accept400 Accept’s new album, Blind Rage will now be released on August 15th from the previously announced date of July 18th.

Blind Rage Track Listing:

Dying Breed
Dark Side of My Heart
Fall of the Empire
Trail of Tears
Wanna Be Free
200 Years
Bloodbath Mastermind
From the Ashes We Rise
The Curse
Final Journey

Accept 2014 U.S. Tour Dates:

Sept. 11 – Solana Beach, Calif. @ Belly Up Tavern (w/ Metal Church)
Sept. 12 – Beverly Hills, Calif. @ Saban Theatre (w/ Metal Church, Raven)
Sept. 13 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ Count’s Vamp’d (Accept only)
Sept. 15 – New York, N.Y. @ Gramercy Theatre (w/ Raven)

To pre-order Blind Rage, click here.


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  1. Can’t wait for this mother to drop! It amazes me how these guys keep putting out such ass kicking in your face music!!

  2. Leslie Ferris says:

    Balls To The Wall and Metal Heart have stood the test of time quite well.

  3. Do they have a chick in the band?

  4. I like Accept more now than I ever have

  5. 4 shows, heck of a tour….

  6. Blood Of The Nations got me back into Accept big time. What a badass album! I love the classic Udo fronted version of Accept but I have become a huge fan of the Mark Tornillo era also.

  7. Eddie,
    I’ve emailed you in the past, but hopefully you read this. Thanks to YOU, I was turned on to Accept shortly after Blood of the Nations was released and you had Mark and Wolf (I believe) in the studio on your Sirius show. I’m not lying to you when I say I played that CD EVERY DAY, over and over, for more than a year. It simply blew me away. It still does. The new incarnation of Accept with Mark is just incredible. I was never much of a fan with Udo, as his voice, to me, is comical.

    THANK YOU for exposing more people to great metal. I’ve been a metalhead since I was 10, and still get very excited when something new/great comes along. I’m dying to hear this album. And I hope this takes the band to even higher levels, as they deserve the recognition.

  8. Accept last few albums just heavy stuff why this band never got more huge beats me stupid fm radio format only in it for the money. Stalingrad was an amazing record can’t wait for new record.

  9. I am so excited for the new album! BOTN killed! Stalingrad was very good also. I saw them on the Stalingrad tour when the opened for Kreator. I almost fell over when Wolf was just walking around afterward. HE was very nice and took a picture with my wife and me.

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