Hope all the fellow Dads out there had a nice Father’s Day weekend. Off to NYC for a live radio show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation). Jeff, Frank and Brian from Tesla will join me live in studio. They should be in during the first hour. Plus your calls, requests and many giveaways. Join me for live music and talk that rocks!


  1. Frank T. says:

    Love the new Tesla record! Some extremely beautiful guitar playing on there and great vocals! Like Uncle Ted said a free for all!

  2. I swear……..I often laugh my ass off when that 6 o’clock hour rolls around and I hear everything BUT Eddie coming out of my radio…….listening to some type of drunken stupor PSA now about Aretha Franklin’s weight loss….like I could give a shit…….. :-) Someone bitch the satellite.

    Where is EDDIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • MikeyMan says:

      Yeah, WTF?
      I set a timer to record the Trunk show so I can playback later.
      When I start to playback, I hear some jiberish about “praise” radio.
      Eighteen and a half minutes wasted, then the Tesla interview joins in progress.
      $28 a month in fees to listen to 2 channels. (HairNation & Boneyard)
      If not for Eddie, I’d Sirius-ly drop the satellite radio.

  3. Eddie and Susan says:

    Thanks for your music and hope to see Tesla on the next monstersofrockcruise … By the way when is it? Our day started and ended with Tesla. The new album ROCKS!

  4. Eddie and Susan says:

    Technical issues? What about the Metallica in the rush song…lol great show Eddie! Love it live!

  5. Edward,
    After your beautiful gospel sermon I have found the Lord. Hallelujah! Blessed be Eddie T. Slayer be thy Shepard.

  6. Steve Mack says:

    Eddie I heard you speak of going to see Soul Asylum soon. I first saw them on the Hang Time tour back when in a club & happened to meet Dave P. I mention this because I was bummed when I saw them about a year & a half ago & Dave Pirner is the only original member left. When Dan Murphy left is when they should have ceased to be called “Soul Asylum”. Dave should not soil the name & be honest & just have his name up there.

  7. Eddie listen to you every Monday night The Tesla show was great even though the first 15 min was missed I still hung in to listen

  8. Sterling says:

    Tesla ROCKS \m/\m/
    Great bunch of guys….still cranking out great tunes and always make time for their fans! I also missed the first several minutes of the broadcast due to ‘technical difficulties’, but didn’t Eddie say he’d make sure the audio was posted somewhere so we could listen to the whole show? I’ve looked but can’t find it…..does anybody have the link please? Thanks!

  9. I’m disappointed by the new Tesla album. Has some great guitar playing and vocals but the lyrics (and song subject matter) are laughably bad at times. Had potential to be really good, but as is there are probably only 2-3 songs that I might listen to more than once.

    “Me and the boys have a rock n roll band, go from town to town, gonna make a stand.” Lame.

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