Had a chance to read Paul Stanley’s book on my many flights lately. I was looking forward to seeing how much Paul would open up in a book like this. In my limited dealings with him over the decades I have found him to be fairly private and very sensitive to anything not in line with the current plan, so his approach to an auto biography would no doubt be interesting. Contrary to what many think, and despite whatever feelings he has about me, Paul was actually always my favorite member of the band. For a long time he was one of my favorite singers and his songs were always what I liked best in Kiss. I agree with his own feelings throughout the book that he has always been the prime driving force in the band. In much of the press he has done leading up to this book he has painted doing this for some greater more legitimate reason than most other rock books. I don’t see any great difference with this than any of the other MANY rock books out there. It is very well written, entertaining, inspiring, and told from his perspective and how he saw it, like ALL of these books are. But I don’t see a great distinction over many other good ones that are out there as Paul has said is the case with his. The one down side is that his is the last of the Kiss members books. The good; that he answers some of the others books, the bad is that many of these stories we have heard already. Especially if you consider we just had the very in depth Nothin’ To Lose as far as Kiss books for history which he was a writer on. But still for any Kiss fan this is a more than worthwhile read. But like ANY book it is his spin and take on the story as he wants to tell it. That is the case with all the books, it’s up to the reader to find the balance from four peoples perspectives when it comes to Kiss. Not surprisingly Paul’s book paints him as the guiding force in the band throughout and rarely does he ever take responsibility for anything that was bad for Kiss. For example he describes the demise of Kiss in the late 70’s to be more about the costumes and stage show than writing a disco song. I can tell you even though it was a hit, I Was Made For Loving You was DEATH to the Kiss fan base at the time and some still haven’t recovered from it. The shots at Ace and even more so Peter are expected, but more surprising are the shots at Gene and how bad their relationship was at some stages. Almost every bad decision was because of someone else it seems at times. Some other interesting things:

*No acknowledgment of what a big song “Shock Me” was for Ace and the Love Gun LP, or the success of Ace’s solo album over the others with “NY Groove”.

*Not much made of the impact “Beth” had crossing the band to an entire new audience. A huge moment in the bands history to get on the radio.

*Glosses over some of the later 80’s albums. Almost no mention of Crazy Nights and recording with noted producer Ron Nevison. Would have loved more back story on the making of the 80’s and 90’s albums.

*Talks about the many bad songs Gene mailed in during the 80’s but outside of the two on Smashes Thrashes (which were bad and he does say so!) never mentions his role in some duds as well. Bang Bang You? Read My Body? Although his material was mostly better he had some clunkers for sure along the way.

*Good to see how he admits not handling the passing of Eric Carr within the band the right way. How the band didn’t stop while Eric attempted to recover is hard to believe. It did bother Eric Carr greatly that while he was fighting cancer his band was already recording with Eric Singer, who he predicted would replace him. Def Leppard stood by their drummer when he lost an arm, Kiss could have waited to see how Carr would do. He does take this on and take responsibility and it was good to see finally.

*Didn’t acknowledge that fans at the MTV unplugged in ’95 actually booed when current band was re introduced and chanted for a reunion at the end of the taping. I was in the audience. It was an avalanche that resulted in the reunion in ’96.

*Psycho Circus very glossed over. Who plays on it? Why were they not able to make a deal with Peter and Ace? Also no mention of performing with the symphony in Australia. Not my favorite thing in KISStory by any stretch but should have had a mention.

All that said I truly enjoyed the book and would suggest it to any Kiss fan. But like ALL Kiss books it is HIS version of how he saw things. I’m not about to go tit for tat with all four books and who’s told the story best and most accurate. They ALL are coming from that persons point of view and get that persons story out as they saw it. And something tells me there will be no shortage of more Kiss related books to come…



  1. I think since Dana had to wade through the avalanche of KISS posts here at Trunk Central (bless your heart Dana…if you are ever in Georgia….I will buy you dinner and several shots). I think she should get the last word on Paul’s “book” (remember…I am a librarian). Dana, I am thinking something along the lines of “Hey, Paul…blow it out your ass.”

    • Thanks Scott,

      Your post, as always, made me smile. However, I didn’t read Paul Stanley’s book. Although, I own Creatures of Night, saw the reunion tour in ’96 and am an Eric Carr fan, I’m not a KISS fan.

