s ok with that because it’s just “music”, and the people that wrote and sang those songs originally don’t matter.

  3. this is what happens when a band becomes a “brand name” Everything that the fans loved about this band all these years is gone . between the books, interviews and the sad soap oprera of the past month , i would love to ask all of them this only question “are you all proud of yourselves of the way this has all played out ?

    1. Jimi THAT is exactly how I felt. I saw them 8 times on the reunion tour….3 at MSG. Each time was great but the way they would keep glancing at each other was really something like ‘ughhh, how many more shows do we have’?? But IMHO……those shows/reunion tour was not about us fans….but more about the massive $$$$$$$$’s. Joe in The Cuse

      1. I don’t know Joe, they always seemed to be having a good time to me on the reunion tour, especially under the Brooklyn bridge. However I did notice on the psycho circus tour that seemed to be changing a bit at some shows, and we all know how the farewell tour went. I think the reunion tour was for every reason, for us fans, the original 4, of course money, but also pride. I really think they wanted to prove to themselves that they could do it again, if not bigger & better, at least as good as it was in the 70’s.

        1. Doug I made a mistake….Or I should clarify….when I meant Reunion Tour I meant all the tours combined…..sorry my bad. But either way they really should have left it alone after their “Farewell Tour”…..Joe in The Cuse

    2. Exactly. Ticket sales are not going well for the upcoming tour. It’s gotten to the point that Goldstar is now offering discount tickets for some of the shows in southern California (Goldstar is a discount ticket service that promoters use when tickets are not selling very well). I wonder how many shows are going to be cancelled because of ‘health reasons’.

  4. The makeup was absolutely an extension of their personalities,. I dont like the way Eric comes off in this article and he’s kind of a dick in person. Not very friendly.

    1. Pete,
      What you said about Eric is pure crap. I have met him and he is an awesome person. And it wasn’t at a KISS function, it was when he was traveling from LA to San Jose for a Montrose gig. Its okay that you don’t like him and that you don’t like how he comes across in this interview, but this must have been a tough interview. How would you react? And in my opinion, the makeup WAS an extension of their personalities, but no longer. After a while all they (Ace and Peter) really wanted was OUT so they could live peaceful lives with their families–again, just my opinion.

    2. Yes, I heard Peter actually carried a small bell in his pocket that was filled with catnip. Sorry Dana. Couldn’t resist.

    3. Pete,
      I didn’t mean to come across as harsh in my response too you calling Eric Singer unfriendly. I guess I am a bit frustrated that even though everyone here are KISS fans, not many are providing very solid arguments. I decided to join in this conversation because I am interested in this kind of music and I like healthy debates. Some of the comments on this forum have been rude and at times aggressive if some of us don’t agree. If you are concerned about Peter Criss and feel the need to defend his Cat persona as just his–its all good. I can appreciate that. I am also a fan of Peter Criss and agree it was an extension of his personality in the sense that he believed he was like a Cat (symbolically) for having survived on the street in gangs. I think its a great character. However, I also believe it is just a character and Eric Singer, in my opinion, deserves to wear the makeup.

  5. Makes me laugh, even with all of Kiss’ accomplishments, millions & millions of albums sold worldwide, they still get shit for writing “basic”, simple songs. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to compare Kiss to the Beatles, but what’s so different about “I want to hold your hand” and say, “I want you’? If Paul McCartney wrote the song “I want you” instead of Paul Stanley, then the critics would love it. Most Beatles songs to me are pretty basic & simple too, not saying they’re not good songs, but come on, is “love me do” really that complicated? If writing simple songs like strutter, nothin’ to lose, hotter than hell, watchin’ you, rock and roll all nite, Detroit rock city, shout it out loud, love gun, lick it up, and on & on, was so easy to write, everybody would be a writer! Critics never gave Kiss credit for anything, but if anybody else wrote those songs everybody knows it would be a different story.

