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Good to be back home. Made it back from M3 last night. If you follow on Twitter or check my Twitter feed you will see many photos I just posted with more to come. It was a pretty crazy 2 weeks with Golden Gods, M3, and of course the new TMS tapings which are now done and start airing June 1. We will discuss it all and much more live tonight from 6-10P ET / 3-7 Pacific on SiriusXM channel 39 Trunk Nation (Hair Nation). Also Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy will drop by around 6:30P ET and we will take calls for him. Tons to catch up on over the next week, we will get into some of it tonight for sure! Way too many stories to type, and I suck at typing!


Less than 3 weeks away from this years Rocklahoma which I am thrilled to once again be hosting. See you all in Pryor very soon!


If you follow on Twitter you know that last Thursday I did indeed sit and talk with Gene Simmons to clear the air with him face to face about exactly what I have said about Kiss as a fan and what my feelings are, cutting out the insane and inaccurate accounts usually posted on the internet. Gene was cool enough to invite me in his booth to sit and chat for about 10 minutes and clear the air to some degree. I did not back down from my own personal thoughts about what the band is doing, just relayed them ACCURATELY to Gene since the 99% of positives from the last 30 years as a Kiss fan that I have said and done are of course NEVER acknowledged anywhere. As I have also stated MANY times I have NO issue with Tommy or Eric in the band. My issue is and always has been with the fact that they are not their own personalities and for me I choose not to see it. But the whole thing has become so silly and blown out of proportion by a hyper sensitive few that it felt good to sit with Gene man to man and explain this clearly (something I asked Paul to do the last time I ever spoke with him and never happened). Gene claimed he has no issue at all with me and is very happy doing what he is doing, and then in typical Gene fashion started quoting how good business is LOL. I explained to Gene if he has no issue he should come back on my shows where his fans want to see and hear him and have a respectful discussion. He said he would not rule it out and as has always been the case my door is open to all past and present members of the band. I honestly don’t know anyone who loves every single thing any band they ever loved has done, and I pride myself on giving my honest opinion when asked.I have no idea if anything will change but I’m glad I was able to sit with Gene, who I have known a long time and who also loves to speak his mind, and have a discussion. I may not be a fan of what the band currently does but respect their right to do it and Gene’s willingness to sit and chat like two adults.


  1. I’m glad you finally had the opportunity to sit down and let him know what’s up. I have battled personal friends, myself about the Tommy/Eric debacle. I get hit with the “they’re better musicians”, “Ace is a drunk” bullshit, and of course the main point was missed about them using the “characters” and not being their own. I don’t think fans would have liked it back in the day if Eric Carr would have came out in Peter’s costume, or Vinnie coming out as the Spaceman. It should be frowned upon now. No matter how good either one of them are, they’re just imitations and as long as they continue to dress the part, that’s all they’ll be.
    I hope they will get over themselves and come onto TMS…..

    Now, how can we fix the stuff with Ozzy and Sharon?

  2. I think it’s great that you and Gene had a chance to talk. I’m not sure if I’m remembering this right, but weren’t you hired to MC an auction for KISS at and annuall even in Las Vegas last year and then fired with no warning at all? Did that subject come up at all?

  3. Just because he said he wouldn’t rule it out doesn’t mean he will do the show. I’d be surprised if he did. You are the real deal Eddie, you don’t need Chaim on your show. -Mike from Woodbridge, NJ

  4. Sorry, but Gene seems like a guy that “entertained your comments” for a few, never broke the Gene business character and sent you on your way. I just found out these guys are playing 20 minutes down the road from me in August, and I just can’t pull the trigger on going because I truly believe Gene laughs at us all the way to the bank, he and Paul. I’ve loved the music since I first heard them as a young boy in 78 or so, and will always love the music, but will never give those two another dime of my money. And like Eddie, the Tommy/Eric thing, and Kiss is a brand, not a band mantra, and Gene’s whole schtick just isn’t funny anymore. It is embarrassing.

