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Headed to Myrtle Beach SC for the first time for a few days this week. Hope you guys come see me 5-7P at Retroactive at Broadway At The Beach this Wednesday 7/16. It is a free event and both of my books and my T Shirts will be available for purchase. My local radio affiliate Rock 107 will also be broadcasting live at the store 3-7P. Should be fun, don’t miss it if in the area.Β  Since I’ll be away a few days this week the Monday SiriusXM show is pre recorded.

Huge thanks to all who made my debut podcast a Top 10 Itunes success! New episodes post every Thursday. This week the always hysterical Bobby Blitz of Overkill. Subscribe and download The Eddie Trunk Podcast at www.podcastone.com or Itunes. It is FREE.

Ace sent me his new album last week. Been listening and liking what I am hearing. His best playing and for sure singing in a very long time. Loving the title track Space Invader which I hope is the next single. I’ll play more from it when I get the green light.


  1. Have fun in Myrtle Beach. Too bad on one of your only visits to Northern California in Sacramento that Thunder Valley set you guys up with just a terrible musical lineup or we would be there with a big group to see you with Don and Jim. Hope you can come back out again some time maybe during a Y&T show…they play here in the bay area all of the time.

  2. The interview with Blitz will be awesome, I’m excited to hear it. Overkill are my favorite thrash band, no contest. Blitz and Ace both could be standup comedians. Ace would be a great prop comic (the smoking flute!).

  3. Great to hear about Ace’s new album. I can’t wait to hear it.
    In other news, however, I’m a little disappointed that your site hasn’t reported on Tommy Ramone’s death yet. I had to hear about it from those idiots at TMZ. They got half their info on him wrong, and their comments section is filled with people saying they never heard of him. Heartbreaking. Don’t tell me the Ramones weren’t a HUGE influence on metal when every thrash band from Metallica on down have all been seen wearing Ramones shirts. Lemmy himself has said they were one of the greatest rock’n’roll bands of all time – and he’s right. You report on a New England reunion but not the death of a Ramone? C’mon, Ed. Tommy’s passing deserves better.

    1. Eddie is probably not a Ramones fan, so he doesn’t care. The Ramones are so much better a band then those hair metal bands Eddie is into. I agree, what a shame it was not reported on his site.

      1. Shawn, a few points:

        1. This is a hard rock and metal site.
        2. I am in charge of the news and I already reported on the other Ramones’ deaths namely Joey and Marky. Sorry, I didn’t know that I was required to report on every member of the band’s passing.
        3. I am glad that you feel that way about the Ramones, but not everyone is going to agree with your POV. Just because you think they are better than “hair metal” doesn’t make it so, just your opinion. Just curious, if you don’t like that kind of music why are on this site?

        Dana from EddieTrunk.com πŸ™‚

        1. Gee Dana, I don’t think anyone’s been too out-of-line here (certainly not to the degree they usually are whenever Kiss comes up), and you seem a little more defensive than necessary on this subject. At the risk of incurring your wrath further, allow me to counterpoint a few of your points:
          1. Punk is a subgenre of “hard rock” every bit as much as metal is (in fact, the line between the two is often woefully thin, as I don’t think there’s much difference between the styles of The Ramones and Motorhead – and neither does Lemmy, who has said so numerous times). I don’t think Ramones news on this site would be inappropriate at all.
          2. Marky Ramone (Tommy’s replacement in the band) is still alive. It’s the other three founding members (Joey, Dee Dee & Johnny) that passed away before Tommy.
          3. With all due respect to Shawn’s POV, the issue isn’t whether The Ramones are better or worse than any other band on this site. The issue is how incredibly important and influential they were on many bands on this site (Skid Row covering Psycho Therapy and Metallica covering 53rd & 3rd, to name just two examples), so yes, I think any of the founding members’ deaths are newsworthy.
          If you don’t like them, that’s fine, but if you don’t see their relevance on a hard rock site, I must strongly beg to differ.
          Respectfully yours, Rick πŸ™‚

          1. Rick,

            That’s fine, but my response is just a cumulative reaction to what I find is a pervasive theme of complaining and criticism of both, Eddie and myself, by the readers.