    1. Simple, basic songs are more fun than those complicated boring songs. As long as it’s catchy and has great hooks, that’s all I care about. Kiss were the masters of those.

  6. When you enjoy something where there is a huge potential of success…and you know it is going to take hard work, a lot of heart, a lot of passion etc….YOU ARE NOT PAYING ANY DUES. You are just following what your dreams are. In some aspect like I said…Tommy & Eric ” paid dues” but as I thought about it….they didn’t do anything different than I did as a 11 year old to follow my dreams. Even at 46 with a lot of surgeries…..I didn’t pay dues. I get my dues PAID…..for the rest of my life like everyone else. Joe in The Cuse

  7. I love KISS for the music. I don’t want to see new “characters” or makeup designs. Thanks to Eric, Tommy, and Bruce for giving us their perspective. I dig all the members, past and present. LONG LIVE KISS!

  8. Just go to show you these guys meaning eric and tommy will do just as paul n gene does.. they will say whatever they have to just to validate their current positions in band .these guys at true losers at best n kiss has and I for one hope they lost a great deal of fans for their selfish r ediculious action. I am so sick of all this to defend their position if it wasn’t important then why do they need to keep bringing it up well its been 12 plus yrs n they still trying to give a crappie excuse to justify their actions. Well enough if people wanna keep supporting these guys all I can say to these guys are lets see what they say when tables are turned soon and yet there’s more idiots dressed up as these clowns today . My guess is you’ll probably support them as well

  9. From what I am reading in this article, Eric Singer is coming across as a person who is loyal to whatever cause is paying his wages. And Tommy Thayer is not much different. I would imagine the interviews would be different if they weren’t employed by KISS Inc.
    Bruce seems to be the most independent-minded of the three.

    1. Bruce has never been one to burn bridges and he says as much in spite of any conflicts of opinions on what they were doing and the direction of the band. Eric Carr had been somewhat vocal and I have read numerous interviews with people close to him stating that. KISS was lost in the 80’s and not much better in the 90’s. Instead of creating there own way they were always trying to latch on to what was new and always seemed to be two steps behind. The 70’s Kiss was special and singer can say what he wants but the characters are a piece of both Ace and Peter it is idiotic to suggest otherwise.

  10. I agree. I met bruce he very nice guy and I personally miss him in kiss with eric carr. I thought they had something great. He got better as a player n so did his attitude. Tommy n eric are the worst players kiss have had in my opinion and I just dont get it.

    1. I also agree.bruce is a cool guy…he did a guitar clinic here a few years back…it was cool to walk in a small club and walk by him as he was warming up…he even did a q/a session and signed my revenge cd guy….if I have a gripe, its that I didnt like his diffrent takes on some kiss classics live…other than that, bruce and eric carr were/are the best lineup after the originals…

  11. For me, KISS is so much more than the original four. What a shame it would have been if they disbanded after Ace and Peter left. They made some great music through the eighties and I like Monster and SB. I would have preferred they changed characters for Tommy and Eric, but I am over that. Gene and Paul ( my opinion ) are KISS . I do not love everything they have done, Unmasked is horrible, Elder was weak. But for the most part, they have made music I love for forty years, with all lineups. Long live KISS. !!!

    1. Sonic Boom is ok, but Monster is terrible. And the Kiss fans know it. Monster is worse than Unmasked and the Elder. Al Least on Unmasked they had Talk to Me on it

      1. I liked some songs on the Elder…if I heard correctly, what Ace recorded and what ended up on the album are t we o different things…imo, SB and monster sucked..