  5. Always and will always be a fan of Kiss. Started in the mid 70’s and haven’t stopped. Never been in to buying all the crap, but will always buy every new release of music. Seen a lot of shows and feel very good about it because I always have a great time. That’s what matters to me. If they want to sell ice water in Alaska for a hundred bucks a bottle, I don’t care. I just want the music and the concerts. As far as Tommy and Eric are concerned, I’m happy there in the band. There very good and talanted at what they do. They ware the iconic Kiss make-up that Ace and Peter designed that everybody loves and recognizes as Kiss. And to be honest, if they did come up with a different character for Tommy and Eric I would be o.k. with that too. Just keep playing and making music. And when it’s time for them to re-tire, just try and stay in the music bizz some how, but I’m not for a Kiss phase two.

  6. KISS and Gene have always been more about the marketing than the music. Gene is typical, he won’t have anything to do with you Eddie unless you can make him money. Let it go.

  7. I’d rather spend time reading Eddie Trunk/KISS updates or watch an Eddie Trunk/KISS reality show than money on the current KISS concerts or Monster. Sorry for the run-on sentence.

  8. Let me say first that I grew up in the 80’s with the no makeup Kiss. I am not a huge fan but do like their music. My simple point of view on this is that Gene/Paul have been able to market this band better and longer than any other band has been able to do. So why hate on that? Its their band so they can run it anyway they want to. The love of making music comes first for any band but it will become a job at some point for all of them. And as a job is about getting paid for all of us it is the same for them and any band. I’m sure deep down there are a ton of bands who wish they could of done or could do what Kiss has been able to do for so long. If I like the music I will buy it,if not I won’t. Its that easy to me. Thank you Eddie for getting TMS on tv to begin with and making it better every season. You are simply put in one word Awesome.

  9. Paul and Gene decided to continue after the Reunion and Farewell Tours. Unfortunately the 4 originals could not get along and Ace and Peter left or their contracts were not renewed…there is no money to be made off new make-up characters or a non-make-up KISS. Gene and Paul run the band as a marketing business brand and tour playing oldies. KISS is not what it once was but that’s the way it is now. Eddie made his choice about current KISS, other fans have made a choice, and Gene and Paul continue on despite it..which is their choice. Those who refuse to support current KISS don’t matter to Gene and Paul because they apparently still have enough people who do.

  10. Love the old Kiss with Ace & Peter, and also loved some of the 80’s stuff. I saw them live last year for the 1st time in years, and was very impressed at the playing of Tommy & Eric. However I do think that just like Eric Carr & Vinnie Vincent, they should have their own makeup personnas. Using Peter’s and Ace’s image is not something I enjoy, and most fans should find this disingenuous.

    I pray that som day when the HOF finally gets around to recognizing the greatness of KISS, that ACE & Peter can perform once again with the band!!

  11. 1st, congratulations on all your success Eddie! I love TMS and your straight forward opinions. I think Kiss has blown a great opportunity to win some fans back with their 40th anniversary. They could’ve been doing some great things with past members and setlist in their shows. So far, this year is a no go for that. I will always love this band and their music.

  12. I don’t see them because it is really recycled show over and over. paul’s vocals are really going down hill IMO. I have seen them time after time including the Farwell tour, but really lost intrest after that. the two new are really not that good. Poor song writing and Producing IMO. Last Cd worth listening to was Carnival of Souls it was different and the Vocals were pretty good.

  13. Checking speculation and personal feelings about band members at the door, I think it’s great for Eddie that he was able to sit one-on-one with Gene and have an opportunity to clear the air, which I sense was the main point of that part of his post. He has written repeatedly about his frustrations with the KISS situation overall, particuarly about his personal relationship with a band he’s loved and supported for many years becoming very strained. So, to Ed, I’m happy for you and glad that you were finally able to cut through the internet clutter and have someone from the band give you a forum to personally set your record straight.

