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Well the R&R HOF induction is finally here, and for Kiss fans the moment we have all waited for is about 24 hours away from when I type this. Honestly I never thought I would see the day. I have literally screamed and yelled about this insane injustice (as did others) for the last 15 years. I agree with Paul Stanley’s comments that the HOF really doesn’t want Kiss there, but it was becoming so absurd with so much fan pressure they had to cave. So this is a victory for us the fans! After all the insane BS that has gone on the last couple months the bottom line is the founding members of this iconic band will finally get their due tomorrow night in Brooklyn. I will be there with Ace and Peter and I appreciate them having me as part of their group. I’ll do my best to update you via Twitter @EddieTrunk with info and photos when I can. Sucks there won’t be a performance but at least as fans we can finally see justice done for one of this institutions biggest snubs!


Headed to Mexico with Don and Jim this weekend. I fly to Mexico City early Friday AM. We will have a live show in Mexico City at Casino Life this Friday night. Then we are at McCarthy’s Pub in Puebla Mexico this Saturday night. The Puebla gig is a free show but you must have a ticket. Can’t wait to meet the great Mexican fans and thank them for their support of TMS! See you all soon and we will have some fun for sure. I will also have limited copies of both of my books available for purchase at both gigs.


This Friday’s Q104 radio show is a brand new special I’m calling “family tree”. Connecting two or more songs to related artists. Hope you like it. Debuts 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC or with the free stream via uHeartradio app.

I will be live this Monday on SiriusXM 6-10P ET for TrunkNation on channel 39. Guests will be Joe Elliot of Def Leppard and Chris Von Rohr of Krokus.


More when I can next get online and via Twitter and FB. Many more appearances TBA so please keep an eye on the home page listings. Also for those in the NYC area keep an eye on the concert calendar and win tickets for those shows on my radio show.


  1. hey eddie, I have a non-kiss question, any chance of getting pat benatar & neil geraldo on TMS? in my opinion pat benatar was, is & always will be the best, greatest female rock singer of all time! ever! and crimes of passion is one of my favorite albums of all time. it was one of my favorite episodes of TMS when ann & nancy wilson were on the show, and I know it’s ultimately up to VH1C, but I’m sure there’s a lot of other people out there that would love to see pat & neil on TMS! I know of course their not metal or maybe not even “hard” rock, but pat benatar’s early stuff, especially her first 3 albums really rocked!

          1. the only person wasted anybody’s time here is you kim or whoever, first of all mind your own business, second of all everybody knows what the name of the show is, but like eddie himself always says, “ALL THINGS HARD ROCK AND HEAVY METAL”, get it? ALL THINGS! heart, who I love, was on the show & so were a lot of others who aren’t “heavy” metal or even what you would call “hard” rock, so you don’t need to waste anybody else’s time with your meaningless opinions or comments!

          1. No, they are rock bands, like we say at the start of EVERY episode the show is about rock and metal. Not to mention they are bands that many metal bands love. Vinnie Paul was geeked beyond belief to be on with Styx!

  2. Have a good time at the HOF and a safe trip to Mexico. Saw you on MOR cruise, we had a great time. Probably about 20 bands would have been sufficient rather than 40. Underrated performer on the cruise was John Corabi and his band…they kicked ass. Was able to talk to him a number of times…what a nice guy who really appreciates his fans. Also, sat with some of the Charm City Devils in the sports bar on the boat killing some time…friendly and down to earth people. Another underrated gem was the Moby Dicks…what a great Led Zeppelin tribute band. Those guys absolutely killed it in the Black and White Lounge, and the real treat there was getting to see Simon Wright come up on stage and drum with them. As an AC/DC fan, I’m sure you know what this meant to me!

    All in all Eddie, the Monsters Cruise was great. We’ll see about going next year.

  3. This week to celebrate the milestone of my all time favorite band finally entering the HOF I have been having my very own KISS HOF induction events. I have been playing the albums in order from KISS to CREATURES. And, in lieu of no Kiss live performance from all original band members at the ceremony, I am going to watch the opening night of the Reunion Tour at Tiger Stadium on DVD….a time when all four members were reminded just how happy they were to be back together again.

    1. I know exactly how you feel michael, I too have pretty much been doing the same thing all week! I want to remember kiss in a good/happy way with them all getting along, (for the most part). I don’t want to hear them bad-mouthing each other anymore at all! EVEN IF EVERYTHING THEY ALL SAID ABOUT EACH OTHER IS TRUE, WHAT MAKES THEM THINK THE FANS WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT? when I listen to kiss, I only want to know/hear about the good stuff, and I’m sure there was a lot of that too, that’s all I’m interested in, the good stuff, THE MUSIC!

      1. AMEN to that. I miss the mystery of KISS–not knowing every little detail of their lives. That was a big part of KISS in the 70’s when you couldn’t even see their faces. Now we know too much it seems. Like you said, the music is the most important, and as long as they keep putting out good music…
        Now I know why Second Coming has never been released on DVD–they clearly want fans to stop asking about Peter and Ace.

  4. Billy Idol,Robin Zander,Johnny and Edgar winter,Rick Derringer,Brian May,Angus,Wolfie ,Eddie…Roth…I bet your best ratings are classic Rockers as their music lives on….

  5. I hope one day TMS is able to snag Tremonti again BUT with Wolfie as a tagalong. I’m almost sure Wolfgang won’t discuss his dad, but u never know. Eddie VH does like the show. Maybe he’d do it if he was able to bring his son along.