  12. Thayer presents as a grounded, decent guy. Singer, on the other hand, seems to be arrogant and somewhat bitter. Having said that, neither of these guys, in my opinion, deserves to be enshrined into the RRHOF. As much as I dislike the powers that be at the HOF, I thought they nailed it when they said ‘these two guys (Singer & Thayer) are good guys and adept musicians… but they’re simply playing the parts that Ace Frehley and Peter Criss created, and playing the music that Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter wrote/performed and made famous’. KISS was inducted, regardless of what Paul and Gene say, in large part due to their 1974-1978 period as the biggest rock band in the world. The albums KISS thru Love Gun; those are the records and that was the era that earned KISS enshrinement into the RRHOF. Singer and Thayer had as much to do with that era and that music as I did. In other words, not a damn thing. They are playing music written by Ace and Peter. Eric Singer performs Beth in concert now… but it was Criss who wrote (at least in part) and sang that mega-hit song in 1977. It’s a ridiculous argument. When Journey gets inducted will Steve Perry be enshrined, or will it be the Filipino guy who’s now impersonating Perry in “Journey”? Same thing with the KISS situation. Eric Singer is a good drummer, better than Peter Criss to be certain… but Criss is/was a founding member of KISS, and despite his struggles with drugs and his out of control attitude/personality, he contributed significantly to what KISS became in the 1970’s – the biggest rock act on earth for a 5 year period. They way he sang Black Diamond, Hard Luck Woman and Beth was a big part of the definitive KISS sound. Singer is simply impersonating Peter Criss. Impersonating an original is not worthy of enshrinement into a hall of fame. Singer, to me, appears to be jealous of Peter Criss. Eric Singer knows that he’s a far better drummer than Criss… but he also has to know, somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, that he isn’t 1/3 the “artist” that Peter Criss was in his prime. I hate to quote (paraphrase actually) Jon Bon Jovi, but he once said on Larry King while opining about American Idol; ‘great singers are a dime a dozen… but can you write a song? That’s what separates talented singers from hugely successful artists’. I would say to Eric Singer, “you’re an outstanding drummer, far better than Criss. No one would deny you that… but are you the creative force that Peter Criss was in the 1970’s? Can you write a song like Beth? Did you help to create a phenomenon that took the music world by storm and didn’t let go for a the better part of a decade?” If he answers “no” to those three questions, which is the only answer he could give if being honest, then he has to know that he hasn’t earned enshrinement into the HOF.


  14. Eric Singer:

    “I don’t always agree with the way Gene and Paul do things at times, but I don’t have to agree with them, it’s their band.”

    See, there you go. It isn’t really “their band”, and furthermore, two people don’t make a band. It’s obvious that Gene and Paul never saw any of the other members, including Ace and Peter as equal band members. They were place holders to prop of their brand. What a crappy way to make music. Honestly, it even makes it hard to enjoy the classic Kiss. What a disappointment.

    I can understand where Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer are coming from, but it’s such a shallow position and doesn’t really paint them in the best light. You guys aren’t in a band, you’re in a brand, but I suppose you know that. That’s not what the fans want, but then they also want Paul and Gene to be 30 years younger, and that’s not happening either.

    Sure Ace and Peter had problems, and at least Kiss was smart enough to move on in the eighties with new members, taking off their makeup, and pressing forward….not reliving the late 70’s glory years over and over again.

    Bruce Kulick sounds like the only one with a clue here, good for him.

    1. How can it not be Paul and Gene’s band? We all know the history of Kiss. Paul and Gene started the band after they quit Wicked Lester. Peter joined, then Ace. Of course it’s their band.

      (hey isn’t Paul Stanley rapping on ALL HELL’S BREAKING LOOSE).

        1. The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” which is considered the first rap song to become a hit, was released in 1979. So yes, Rap was around in ’83.

          Dana from 🙂

          1. I know Dana, I was only joking, LOL. I actually remember that song, I always thought it was pretty funny, much like Blondie’s rapture, that song always makes me laugh! The man from mars stopped eating bars, stopped eating cars & now he only eats guitars! (or something like that) LOL! Some old school “rap” I can listen to like that stuff, even though it’s not singing of course, at least it makes you laugh!

          2. Sorry Doug,

            I didn’t realize you were kidding-LOL!! Yes, those lyrics were pretty silly. But they were harmless fodder, unlike the Rap lyrics today.

