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Had a great hang with Ace Frehley tonight on the SiriusXM show. Ace was in great spirits and said all the Kiss drama would not take down his fun finally going into the HOF this Thursday. I’m sure the audio will be everywhere on Youtube and elsewhere soon if not already. It will also be on the SiriusXM On Demand app likely by tomorrow. A few highlights:


*His new album Space Invader will be released June 24th. He did record a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker” as one of the tracks. He will also assemble a new live band to tour behind it.


*He still wishes there would have been a performance for the HOF, wanted to play with another band, but HOF would not allow. Joked he might do a solo “NY Groove” during his speech. He has no plans of wearing a Kiss costume or makeup.


*The individual speeches have been cut from 3 minutes each to 2. He and Peter speak between Gene and Paul who start and finish in the speaking order. Said he likely would not use a teleprompter and just go for it.


*Said the recent anti semetic claim by Paul is absurd and noted his fiance is Jewish. Was aware of recent photos of Paul himself in Nazi regalia and said he can’t figure out what’s going on with Paul these days.


*Did not rule out jumping up and joining in the all star jam at the end of the night but wasn’t sure.


*Said he can’t speak on other members not being inducted into the HOF with Kiss since he has nothing to do with the decision and there are precedents for both scenarios.


Ace answered everything that was thrown at him including a ton of calls for the listeners. I will be sitting with him and Peter at their tables for the big night Thursday and will provide info as I it happens when I can via Twitter @EddieTrunk More soon no doubt. Appreciate him coming in. He really was in a great mood and committed to having a fun week in NYC and not letting all the sniping dim this event as you will hear in the audio.


  1. Ace was my idol growing up. I have his solo album cover tattooed on my arm. He just wanted to have a good time in KISS and live the rock n roll lifestyle.. Nothing wrong with that. Please eddie get a good pic of him and peter sitting at the table. Its all i ask. Long live the space man !!

  2. Glad to see Ace take the high road…..Ace & Peter seem like the happy guys now and Paul who says he is happy sounds like a miserable SOB lately…also Paul strangely has been taking some shots at Gene too!

  3. i went to Paul’s book signing today at Barnes & Noble, and he was nice and friendly, took pics with everyone and signed his book (obviously…) I might add that it was probably at least twice as many on Ace’s book signing.

  4. I hope Ace and Peter join in for the HoF’s All-Star Jam as they should with the other inductees. I agree with Ace on what’s up with Paul these days. The HoF night will belong to the original KISS lineup.

  5. i really hope Ace tours Australia again…i know its a long shot….but caught him in Melbourne a few years ago and he was fantastic..what s the chances Eddie ?…looking forward to the new album also…..All the best Ace …to me you are one of the best

  6. Glad to read Ace’s strong response to anti-semitism regarding Paul’s claim. You figure what would prompt Paul to talk about such a claim at this time anyway. How about a book release, tour and the desire to say his book sold more than all the others (ego). If Paul’s claim is untrue and I have seen the pictures of Paul in Nazi regalia, then that would confirm he is a hypocrite, has no shame of being deceitful, is in total denial of his own behavior and will do anything to make a buck.

    1. What’s being a hypocrite is claiming that ten minutes of behavior (on Paul’s part) back in, what, 1976 is indicative of his entire life, but giving Ace and Peter a pass on YEARS of passive agressive abuse of Gene, Paul and the Kiss band, all in the name of drugs and alcohol. If we excuse YEARS of poor behavior on the grounds that they have cleaned up their act (and I don’t think we should) I think we can give Paul Stanley a pass on nonsense names like “hypocrite”. If you’re a true fan you know he’s flown the Kiss flag in place of his own for DECADES.

      I understand perhaps not agreeing with Paul’s position, but I do not at all understand the mean-spirited attacks on Gene and Paul. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no Kiss and the ironic thing is, despite the Hall’s opinion that only the originals matter, if Paul and Gene packed up shop when Peter left in 1980, they would be a footnote in rock history, and there would be no Kiss in the RaRHoF.