  14. First and foremost, Kiss is a business. They are fortunate to have piloted this business this long, as I’m sure there are thousands of bands that wish they had treated their careers the same way. The reason they keep going is to get paid; it’s the same reason I go to work every day, to get paid. They had 2 members that were stupid and pissed it all away, I don’t feel sorry for Ace & Peter and I sure don’t blame Gene & Paul for parting ways with them and moving forward. As for Tommy & Eric in the characters that Ace and Peter created: it’s no different than the many actors that have played Batman in the movies. Some were better than others, but it’s still the same character. And musically, they have never been tighter. So God bless ’em for keeping on, and still making new music.

  15. I dont agree with Eddie, but I respect his feelings. What I’ll never understand is the amount of A-holes that constantly bash KISS, if you dont like ’em, dont listen to them. Ignore them. There are so many people who constantly trash KISS but are always watching youtube videos, buying the albums, going to shows. If you hate them, why bother? That I’ll never understand…

    1. When people become emotionally invested in an entity, they have strong feelings about any change to that dynamic. It is their right as participators in public forums- and their obligations as fans- to speak out on that. Rather than insisting they stifle that, why don’t you just move on? No one is forcing you to read their comments. Claiming you don’t understand it and putting an onus on them to keep silent is as obtuse and as egocentric as it gets.

  16. Let Kiss go Eddie. You said that ship has sailed. Yet every week when you could be talking about someone else you talk about Kiss. They lied to us. By telling us who played on albums. Bet Gene and Paul did not play on all of them either. Let them go….

  17. Ace and Peter both appeared on TMS. They did it because 1. They are friends of Eddie’s and respect what he does and 2. They did it for the fans. Gene and Paul should both appear on TMS simply for the fans. They should answer Eddie’s questions and let the fans hear it from themselves not second hand.
    I sure Gene would agree that “any” publicity is good publicity. If he and Paul appeared on TMS as guests it would once again put the spotlight on KISS….Rock on.

  18. Eddie,

    Glad that you were able to clear some “dirty laundry” with Gene. Hopefully, he and Paul might show up one day on That Metal Show. Love both that show and your Sirius/XM show on Mondays. My wife also enjoys listening to your show. She’s not a fan of some of the heavier music that I like (e.g., Metallica, Megadeth, Iced Earth), but she likes hearing you talk about music as much as I do. Anyway, I have a question about RJD.

    I had the pleasure of interviewing him at X-Hale in Frederick, MD, on the Magica tour, as I spent 4 1/2 years writing heavy and pop rock concert and CD reviews and preconcert setup pieces on a part-time basis. After the interview had ended, I asked him one question that had always bothered me about the 1976 Rainbow Rising tour when they opened for Jethro Tull in certain areas of the U.S. before doing some headlining shows of their own. The show that I saw in July ’76 was a near dupe of the On Stage album released the next year. Great album but no songs from Rainbow Rising, other than the 1-minute version of Starstruck, despite it being the Rainbow Rising tour. He seemed surprised at my question and answered me by saying that he preferred the Rainbow debut album, referring to Rising as the “Ritchie and Cozy show” (direct quote). I can’t remember the reason he stated for the actual setlist, as Ritchie would have been the final arbiter on that. However, I noted my surprise at his preference for the Rainbow debut album and said that I had met all of one rock fan in the 23-plus years since Rising’s release that agreed with him. I also told him that many Rainbow fans consider Rising to be a “stranded-on-a-desert-island” album/CD. He seemed even more surprised by that statement. We talked about the issue, and a few other Rainbow-related issues, for about 5 minutes.

    Anyway, I know that you two were friends. Did that subject about the lack of tour support for the Rising album ever come up in your many conversations? I know they played some Rising songs during their headline shows on that tour, but the band seemd to avoid the album like the plague during their shows at which they were the special guest act.

    Still have his autograph and a truly great memory of that 30 or so minutes spent interviewing him.

      1. Thanks for the response, Eddie. I guess unless I happen to run into Jimmy Bain or Tony Carey somewhere (LOL), the song choices for that tour setlist will remain one of life’s little mysteries.