            D 🙂

    3. Part of the reason Monster sucks so bad. Not everyone pulling in the same direction. Although neither was Psycho Circus, but that CD with all its problems still managed to outsell both Sonic Boom and Monster combined. The sad part is people talk about sales and the music business but if the record is good people will find it.

  15. Honestly the killer guitar player Tony Dallas Reed with the Ace tattoo on his arm as tribute is doing much more important to me heavier than aircraft carrier old school rock in a modern band called Mos Generator…

    Oh yeah and a genius singer,,songwriter,,and top flight producer/engineer as well.

    Oh yeah and plays ALL INSTRUMENTS in studio in a side gig called STONE AXE

  16. The deal with these 3 is they know they are/were hired guns. When the band started w/the original 4 they were all equal primarily. The A & P left and Vinnie/Eric were brought in. They were given their own characters and contributed creatively so it is understandable that they would have felt they should also be considered full members/equal w/in the band. As we have seen that was not the case. Everyone that has come after was treated basically the same as a session musician, including A & P when they returned for the reunion and beyond. I can understand how they would be aggravated by this due to their prior status in the band and that G & P felt they should be happy w/the table scraps G & P threw their way, despite the band/brands monetary gains from the reunion. So while E & T are probably making decent money as copies of the originals, and don’t tell me they aren’t calculated copies by G & P, otherwise why would the guy dressed as the cat sing Pete’s songs and the guy in the space suit sing Ace’s? I feel bad for Bruce somewhat as he had to suffer through the debacle that was the crazy nights outfits and he generally comes across as cool. But Tommy and Eric are as delusional as Gene/Paul if they think they are as deserving of the RRHOF from a contribution standpoint.

    1. Bruce was a major creative force in the 80s and early 90s but was let down when G and P saw the reunion coming and all the big money again that surely went along with it. Still, he never as far as I know said anything bad about his former employers. maybe he got a big farewell check to compensate, but it must have felt bad. But that is theway this brand works.

        1. I think that the overall sound of the COS album is based on Bruce’s guitar playing and his excessive use of phasing and wah effects. That was totally different then to the sound of early Kiss, which is OK. It is was just that it got canned because the reunion took off, but to be honest, I do not think Kiss would have had much success in album sales or selling more tickets than before had this been the next album and the reunion ot happened. People lloking for grungy sounds would have looked elsewehre but not in Kiss, old time fans would have been quite alienated. COS is alot different from its predecessor, Revenge, which has some sililar elements of sound or songwriitng, but still overall is a straightforward rock’n roll album. So I guess COS would have meant the next step towards having to call it quits. Still, Bruce’s guitar playing remains the best Kiss has ever seen, at least from the standpoint of technique and versatility.

          1. Lookingback, its easy to see that P/G “scrapping” the COS project in favor of a reunion was a huge shot in the arm the band needed..not only did they cash in $$-wise but made them relevant enough so that they are still reaping the rewards to this day..its ironic, when u look one point taking off the makeup was necessary to move forward..and years later, putting back on proved necessary as well…IMO

          2. I appreciate Bruce Kulick’s straightforward and candid comments, and above all, lack of bitterness. The albums he played on may not have been Kiss at their best, but Bruce comes off as a genuine good guy, with a rare amount of humility given the stature of the band he once played for. I love Ace’s best work, Vinnie did well with the band when they could co-exist, and Tommy is also a good player limited by mostly uninspired material. Nice to see Bruce getting his voice heard a bit as his playing helped bridge an important gap in Kisstory. I especially like his work on Revenge, when Kiss got back on track in my opinion.

  17. If TT or ES were out of the band for good, you’d get some real juice. Kulick is probably inked for TT out of action stuff so he’s light on the real tales cept his Asylum wardrobe stuff is priceless. On weekly wage, TT,ES,BK,EC didn’t make as much as you think. Jamaica backyard billionaire gig, P&G pick the gigs anywhere for loot.

