Hope everyone is having a great Memorial weekend and thanks to all our military past, present and future for their sacrifice. About to leave to host day 3 of Rocklahoma and wrap up another great year of this festival. Yesterday was great weather and performances. From what I was able to watch Twisted Sister was a highlight for sure. Dee came out like a madman! There was an undercurrent for sure that TS was not happy to not be closing the show last night (Staind headlined), and Dee and it no doubt fired Dee and the boys to another level. He smashed an acoustic guitar saying TS will always play electric and unplugged sucks and also went on a rant about all these bands that don’t have original members when they can. Saying the only excuse for bands not making it work with original members is that one of them is dead! It was classic Dee and the guy is in insane shape and had unreal energy for almost 60! TS followed Jackyl and that no doubt drove them some too. In this area of the country Jackyl and Jesse are loved and he always brings it. The band is such a kick ass in your face hard rock band and Jesse has to be one of rocks most underrated front men. Him and Dee back to back was awesome! Side stage acts I caught some of included Kix and THC and both had great crowds to see them. Spent some time with the guys in Stained and Pop Evil as well. Truly all the bands really bring it next level in a festival setting and the crowds have been great.

Today should be some amazing guitar fireworks with Zakk Wylde & BLS on the main stage followed by Nuno and Extreme! Really looking forward to this! Kid Rock closes it out, never saw him live or met him, but major respect for his crusade to lower concert prices. Will also see Tom Keifer solo today for the first time. Photos and reports via Twitter @EddieTrunk and Instagram at eddietrunkofficial .

Didn’t see the Golden Gods since I am traveling but was fun to host it with Don & Jim. For those asking to see it in HD ( I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER VH1 CLASSIC NOT BEING AN HD CHANNEL), it will air on Palladia in HD next weekend.

Enjoy your weekend and more when I can post here. Due to the holiday and my travel the Monday SiriusXM show is not live. Back with a full report and live a week from Monday.

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  1. Any news on the car accident that the Killer Dwarfs got in after the show. Heard the Russ was air-lifted to a hospital. Hope all is well. He is one of my favorite vocalists in Hard Rock\Metal and was glad to see that the band had gotten back together and was doing stuff again. Positive vibes for the KDs.

    1. Just watch the video and you can see/hear for yourself what happened. Pat Badger must have accidentally grabbed the wrong bass as it was tuned differently that Nuno’s guitar. You can hear Nuno say “half step down,” but you can’t really re-tune a guitar in the middle of the song. It was a musical train wreck in the sense that nobody was in the same key. Credit Gary for doing his best to keep it going, but Nuno just gave up.

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