      1. Have to say you are wrong. KISS could have ended in 1980 and would be more of a legend now and still be inducted. The body of work from ’74-’80 speaks for itself.

      2. So what about the mean spirited attacks on Peter and Ace?

        Both men have been clean and sober for years- neither man have been lobbying attacks on Genie or Paul.

        I don’t think anyone is ‘excusing or forgetting’ their behavior in the past. However if that’s the case that we all should hold someone’s past issues over their head forever and a day, then we need to keep those opinions in mind for the guys of Motley Crue, Black Sabbath and many others who behaved in typical rock star fashion.

        I don’t agree or approve of drugs and drunkeness, but holy crap all these guys need to do is spend a few hours together at their induction.

        Peter and Ace have both taken the high road and behaved with a lot of class over all of this.

        Genie and Paul have behaved like spoiled brats.

        Who would you admire the most?

      3. And by the way Bill, Lydia Criss’ book has that photo of Paul dressed in the SS officers uniform. Yes, he is being a hypocrite.

        I wonder if he thinks no one will remember this?

      4. Not sure that’s true. I agree, the whole band should be in there, but what Kiss did from 1974-1979 was so unique & powerful, I think *maybe* them leaving it there would’ve built up the mystique (& they would’ve gotten in anyway). I know that era is what got them all the gravitas from all the alternative kids who went on to be big stars. Wouldn’t it be funny if Peresman’s “board of music scholars” was actually Tom Morello, & Morello, committed Commie that he is, basically signed off on JUST putting the original 4 from the original era in—i.e., none of the marketing coup of the last 20 years. Just a harebrained theory.

      5. Not really sure where the “aggressive abuse of Paul and Gene” comes into play. I think both camps have their arguments and opinions, but Gene and Paul do flip flop a lot more and their motivation always seems to be money, no matter how they spin it. On Fox News yesterday, Paul was asked about Gene saying that Ace and Peter “don’t deserve to wear the makeup”. Paul admitted that it was just a great “sound bite” but was oversimplifying the the situation.

        The fact that Gene and Paul “kept Kiss going” after the others left is irrelevent. These were four guys who couldn’t agree on the direction of the band. Gene and Paul didn’t keep the thing going. They isolated and abused anyone who didn’t agree with their direction or perspective. Fact is, the 1996 Reunion would have been just as successful if not more if Gene and Paul hadn’t have put out Lick It Up, etc. The catalyst for the comeback of Kiss and their success today was getting the original four back together. Paul says the makeup is more important than who’s in it, admitting that he can be replaced also, even acknowledging that one day he’d like to “sit in the audience and watch Kiss with a new Starchild”. Ace and Peter didn’t see the band as a franchise. Who care how long Tommy and Eric have been playing in the band. The question is what material have the been a part of. Monster? Are you really gonna compare half ass album to the albums of the 70’s? Gene should realize that it’s not the quantity of years that count, but the quality. If Ace and Peter are so meaningless, give them back their makeup, play a set list of only Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric era tunes and see what building you sell out.

        Let’s acknowledge that Ace and Peter’s behaviour on drugs was horrible and needed to be dealt with. Gene continues to call them “losers” for their addictions. I would like to see if he kicks Nick or Sofia out of his family if they ever develope a dependency. I think if they all four sat down together in a room with no lawyers and no agendas and discussed all the insecurities that each so easily put down in their books, we would be getting a two or three song performance at the HOF. By the way, Paul is 100% right for disliking the RRHOF, but it should be about the fans.

  7. Good for Ace! As a lifelong KISS fan I always thought if they ever got inducted it’d be cause for a great celebration for the fans. Instead it’s been nothing but sniping in the press with Gene and especially Paul intent on slamming Ace and Peter instead of celebrating what they accomplished in the 70’s. Hopefully the night of the induction lives up to what we’ve been waiting for all these years…KISS being recognized as one of the greatest bands ever.

  8. I love that Peter & Ace invited you to sit with them. I’m sure that’s going to make Paul & Gene SUPER HAPPY!! I would love to see the All Star band start with a standard jam song with Ace & Peter, and then surprise the crowd by going into Rock & Roll All Night, and Gene & Paul never make it up on stage. Greedy Bastards!!

