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acefrehley400 Founding KISS guitarist and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley has debuted an all new single titled Gimme a Feelin’ exclusively through
Rolling Stone today (May 29th). The new effort serves as the first single from his all new LP Space Invader slated for a summer release via eOne Music.

Gimme a Feelin’ is available for purchase on iTunes and Space Invader is available for pre-order via Amazon.

Widely known as the original “Space Ace” and founding guitarist for 16 cumulative years (over 2 tenures) of the multi platinum selling rock band KISS, Frehley is demonstrably the most popular original member. In addition to having the best selling solo album career (vintage or current) among the original foursome, Frehley’s self titled Ace Frehley, released in 1978, went on to sell over one million copies, producing the only Top 40 single, New York Groove, from any of the legendary KISS solo albums; (peaking at #13). The massive hit was most recently featured in an episode of cult show Entourage and was also KISS’ second best selling download in 2012, besting such KISS Army anthems as I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Beth and Calling Dr. Love even after 36 years.

Since departing from KISS, Frehley went on to release four more solo albums and one live EP including his most recent effort, Anomaly in 2009, which debuted at #27 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and received a welcoming response among critics.

You can catch Ace Frehley accepting his award at the 29th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction Ceremony on May 31st at 8pm on HBO.



  1. It reminds me of classic Kiss. Nice riffs and some classic Ace solos. Ace was the first guy that made want to play guitar, it’s nice to still hear he still has it.

  2. Sounds great! I liked Anomaly a lot and expect this one to be even better. I just wish Ace would stop stealing Tommy Thayer’s riffs from the last two “Kiss” albums 🙂

    1. Well I admit Sonic Boom Tommy used some ace riffs but Tommy plays in his own style on Monster…I’m just talking about the music…not makeup or anything. Tommy cowrote 9 of the 12 tracks on Monster. The Ace song is amazing though!

      1. Chad,
        It would not surprise me to hear some of Ace in Tommy’s leads because Ace was a big influence for him. I think some of us forget that Tommy played the part of Ace in a tribute band before becoming full time in KISS. It seems perfectly natural to me, but some prefer to accuse Tommy of ripping Ace off even though note for note, I have never heard anything that sounds like Ace Frehley’s on Sonic Boom or Monster. For the record, I like Tommy and what he is doing in KISS. However, my all time favorite is Ace–but Ace from the 74 to 82 during his original tenure in KISS.

  3. Sounds just fine to me! The riff has been done before but Ace and AC/DC are great at recycling riffs. Hard to believe that Ace is the man behind the mic in this song, however. I give it a 3.5/5, if I were anybody official ;P

    1. Its a hit because he made it. No chance of radio play except for Eddie’s show and sales of 8,000 to 12,000 based on how much sales have dropped since Anomaly. I’ll say this, its classic Ace. Great music, shitty lyrics.

        1. Typical comment…have you read Ace’s lyrics on Anomaly? Haven’t you cringed when you read the lyrics to Foxy and Free and Outta Space? Come on!!!! Ace can write better than that, but why shoot down KISS just because someone comments on Ace’s lyrics? Weak argument.

          1. Honestly does any hard rock band truly have great lyricists? Especially Kiss who have said themselves the music is far from high brow and lyric driven beyond sending positive vibes mostly..

          2. Weak reply, because if you listen closely you should also cringe at most of Kiss’s lyrics. But: it does not matter. Kiss as a band and its music is about having a good time, it is not meant to be rock’n roll Dylan. there are other artists for other purposes and tastesm hwich, of course, is wonderful. So I do not know why you are complaining.

  4. I hope this song is not an indication of what the rest the album will sound like. Hopefully the other songs are better than this and his childish album cover!

    1. Childish album cover? I have to disagree…hes displaying the character he created…maybe thayer can do a solo album with himself on the cover acting as a puppet with gene/paul above him pulling the strings…

      1. We get it. You hate Tommy. Get over it already or at least come up with a criticism that hasn’t been beaten to death already. If this was a Tommy Thayer song you’d be bashing it. I realize that Tommy will never be on the level of the guy who wrote “1 plus 1….is 1” but give it a rest.