  18. Eric and Tommy are smart enough not kill the Goose that lays the golden egg. That being said you have to wonder with everyone always telling Paul how great he is if he has any sense of objectivity to what KISS does without someone like Aucoin or a Record executive telling him that’s not a good idea? If everyone says your sh@t doesn’t stink you may say look at that master piece I just dropped…..Yikes!

  19. I haven’t read most of the comments on here but I think all the commentary from Singer, Kulick, and Thayer are all pretty cool. They feel about it the way I feel about it.

  20. Nowadays KISS sucks…
    I will never go again to a “concert” or rather say “performance” of Mr Simmons and Mr Stanley’s money making brand, not band, BRAND!

  21. It is good to get these guys perspective on things. Eric and Tommy sound like they understand their roles in the current version of KISS. And Bruce gives his perspective on what he saw during his tenure in the band. But then, of course, we get the comments of the Gene and Paul haters in the comments section. Why can’t you people just get over yourselves? It ain’t your band! If you don’t like Gene and Paul, the best thing you can do is just ignore them! Don’t participate!! I don’t agree with all of the decisions they have made over the years, but I am a fan and will always be one. They have given me 40 years of (mostly) great music and awesome concerts. The last two records with the current version of the band have been really good. Are they as good as the classic line up albums from the 70’s? No, but they are still solid hard rock that is better than 90% of what is coming out from bands that are 35 or 40 years younger. Why can’t we just be happy that we still have a band that is putting out new music after 40 years? If you don’t like them, don’t buy their shit! But stop bitching about stuff you don’t have a clue about!

    1. We don’t do that here Keith. We bitch, moan, and whine because every band we ever bought a CD or cassette from owes us. When they don’t do what we like, we tell them to pack it in and call it a day…..because we are owed. If your ok with KISS today, then you’re clearly not a fan. You don’t know or appreciate the original line up at all Keith. Essentially Keith you then become a know-nothing loser because you don’t feel your entitled like the others at Trunk Nation do. Yep KISS, Priest, Scorpions, etc should all pack it in and we should listen to the Biebs or Katy Perry now. He’ll I’m waiting for the next Iron Maiden post and someone to comment that if Dianno isn’t in the band, then it’s just not Maiden or fake Maiden as it were. Hell if Michael Anthony ain’t in VH then fuck Eddie Van Halen and his virtuoso-ness. I don’t need it. That’s what we’re all about here Keith. Oh and sometimes we talk about how much Liberals suck too and how if everyone carried a gun we’d all be safer. Shit, then you could go to a concert and shoot anyone in the band you didn’t want on stage.

    2. I think the thing most people usually get frustrated with is the hypocrisy of Gene and Paul they open themselves up for plenty of it. Not sure they are producing better stuff than 95% of new bands. Rival Sons, Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, Wolf Mother, Sasquatch etc. KISS suffer like most bands of that age they have lost the luster or edge of writing/recording. IMO the biggest let down with the last two CD’s was the that the songs are just not that good. You can say that about a lot of those Classic bands though. If Zepplin got together they may produce a turd of a CD. Not really bitching just an honest observation from a Fan of the 70’s/80’s era of KISS. When they write books you see just how flawed and at times stupid they all were. without the safety net of Accouin and others they make some questionable choices at times.

      1. Im reading pauls book now…from his viewpoint, their management team made bad investments on their behalf…caused them to owe millions in back taxes, etc…plus he paints gene as not as business savvy as he thinks he is…you are correct, even our fav rockstars are flawed.

  22. Never forgwet, what is published is published being edited and approved of by the two people who can control the brand, sorry, band. So it is all calculated, nd no wonder does this come out shortly after there was much debate going on again on the net whether ES and TT are imposters or true members of the band. It is rewriting Kisstory again. Everyone can see that, it is a game, it is a business. That’s just how it works, any publicity is good publicity, especially when you are on and about to sell tickets for your upcoming tour.