            As for the Ramones, please excuse my faux pas, it was Joey and Johnny that I reported about, not Marky. However if you notice, no mentions that I acknowledged those deaths, only the fact that I didn’t report on latest member’s passing.

            I apologize if I sounded blunt, but I am only one person, and I find the expectations for someone who does this gratis, to be a bit too high under the circumstances. Hope you understand my position and realize that many times the way in which the readers convey their dissatisfaction isn’t always nice either.

            Dana from EddieTrunk.com πŸ™‚

        2. 1. I look at this site for news on metal bands, not hair metal.
          2. Marky Ramone is not dead…….get your facts straight.
          3.Many bands you report on list Ramones as influences.
          4.This is the Trunk Report page, so why are you even answering on here.
          5.I agree, you don’t have to like the Ramones, but you can’t ignore the impact they had on the music scene. Just curious, have you ever listened to them…..because it sounds like you think they are just a punk band and not rock.

          1. Shawn,

            Please read my reply to Rick as I admitted that I made a mistake regarding Marky Ramone. Also, I have listened to the band and I concede that it is not my taste. However, I would never be critical by stating that “hair metal” is better. Different strokes for different folks.

            Also, I am not only in charge of the News section, but I am also a Moderator. Just because you left your comment on the Trunk Report, does not mean that I cannot respond to what you wrote, especially when it seemed to be indirectly taking a shot at me.

            Finally, I try to report on bands that fit Eddie’s audience, profile and demo. If you listen to Eddie’s radio shows, you would know that his main focus is classic rock, classic hard rock and classic heavy metal. Occasionally, he will play some newer bands, but he mainly sticks to the genres that were listed above. I cannot remember the last time Eddie has played the Ramones on his either of his radio shows. While I understand that the band may have been an influence of some of those that Eddie does play, I try to keep the news section consistent with his radio show content. Additionally, despite that fact, I did report on the other member’s deaths.

            Dana from ET.com πŸ™‚

          2. Shawn,
            Go start your own Ramone’s page and let Dana do her job. I think YOU are missing her point. There are a lot of bands this site does not discuss. Helloween is one of my favorite bands. Do you see me picking on people and being overly blunt because they don’t report on them? Holy cow! She does not need to get her facts straight since The Ramone’s are not a usual topic (no disrespect to them) on this site. Rather, you should go find another web site that DOES report on The Ramones, like Rolling Stone! Google it!!

          3. Mike,

            I cannot thank you enough for “having my back,” so to speak. I really apprecite it. Unfortunately, you cannot please everyone, and it is always the ones who can’t be pleased, who tend to be the most vocal about it. So, again your thoughtfulness is greatly valued by me πŸ™‚

            Dana from ET.com πŸ™‚

        1. Dana,

          You do a good job. My post was a fecetious one highlighting what some of us get just a little tired of, and that is that every minutia of KISS BS gets posted by Eddie…even to the point where he posted an article from YEARS ago about no orginal band members moving forward. No matter how he tried to wrap it in the “well they discussing just that fact a few short months ago” blanket. Just STFU about it already. They made the hall, and now that he doesn’t have that to bitch about anymore it’s like a hole and a void in his world that he tries to fill up by feeding us all of the crap about KISS adnauseum.

          Now, I love hard rock and roll and I think that overall this site and Eddie do a great job covering it and reporting on it…better than anyone else in the US. Not up to the level of Classic Rock Magazine in the UK, but damn good all the same and that includes your contributions. Please just realize though that the constant KISS barrage is getting comical on this site. Hell, why doesn’t Eddie just form his own fan site for them? That way, those that give a rat’s arse could just go there to get their fix.

          Thanks again…

          1. David,

            Thank you, this is what I appreciate, a very well written and mature response.

            Dana from ET.com πŸ™‚

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