        1. I’ll give it a rest when that hack gets his own ideas! Until then I will continue to whine and complain until that spaghetti fetcher is removed from the lineup……………………….and there’s nothing you can do about it.

          1. How is Outta this world Ace’s idea? What are you saying exactly? Are you comparing it to Outta Space from Anomaly? Please clarify how Tommy is using Ace’s idea’s. Is the word “Outta…” the issue here?
            On another note, I like the music on Outta Space but had trouble digesting the lyrics. Outta this world from Monster is a better song in my opinion. Nevertheless, nothing beats Ace’s earlier work with KISS. Nothing beats it, but that doesn’t mean what KISS is doing now is not good enough.
            Some have criticized both Sonic Boom and Monster seemingly without listening to them. Monster is the best album since Revenge. Before that Creatures was the best. Before that Love Gun–just my opinion of course.

          2. To Mike below: you just do not get it. It is, as anyone can see, about copying the spcae theme songs that Ace made popular – G and P making Tommy sing a song just in the vein of Ace’s songs to create a certain image and reaction amongst the fans, just like making Tommy play Ace#s licks note for note live – so they do of course write their orwn song, but you can bet your bottom dollar were there any new Kiss CDs to come there would always be the “Ace Song” that regarding lyrics will have somethig to do with space, space travel, etc. Do you now get it?

  5. Love it …….Its ACE FREHLEY All the way good Rock … KISS SUCK’S Without Ace it’s a fact sorry The truth Hurts Paul Stanley so bad …The Shit Talker they can’t read now in he’s last interview in San Francisco well paul you can’t Sing Now …. Good Job ACE it Rocks !

    1. I love how you call it a fact when its just your opinion. I like the new song by Ace but don’t think he is as good a singer as Paul Stanley. Its true that he doesn’t have the same vocal range he once had, but he still sounds good to me. Music is subjective–you will not like Paul’s voice because you do not like KISS without Frehley. But your comments about Paul’s voice only contributes to a myth that is popular among the minority of KISS fans who dislike the current lineup.
      What if he is recovering from throat surgery and it takes time to strengthen his vocal chords? What if he sings like he used to in a few years? I would love to hear what you have to say then!
      Glad you like the new Ace song though–I think its great too!

      1. The problem is not Paul’s current vocal range, it is that his whole is crumbling, weak and sounding as if he was singing while having a bad cold (cf. recent American Idol finals). Remember that they have tuned down the songs but still the problem remains, even seems to get worse on some days, so it surely is not just a problem of range and frequency. Ace is also singing in a somewhat lower range here which just fits to him also getting older.

          1. Sorry, Mike, but it is enough for an experienced musician like me to listen to let us say the American Idol recording ONCE to know what is happening – actually, most people who might listen to it will know that this singer is way past his prime, maybe you should pull the cotton out of your ears or just ACCEPT that our heroes are getting older and thus getting weaker, which would not be bad if those peole would admit it and behave accordingly instead of bragging all over the place that Kiss is bigger than ever.

      2. Wow, Mike B you must be tone deaf and delusional. Paul’s voice has been shot for many years. His voice is raspy and hoarse, all he has left are those nasty falsetto screams. That’s not my option, it’s fact. Unfortunately Paul’s voice is damaged beyond repair, surgery didn’t help! Now take the cotton out of your ears and listen to the music.

        1. Malcolm Black,
          Sure, call me tone deaf and delusional. Why? Because you disagree, and for no better reason than you have your opinion and call it fact. Great…

          1. You are biased as well. To decide whether fact or opinion, play the YT recording of American Idol to let’s say 10 non-musicians and non-Kiss fans and ask them if the singer has got a good, strong, healthy sounding and convincing voice. Maybe even play something of the late Dio, Judas Priest on their Epitaph tour etc. to have something to compare to (in terms of genre and age of the singer) – then you may post again and base your opinion, yes you have one too, on the basis of some statistics.

