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Here’s my schedule for Boston this weekend:
FRIDAY: I’ll be live on WAAF at around 6P on the air with Mistress Carrie. Then to the Wilbur Theater to host The Winery Dogs who go on at 8P. Hope to maybe be able to sell my book post show at this gig.

SATURDAY: Me, Don & Jim live on stage at The Wilbur for our live stand up show. Books for sale here also. Meet & Greet if you purchased the VIP package from the venue.

Also this weekend on my FM show hear exclusive interview segments from my new interview with Brian May! Full interview in my podcast next week! King Diamond latest to be posted and up now.

Live on SiriusXM this Monday 6-10PM ET. Follow on Twitter for updates and changes as they happen @EddieTrunk

Have a good one!

10 thoughts on “7/31: BOSTON THIS WEEKEND AT THE WILBUR!

  1. Eddie, I love the new Podcast!! Just listened to King Diamond. I couldn’t name one King Diamond song or Mercyful Fate song, but I enjoyed him on TMS, and he was fun to listen too on the podcast!! Maybe my favorite so far!! Went and saw Black Label Society Wednesday night here in Indy, sporting my TMS shirt proudly. Great show in a packed house!! Looking forward to hearing the Brian May podcast next week!!

  2. Boston is a fine city for those of you unfortunate enough to have to live on the east coast…my wife’s dad is from Boston.

    But Boston ain’t no California.

  3. Jericho rules:

    Chris: We toured with STEEL PANTHER last December in Australia. Michael simply said, “I want to sing on the new FOZZY record!” I said, “OK!” Every time we have collaborations, it’s not stunt casting. We don’t do it because it would be cool to have a certain person on it but because we want it to add to the song. STEEL PANTHER getting so popular and being so comedic and so much fun is something that just proves how damn good they are! Michael Starr is, without question, one of the best rock singers in the business today. To have him involved on “Tonite” was amazing. The song is a sort of CHEAP TRICK, power-pop song. We knew he would kill it on a song like that, which he did! It got to the point where we actually gave him more to do! He sang background vocals and it sounded so great that we asked him to do the bridge as well. He really adds a lot to that song and made it even better than it was! It was great to work with him because, like I said, he is one of my favorite rock singers in the business today for sure.

  4. 2 things I think,
    I have no doubts about Steel panther’s abilities, but until they write a serious good song, I can’t get into them. I believe humor does belong in music (as the great Zappa said), but you must have great songs as well.
    On another note, listening to the new Zakk album (which I love) I’m realizing what a huge part of Ozzy’s resurgence his writing played a role in. He’s firing on all cylinders right now.

  5. I agree that Randy was the best ever, and was unaware until recently that the late great Gary Moore was later asked to join, but refused. My point is that Zakk’s writing style helped make Ozzy’s music relevant again. Although not technically the best, he provided exactly the right type of heavy riffs and energy that Ozzy needed. There’s a million great players out there, but good writing trumps blazing scales any day. I still love and crank the song “Bark at the moon” every time I hear it. It’s a great song and it never gets old to me. Fortunately we were also blessed with Randy, who had both staggering chops and the licks to make two amazing albums that set the standard for post Sabbath Ozzy.

    1. Gary Moore was on the same label as Ozzy, Jet Records, and Moore was in limbo after leaving Thin Lizzy. He hung out without Ozzy, but they were on different paths musically. Moore went off and formed G-Force and luckily Ozzy was able to get relative unknown Randy…and ironically, RR was not a fan of Sabbath(and didn’t care for doing Sab songs live). But for two glorious years, they made magic together.

  6. Eddie….I don’t do the Twitter thing, so I’ll just say I hope you set your DVR for about 3 extra hours of recording if you plan on watching that Strahan speech when you get home! LOL There were some loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ones, but all good in their own way. Strahan’s was a winner.

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