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I’m now less than a month away from the release of my second book Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal VOL 2. Thanks to all who purchased my first book in 2011 my publisher asked for another, and I was happy to do it. So many bands I love got cut out of book one for space, so it was easy to come up with another 35 main chapter bands for VOL 2. Now that this one is done I’m already bummed about bands cut from this for space, so maybe VOL 3 one day? But I’m getting ahead of myself! VOL 2 is the exact same format as the first book which many told me they loved with a forward by Slash. Easy reading, playlists, cool exclusive photos, and much more. It’s the same publisher (Abrams) as book one, so it looks and feels like the sequel it’s intended to be. The official release is 9/24 physical and digital wherever books are sold. Pre Orders now on Amazon at a special low price. The first leg of my nationwide signing tour is listed on the home page with more cities and stops to come. And of course the first book is still available now anywhere you buy books physical and digital (Itunes also). You can also still buy book 1 direct from me if you’d like it signed and personalized. Just hit book tab on the site for info. Please note I can not sell VOL 2 directly on my site as signed copies until a couple months after the 9/24 nationwide release. So please order through Amazon or your favorite book store and come to the signings if you can. Happy to sign any and all there or anywhere you catch me. Also note that many of the locations I am doing signings in require you to buy a book from them to have it signed at the event. All signings will also have copies of my first book available as well. Thanks so much for the support. Really excited for the release and the tour! It all starts 9/24 at the Hard Rock in Times Sq at 6:30P. More to come but here for the first time is the list of the 35 main chapter bands featured in VOL 2, some were teased as “More Essentials” in the first book. Now they are getting the full treatment. (please note there are other bands also represented in VOL 2, this is just a list of the main full chapter bands):



Alice In Chains


Blue Oyster Cult




Dream Theater



Lita Ford

Ace Frehley (solo years)

Great White

Glenn Hughes

King’s X

Yngwie Malmsteen


Marilyn Manson

Night Ranger

Ted Nugent



Quiet Riot




Slash (outside GnR)




White Lion


Zakk Wylde (BLS, solo)




  1. Seeing this list is making me even more anxious for Volume 2 to be released!!! You have included some of my all time favorites like Cinderella, Dokken, Warrant, and Ratt!!! Thanks so much for expanding this series to include all the great ones that couldn’t fit in the first volume.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, now know to save my money for something else. Only 7 metal bands (Accept, Exodus, Manowar, Overkill, Saxon, Testament, WASP) and 3 ’70’s Classic Rock bands (B.O.C., Ted Nugent, Y&T). I’m sure the chapter on Glenn Hughes would be a good read, but not worth the price of the book. The rest are just suck ass ’80’s hair bands, not metal or even hard rock.

    1. Congratulations, you have just figured out the mix of music I have represented for 30 years on radio and TV! Sorry the list is not perfect for you. The book is currently selling on Amazon as a special for $11.99. If that is a major financial burden for you on a book of this quality with almost half the bands you say you do like, I also suggest you save your money.

  3. Alice in chains and slash’s music got me through some hard times, as nirvana also did, I want to know if eddie has any interactions with nirvana or dave G. I know hes not their biggest fan, but at some point he has sure to have crossed by them.

  4. I never heard WHO WANTS TO BE LONELY by KISS till I read volume 1 and I love it. The book is great cause your suggestions are good guides to certain bands lesser known stuff. You can sample stuff and make selections based on your recommendations. Pre ordered VOL 2, looking forward to OVERKILL and TESTEMENT essential songs.

    1. Thinking the same thing. These guys were very influential especially thinking about STYX and RAINBOW, considering HEEP came first. ABOMINOG is the true follow up to DIARY OF A MADMAN and Daisley copied some of that on later OZZY stuff. With Matt Harvey on the shelf ’till 2015, Eddie can write Volumes 3 – 10 during next baseball season.

  5. Wow. No Whitesnake?! I know in the first book, you commented that Whitesnake could have gotten a full article in book 1. However, there are so many good bands out there, and I can’t wait to dive into Volume 2!!

  6. I like that this book is going for more bands that are a bit more under the radar by comparison than the bands represented in vol. 1. I’m surprised TT Quick, Blue Murder Group, Icon and Triumph aren’t in here based on your past admiration of all four, but if I had to guess they would appear in a possible vol. 3.

  7. I will be getting this. Any book w/ King’s X and Riot is cool by me. Any love for the early 90’s band Galactic Cowboys or are they too obscure?

  8. I think vol 1 and 2 are going on my Christmas list. To Allen’s post, if you look beyond the hairspray and spandex, a lot of those “suck ass 80’s hair bands” have a truckload of truly kick ass songs. I cringe to look at some of the band photos from those days, but I still crank the music. There were weak spots, no argument there, but a lot of those bands had some great stuff. The definition of what is “metal” is kind of a moving target in time. What was “metal” to me in the 80’s might be considered classic rock or hard rock by a young kid today. Is Master of Puppets or Peace Sells considered “heavy” today by a kid who grew up on Skipknot or Lamb of God? Do they think Iron Maiden is metal, or are they hard rock by their standards? Hard rock, classic metal, modern metal, however you want to slice it to me are all kind of relatives (in some cases distant) in the same family.

  9. Hey Eddie!Love the List! Loved vol 1 and really looking forward to vol 2! Love your show and thanks so much for the 8 by 10 for our wall of fame! Sincerely,Jerry&Linda-your biggest fans in the great state of Wyoming!

  10. Like the list Eddie! Keep up the good work on this. If you do a volume three I would love to see your thoughts on Bad Company, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Heart, The Runaways, Joan Jett, Winger, and Peter Frampton.

    Rock on Eddie!

  11. W.A.S.P. is my favorite band. I so wish they would come to Nashville. Like For Sure!!! Any book that has them in I will worship!!!! I wonder if Vinnie Vincent would be considered for SLAYER!!!! Like For Sure!!!! Cowabunga Dude!!!!!!!!!

  12. Eddie, the list for #2 is great! It proves however, you will be busy for some time to come with vol 3, 4 and so on and on…. There is much great work left to do. I can’t stand when people who do nothing always seems to find fault with those who do something. In your case, something wonderful. You can include whoever you wish in your books. You do a first rate job and I for one look forward to each book that will come… Happy birthday and give your kids a squeeze. We took our 11 yr old to his first concert, Alice in Chains, and Jerry Cantrell sent out one of his picks for my son during the show. He was the only kid that I saw. Bye for now…

  13. Please tell me Soundgarden is included in your book. Whether you are a fan or not is irrelevant to the fact that this band is one of a handful of all hard rock and heavy metal bands combined, that each member contributes to the songwriting and musicianship. Truly an awesome band that needs to be heard in the annals of hard rock.

  14. I’m definetly going to be a first day buyer!!! But eddie I’m wondering where the southern rock is? I know they are not the type of music you prefer but I do think they are essential to the history of hard rock and heavy metal. Anyways can’t wait to get the book!!! Rock on!!!!!

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