    2. Creatures of the Night = no Ace. Did that suck? Hell no…arguably the best album the band has ever done! Lick it Up = no Ace and it’s a great album. Revenge = no Ace…and yet again, another great album. Animalize, Asylum = no Ace and both are good albums.

      Sorry your theory that Kiss sucks without Ace doesn’t hold water. Now would I like to see Ace back in Kiss…absolutely but the band made two of the best albums of their career without him and several very solid albums without him.

      1. JB,
        As usual, great points and sound reasoning in your arguments.
        Revenge and Creatures are also two of my favorite KISS albums–and Love Gun and Monster. Not in that order necessarily. There are some who are team ACE/Peter and others are Paul/Gene and then we lose balance and objectivity in the conversation. Some say KISS sucks but what they really mean is they want the original members back in KISS. Its easier to be opinionated than to provide some solid points. You seem to have a good grasp of KISS entire career.

  6. Mixed feelings…the music is pretty good, seems like his voice has changed a little though. He should stick with his classic vocal style…if possible.

      1. I think Ace’s voice is a highlight of this track actually. Sounds younger and more like the ’78 album. Was never a great singer but his voice has a charm and certain attitude that works for him. Kind of like Keith Richards voice works for him.

        1. I agree eddie, he sounds good vocally on that track..the licks/riffs sound like typical Ace..if u want his voice to sound like it used to, then just listen to the older not big on the lyrics and I thought the drums were alittle low in the mix but maybe its just me…I want to hear the finished product…Eddie, do u know who his studio band is?

    1. That is exactly why I have always liked his guitar work, it is just him, no copying somebody else, while others would of course call the same thing bad chops or sloppy style or whatever.

      1. Sochoman,
        You forget that Ace’s guitar work comes from some of his influences (Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, etc…). Influences come out in everyone’s music, and nothing is completely original. Sometimes, watching Jimmy Page reminds me of Ace. This is not to take anything away from Ace, I am sure he would agree. While it is HIS guitar work, those influences produced it in him.
        On another note, I like Ace’s work from 74-82 more than anything he has come up with (we will see when Space Invader comes out) so far. His style of playing in those days were inspiring and tight, and you can tell there was a discipline to his playing. In my opinion, that level of guitar playing was missing in his two last solo albums (Trouble Walkin and Anomaly).
        By the way, I think I have a good handle on guitar players and singers when it comes to being unbiased. I am not trying to kid myself of anyone else–just giving my honest opinion. When I read a comment that seems way off or overblown–I feel compelled to challenge the merits of your argument. Everyone is biased–you can only do your best to avoid bias and give an objective assessment.

        1. Man you are a nuisance trying to misapprehend everything others say as absolute statements – of course everyone is influenced, I was referring to Ace being the original and Tommy being the copyist, did you not get that? Ace was influenced by the heroes of the guitar before him, but then added something of his own and himself became one of these influential players. And hey, you must be a brave man to “challenge me/my arguments”, have you not better things to do than go on a forum like this one and “challenge” people to make yourself feel good? Is this a war of arguments or something? Come on. You are taking yourself and the discussing here much too seriously. Kiss is about rock’n roll which is about fun.

          1. I’m not trying to pick on you schocoman,
            I am trying to provide balance to the arguments you’ve made. If you think I am coming across too strong, maybe you should consider some of your comments. I don’t do this to make myself feel good, I do it because this is supposed to be a debate where we acknowledge each others point of view instead of blasting someone for his/her opinion. I understand Tommy wearing Ace’s makeup is upsetting to you and many others, but when you make statements that are inaccurate, be prepared to defend you position. I am in this for fun, not as a bully or tying to make you feel bad. You’ve made many comments that I cannot reply too–I mean, I can’t click on REPLY and answer some of your challenges. And that is what you are doing schocoman. You are challenging me, which is why I responded. You made a comment about “statistics” and I thought that kind of (if it were true) put others at a disadvantage. I don’t believe you did some professional research on any of this. Even if you are a singer–and I’m not saying your not–it does not mean I can’t challenge your claim that Paul Stanley’s voice is shot. I can hear just fine and he sounds good–as good as anyone out there. There’s no cotton in my ears.