  9. To get they’re point across, what if Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric show up at the induction ceremony in full make up and costume? I myself think that they will get booed once they’re name is announced anyway! I guess it’s just the ugly side of Rock-n-Roll! \M/

  10. So are Ace and Peter suppose to sit at the same table with the rest of the KISS members? Does this mean you will be sitting with them also Eddie? I heard some rumor Tommy and Eric will show up in makeup. If true, that would only hurt them since the move is ultimately a show of disrespect.

    1. Do you not read?????? They are at seperate tables, and there is no rumor that Tommy and Eric are going to show up in makeup. You know what the worst thing about Kiss is? The majority of them, like you actually behave as if they are honestly, seriously, retarded. Every show ive been to, it amazes me what people say and how they behave. I met Ace last summer and had to stand in line for about 2 hours listening to people like you go on and on and mis-state facts and rumors etc, its terrible, and the girls…ugly, all of them. These morons are worse than Trekkies. Dumb, uneducated, fat morons. Not all but most. There are a few decent people. But Ive seen Kiss 51 times and its always the same, worse than Deliverence mixed with Nascar. Gene, like Liberace, laughs all the way to the bank.

  11. So we get no performance AND they cut the length of the speeches? Wow… The Hall is really done with KISS. They don’t want them in and barely want them to be recognized. What a shame.

    1. The HOF probably cut the time down because of the following reasons: The long standing ovation they will receive, and that’s 4 less minutes to take a chance on them bagging on each other lol

  12. Sorry to say, but now that I have had to listen to Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter over and over again, I believe the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was right in the beginning to keep these guys out.

    This is nothing more than a bad soap opera

    1. It was the same with Blondie, VH, GNR, and others. but bands that did not always get along and kept there mouths shut like Ramones, Heart, and to some extent Metallica.

  13. Ed, you’re a good friend to Ace and a great representative of KISS fans. My wife & I will be at Barcalys on Thursday. I’ve been a fan for 40 years, since I was 5. Nothing could keep me from witnessing this event. Not the acrimony. Not the critics. Not the lack of live performance. My favorite band is going into the Hall and, despite all the years of abuse from haters, I feel vindicated, as a fan. KISS was my formal introduction to rock music. I grew up and love the music of every artist being inducted and am thankful for the each artist. If nothing else, I will be celebrating great musicians and the contribution they’ve made and how important it has been in my life. Best wishes.

    1. Hi Truth,

      Eddie wrote this in his recap above:

      *Said the recent anti semetic claim by Paul is absurd and noted his fiance is Jewish. Was aware of recent photos of Paul himself in Nazi regalia and said he can’t figure out what’s going on with Paul these days.

      Hope that helps,
      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

      1. Yes, I read the quote. But my question was if Eddie addressed that specific issue regarding the memorabilia. People tend not to answer a question, unless they are asked directly. A logical follow-up question after Ace said that the anti-semitic claim was “absurd,” should have been, “so do you have a collection of Nazi memorabilia?”

          1. It all depends on the context. If you got drunk at a party and put on a dress and a photo was taken, does that photo make you a cross-dresser?

  14. Love Ace, and can’t wait to hear his new album. Also, hope he comes around the Indy area, cause I would love to see him again live!! Ace was always my favorite growing up, wore his makeup a few yrs for Halloween!! Sad to see the state of KISS these days, but oh, well!! Looking forward to see what happens this week on a day 15 years late!!

  15. Ace is the man! Always been my favorite member. Like how both Ace and Peter have took the high road on this whole mess while Gene and especially Paul keep digging a deeper hole for themselves with their comments. Funny how Paul calls Ace anti-semitic while there are photos of him in Nazi gear and claims Ace and Peter can’t perform at a high level while his own voice is shredded, guess the rules don’t apply to Mr Stanley. Look forward to Ace’s new record in June!