  19. Been a KISS fan since around 76 and I can honestly say there is not alot of music I dislke by them. Everybody has an opinion on what they should and should not be doing and thats fine. I have met all of them except Eric and Vinnie and can say they all were class acts when I met them,Ace alittle out of it the second time but thats ok. I don’t agree with what they are doing but I respect THEIR CHOICE. I have seen them 4 times with this line up and all but last years show did not dissapoint. As far as thier last 2 records I would call them good at best( I don’t play them on a reg. basis at all) Good stuff but pretty forgetfull. Two things that kill me are: Peters constant whining and the bullshit that they continue to get from other bands and the media. For once I wish people would quit listening with their eyes only! I’ve said it many times to some of my “casual” KISS fans that I can find at least 2-3 songs on every album they never heard that would blow their mind. I personally would like to see them ditch the make-up etc. and go out similar to the Revenge years (their last great album) and just do a great kick ass show. I will end with this: KISS BELONG IN THE HOF PERIOD! Enough Said!

    1. We all wish they would do something cool like that, Frank M., but that is not in the Gene and Paul business model anymore. They can’t take the risk. Won’t take the risk. They are the Wal Mart of rock now. We are making money. Continue to pump out the same thing as long as people are showing up. Gene would cackle like a methed out macaw if you told him a great thing to do would be take the make up off and do a tour. His team of accountants would slide up beside him like a cartoon and explain to him the bottom line on a tour like that is not smart, and then they would slide away.

  20. Hey Eddie was just curious what you thought of the MONSTER album,i personally like it alot as it sounds alot to me like the Revenge era KISS which is still my fav album next to Creatures.I know u dont approve of their being in Ace and Peters make up and personas but what about the music?

    1. Not a fan and sounds nothing like Revenge to my ears. Sounds like a band trying too hard to sound like their past with newer members. Songs not good outside a couple. Sonic was a little better, in my opinion.

  21. Eddie..love the show and all that you do for metal/hard rock. I happen to PREFER Tommy and Eric in the band than Ace and Peter. They are drunks. KISS is a business. If you owned a business and one of your employess/coworkers were showing up drunk to work every day…you would fire them. You might give them 3 strikes or whatever but if they continued to abuse that they would be gone. Fans today deserve nothing less that the best performance a band can give them. You can’t do that when one of the members is drunk/high. Sure we can go on about KISS being a business, the marketing..blah..blah..blah. Bottom line is…why should Gene and Paul have to pack up shop because the two others weren’t holding up their end of the bargain?

    1. Again, COMPLETELY miss my point as many do. Who ever said Tommy & Eric should not be in the band?? But they should be their OWN identity in MY OPINION, not impersonating Ace & Peter. You have seem to bought hook line and sinker what Kiss sells. Have Ace & Peter been fuck ups in the past? Yes, they will be the first to tell you. But Peter has been sober for years and Ace well over 5 years now. Please stop buying everything you are sold. Amazing…

      1. Really Ed, what does it matter that Ace and Peter are sober…again. They had their shot…twice. I’m a long time fan, always will be. However I haven’t attended a show since 99 nor will I attend another. Haven’t bought an album since COS. I just have no need anymore. I’ve been as critical about the band as any fan could…like you (a fan) I have that right. Heck I bought HITS, hated it so much I took it back and refuse to this day to own a copy of that album. However…Gene and Paul stuck with it from day one. Through the drug addled years of the early band, to the non makeup era of the MTV years, to the “hey Ace/Peter, here’s 2 mill a year to just play rock n roll, around the world for your fans…we’ll cover all the expenses, you just have to show up sober and not complain” tours, to the nostalgia tours of today that continue to be a success. Hey, I may not like it, you may not like it but Paul and Gene have every right to do what they want as long as the fans are still coming. They earned that right. I mean seriously, how do you manage to screw up one of the best gigs in the world twice in one lifetime…sorry, I have no sympathy for Ace and Peter. And though I may not be buying what Gene and Paul are selling now I will always support them. Just my opinion.