          2. Sorry Mike, but calling Paul’s vocal performance on an average day (let alone on a bad day, cf. American Idol, even ouside the strenous tour schedule!) of today and maybe the last few years “good” is just denying a fact that everyone, musician or not, Kiss fan or not, can plainly see and hear. It is a shadow of what it used to be, and it used be great, which makes the decline even more sad to witness, and I know that BECAUSE I have done the research, because I know so many YT videos, and because I saw this happen bit by bit on every gig they had over here in Europe from the reunion on, and I went to every tour since then. I find it sad too but there is no use in denying it. Face it and then decide whether you wanna spend serious money on a ticket and play Russian roulette if Paul has one of his better days so that his probably subpar performance would not make you sad or cringe when you are supposed to be having fun attending the concert. Let us just accept that they are old now, which wouldn’t be a problem if Paul did not talk into every camera and claim and brag about how big they still are and how they are still giving the fans 100% – when it is just not true, not possible. (Gene btw still has the voice but only 20% of his stage moves left in him compared to a concert i went to four yeras ago …) People critizing Paul or Gene are easily called haters but they are mixing up criticism and insult. If you spend money on this, and emotions too, you are allowed to be critical. Without Eric on lots and lots of backvocals it would be even more obvious to the fan who has no insight because he is not a musician. (I am not a singer btw and did not say so). Watch the videos out there, Paul is not singing whole choruses anymore. Why? Because his voice is still good??!! Tommy in make-up btw is not upsetting me like many others, I just that I find it lame that T and E were not given the chance to create something of their own, like Bruce. It is lame to on the one hand constantly dimish Ace’s and Peter’s contributions, but then tell the employees to copy what these guys did note for note. It is called hypocrisy, or marketing, if you like that one better. I went to see Kiss with T and E several times, was OK. I would prefer Ace, but that would be unrealistic. So I go see him on his solo tours. So if the cotton is not in your ears, I’d say Paul sometimes sounds if he had a mouthful of cotton making him fail on all the high notes. The question I am asking myself is, why did he not stop touring at least for a year or so, why did he keep on playing 40 something gigs every year when he knew that his voice was fading? I can think of a couple of reasons, but that is another topic and has already been much debated in the wake of the RRHOF induction.

  7. I gotta say that I dig that tune, and I can’t wait for the whole album to come out. To begin with, I thought that “Anomaly” was an ok album at best. I think this is one is gonna Rock.

    His vocals do sound a bit different, but hey he ain’t getting any younger, but his voice is still much better than a certain other Paul..

    It’s Ace, and it sounds like his back! Thank God!

  8. Holy shit… is great. Brings me back to 70’s KISS. Ace sounds great….riff is awesome….if the other tunes are like this WOW, AWESOME….. Joe in The Cuse

  9. 15,000 units, no airplay but Serius. Need riffs, Eddie Van Halen pulls cassettes from decades ago to find anything. Sure his vocals are Keith. Keep in mind studio trickery works wonders.

  10. This isn’t bad at all. What seems clear to me is that the ‘hook’ is there, but just out of reach. A good producers touch would have clarified it & made this a decent catchy earworm for sure. All the elements are there, this just misses the mark a little. It sounds like an OK album track, but not one that would be your favorite that you’d play a few times in a row. I just hope that the album is mixed well & not a compressed mess like Monster was. I’m looking forward to his invasion! Rock on Ace!!

  11. Don’t mind the Voice or guitar, Lyrics are so so, sort of catchy song. really liked the vibe of the song. Hard for him or any of Kiss to stand out on there own as much as when they were all together they had synergy that made KISS. Have to wait to hear the rest of the CD to make an opinion. Loved two songs on the last CD Fox on the Run(Sweet) and Outer Space. Songs are important that’s why so many bands have outside writers.

    1. Lol! I heard about that. Gene said it’s all lies but it sounds like something they would do. As far as the song…………………… It kicks a mountain goats ass with a belt! Ace is rockin again!