      My favorite band is Judas Priest with John Sykes as a very CLOSE second. So, with that said, thank you again for all your kind words and for asking for my opinion, on what a has proven to be, a very heated topic.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com :)

  2. with so many things left out would you say this would not be the book for someone catching up on Kiss, or just getting started with Kiss, i know there are many more books.

  3. Eric Heaton says:

    Im on the waiting list for the book from our local library…no way am I buying it…not surprised he slung mud @ ace aand peter but cant wait to read what he has to say about gene…I guess im not surprised he painted himself as the driving force of the band in the 80s…he said he felt alone while gene was off playing mr. Hollywood…he said that animalize felt more like a solo album…but im surprised he took no blame for the great disco disaster of ’79…IWMFLY basically ruined what they built up to that point….but with all the ace/pete bashing he did in the media, I guess he would come off as a hypocrite if he took any of the blame…IMO paul is the biggest bullshitter of them all…he drops cliches left and right…IMO…

  4. My favorite KISS book is “KISS Behind The Mask” by Leaf and Sharp. It may not tell the behind the scene stories but I can deal without the drama. This goes through every album track by track with input by the original members up to post members. From Wicked Lester to Psycho Circus release. Even input by producers such as Kramer, Ezrin, Jackson, Nevison to name a few also techs, roadies, photographers and illustrators who did the covers etc…almost anyone who worked on the album or tracks. I was surprised KISS seemed very critical on their albums not many 5 star ratings. I wish a lot bands did a book like this which each member give their own individual input on the album they worked on.

  5. I have read all 4 books. Bottom line Ace’s book by a huge stretch was the most honest & accurate with Peter’s next. Gene’s book along with Paul’s was simply what I expected. Bottom line is Paul has a lot of inconsistencies when it comes to Ace Frehley & Peter Criss. Simply you can see & hear it for yourselves, youtube it. BUT….I still love all four members equally. And I do give kudos to Paul for standing up to the RRHoF. Regardless of members we as fans prefer…ALL MEMBERS OF KISS deserve to be recognized as Hall of Famers. As far as the original “KISS” that band unfortuantly IS KISSTORY. Thankfully we can always youtube the great memories & enjoy those epic/historic classic albums. Happy Birthday Ace. Joe in The Cuse

    • Pat Francis says:

      Joe… if you liked even 1 page of Peter’s book then you are a dunce. Peter wrote a book that 100% proves what a dick he is. Ungrateful and untalented. Every single bad thing that has happened to Peter is HIS own fault and yet he doesn’t take responsibility for any of it.

      • Mind boggling people take that from Peter’s book. The book I read he is constantly calling out his own issues…

        • Pat Francis says:

          Eddie… the fact the Peter throws out a very damaging paragraph concerning Mark St. John goes to show Criss’ character flaws. St. John is no longer with us and yet Peter says something about him that the man cannot even defend because he is deceased. What did Peter have to gain by writing something that might not even be true. Just one of many total dick headed moves by Peter. He seems like a miserable person. Peter might call out his own issues in the book but he does not take any responsibility for those issues. Also… any Co-Author who calls himself “Ratso” is probably a hack.

          • Ratso is a nickname for a very well respected writer. Again, no clue about your facts. Bashing Mark St John? Why not read what Paul said about him in Guitar World recently? He bashes him big time and he HIRED him! But that doesn’t work for your slant I guess..

          • Pat, what the hell are you talking about? Get your facts straight before you call someone a “dunce”. You certantly didn’t make yourself look knowledgeable bud….Joe in The Cuse

          • What I don’t get is this automatic sainthood of people who are dead. He didn’t do anything special except die, we all freaking die sooner or later. So, by your reasoning, because he is ‘no longer with us’ he can’t be called out for being a pedophile? What motivation would Peter have to make that up? Ans: he’s not here to defend himself. Well, no shit, he’s dead. So he gets a pass then? So, then, anyone who is dead gets a pass. Peter just reported what he saw. He should omit that because Mark is dead? What I find odd is this strange perception of people who are dead, they are mythologized to a degree. Some Kiss fans travel thousands of miles, across continents, to visit Mark St. John’s(a fabricated stage name!) grave. Me, I love Peter’s candor, and he doesn’t flinch at pointing the finger at himself. It’s all there in his book.

        • I enjoyed Peter’s book most of all, it was very dramitic and he put allot of emotions into the writing process. As a fan, I never realized how much turmoil existed during the height of Kiss-mania-but there was. Peter’s career took an extreme nosedive after leaving Kiss and in hindsight he really should have gotten his act together while in the band – the idea of making it big on his own was crazy. Didn’t he realize that the money-well was going to run dry ? Which it did….But – I really liked the book !