  16. Well, who doesn’t love Ace ? I have to say that if I were Gene and Paul, I would have put Eric and Tommy in that makeup. It’s proven to work and they are not hiding the fact that it’s Eric and Tommy. Looking forward to the RRHOF induction as well as Ace’s album and KISS’s 40th anniversary tour.

    1. As far as the stuff in Paul’s book, when these guys write these books, they tend to write what they are feeling about those moments in time and everyone has their own interpretation of facts.

  17. I am in agreement with HOF decision on KISS member inductions; it was Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter that created the iconic characters. While subsequent musicians brought in have performed admirably, they have just kept the images alive and not added anything new. The possible exceptions are the band members who were with KISS during their non-makeup period. Regardless of their reasons, not performing for the fans speaks volumes about Gene and Paul.

  18. hey paul Stanley, the more you talk & try to make ace & peter look bad, the more it backfires! or have you not noticed your plan to turn everyone against them is actually turning almost everyone against you? why can’t you just shut up? your recent comments now about ace being a racist have gone way too far, you’ve crossed the line now and I got to say, you are not at all the decent person I thought you were, years ago. instead of uniting the kiss army, you have divided the kiss army, all ace & peter wanted to do was have some fun & move on, but you & gene had to fuck everything up!

    1. As far as making movies in my mind go, I just got a great visual for this lol…”This is from all the fans that think you should have stopped in 2001! WHAM!!” : )

  19. Ace and Peter should do a tour together, just to demonstrate who has the essence in Kiss. Like the one they did in 1995. Long live to Ace And Peter.

    1. What a joke. I saw two dates of that train wreck. Ace was so drunk in St Louis they had to walk him back and forth in the hotel room to try to sober him up. He was NINETY minutes late to the stage. Gene and Paul have the Kiss essence, and you have….a laughable opinion.

        1. No, it doesnt. Besides you dont know for a fact theyre sober. At least with kiss you get the songs sung by gene and paul plus the massive show, i saw Ace on his last tour and he was really quite good but for the most part it was a nameless cover band singing kiss songs, with Ace on guitar. So no, my point is not meaningless. Ace and Peter are not the true essence of kiss, thats a joke. Now…myob.

          1. And how is this version of kiss not a cover band? Lol…Ace’s shows are about the music nowadays…kiss is just about makeup….p/g are dinosaurs….can barely move and paul cant sing…not to mention paying huge $$ to see a watered down show….ur tribute band theory holds no water…

    2. I worked on Ace’s video crew for a NYC date on that tour and it was a debacle. What a stupid nightmare the entire evening was. It all had to do with George Sewitt, Ace and Pete’s manager at the time, and former 1979 Kiss tour manager. What a freaking control freak this guy was. All he did was yell at Ace about nothing, pull the plug on the video production to only at the last minute say it was a go (last minute meaning 5 minutes before showtime).

  20. 1 more thing mr.perfect-(paul Stanley) we don’t care about what they did (ace & peter) we only care about what they do now, they’re clean & sober, healthy & happy, so why can’t you be happy for them? it’s almost like from your comments lately it bothers you or something that they’re doing so well right now, it seems like you really don’t want them to be clean, sober, healthy & happy, maybe I’m wrong but that’s the way it sounds to most people right now. fuck the past already, let all the bad shit go & just remember the good stuff, the good times, I’m sure there were a lot of them. we’re SICK & TIRED of the back and forth insults & shit, mainly from you & gene, it sure would be nice to hear you & gene say something nice, good for a change about ace & peter.

      1. Peter is 68 I believe.. im sure his play has decayed a bit….no different than an athlete at the end of their prime….or a lead singer ( you listening paul?)…at least peter knew when to hang it up…father time is undefeated…

  21. I subscribe to an english mag called Classic Rock. This months featurehas KISS on the cover. It also offers a ‘collectors edition’ set which includes Singer and Thayer on their own cover (in full cat-man and space-man makeup). That made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

  22. I own ace,peter & gene’s books,But I can’t bring myself to read or own pauls. Too much bitchiness going on. I suppose Ace’s alternate title to his new album could’ve been-And Gene and Paul Bitched.