    2. You do realize that even the woman’s son admits that that airplane story was hogwash? Or doesn’t the truth matter? I mean, if it were true, you know Eddie would be running that story all over his front page and the poor woman would be on the next season premiere of TMS doing that week’s “Top 5 Worst Things Gene and Paul Did to Eddie Trunk”.

      1. Be sure to pay no attention ever to the MANY positive things I have done and said about Kiss for 30 years and all the POSITIVE Top 5 lists I have had them on on TMS. Never acknowledge that…

        1. Eddie,
          I watch your show and know you say positive things about KISS and Paul Stanley. I think Michael is confused and assuming all the comments putting down Paul and Gene are from you and not from many of the Peter/Ace advocates. I think some people from both sides of the argument are overreacting to this whole mess (RRHOF, the makeup issues, etc…). I am also frustrated that Paul is not willing to resolve whatever his issue is with you. I guess everyone has their issues. I say that even though Paul is my favorite KISS member. But I admit that I just dont get it…

    1. Rock & roll has never been about singing! Don’t kid yourself…………… As long as the vocals don’t sound as bad as Paul’s it shouldn’t be a problem. Go listen to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston if you care about vocals.

      1. Hmm Fudge…I guess somebody should tell Steve Perry, Paul Rodgers, Freddie Mercury, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Dio, Lou Gramm, Rob Halford, Robin Zander, Brad Delp, Coverdale, Myles Kennedy on and on etc… that Rock & Roll isn’t about singing.

      2. Seems to have a different version of all the classic records on my shelf … maybe the playback versions?? Do you honestly think the majority of people will go see a concert just for the guitar playing? Songs is what we want. Songs in the rock genre need vocals. Songs in almost every genre need vocals.

  12. The vocals are refreshing! To be honest I like the vocals on this track more than anomaly. I felt ace over emphasized his vocals on anomaly. These vocals sound more grounded and meshes in well with the riffs. The lyrics are okay but they have never been a strong point in ace or kiss music so who cares. At first I thought it was so-so but after another listen the chorus stuck with me and carried the song into what I consider good.

  13. As a 53 year old into ACE since I was 13, I know mostly what to expect. As a true fan I’m just glad the guy is still alive and making new music for me to enjoy. Don’t know if it was intentional on his part but I think the intro sounds like the two “stretches” he does in his live solo before the finger tapping segment and the guitar starts smoking. Real catchy, almost bluesy, kickoff. Certain segments have an almost ’60s feel to me. A small part sounds a bit like a segment of the Peter Criss song “what you’re doing” from his EP. Love the echos in the solo. Just enough quirky ACE stuff to make it not just another verse, chorus, bridge etc. tune. His voice is different because he is not drinking and smokin’ whatever like he seed to. And as far as the lyrics are concerned, let’s face it, not as bad as they could be. Wonder if this is one of the songs written with Rachael. And I mean that as a compliment. I never followed ACE for his lyrical ability. I love ACE for his unique solos and his overall rock and roll enigma. Looking forward to the rest of the album. Mind you, this is just my humble opinion….lol.

  14. Just listened to the new song and–I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised. Something about the album cover and the fact that the same artist that did the Destroyer and Love Gun albums sparked my enthusiasm for this album. Now, after hearing the song, I am more hopeful (I wasn’t crazy about Anomaly) and think this will be his big comeback. The lyrics were cool, the guitars (especially Ace’s lead) sound really good. I wish Ace could be on the bill with KISS this year instead of Def Leppard (nothing against them, but I am not a fan).
    Good for Ace–he sounds focused and really strong in this song. I cant wait to hear the entire album!

  15. Sounds good. I didn’t love Anomaly, but did really like a few songs. I actually liked the eighties stuff better. I am a fan of new KISS and still an Ace fan.

    1. I wasn’t that enthusiastic about Anomaly either. I was looking forward to a return to the harder edged style of his ’78 album but it just didn’t have the same effect. This new song sounds really good and more energetic–a return to classic Ace possibly. He sounds good and the guitar solo sounded better than ever! Ace has always been my favorite KISS guitarist overall, but I mainly love Ace for his contributions while in KISS from 74-82 (basically from the first album to The Elder), and his Frehley’s Comet stuff.