  23. While I enjoy Eric and Bruce’s playing, I do not give a rat’s ass what Tommy, Eric or Bruce has to say about Kiss.

    Kiss is Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter.

    1. Agreed, could care less what these guys have to say. The original KISS could have blown the roof off of the Hall of Fame but they let the oppourtunity pass them by. Time will tell but this is one KISS fan that will not be paying to see them when they come to Toronto. Reunite one more time, and end this.

    2. Sorry but I care….I’m not a huge fan of this version of KISS, but I’m still a fan. When you get their perspective of their story….IMO anyways….it opens up new doors of the way I feel/think. I know a good friend that took over a prominate position for the NY Giants…..he went through a lot of bullshit but proved himself, fans loved him. Same can be said for a lot of positions in the “buisness” world. Every1 can’t be pleased but these are people doing what they love….Joe in The Cuse

      1. Joe, im not a fan of this lineup either..however, at first it was because of the imposters only..but now with two albums out, its clear that the songs just dont hold up, imo…nothing stood out on the albums for me..imo.
        Eric in the ‘Ville.
        (Couldnt help it..sorry joe for bad

  24. Honestly. the ONLY way that the KISS machine rolls today is with Tommy & Eric. They play solid and they sing solid. They’re professionals onstage and off. They show up on time, the gig goes off without a hitch and the band gets paid. The last four words of previous sentence are the whole story. They’re both rock solid on the road and in the studio. Are they creative …? We may never know, but their songs were the best offerings on Monster. “Take me down below” just sounds creepy knowing a pair of grandpas are singing it. And Eric’s take on KISS being “just a band” … I’ll cut him some slack. It’s a gig man, and a good one.
    I prefer the original line-up but hey – I’m an old fart. The funnier fish lately is Paul. He’s the reason I’m done with the band, not the newbies, at least they can still sing & play.

    1. I agree, I can deal with the fact that Ace and Peter will never be back, though it is sad, but I cannot take the crap coming from Gene’s and espeically Paul’s mouth anymore as to how big they still are (no selling out arenas without a double bill!) , how they still give the fans 100% percent (Paul’s voice shot, Gene no loner moving around) when every single clip on YT of the last two years clearly shows that without the two young guys and especially without Eric’s help on vocals (Paul not singing choruses anymore,) they could pack it in.

  25. The opinion on here that Monster sucks is totally not in conjunction with the majority of Kiss fans…for starters its the most loved and critically acclaimed both by critics and by fans since Revenge. You might not personally like it but overall the reviews and word on the the street for most including myself and everybody I know is that its by far the best Kiss album since Revenge and Creatures. That’s not opinion but factual results of reactions. Don’t believe its just me go to places with real fan feedback like iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon and see iits 4 outta 5 stars rankings. Read not my love for the album but what so many others are saying. Also it is one of those Kiss records that just keep getting better with each listen. I personally have been buying Kiss albums on release days since 1977 love gun and to me Monster ranks right after original 6 studio albums and creatures. The solos and and drums are original and done in Singer and Thayer’s own style and its the most complex album musically since Revenge. Everything everyone has been asking for in a Kiss studio album. I swear turn it up and with each listen you will love it more. I know many whose first impression was that it wasn’t so great and now totally appreciate it

    1. Good post Chad. I agree. The only complaint I have about it is the cover art. I think they should have put more time and effort into it. Otherwise, I really like the album.

    2. Dude
      Its because the fans that use to speak are long gone . 10 years ago you would have 100’s and 100’s of comments on here, blabbermouth, amazon, kissasylum, even kissonline and they would be saying Kiss sucks with the actors they have in the band now and would be telling you Monster sucks too if it had been out. But you know what ? they just dont care anymore and have left .They dont waste their time or follow Kiss anymore . These boards/sites have alot more current Kiss fans now . Sure you still get more comments then some bands especially once the HOF nomination last oct but its not like it was.
      Eddie can vouch for this
      Did you know the 100’s of negative comments on Kissonline message boards 14 years ago ? Gene hated it so much he came on twice and got in arguments with the fans ! I wish I would have copied those . It was great ! So anyway , Gene took down the message boards.