    1. Yep, I cancelled my order for Paul’s book before they could ship it to me. Like you said, way too much BS. Paul, be grateful for Ace and Peter. 50% of an original band ain’t the original band, and THAT is the band that is being inducted. You lost a sale from me Paul.

    2. If you read Peter’s book then you should read Paul’s because Peter’s book fucking sucks. He is the biggest fucking crybaby in the world. Yep he’s the Catman because he is such a fucking pussy.

        1. I wish I was 12! Are you a Peter Criss fan because he is the worst drummer to ever occupy that position in KISS. I am happy to be able to go and hear the classic songs played perfectly by the guys who wrote and sang them. If “Dirty Livin'” “Hooligan” and any of Peter’s solo work is absolutely unlistenable. He played on 6 great albums and then his career ended in 1978.

          1. Yes, but Peter Criss is 100 times more iconic than any other rock drummer other than Ringo. This goes beyond music, you know. This is Kiss we are talking about, not Manfred Mann.

          2. After reading Peter’s book, It became obvious that no one can bitch like Peter. I’ve read all four books and those 4 guys don’t belong in the same band. The magic is gone.

          3. @ Joe…you really think Peter is more iconic than Bonham, Peart, Moon, Baker etc… These guys not only had the “name” but the chops…all wrote the book on rock drumming. Their influence and status is without question and while I loved Peter, he’s in no way, in any shape or form on their level.

    3. It actually goes into less detail than any of the others books. When he does go into detail it’s sparse. It’s basically a snapshot of Paul’s life which IMO bordered on reclusiveness due to his own insecurities from his childhood.
      What I got from the book was the band Kiss, was really all he’s ever had until his first son which changed his life. I’ve now read all the books, and while all members wanted different things, at the heart of what Paul wanted was just to be in a functioning band where everyone carried their load.

    4. Paul’s book is honest and by far the best of the four books,his was the best of the four solo album, best of the kiss singers, songwriters, best focus on putting Kiss first for 40 yrs. I’m a lifelong Kiss fan that hated the fact that two of its members had to constantly be babysitted and conjured into doing every little thing . Peter criss is nothing more than a whiny bitch, Ace is a great talent and gets credit all the time From Gene and Paul for being a crucial part of Kiss sound but he was also difficult and hard to dealwitg. Kiss is soooo much stronger and better today with eric and Tommy. I was there from the beginning and many many fans are thrilled with the current band. They contribute so much to making Kiss the beat band in the World!!!! The two main members of Kiss have always been Gene and Paul. And Paul is the heart and soul of Kiss. He always has been always will. The others have said their piece now its Paul’s turn. I want to celebrate 40,yes of Gene and Paul!!

  23. Soooooooooooo much drama around Kiss (especially Paul Stanley’s interviews and press leading up to it) for this well deserved hall of fame induction. It has taken the fun out of it quite honestly and that’s unfortunate and unnecessary . I just want this to pass…….

  24. I almost half expect a fist fight when KISS are inducted this week. GEEZE!! Lighten up Gene and Paul. Makeup (pun intended) already!! Be nice and do it FOR the fans like you always say Gene!! What do you think Eddie? Sad to see all this $h%& talking going on as my favorite band of all time is FINALLY getting the accolades they deserve and worked so hard for. What a shame. 🙁

  25. If it wasn’t for Eddie Trunk, we wouldn’t have up to the minute info about Ace, and Peter as well. Very grateful for that! If we ever want to be updated on Gene and Paul, all we have to do is sniff around until we reach the nearest landfill…

  26. Its just a shame the greatest live band of all time will not be performing.Pumped to see kiss in holmdel july 25 and in ac august 2nd i no its not the original kiss paul and gene and eric and tommy do a hell of a show.Looking forward for some new solo ace and going to all ace shows in ny nj area went to 4 ace shows in a week back in the anomoly tour.Expect him to announce nyc,ac,asbury park soon i would say a fall tour just a guesse.