  16. Well its is a bit of a surprise in terms of what I was expecting. I ain’t dissing by no means but I think I have to hear whole album beforr I can give an opinion as to good or bad . I always thought ace delivered the goods and im sure in time it will do just that. I loved anomaly and thought he brought out some killer stuff on it and hope he does same with this one. … oh I still like into the night thought that was a killer and true ace song. Fit him good musically. Good lead and guitar parts and vocals were great.

  17. Anomaly was a good album, kind of 50/50…half of it was awesome, the other half not quite as good. I did notice that he was starting to experiment a bit with his vocal style on certain songs with that record, I get the impression that he’s doing that again with this new song. I don’t think it’s age changing his voice.

  18. Ace is back in 2014: looking great, singing great, and playing great. The classic Ace Kiss sound is there with great album cover to match. I predict this will be his highest charting album debut yet. No wonder the cover band didn’t want to jam with Ace and Peter at the HOF. Ace is firing on all cylinders like this, Peter’s jamming with Rob Zombie, while working on a new solo album of his own, and then you have the cover band hitting an all time low on American Idol of all places. If I were a guy like Stanley in his 60’s still trying to rock a studded-bra tanktop and sounded like I had terminal laryngitis, struggling to sing Love Gun for the millionth time in a bad wig, I wouldn’t want to have Ace and Peter show me up at a gig like the HOF either. And to think this was the guy that referred to TMS as Wayne’s World. Paul should be glad Eddie would even consider having such a subpar musician from a cover band on his show at this point when he’s had all these legends that still have it on his show like Tony Iommi, Steve Harris, and Brian Johnson that are in bigger bands than Kiss today. Ace rules and it’s time for Paul to replace himself in the cover band before he embarrasses himself further; there’s only so much Def Leppard is going to be able to make up for trying to carry these guys this summer.

  19. I love the song; I listen to it non-stop. It really sounds more like Kiss than Kiss does – such is the ACE-SOUND a part of the History of the band ! It’s got that same vibe. The mix is great, it’s very full sounding and Ace’s voice sounds better than ever. It almost has a “live” feel to it. The riffs are okay…but to me it’s Ace’s solo and lead playing that shine. NOBODY has that ACE TONE ! So – if the rest of the CD is like this single – we have a Winner !!

    1. Agreed, much of the classic sound and feel to the Kiss songs was because of Ace’s and Peter’s approach to their instruments, be they mediocre or what; while many others were and are much better technically, they sounded unique. people came to love the whole package of instrumental aspects and songs and the make-up and stage show spectacle. Together with the personas of Paul and especically Gene they so created the legend. Listening to Ace’s solo work it becomes clear that his guitar sound was essential to the classic Kiss sound, this new song is proof. This is Ace, he can do no more, no less. Love it or leave it. So as Kiss has moved on to live on the past while no longer able to muster up their former power and energy, giving the fans an ever sadder impression every year, let us be glad Ace puts out new material and look forward to see him in concert again.

      1. Oh boy–
        Here we go again. You said, “So as Kiss has moved on to live on the past while no longer able to muster up their former power and energy, giving the fans an ever sadder impression every year…”. WHAT???
        What bothers me is how you present this opinion as if everyone is supposed to agree with you. You conveniently ignore the fact that Sonic Boom and Monster are great albums, they continue to sell out arenas, and have more than 12 million fans on facebook. Do you think you speak for everyone? That’s the impression your giving me with many of your statements. You are not the teacher–you are a fan of old KISS and don’t support the new KISS. That’s fine, but like I said, don’t expect not to be challenged when you make these declarations. AND I am not picking on you. Just countering your argument where there would otherwise be no challenge to your claim that KISS is weaker or diminishing or something. You remind me of the Roger and Ebert of rock or something. I just had a startling thought–is this Jan Wenner? Dave Marsh? I’m just kidding about that, but maybe the reason most people on this site are not catching on is because they agree with your position. I would appreciate a more objective argument from you instead of these dogmatic statements.