        • Hey Eddie. Peter does take the blame for a lot of things, but most of the book shows exactly why he self destructed and why he’s too lazy to have done anything of merit since his KISS days. You can pinpoint what is messed up with Peter, when he talks about their roadies/bikers/whatever giving a chick draino and having their way with her. “But I still love those guys” he says. What a creep.

          By the way, for being about the band’s music, you certainly seem focused on the makeup. And for calling fans like me who enjoy the current incarnation of the band Kook Aid Drinkers, you can kindly go to hell.

          • Really SO tried of addressing the Kiss silliness still. SO many more bands out there to deal with and I say the SAME things OVER AND OVER again. But some just want to jump to their own conclusions constantly regardless of what I say MANY times. Always amazes me to see some Kiss fans act so juvenile and attack the one guy who actually plays their music. Equally funny as they ignore ALL the positive things I say and just go crazy. Call me crazy Jim but it IS an issue to me when a band hired others to impersonate what others created. Go to hell? Geez, I truly hope you are like 15 with that mentality. Be sure to buy everything the band sells you NOW and NEVER have an opinion Jim, and like what you like.. done with this dumb dumb stuff..

        • bryan b says:

          I read all Kiss related books. Peters book seemed a bit delusional. He simply is not as talented as he describes himself. And being a fan since 1975 i never thought i would say that. The Ace book seemed to tell it like he remembers it. I dont trust the motivation for ANYTHING Gene writes. Pretty much shocked that Paul, the most guarded, actually lets us in on a major secret. I am equally shocked that a former band member never ratted him out.

      • Don Kirschner says:

        I totally agree Pat.

      • Pat, I’m very far from a “dunce”. Peter has (IMHO) been extremely honest & directs a lot of blame to himself. I actually read Peter’s book twice like I do all the bios. I don’t pick sides but unfortuantly history OR Kisstory has proven what has already been observed by all. Yes Peter is angry, but ungrateful? Not so sure about that. Untalented??? Gee I really believe if Peter was “Untalented” Then Gene & Paul must have been big dunces…..ehh???? —-Lesson over, Joe in The Cuse!

      • Eric Heaton says:

        Not sure what book u read dude…peter bashed himself as well as the other members…it may of taken him years to get to that point but I think that he is there now…its amazing, peter/ace get bashed for years of partying but paul gets a pass on taking 5 minutes to write a disco song that just about undone what they took about 5 years to build…btw, paul blames everyone but himsel in his book..

    • How can you say it’s the most accurate…as Eddie just said, each one has their own interpretation on how the events went down. Not to mention Ace has even admitted to having others remember things for him. Put 20 people in a room and each one will remember it differently. Hard for me to put much faith in Ace’s book when he doesn’t himself. As Eddie said…take them all for what they are worth i.e. the authors perspective and try and assemble a picture. It’s pretty obvious all are going to take greater accolades and less blame dependent on the who the writer is.

      • I should clarify….and Ace did have help in respects to remembering etc: But in regards to all 4 books, sorry but IMHO Ace was the most honest. He admitted his own faults and owned them. Gene and obviously Paul certantly didn’t go down that road…and again, you can easily youtube the “stories” of this band. Would have loved to have Bill Aucoin around to give his thoughts. Joe in The Cuse.

    • Pounder says:

      Two inconsistencies I found is one: the early tours financed by Bill Aucoin’s overdrawn American Express. For years in interviews and even from Bill himself in a spoken CD he released is that the amount was $25,000 but Paul states it was $250,000. This may seem trivial but I picked it up. The other inconsistency is how he mentions during the making of Alive 1, they cut Peter’s drum solo out?? 100,000 years is mostly Peter’s drum solo so maybe he has this confused with the solo that was cut out on Strange Ways from Hotter Than Hell. Maybe just like Paul claims his other band mate’s memories were cloudy that Paul’s may also be a little cloudy too, especially after nearly 40 years.

  6. I never understood the whole backlash over 1 song, and to me, I never heard I was made as a disco song, even if paul refers to it as disco himself, can you dance to it? of course, but there’s hundreds of “rock” songs you can dance to, alot of rock bands in the late 70’s “experimented” & they never got the shit kiss got for 1 song, I think at that time if any other rock band made that song, it would not have been a big deal at all. 9 songs on dynasty, 7 rock, 1 pops, & 1 “dances”, so what, if so many kiss fans turned their backs on them over 1 song, that was their loss, because it didn’t erase what they did before dynasty and the success of I was made didn’t turn them into the village people, if it did, even I would have jumped out of the kiss army!

