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Thrilled to announce the first official confirmed book signings for EDDIE TRUNK’S ESSENTIAL HARD ROCK & HEAVY METAL VOL 2!


9/25: Barnes & Noble Rt 10 Morris Plains NJ 7-9PM


9/26: Barnes & Noble Richmond Ave, Staten Island NY 7-9PM


MANY more across the country to be announced soon. The official release date of the book is 9/24 and we are planning a special NYC launch that day. More details on that coming very soon. I will do my best to hit as many cities as possible with the release of the book, but it all comes down to where my publisher wants to send me. Also note that most stores during the first leg of my signings require you to buy the book in their store in order to have it signed. My first book will also be available for sale at all signings. Again, much more TBA but wanted to share these first confirmed signings with all of you. Pre orders being taken now at Amazon.com for VOL 2 also.


  1. Eddie……any book signings getting geared up for the Southland or is this going to be a Northeast, West Coast thang? We would love to have you down here, ya here!

  2. Eddie,
    I am so torn. I really want to attend one of your book signings and have you autograph it, but the pre-order price on amazon is much cheaper than what barnes and noble will likely charge – and, as you know, they make you buy the book there in order to get a place in line. What should I do???? I am not sure if i can afford to buy two copies of your book, but I do have it on preorder so I can read it as soon as it is released. This is a big release on my queue and I can’t wait to dig in and read about all the bands that were omitted from your first volume! – Bill (aka the casey kasem of aor rock)

    1. What, like $5 bucks different or something? Give up a Big Mac Meal and go get it signed for God’s sake. I wish we could get Eddie out here to NorCal for a signing…San Francisco or Sacramento.

  3. Looking forward to it and hope you come to the DC area. I saw you at the Chuck Levin Q&A and signing a couple of years ago and hope to get a signed copy of the second book to go along with the first. I thought the Q&A with signing was a great format. Good luck with the new book and Go Giants!

  4. Ed, it’s longtime listener Ray from NYC. Looking forward to seeiing you & getting book 2 signed.
    As i’ve said before other than family, no one is more blown away & happy for your success these days. You are truly blessed. Enjoy it, brotha!

  5. Eddie,
    So psyched for book number 2!!! The first was a great read for metal heads. We here in the MId-West, specifically, St Louis, need to feel the love man! Anyone whining about a price difference between Amazon & Barnes….First of all suck it up, how often do you get the chance to meet the Trunk-man?!!? Second, local B&N are staffed by REAL people not a server farm, throw’em a bone and keep you local guys alive!!!

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