      If Lady GaGa has a 1000 postive reviews on Itunes and Amazon does that make it good ?

      I really dont spend much time even reading Kiss articles anymore even though i’m a 39 years fan . Well actually 25 years as it ended for me in 2000. I dont ebven know why i’m wasting my time now lol.

      1. Disagree…most posters even on this site are old school Kiss fans and like me, they usually prefer the originals but many have no issue with Kiss today even if they are not thrilled about some of what they do…I think the music on Sonic Boom and Monster is as good as what Ace is putting out, so I’m not crazy about either album or Aces Anomoly, but think they Re decent and at least it is new music from my favorite Band…Actually the Bruce Kulick album was better than Aces or either of KISS’s…Lastly, I am 44 years old and bought my first Kiss album in 1977 which was LoveGun and then Alive II, so you are 5yers younger which means you barely could be a fan by the time Ace and Peter were gone so you had the originals for a short time and couldn’t possibly of seen them before the reunion in 1996…plus there are far worse Kiss albums in the 80’s and 90’s than most recent Monster and Sonic Boom

        1. George
          I’m refering to Chads statement .
          I’m actually 46 . I said I have followed them since 75 but lost alot of my love for Paul and Gene after 2000.
          I saw Kiss first on the love gun tour
          I do have to respectivley disagree on the fans that show up on forums these days.
          I just dont think sb ,pc or monster are very good . Paul’s got some descent songs on sb ; never enough , say yeah. gene’s ; yes I know is really good but thats only 3 songs.
          Monster has some descent Paul songs as usual . Eric sounds pretty good on his song and I like his voice. Not like I like Peters raspy voice but..
          pc was far more old school although some were pretty cheesey. Gene , i thought , had his best song since lick it up release with the song ” within”
          Musically monster and sb were maybe better than alot of the 80’s but the 80’s songs were alot more catchy, fun , and memoriable imo.

      2. You are wasting your time, George, like I am. We cannot help ourselves lol…however, I refuse to see them on tour anymore. Paul sounds like crap and the songs are tuned down. They sound like Black Sabbath. They charge full price yet can’t give 100% on stage anymore. I remember when Paul used to say if you can’t give it all, don’t go out on tour…my how things have changed. Looking forward to seeing lax sales for the Summer tour…

        1. Joe
          I would go see them in a heartbeat if they never took the makeup off in 2000 . Just like I did all through the 80’s . Even multiple, close by, cities .
          Another thing is the setlists are so bad .
          Through all the shows in the 80’s when I saw them the only 70’s they would do is r & r , love gun, blk diamond , and cold gin .. Then they threw in a few more on the HITS tour.

          Seeing the video for San Manuel in april , now that was a setlist !!!! But, alot of the newer fans dont want to hear See You Tonight, etc. For me , I would LOVE to see that stuff live.

          And hearing Paul try to do Crazy Nights last year on a video i watched = Ouch !

    3. Who cares what critics think..Critics panned them from the beginning so why care what they think now…I never bought an album based on a critic’s review…opinions aren’t right or wrong, its just an opinion or a point of view…but I’ll make an exception in this case: Monster

      1. Its a good album–actually, a great album. But some people like to criticize without actually listening to it with an open mind. They are too focused on issues centered around the makeup and current members. Its ridiculous.

    4. I agree…although the Tommy “space themed” Outta this World is embarrassing. But I would say Monster is further away fom the Kiss sound than Sonic Boom and also that Eric and Tommy are playing less like P and A and more like themselves..

