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Hope everyone is having a great Memorial weekend and thanks to all our military past, present and future for their sacrifice. About to leave to host day 3 of Rocklahoma and wrap up another great year of this festival. Yesterday was great weather and performances. From what I was able to watch Twisted Sister was a highlight for sure. Dee came out like a madman! There was an undercurrent for sure that TS was not happy to not be closing the show last night (Staind headlined), and Dee and it no doubt fired Dee and the boys to another level. He smashed an acoustic guitar saying TS will always play electric and unplugged sucks and also went on a rant about all these bands that don’t have original members when they can. Saying the only excuse for bands not making it work with original members is that one of them is dead! It was classic Dee and the guy is in insane shape and had unreal energy for almost 60! TS followed Jackyl and that no doubt drove them some too. In this area of the country Jackyl and Jesse are loved and he always brings it. The band is such a kick ass in your face hard rock band and Jesse has to be one of rocks most underrated front men. Him and Dee back to back was awesome! Side stage acts I caught some of included Kix and THC and both had great crowds to see them. Spent some time with the guys in Stained and Pop Evil as well. Truly all the bands really bring it next level in a festival setting and the crowds have been great.

Today should be some amazing guitar fireworks with Zakk Wylde & BLS on the main stage followed by Nuno and Extreme! Really looking forward to this! Kid Rock closes it out, never saw him live or met him, but major respect for his crusade to lower concert prices. Will also see Tom Keifer solo today for the first time. Photos and reports via Twitter @EddieTrunk and Instagram at eddietrunkofficial .

Didn’t see the Golden Gods since I am traveling but was fun to host it with Don & Jim. For those asking to see it in HD ( I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER VH1 CLASSIC NOT BEING AN HD CHANNEL), it will air on Palladia in HD next weekend.

Enjoy your weekend and more when I can post here. Due to the holiday and my travel the Monday SiriusXM show is not live. Back with a full report and live a week from Monday.


  1. I love the show, but seeing you three Jamokes from Jersey (like me) in HD is not on my wish list. Some things are better, when a little blurry. I can’t say how much I love the guest guitarists on TMS though. What a great idea/feature to the show. Can’t get that level of diverse shredding on any other show.

  2. Just watched Golden Gods! Great show. Congrats to W. Axl Rose for receiving the lifetime achievement award. However I was extremely disappointed with Axl’s voice. He & Paul Stanley have stayed at the party way too long. Think I’ll go put Appetite in the record player so I can quickly forget how awful he sounded.

  3. Eddie

    I don’t want to go off topic, nor do I wish to take you back to a place of misery, but I was wondering if I could have you thoughts about you most favourite thing in the world: RRHOF.

    Without a doubt, a clueless organisation. However, you have proved that if you “Shout it out Loud” enough things happen. You campaign relentlessly for 15 years to have KISS inducted. It finally happened. Now although I’m an originals fan, I’m personally glad that the originals only got inducted. However, not wanting to upset Paul Stanley, I did see his point about the other members. But saying that, the RRHOF had a point as well about everything they’ve done wouldn’t have happened had the original band not happened. In truth, we all know, KISS wasn’t wanted, but with the campaigning, led by the likes of you, it had to happen. They’re in, let’s put it to bed.

    It is also common knowledge about the amazing amount of bands who are not in it. I totally back the claim of Deep Purple. Absolutely ridiculous that they are not there. But then there’s Def Leppard, Judas Priest, etc. Hell, I can’t stand Iron Maiden but when you look at the achievements, again ridiculous that they are not in.

    Looking at it again as a whole, I noticed that there is yet another band that has not even been considered for reasons I can’t explain and don’t know why, but I would like to put forward the Scorpions.

    Like many of the others that get over looked, like those mentioned above, they’ve got the history, they’ve got the album sales, the concert history, they’ve also got the fact that they are the biggest band from Germany to make it on the international stage, particularly in the US, plus the influence on the generations that came after them. Plus you show me a band that has a guitarist who will be 66 on his next birthday (Rudolf) who still runs around the stage like he did in his late 20s or early 30s. The man doesn’t get old!!

    I think you will see Deep Purple next year. But what about Scorpions? Maybe that could be your next campaign project?

    Take care and peace to you and your family.

    1. Its a tough call, with Priest and Leppard waiting in the wings, but I’ll second the motion that after Deep Purple, the Scorps should go next.

      1. I would go Priest before Scorps but I can see Leppard before both of them, and we all know Pearl Jam will make it before all four bands previously mentioned make it in. I ain’t saying its right. I’m saying it is the RRHOF.

          1. Brian,

            I agree with your statement and I think quite a bit of that had to do with style over substance.

            Many critics couldn’t get past all the long hair, spandex, and at times, the trite lyrics. However, if they were able to put their biases aside, they would have realized there was some genuine, amazing talent amongst the genre.

            Unfortunately, like most popular forms of music, the market got over saturated and Grunge just happened to come along at the right time with cynical lyrics and band members wearing flannel shirts with holes. Then guess what? The Grunge scene got over exposed as well. Too many bands started to sound the same and no one could differentiate who was even from Seattle anymore.

            At the end of the day, who cares what critics have to say? It’s just their opinion, and you should always go with the one that counts the most, your own. Also, I could be wrong, but I think the Metal scene ended up having a much longer shelf than Grunge.

            Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

          2. Dana- I totally agree. \m/ Those aren’t the bands I want to see go in, just the ones I feel will.

          3. Exactly…fans on here need to understand the thought process behind the hall. Alice, Kiss, Rush…it took those bands years to get in, to the point that the Hall had to let them in or it really invalidates what the whole thing is all about. As Paul said…(and many fans want to ignore) it’s politics. The fact that Alice, Rush and Kiss weren’t in there built up to the point that the hall had to appeased those fan bases and “finally” allowed them to go in…but look how long it took. They waited as long as they could…they will do the same to Priest and the Scorpions if either ever do get in.

            Bands like AIC, Soundgarden…especially Pearl Jam, those bands were readily accepted by the masses and Rolling Stone magazine…and they’ll be voted in right off the bat. Kiss, Rush, Priest event the Scorpions…always went against the grain of what Rolling Stone magazine, Dave Marsh etc… was about. And as long as those guys control the voting process then bands like that will be put on the back burner until the last possible second.

            The interesting band would be Leppard…they’ve certainly sold the albums to justify it.

  4. getting ready for BBQ, buds & suds, and some really good music, beach boys (hey, it’s summertime!) jimmy buffet ( gotta have that cheeseburger in paradise & some margaritaville!) bob marley (yeah maan, it’s still rock ‘n’ roll to me) springsteen, bon jovi, aerosmith, van halen, and of course, the red rocker himself, Sammy hagar! had a blast at indy, Sammy & the wabos were awesome as always, from 55 to marching to mars & everything in between! love how Sammy always mixes it up, solo stuff, montrose, van hagar, a new song and some waborita songs too, all good! lots of burgers & beers! after that, who knows. most importantly, remembering and honoring our troops, this one’s for you, CHEERS! Godspeed & peace.

  5. Any news on the car accident that the Killer Dwarfs got in after the show. Heard the Russ was air-lifted to a hospital. Hope all is well. He is one of my favorite vocalists in Hard Rock\Metal and was glad to see that the band had gotten back together and was doing stuff again. Positive vibes for the KDs.

    1. Just watch the video and you can see/hear for yourself what happened. Pat Badger must have accidentally grabbed the wrong bass as it was tuned differently that Nuno’s guitar. You can hear Nuno say “half step down,” but you can’t really re-tune a guitar in the middle of the song. It was a musical train wreck in the sense that nobody was in the same key. Credit Gary for doing his best to keep it going, but Nuno just gave up.

  6. The Golden Gods show was pathetic. That hard rock/metal fans have become so desperate to be begging to be included in the HOF and have a lameass “Grammys for us” like the Golden Gods. And Zakk Wylde’s lachrymose ballad/tribute…ugh. Embarrassing-he thinks he’s Neil Young. Axl “lifetime achievement” award seems like a brilliantly sarcastic gag. And any VIACOM awards show is going to blow.

      1. Metal/Hard Rock turning into Youth Soccer “Everybody gets a trophy”. This is something I never imagined when I was a kid. We REJECTED the mainstream. This needy bunch craves their attention. Annoying as hell.

  7. I’ll be a bit more charitable about the Golden Gods, but I too was underwhelmed. Slayer kicked things off OK, and the TMS guys were fine at the helm. But dittos regarding Zakk and his ballad. (Lachrymose describes it perfectly). I’m OK with Axl getting an award for past accomplishments, but their set only reminded everyone that those accomplishments cannot be recreated. For my cable dollar, Joan Jett stole the show.

  8. I’ve been coming to Rocklahoma from Florida since 2008. It seems there is always something interesting (weird) that happens every year. Storm comes through and blows down both side stages, Tommy Lee and Rob Zombie chastising the audience for taking pictures…. the Geoff Tate rant. This year Dee Snider was AWESOME. Totally enjoyed his rant (Jay Jay French even took a turn at the end). Then Staind comes on after TS and as my wife and I were leaving after their second song because they were just BORING, the singer says how he’s not going to be running around the stage like an idiot (a sharp dig at Dee). Hey Staind guy…. maybe if you had some stage presence there wouldn’t have been so many people heading back to the campgrounds DURING your set. Also, Killer Dwarfs were great and the update from their FB page says that all are alright, Russ was released from the hospital and they don’t even anticipate cancelling any shows. They got lucky. That all being said, I look forward to ROK 2015! BRING ON JUDAS PRIEST!!!!

  9. On the Golden Gods, I’ll take any excuse to see some live performances. If you’re having trouble dealing with another awards show, think about it like this. These are like the awards that used to be published in the metal magazines of my day; Circus, Faces, Hit Parader…all history now. But Revolver magazine publishes similar awards, throws a heck of an awards party with performances and gets it televised. Pretty awesome! Avenged Sevenfold gave their award to a fan! How awesome is that??

    As for the performances, Joan Jett was as great as ever and the best performance of the night in my opinion. Slayer did their thing and even introduced an unreleased song. Zakk Wylde cool to see hulking over the piano for a tribute to those no longer with us. The saddest thing to see for me was Axl. His band was great and it was cool seeing Duff back in there, but Axl has fallen far from the great vocalist I saw live on the Use Your Illusion tour. He still gives a great performance, but his voice was unable to carry Paradise City or Welcome to the Jungle. He kept going to his falsetto or using vocal performance tricks when he can’t hold a note. But I thank Revolver putting him out there. I’d rather find out Axl can’t hack it like this than after I”ve paid for a ticket.

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