        1. Oh dear, Mike why do you get so upset? Why objective? That would be boring, would it not? Would you really come here to read a scientific report on a rock band? What has that got to do with rock’n roll? Can YOU be objective? No one can, in fact, and it is not necessary as we are talking about fans and fandom and heroes and stuff, objectivity has nothing to do with that. Being objective would not have made us love the band in the first place. – Why do you think or presume as fact that I would be speaking for everyone? Of course everyone her speaks for themselves. You are just trying to get back at me because I do not share your opinion. Calm down. I have seen Kiss in various formats, and I can honestly say they do not kick ass anymore like they used to. It is because a lot of aspects, one maybe being that Tommy is just copiyng and does not feel it like Ace does feel his own licks, maybe becaue Paul’s voice does not convince anymore, maybe because G an P are not physically able any more to run from left to right etc etc. Btw – They do NOT sell out arenas by themselves anymore. Why would they share the money 50:50 with Def Leppard or Aerosmith or Motley if that would still be the case?? They might be able to still sell out seaters in Europe like they did last time in 2010 because they haven’t dead-ridden that tour horse over here, but they went to tour the US every single year in the last decade, which reduces the excitement a lot, I think. Plus ticket prices are constantly going up while the economy crises takes its toll. The amount of “friends” on facebook does not mean anything. It is just a click of the button, does not really tell us anything about what people REALLY love. But back to me: Now buying a ticket for every Kiss how in the last ten years here in Europe makes me a non-supporter the new line up?? You didn’t know that? Ask me before YOU insinuate what you do not know. Also, i did not say SB and M were bad albums. I own both and I like them. I prefer to lsiten to Ace’s work but that does not mean SB/M is bad, there are good songs and good guitar work. It is just not the sdame as the classic sound. I would actually love to hear more of the last two cds in a concert but, yes, they stick to classic songs 90%. Why? You know why. Unfortunately over here we are not familiar with one Roger & Ebert etc., enlighten me on that.

          1. schocoman,
            Okay, I feel better now. Thanks! I guess I had the wrong impression about you.
            Regarding the Roger and Ebert joke–they were movie critics that had heated discussions between one another.They would call thumbs up and thumbs down on different movies and they disagreed a great deal of the time. My reference to them was not supposed to be an offensive joke–and I wasn’t serious.
            Actually, I don’t get upset with you. Its more about maintaining a sense of balance on this forum. I feel like a minority on this site. Opposing viewpoints are healthy and because of my point of view, I seem to be stirring up a debate on some of these issues instead of resorting to name calling and insults. I just disagree with some of your statements and also the way you present them sometimes–maybe its a cultural difference in communication? Having had THIS conversation with you, I will back off a bit knowing you are not trying to play professor or come across condescending and tell me that I’m wrong based on statistics and proven research, etc…That approach denies people the right to disagree with you. However, once again, I see that you are not intentionally coming across that way.
            In my opinion, KISS continues to “kick ass” even though they are getting older. I think we will have to disagree with each other on this point and a few others. After all, music is subjective. As I said, Monster in my opinion is the best album since Revenge. I would hate for Paul or Gene to call it a day just because of their age or certain challenges. If you disagree, that’s fine.

  20. Don’t get me wrong Ace lovers, I’m rootin’ for him big time but the song seems just ok to me. The guitar playing is unquestionably Ace (I agree with other reviewers hearing bits of Let Me Go Rock and Roll) but not a particularly memorable song or one that I need to hear more than a few times. I would say it is a “safe” song for Ace to release – one that doesn’t stray too far from what most people would expect. Hey, he’s putting out an album so its just one song and I’m sure there are going to be some very interesting tracks on the rest of the record. I hope it works out for him.

  21. From a marketing perspective (yes, despite the portrayal of Ace as an artist and rock & roller, first, by most of the commenters here, business and marketing concerns aren’t exclusive to Paul and Gene), Ace should’ve released his cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker” as the first single. It probably would’ve gotten more buzz and airplay on rock radio than this song…

    1. Maybe he wanted to exactly avoid the impression that he can only be successful using somebody elee’s song, like NY groove written by the great Russ Ballard and rather have a typical Ace tune instead?

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