        1. All opinions welcome. Curious when everyone talks about the problems with Ace & Peter why nobody comments on the condition of Paul’s voice these days.. They are the ones that say if you can’t cut it time to go right? So are we getting a new “starchild” soon? I mean after all, doesn’t matter anymore who’s in the makeup? Just sayin..

  22. I get so tired of everyone whining and crying about how much money Gene and Paul make. That Kiss is nothing more than a marketing machine. What the hell has changed between now and 1977? NOTHING!!!! They have been a marketing machine their entire career! They’ve never hid the fact that they aren’t in this to make artistic statements or feed the hungry. I don’t understand why it took 30 years for this to start getting under everyone’s skin? I don’t buy 99 percent of the stuff they produce, but I don’t begrudge them the right to produce it if there is a market willing to pay for it. Damn, if you crybabies want equality, then move to China or Russia where everyone is equally poor.

  23. Why don’t they let Eric Singer wear Eric Carrs make up, lets face it Singers style of play is much closer to Carrs than Criss’s . Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr would that really really upset the fans mmmmmmmmm

  24. I would prefer new characters, but at this point, I just don’t care. I know the image KISS has built itself on since the Reunion is those four faces, and they don’t wanna change that.

    Sonic and Monster are good albums with subpar production. And I’d like to hear Tommy write something that’s NOT an Ace wannabe. Heard “Outta This World” on the radio yesterday (local DJ, I won’t say his name, who’s a giant KISS fan and has great taste. Played Anthrax after!). Great music, lyrics are just contrived Ace-knockoff. Hell, Ace doesn’t even write about “space” that often!

  25. I still support KISS it’s their property and they can do what they want with it legally so get over it everyone and enjoy the great new music on MONSTER

  26. Hilarious that with KISS people are discussing “characters”. How about the Scarecrow? Or Dorothy? Maybe even Superman? Doesn’t matter or not whether they can play worth a shit or not…which they never could.


  27. Ace Frehley maybe sober but he still failed to turn up for UK gigs 2 years in a row without a valid reason,he is finished in this country,unlike KISS who are doing very well in the whole of Europe.
    Ace has always been my hero but he is unreliable and you can’t treat fans that way,as for Peter,he simply cannot play to a suitable standard any more.Tommy and Eric are doing a great job,ask the new generation of 14 yr old fans and they couldn’t give a shit who first wore the make up,they just want a good time the same way i did at their age.

  28. Hi Eddie. I understand your point of view(don’t agree).Ace played with Eric in make-up,Peter played with Tommy in make-up.Didn’t bother either of them to not perform.Actually it gave Gene & Paul a test run to see if fans would accept other players in original make-up. Ace,Peter could have not sold the rights to the make-up. Isn’t it a little late to add new characters now? I think Eric,Tommy have been wearing the make-up longer than Ace & Peter’s stint in the band(maybe not combined but it’s now getting close). May be it should be viewed as honoring the org members,no other new characters could measure up.Eddie I enjoy your show,You gave us your thoughts,Let it rest now.

    1. ” I explained to Gene if he has no issue he should come back on my shows where his fans want to see and hear him and have a respectful discussion. He said he would not rule it out and as has always been the case my door is open to all past and present members of the band.”

      There is your answer, ANDY. Eddie mentioned it in the article above.

  29. Short and sweet…take the make up off, make it about the music. Yes, Tommy and Eric are great musicians, let them be Tommy and Eric, not force them to play the role of guys in the band 30 years ago. The makeup nostalgia has run its course

    1. Clearly it hasn’t run it’s course as they continue to do incredible business with the makeup. At this point, it’s all nostalgia. And nobody knows that better than them.

  30. Kiss deserve to be in the rock and roll hall of fame. How do the likes of Madonna, Abba, and Grandmaster Flash get in? They are not rock and roll. Kiss meet every criteria for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Sell out concerts, Millions of records sold, Influenced many musicians to play music. Members of Soundgarden and Metallica cite Kiss as a reason they learned to play music and start bands. The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame is a big joke. Not to mention…. How is Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Scorpions, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, Foreigner, Journey, Styx, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Emerson Lake and Palmer, REO Speedwagon, Jethro Tull, Peter Frampton, Rainbow, Ted Nugent, and many others not in the Hall of Shame?