      1. I agree with you, George about SB sounding more kKiss-like, especially “Yes I know”. I personally thought the entire record should have been in the same vein as that song. However, I actually think “Outta this world” is probably the best track on “Monster”, with “Long way down” a close second. Now, I am a staunch Ace and Peter fan, but I will call a good song a good song. Tommy has no choice, he is forced to write space-themed Ace type of stuff. This is mostly Gene’s doing. Gene knows the fans LOVE Ace, so…

    5. Since you like the record so much, can you tell me how many times Paul, Gene, Tommy & Eric collectively say the word “yeah” in their songs throughout the record? It’s truly inspiring 🙂

  26. All anyone has to do is watch Kissteria show from 2010 on A & E and watch Tommy and especially Eric kiss Gene’s ass . Gene , Gene, can I please , please sing Beth tonight ? Pretty please ? and on and on.
    You really get a perspective on how Gene and Paul are and what its like to work for them .
    Ace and Pete may have been going down a destructive path but they were themselves unlike Gene and Pauls puppets are now.
    And Ace and Peter helped create 70’s Kiss without them who knows what Paul and Gene would be doing right now . They may have never become huge in the 70’s
    And, without the reunion in 96 Gene and Paul would be playing theaters and clubs today.

    I actually have a hard time believing anything Thayer and Eric say because they cannot be truthful if it means compromising the brand Kiss or their job . When they or Gene and Paul talk its spin, spin ,spin to protect the name. they are alot like some politicians.
    Its like when Paul claims Kiss is bigger then any one member to try and take away from Ace and Peters makeup/identity and the two actors copying them now. I would bet a million dollars Paul nor Gene would NEVER be replaced and they know they dont have to prove it unless something happened to one of them………
    Sure , once they retire they will try some lame attempts to carry on the brand but thats ONLY IF THEY RETIRE ! NOT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO ONLY GENE OR ONLY PAUL.

  27. Eric Singer says KISS is “just a band”? Umm…no. Fleetwood Mac is just a band. KISS and The Beatles are the only 2 bands in rock music history that you can recognize the faces without seeing the name of the group. That is NOT “just a band”, sorry, Eric. Now go reform Badlands or something, will you, and PLEASE stop singing Beth. It’s a huge bowl o’ wrong.

    1. Bands are different things to different people. I know people who would disagree with your statement about Fleetwood Mac as “just a band”. To some, Fleetwood Mac provided the soundtrack to many childhoods. But at the end of the day, music is how rock stars make a living. It’s a job. Whether it’s the Stones, AC/DC, or Kiss it doesn’t matter. Eric was making the point that there are more important things in life than bitching about who is wearing cat makeup. I agree.

      1. The question remains, whenever Tommy or Eric open their mouths in public: are they speaking for themselves or for the band? Are they, can they be honest, or are they just promted? Rhetorical question of mine, of course.

    2. Actually–he does a good job singing Beth. Beth is not just Peter’s song. Bob Ezrin helped write it. Stop torturing yourself and just don’t attend KISS concerts anymore. Everyone there wants to have a good time–not listen to someone who wants to fuss and wine about who sings Beth (good grief)! Its cool the way he gets up there and does it his own way. It took me some time to get used it too, but I chose to appreciate what they are doing now. They are playing songs the audience wants–yes WANTS, to hear!

  28. After watching the heavily edited Hall Of Fame show on HBO, the body language and speech that Gene gave that night showed what I have always said: He has a soft spot for Ace and Peter. Paul steers Kiss and apparently Gene goes along, so we never see the Fearsome Foursome on stage again.

    1. Paul has a soft spot for them too, but it does not show lately. Wouldn’t you get tired of all the problems after a while? Did Gene sound like he has a soft spot after writing his book back in 2001? He said some of the same things Paul says in his book. Of course they BOTH (caps for emphasis and not shouting) have soft spots for Ace and Peter–as do each of us who are true KISS fans. We appreciate all the members and not just one or two. After reading some of the posts on this forum, its hard to believe that many here EVER cared about Paul or Gene. I see an incredible amount of disrespect toward mostly current members of KISS and no effort to understand where Eric and Tommy are coming from. Instead, I see many here satisfying there own opinions without contest.

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