  27. I couldn’t disagree more with Eddie’s views on the members of KISS. Peter Criss was NEVER a good drummer for KISS. Listen to those records… boom, boom, chick, boom, boom, chick! In his book he states that he can’t figure out why his solo albums never sold. It’s because he sucks! He is without a doubt the luckiest man to ever have a music career let alone be in the RnR HOF. Every page of his book is a chance for him to blame anyone he can think of blaming. Everyone but himself. He is a loser. Ace… I’ve got nothing bad to say about Ace. He’s a fun loving guy who takes blame for his mistakes and soldiers on. Sometimes he falls off the wagon but it’s his life to live. Paul, Gene. Eric and Tommy… those guys have kept the name KISS alive all these years and deserve to make money and wear that make-up. If Peter and Ace were that stupid to sign away the rights to those images then that is their own fault. When the reunion tour was on the table in 1996 Gene and Paul would have let them have 25% + the rights to the images but those 2 dummies were too scared to hold there ground.

    1. No Pat, I think your opinion sucks. You’re the only one here who loves eric and tommy in makeup. Peters drumming was fine, what do you expect? Neal Pert??? Its Kiss for gods sake, lighten up, now go see if your mom is done making your sandwich, dont forget to have her cut the crust off!

      1. It’s Peart dummy and Peter is a fucking idiot!!!! So ballsy in his book with everyone but Gene and Paul. Whaa Whaa Whaa. Go listen to some solo Peter and let me know how that works out for you.

        1. Why can’t anyone grasp that Peter’s solo work is NOT hard rock and never was? Why should he not be able to express himself with the music HE wants to make (if we like it or not) when he does SOLO music? Isn’t that the point of SOLO? Nobody said you needed to buy it. I read Peter’s book and he points a finger at himself as much as anyone..but nobody wants to see that either. Can’t understand the agenda against a guy that is 68 and pretty happy somewhat retired…

          1. C’mon Eddie…Peter’s been his own worst enemy and even though he may point the finger at himself, it always ends up being pointed in the other direction when the story is over.

    2. In Paul’s book he seemed very happy when Peter came back for the reunion tour and very angry and hurt when he turned on him. Said he was thrilled to see Peter work so hard and very sad when he stopped going to dinners with him and hanging with the guys.

      1. One thing that occurred to me after reading all the books is that Peter really seemed to be the poison in the band…and that clearly affected Ace. In fact Ace seemed happier in Kiss when Peter wasn’t around. When both the Eric’s joined it appeared Ace was a different person. Paul pretty much states that in his book. I really don’t think based on all the books that Paul or Gene, especially Paul ever wanted Ace to quit. Paul essentially begged him to stay several times.

        1. They were planning on doing the KISS Aerosmith tour with Ace. No one could find him and the Aerosmith guys wanted at least 3 original members. Peter and Ace could have finished it with KISS but, they blew again. I would have killed for a gig like that as I’m sure Tommy and Eric are having a ball. Peter comes across as a super nice guy but the public didn’t know him. I’m glad Ace is sober. Gene and Paul both say, When Ace is sober he’s a lovable guy. After reading all four books it’s easy to understand, some people aren’t team players.

    3. Pat are you a Drummer? I am and Peter Criss was a Good Strong Drummer but, never Ever did he say he was a Rock Drummer. His back ground was R&B and Swing both are a very different style of playing than Rock. Eric Carr was a Good Rock Drummer and Eric Singer is a Great Rock Drummer but neither could play Peter’s parts because they Weren’t schooled in R&B or Swing. A lot of people think because a drummer can play fast or play double kick that They are automatically Great Drummers believe me they’re Not! Listen to Charlie Watts or Phil Rudd They are both Solid and Drive the Beat Without Over Killing it. Just so you Know I’m 46 and I started playing on a Small drum I was given when I was 2, I’ve played in Marching Band and Concert Band in High School and Played in Bar Bands up to 2002; So I kind of Know what I’m Talking About.

      1. Pete’s drumming on the first 3 albums was rudimentary at best…it worked, and that’s really all that matters. I enjoyed it. I also think he played above his capabilities a few times as well…high points, like parts of Destroyer and Larger than Life. And he influenced alot of guys to start playing but he’s in no way in the same league as many of the drummers of that era. And I can see where the bands growth was limited as well.