  6. I am just hoping that everyone acts their age tonight and act like civilized adults for 10 minutes. The worst thing that could happen is if the disparaging remarks start during the induction speeches. Not only would that be classless, but would take away the spotlight from the other acts being inducted.

  7. Today Paul posted a warm and fuzzy about the HOF congratulating Peter, Ace and Gene-! He is certainly being wishy washy. All that other anti semitic kerfluffle was to sell books.

  8. Well, tonight is the big night! Something us KISS fans have been waiting a long time for. Hopefully, it all goes down in a way that can be memorable for you, Eddie and all that has followed this great band for years.(Ace Frehley’s solo record was the first KISS record I ever bought and the second of all the records that I bought.) After that I was hooked and have been ever since. The last couple of months have not made me want to get on your site and bash either side like so many have done. I’m still as big of fan as I ever have been. I guess it’s just disappointing that it has come to this between the 4 guys. I never believed this was going to lead to a second full blown reunion(would have loved to see a couple of songs though). On the other hand, I never expected all the stuuf that has been said either. I have read many articles, listened to many interviews, etc. from all of the members over the last several months and I must say that I can see both sides. I don’t agree with everything that has been said by any of them but, I don’t have hatred against them either. I see it as there really is no winner in any of this and the biggest losers are US, the fans. I have met only two members of this band over the years and those are Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. Both were very nice I might add. Would love to see these guys go in, as well. Not going to happen though. I guess, in a perfect world all surviving members would be there to stand together and even jam a few tunes. Oh well, it is what it is and we can only hope for the best. Only time will tell. Enjoy the night Eddie and continued success to you and all that you do for this music!

    1. Kirk,
      Great post. I have talked so much about this ceremony lately that I decided to grab onto something in your post that I appreciate. You mentioned that the Ace Frehley (78?) was the first record you ever bought. That was the first time I ever listened to a “KISS” record. I remember the serene expression of Ace’s portrait and then my friend Rick put the needle on the record and BOOM!! I was blown away and shocked at the intensity of the first, then second songs on the album. It got me interested in the other three solo albums and it was all uphill from that point on. I think, in retrospect, it was the first time I heard a “heavy metal” album.
      I was relieved to see the four original members get along on the stage together. According to an interview I just read on Billboard, all the stuff that goes on in the media is just hype and he said he gets along well with Paul, Peter, and Gene.

  9. Eddie,

    Get ready in Mexico for the loudest audience you ever had!!
    Mexico is going to blow our ears!!!
    Welcome Eddie and don’t forget to drink real tequila!!
    Hope to grab an autograph in your book!

  10. you know what I caught but means absolutely nothing? ace and peter thanked their former and current wives. gene and paul did not …….and just a rhetorical question for anyone out there. do you think that gene would be more friendlier with ace and peter if paul wasn’t around?

  11. Just watched the RRHOF induction speech for KISS, and was very happy the guys were respectful of each other.
    Although the current players deserve respect, I don’t think paul needed to mention them at this particular occasion (and the audience seemed to agree). They have time to earn, establish and be recognized for their own songs with KISS in due time, but this night was for the original four, just as the fans wanted it. They influenced my desire to play music, and it’s important that they show character and humility in light of their support over the decades. You want people who inspire your passions to have and show those characteristics, event if for one important night.

    1. Todd,
      I was also relieved to see the them exchange hugs and what appears to be a genuine affection for each other.
      I respect your argument about Paul mentioning the current lineup, but I disagree. For one, Eric Singer has been in KISS on and off since 91 when he played on Revenge. One of my favorite rock albums of all time. He also contributed to Sonic Boom and Monster, both of which are the highest charting albums on the Billboard for KISS, though they probably have not sold as many overall. Tommy has been involved for many years. He played guitar for Ace on Psycho Circus, then Sonic Boom and Monster. His contributions to KISS have been very impressive when you really look deeper. Even if Paul had not mentioned Eric and Tommy, Bruce was in KISS for several years and did a great job as the guitarist. Other bands have had all member allowed in for lesser reasons and like Paul has gone on record as saying, the RRHOF was doing all it could to make KISS a smaller pill to take during this ceremony. I know you may think differently and I respect your argument–especially the way you presented it–but I really believe Tommy and Eric and all past members of KISS should have been honored along with the original four. That’s my opinion.
      The fact that Eric and Tommy where the makeup that Ace and Peter invented just fits in with the larger plan that Paul and Gene have for the future of KISS. I really don’t think its a shot at or insult to Ace and Peter. Clearly, Paul and Gene have given them a great deal of credit for their contributions in the formative years of KISS.

  12. Eddie, thanks so much for the play-by-play at the RRHOF. I’ve been a KISS fan since 1975 and it was great to see the pics and read your comments. I have to wonder if minimizing KISS while allowing Springsteen carte blanche was 100% intentional. And 100% disrespectful. But, that’s “Rolling Stone,” who also hated Led Zeppelin and Van Halen, among other great hard rock and metal bands. Makes me more proud that I’m a fan of those band, and especially KISS.

  13. Notwithstanding the tiresome social media shit-storm that surrounded the induction of KISS to the Hall of Fame, the boys comported themselves with class and good humor at the induction ceremony. Everyone is worn out by the drama, but now, it has to be The Scorpions.

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