    • Ben Dover says:

      1. It’s a disco song
      2. KISS, at that time, was a band you wanted/expected your parents to hate, to be scared of. When that song came out neither of those 2 things were possible anymore. The edge was gone. Some may argue that point came when Beth was released but Beth is just a ballad. IWMFLY is a dance song much like YMCA.
      3. The Village People were more like KISS than you may be aware of. This song narrowed the gap even further.

      • Don Kirschner says:

        You are comparing I Was Made for Loving You to YMCA? That is the most inane statement ever.

        • Ben Dover says:

          Only that they are dance songs. Nothing more. Relax.

          • I Was Made For Loving You – was a HUGE mistake. You had to have been a kid in the late 70’s to realize what Disco meant to us Rockers : we HATED it. Not just the music, but the lifestyle that the Disco-Fans led…we thought of it as a threat to Rock and Roll. And for KISS to do that song was a BETRAYAL. As it turns out – Disco died…but in 1979 it was alive and well.
            A BAD song to do…one that Ace regrets doing as well.

          • Eric Heaton says:

            Its a disco song! Paul admits it….he even said that while it gave them a hit song, its not something they would want to do again…I think he said that on extreme closeup…but the song is a bit heavier live tho..

          • doug r. says:

            this is for sal a., #1 wasn’t a kid in the late 70’s, #2 was, is and always will be a rocker, #3 not all rockers hated disco, just ask alice cooper, who he himself admitted to owning a copy of the SNF soundtrack! lighten up. #4 not everybody heard I was made that way, “as a disco song” most people I knew, including myself just heard it as a rock song (let me finish) with a strong danceable vibe, so it was a little “different”, so what, it wasn’t the end of the world as we knew it, it was just 1 song. why didn’t anybody overreact with drama when the stones did miss you? or when queen did bites the dust? I can go on & on. yes paul co-wrote it, but kiss didn’t produce it, if they did, I’m sure it would have turned out a lot different, more like it sounds live.

          • doug r. says:

            hey sal a. 1 more thing, even though I was only 13 in ’79, (the height of the disco craze) I grew up on the stones, the who, zeppelin, doors, aerosmith, just to name a few, and then when disco came around I don’t ever remember feeling threatened by it, I guess some people did, but I just looked at it as here today, gone tomorrow, and it was! some rockers gave in & maybe made a song or two they regret now, but back in’79 it was just a sign of the times, for better or worse.

        • Not “YMCA.” But definitely “I Was Made For Dancing,” by Leif Garret. When that Kiss disco song came out my heart sank.

      • well, that’s your opinion ben, but my parents were very cool, they actually liked kiss from the beginning, and they really liked the stones, zeppelin, aerosmith, just to name a few. their costumes in the ’79-’80 era were over the top, but that was just a sign of the times, just like everybody jumped on the glam wagon in the mid 80’s. if any other band made iwmfly, do you think they would have gotten the same reaction as kiss? iwmfly sounds a lot different live, the way it was “supposed to sound” as paul says. in 1979 there was a fine line between disco, pop & rock, and again to me, iwmfly is somewhere in the middle, whatever you want to call it, it was, is & always will be a good song to me. some songs from other rock bands were very different at that time than what fans were used to, maybe not as different as iwm, but it’s like I said before, if somebody turns their back on a band because of 1 song, that’s their loss.

      • Ben Dover says:

        I do like the song by the way. A lot. One of the best KISS songs in my opinion. In fact my wife and I were introduced as a couple to it at our wedding. I won’t go as far as calling it a sell out but I do think they were trying to make a hit song. KISS were never innovators but rather followers even imitators thru out their career. They have always tried to produce music that was popular at the time. Early on it was the stones, Bad Co, British stuff, then came the disco movement, then it was the concept album craze, then came heavy metal, then came the Bon Jovi lookalike and soundalike in the 80s, then it was grunge. They have always imitated.

        • well, I have to disagree a little bit, I think they were very innovative in a lot of ways, and as far as the music goes, even though most bands would never admit it, they all listen to each other. I don’t think anybody ever tries to copy each other, but other than their own creations I think one way or another all bands unintentionally or not influence each other. I think more than anything most bands get inspired by the times their in. in a way, it kind of sucks if you think about, because you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, they all create & follow to some degree, but I guess that’s the nature of the music business.