  28. It was great listening to you and Ace last nite. Ace sounded like he didnt have a care in the world and was truly happy! You could tell he is honored to be inducted and in the hall with his idols. It takes a bigger man to walk away from negativity than keep throwing out insults. Ace lived the wild rock n roll life style and has taken responsibility for it. On the other hand Paul seems to be mr. Perfect. After all of this mudslinging I cant stand him. I dont care how hard hes worked, how much he cares about kiss or what he plans for kiss in the future. Its one thing to talk about the arguements and fights youve had with past band members but to try and rewrite history, show total disrespect for the 2 guys who had the same passion and vision in the beginning to help create KISS and take the credit for everything is classless! Ace and Peter have totally accepted and taken responsibility for their addictions. You have pushed alot of diehard fans away! It matters to most of us who is behind the makeup. To believe otherwise is dilusional.
    Thank you Eddie for allowing Ace and Peter to share their feelings with the fans! Cant wait for you new album Ace and I hope you can come near Cincinnati, we miss ya!

  29. Hey Eddie,
    As an old school KISS fan (born ’66), after listening to the interview with ACE I had a couple of questions/statements.
    1. When the one caller mentioned ACE going into the HOF as a solo artist you kind of laughed it off. I don’t see why that would be so ridiculous. I’m not saying KISS is on the level of the BEATLES but using them as an example, ACE may not be Lennon or McCartney; but his catalogue is much more influential than say Ringo! Rock Soldiers, Into the Night, Trouble Walkin, Shot full of Rock, Outer Space, the entire KISS solo album, all the fractured instrumentals. The standard is 25 years since first solo record? Check. Influential? Check. Who knows? Like ACE said if SPACE INVADER takes off, maybe another successful album after that.. I mean if you were setting a line in Vegas as to which member of KISS would make in as a solo artist…wouldn’t ACE have to be the favorite?
    2. No one asked ACE to clarify the rights on the SPACE ACE makeup. Not that ACE needs it…he has TALENT! But with the recent remarks I would have asked him for clarification given the chance.
    3. I was at the event you mentioned in reference to flip floppers! It was at ACE’s birthday bash in New Jersey on April 27, 2002. I have a lot of it on video. ACE was not in a good mood that day. He had just given a speech about Gene and Paul owing him a bunch of money and you were right the crowd was all in support of ACE. Then Gene walked in with the cake and the place went crazy. I hate to admit it but I went crazy as well. Being a kid of the seventies it was like seeing my superheroes up close! Ah yeah the memories. I remember there was a rumor that Paul was out in the Limo but wouldn’t come in cause he had heard the smack ACE was talking. I met you – Eddie Trunk that day and BILL AUCOIN who was very pleasant and shook my hand. Even Eric Singer was there. I do not support Gene and Paul in everything they do, I actually do support ACE. Never bought the others books, didn’t buy sonic boom or monster, but I did buy no regrets and anomaly. I didn’t go see the imposters but went to see ACE in New York on one of his 4 shows summer of ’12. Saw him in Vegas on the HOB tour year before that. I don’t consider myself a flip flopper, but man I get so starstruck around these guys! When I met ACE again in 2007 @ the KISS coffeehouse (he was in a much better mood that time) I got so nervous taking the pic with him I almost knocked the lighting down on ACE!

    Love the show, the website and the great interviews Eddie, keep us posted as you always do as the week progresses. Oh and P.S. there’s a great story on Vinnie Vincent on Rollingstone.com you should check it out.

  30. I think its time for Paul and Gene to retire… When you keep bitchin about the past then you can never live out today or the future… WTG ACE so glad you are moving forward. We all screw up in life one time or another but its called lessons learned.. Nobody is perfect..

    1. So Peter’s book was truthful? Ace’s book…hell Ace can’t even remember half the things he did, he had to have people verify it…which in itself is ridiculous because nobody that was watching is gonna remember things the same way. Gene’s was a lie? How come all of a sudden it’s only Paul’s book that is full of lies? The fact is the truth is somewhere in the middle of all of their books. That being said, Paul’s is actually pretty good. It really has none of the dirt details like the others…yep, he speaks his mind. And he has some unflattering things to say about the other members. Again, I just find it pretty funny that fans are willing to listen to the other three and now that Paul is having his say…it’s an issue.