  31. Let me put myself in a tiny minority here. I think Tommy should go back to BlacknBlue, which in my opinion kicks the crap out of anything Kiss ever did!!! Yeah, yeah, I know, he actually needs a paycheck, right? BlacknBlue were truly one of the kick ass 80s bands to never realize any sort of large scale success.

  32. Wow, this topic is always one filled with passion from fans. Eddie I just want to say I appreciate everything you do and the platforms you have on radio and Television. I have been on your radio show when Jericho was on and TMS is mandatory viewing for me. Thanks to your show I have been exposed to so many great bands (Rush, UFO, Y and T, etc) its crazy good. And everybody knows you love Kiss, regardless of your opinions (and everybody is entilted to them). I personally can go either way with the Kiss issue: I have all their albums and love the music (music first and foremost) and have seen them live with Eric and Tommy in the band. It was a great show. They should be in the band and the chemistry is there, however yes they should have their own characters. I think we can listen to the music of all eras of Kiss and enjoy it. I also hope that the band goes on TMS because its the one show that respects the music, and it would be the biggest rating grabber ever I think jajajaa. So again Eddie, thanks for doing what you do its much appreciated.

  33. If Eric and Tommy had their own personas, it would be viewed as ridiculous at this point… When Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent had their own, it was cool because they were the “first” new members…it made sense, but now the characters created by the original 4 are just that…characters, once “played by Ace and Peter, and by Eric and Tommy…and a shout out to Chris Medek who above commented that Ace has played with Eric in catman makeup and Peter who has played with Tommy in the spaceman makeup..I made those points months ago here, but of course I was sensored by the website and my comments were not posted…Finally, Eddie… You are certainly one of the few still waving the metal flag proudly, and I do love TMS, but, you talk about having balls to confront all guests and proclaim to keep it real, but Peter and Ace have never been confronted on playing with these so called “impostors” and especially Peter in his book wined about so many things, that I actually have no respect for him…He did a freakin album with Tommy, and also I am staring at an autographed pic on my wall of Peter, Gene, Paul and , Tommy…so he did press with him too… Not to mention it was Bob Kulick or Tommy filling in for drunken Ace…Get over it Eddie… Why didn’t you confront either of them about that hypocrisy? Kiss is the most unique band ever in regard to it’s members…I wish they wouldn’t perform Shock Me because that was Aces signature song and it doesn’t help Tommy be his own member, I get it, but to basically boycott them as you have Eddie is ridiculous… No matter what Gene and Paul do, they will never please everyone, and I don’t think they care..

    1. I respect all opinions but then in your logic it would be fine if Angus leaves AC/DC to dress a new guy in the school boy outfit? And I never called them impostors, impersonators yes. Exactly what else is it if not impersonating what others created? As for Tommy, Eric or anyone past, present in Kiss I have NO personal issue with any of them and ALL welcome on my shows anytime if THEY want to come on! Of course all the positives I say about them are NEVER reported for some reason….

  34. Hi Ed; glad you and Gene cleared the air a little and I hope you have a chance to do so with Paul in the near future. As an old school Kiss fan myself, I am not a big fan of seeing Eric and Tommy dressed like Peter and Ace either, although Im willing to bet those two felt awkward themselves when they were first asked, (and who could blame them from taking the opportunity).
    Last time I saw Kiss , it was the ‘farewell tour’ with the original four, and Ive been set against seeing them with the current status. However lately I am reconsidering for the reason that my kids are getting bigger and are approaching the age that they want to see their first Kiss concert. I don’t want them to miss the Kiss experience , and lets face it unless Ace and peter rejoin, this may be the closest they may get to being at a Klassic Kiss show. So for their sake, may have to suck it up next time Kiss comes to the New York area.

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