Had a great hang with Ace Frehley tonight on the SiriusXM show. Ace was in great spirits and said all the Kiss drama would not take down his fun finally going into the HOF this Thursday. I’m sure the audio will be everywhere on Youtube and elsewhere soon if not already. It will also be on the SiriusXM On Demand app likely by tomorrow. A few highlights:


*His new album Space Invader will be released June 24th. He did record a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker” as one of the tracks. He will also assemble a new live band to tour behind it.


*He still wishes there would have been a performance for the HOF, wanted to play with another band, but HOF would not allow. Joked he might do a solo “NY Groove” during his speech. He has no plans of wearing a Kiss costume or makeup.


*The individual speeches have been cut from 3 minutes each to 2. He and Peter speak between Gene and Paul who start and finish in the speaking order. Said he likely would not use a teleprompter and just go for it.


*Said the recent anti semetic claim by Paul is absurd and noted his fiance is Jewish. Was aware of recent photos of Paul himself in Nazi regalia and said he can’t figure out what’s going on with Paul these days.


*Did not rule out jumping up and joining in the all star jam at the end of the night but wasn’t sure.


*Said he can’t speak on other members not being inducted into the HOF with Kiss since he has nothing to do with the decision and there are precedents for both scenarios.


Ace answered everything that was thrown at him including a ton of calls for the listeners. I will be sitting with him and Peter at their tables for the big night Thursday and will provide info as I it happens when I can via Twitter @EddieTrunk More soon no doubt. Appreciate him coming in. He really was in a great mood and committed to having a fun week in NYC and not letting all the sniping dim this event as you will hear in the audio.

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  • Bryan on

    I LOVE ACE FREHLEY!!!! Can’t wait for his record. Hey Ace Id love to try out for ur band!! Lol. Im actually pretty good. I loved the 08″ lineup.

  • Van on

    I hope Ace and Peter join in for the HoF’s All-Star Jam as they should with the other inductees. I agree with Ace on what’s up with Paul these days. The HoF night will belong to the original KISS lineup.

  • Antzzz on

    i really hope Ace tours Australia again…i know its a long shot….but caught him in Melbourne a few years ago and he was fantastic..what s the chances Eddie ?…looking forward to the new album also…..All the best Ace …to me you are one of the best

  • Charger 33 on

    Paul and Gene should be booed of the stage Thursday.

    • Joe Pensanti on

      I agree!

    • James on

      Paul especially…he’s the one who ruined it.

  • Rich on

    Glad to read Ace’s strong response to anti-semitism regarding Paul’s claim. You figure what would prompt Paul to talk about such a claim at this time anyway. How about a book release, tour and the desire to say his book sold more than all the others (ego). If Paul’s claim is untrue and I have seen the pictures of Paul in Nazi regalia, then that would confirm he is a hypocrite, has no shame of being deceitful, is in total denial of his own behavior and will do anything to make a buck.

    • Bill on

      What’s being a hypocrite is claiming that ten minutes of behavior (on Paul’s part) back in, what, 1976 is indicative of his entire life, but giving Ace and Peter a pass on YEARS of passive agressive abuse of Gene, Paul and the Kiss band, all in the name of drugs and alcohol. If we excuse YEARS of poor behavior on the grounds that they have cleaned up their act (and I don’t think we should) I think we can give Paul Stanley a pass on nonsense names like “hypocrite”. If you’re a true fan you know he’s flown the Kiss flag in place of his own for DECADES.

      I understand perhaps not agreeing with Paul’s position, but I do not at all understand the mean-spirited attacks on Gene and Paul. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no Kiss and the ironic thing is, despite the Hall’s opinion that only the originals matter, if Paul and Gene packed up shop when Peter left in 1980, they would be a footnote in rock history, and there would be no Kiss in the RaRHoF.

    • Steve D. on

      Have to say you are wrong. KISS could have ended in 1980 and would be more of a legend now and still be inducted. The body of work from ’74-’80 speaks for itself.

    • Cali on

      So what about the mean spirited attacks on Peter and Ace?

      Both men have been clean and sober for years- neither man have been lobbying attacks on Genie or Paul.

      I don’t think anyone is ‘excusing or forgetting’ their behavior in the past. However if that’s the case that we all should hold someone’s past issues over their head forever and a day, then we need to keep those opinions in mind for the guys of Motley Crue, Black Sabbath and many others who behaved in typical rock star fashion.

      I don’t agree or approve of drugs and drunkeness, but holy crap all these guys need to do is spend a few hours together at their induction.

      Peter and Ace have both taken the high road and behaved with a lot of class over all of this.

      Genie and Paul have behaved like spoiled brats.

      Who would you admire the most?

    • Cali on

      And by the way Bill, Lydia Criss’ book has that photo of Paul dressed in the SS officers uniform. Yes, he is being a hypocrite.

      I wonder if he thinks no one will remember this?

    • chris schiefen on

      Not sure that’s true. I agree, the whole band should be in there, but what Kiss did from 1974-1979 was so unique & powerful, I think *maybe* them leaving it there would’ve built up the mystique (& they would’ve gotten in anyway). I know that era is what got them all the gravitas from all the alternative kids who went on to be big stars. Wouldn’t it be funny if Peresman’s “board of music scholars” was actually Tom Morello, & Morello, committed Commie that he is, basically signed off on JUST putting the original 4 from the original era in—i.e., none of the marketing coup of the last 20 years. Just a harebrained theory.

    • Chandler on

      Not really sure where the “aggressive abuse of Paul and Gene” comes into play. I think both camps have their arguments and opinions, but Gene and Paul do flip flop a lot more and their motivation always seems to be money, no matter how they spin it. On Fox News yesterday, Paul was asked about Gene saying that Ace and Peter “don’t deserve to wear the makeup”. Paul admitted that it was just a great “sound bite” but was oversimplifying the the situation.

      The fact that Gene and Paul “kept Kiss going” after the others left is irrelevent. These were four guys who couldn’t agree on the direction of the band. Gene and Paul didn’t keep the thing going. They isolated and abused anyone who didn’t agree with their direction or perspective. Fact is, the 1996 Reunion would have been just as successful if not more if Gene and Paul hadn’t have put out Lick It Up, etc. The catalyst for the comeback of Kiss and their success today was getting the original four back together. Paul says the makeup is more important than who’s in it, admitting that he can be replaced also, even acknowledging that one day he’d like to “sit in the audience and watch Kiss with a new Starchild”. Ace and Peter didn’t see the band as a franchise. Who care how long Tommy and Eric have been playing in the band. The question is what material have the been a part of. Monster? Are you really gonna compare half ass album to the albums of the 70’s? Gene should realize that it’s not the quantity of years that count, but the quality. If Ace and Peter are so meaningless, give them back their makeup, play a set list of only Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric era tunes and see what building you sell out.

      Let’s acknowledge that Ace and Peter’s behaviour on drugs was horrible and needed to be dealt with. Gene continues to call them “losers” for their addictions. I would like to see if he kicks Nick or Sofia out of his family if they ever develope a dependency. I think if they all four sat down together in a room with no lawyers and no agendas and discussed all the insecurities that each so easily put down in their books, we would be getting a two or three song performance at the HOF. By the way, Paul is 100% right for disliking the RRHOF, but it should be about the fans.

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