  31. Hey I agree with a lot of things eddie says but Kiss is not one of them. If you run a business(and sorry folks it’s a business) and you show up for work late, wasted and you can’t do your job…well you know what happens. Even if they are sober now they are not quality players at this point in their careers. If you saw Eddie Trunks party it was just sad. Peter was the worst I felt bad for him..as far as the books go, Ace can’t recall a lot of what went down and he was not that malicious which was good, Peter’s book should have been called Sour Grapes or Poor me. It was a pathetic cry baby blame every one but myself book. Gene and Paul seem to have the facts pretty straight other than the anti-semetic stuff. Some of us need to except fact and not live in Nostalgia land.

    1. Nobody wants a reunion including me, but there is also something called respecting the legacy of the band at some point. Why are so many accolades given to others that get sober but not Ace and Peter. Why doesn’t anyone talk about Paul’s vocal issues now but dissect Ace & Peter’s ability with age?

        1. Actually, Paul admitted that by trying to “maximize profit potential” while touring a few years back, the corresponding effect was a deterioration of his voice. So, in essence, he did it to himself as well. He made a choice to press on, rather than allowing his voice time to heal, particularly given that age does play a part.

  32. *OFF TOPIC* Eddie any word on how *Kerry Livgren is doing and up too these days? I too am a huge *UFO Fan and like paul chapmans work with the band -how is he these days and his views on UFO? thanks enjoy your show

  33. hey eddie, I have a non-kiss question, any chance of getting pat benatar & neil Geraldo on TMS? in my opinion pat benatar was, is & always will be the best, greatest female rock singer of all time! ever! and crimes of passion is one of my favorite albums of all time. it was one of my favorite episodes of TMS when ann & nancy wilson were on the show, and I know it’s ultimately up to VH1C, but I’m sure there’s a lot of other people out there that would love to see pat benatar on TMS!

  34. No I am not Peter Criss.

    The birthday party Ed referred to was in 2002, not long after Ace left KISS again and Gene was being nice trying to get him to return for the Olympics, the Symphony and everything after that.

    1. I saw video of that birthday bash and I can’t find it on youtube anymore. Gene and Eric Singer crashed the party and Ace wasn’t happy about it.

  35. The greatest quote ever from Ace: “There’s a lot of things that Gene has done with the merchandising that are just over the top. He’s got everything from prophylactics to toilet paper—anything to make a buck. It’s embarrassing. That’s one of the reasons I left the group. Towards the end, I’d go out and see kids in the front row with KISS dolls and lunchboxes and my manager is going, “Hey, Ace—watch the cursing tonight. We’ve got kids in the front row.” I mean, we started out as this heavy, mean, nasty rock ‘n’ roll group wearing leather and it turned into a goddamn circus.”
    Nothing will ever take away the impact the original band has had on my life. I’ve been through ALOT of highs & lows being a KISS fan for 35 years. Regardless of all the drama lately, today is definitely a high! I hope everyone can take “the high road” because as a fan, I am VERY proud that my favorite band will FINALLY be in the Hall Of Fame tonight! Congrats to Ace, Peter, Gene, Paul & to everyone ever associated with The Greatest Band Ever! The Hall may have not wanted the best but, they got THE BEST!

  36. Hey eddie just got a chance to finally watch tms with peter criss,he sincerely seems to be upset with a lot surrounding the hof nonsense,anyway regarding the tms top 5 kiss songs,i agree its nearly impossible to pick the five songs of their career,howerver I really think that 2 songs that needed consideration was from the elder album,i know I am in the major majority by saying that the elder was a good kiss album,however a couple of songs rocked I would put up the song( I) and dark light,i also think the unmasked album was another underated album,the songs two sides of the coin and torpedo girl are two other of my fav songs,whats your opinion on these two underated albums in my opinion.keep up the good work in all you do

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