      • Don Kirschner says:

        Ahhh yess, the analogy comparing Kiss and the Village People…. brilliant…. The Village People named after the predominantly gay neighborhood of the “Village” in NYC. All members were gay except the lead singer. All songs had references to the gay lifestyle. YES, VERY similar to Kiss. Dover, stop posting now so you can save yourself further embarrassment.

    • I’ve always felt IWMFLY actually keep the band going somewhat strong another year. By the time Dynasty came out the glow had already begun to fade. Sadly nobody told Kiss nor did they realize what was happening. That song more than likely helped keep it going longer, at least another year.

      Further it’s pretty much the natural way of things…for a fleeting moment, Kiss was the biggest band in the world and then they weren’t. Brian May pretty much said the same thing…for a moment, Queen was the biggest band in the world (oddly from another disco influenced song) but those moments don’t last long. It’s what you do afterward that really counts. How do you last. So I agree with you…the criticism of that song hurting Kiss is silly. Kiss was on the backside regardless of that song. The trick is to keep it going regardless of the peaks and valleys. Which any band that’s been around 40 years is going to have. They’ve done pretty good.

      • that’s basically my point, queen, who is one of my favs, never got any BS for bites the dust, big disco vibe in that song, sounds nothing like stone cold crazy or tie your mother down, but it never got compared to those songs the way I was made got compared to earlier kiss stuff. I don’t recall any queen fan turning on them for bites the dust, which is a great song, but again what’s the difference between I was made & bites the dust? In ’79-’80 almost all bands, producers & so on were experimenting with sounds & vibes, but for some reason kiss got the most BS for getting caught up in the times. nobody accused queen of selling out or saying queen goes disco like they did to kiss, it’s incredible, 35 years after iwmfly & kiss is still getting shit for it, from some. I guess those are the ones who forgot about kiss alive!, destroyer, creatures, revenge, just to name a few, and for writing one of, if not the biggest rock ‘n’ roll anthems of all time, rock and roll all nite.

    • james perkins says:


      I agree. Was is “technically” a sell out move, ok/maybe. Was it a fatt song that had respectable KISS style balls-YES. Can’t believe there is still such a jock twist on this; especially given the luke warm material that made up so many subsequent albums. I’ll take that song over seeing Gene painted up like a Bourbon St. hooker (circa ’88) anytime.


  7. Andrew Stone says:

    The book isn’t just about KISS, it’s about his life. He didn’t talk about “Shock Me” and “Beth”…..big friggin deal! Sounds like you’re trying to start shit. I’m a fan of yours but please….

    • Start shit? How come it’s not “starting shit” when I point out no talk of Crazy Nights, the symphony show, etc? Oh, that doesn’t sell the agenda right? Incredible..

      • Andrew Stone says:

        Gee, he left out some things over 60something years. Boy you’re right Eddie….

      • Pat Francis says:

        I’ll start some shit… So what if Paul didn’t acknowledge “Shock Me”… that song wasn’t even included on Double Platinum… big fucking deal. Why should Paul give any kudos to a guy who was causing Paul and Gene nothing but grief. Also… Eddie Trunk… My biggest beef with you is that when you Jim and Don sat down to interview Axl Rose on TMS the 3 of you acted like little school girls with a crush. You DIDN’T ask him 1 tough question but instead threw him softballs the whole entire interview. Were you 3 afraid of Axl Rose’s plastic surgery and hair weave? That guy kept you waiting for hours. You should have packed it in and left but instead stuck around and then served up the slow pitches. Also… GnR still tours with only 1 original member and for some reason that is okay with you. Hypocritical to say the least.

        • Pat, you are so lost at the conclusions you reach it is staggering. You really are carrying an issue with me over a TV interview from over three years ago you didn’t like? Do you have any knowledge of the backstory and conditions around that interview? Of course you don’t. But you seem to have it ALL figured out. Why Shock Me could have been mentioned? Oh, I don’t know? Maybe the first song ever sung by the bands lead guitarist that the current Kiss STILL plays and was a big show highlight was worth a mention? And you continue to ignore that fact that I NEVER had an issue with ANY band using replacements. My issue is then the replacements IMPERSONATE what others created. But none of this works for your agenda so keep believing what you want and ignore the facts…

    • Paul wasn’t going to go down the “He didn’t talk about “Shock Me” and “Beth”…..big friggin deal” road because those songs, especially “Beth” propelled “KISS” into mainstream radio. Kinda funny considering in years past it has been well documented “KISStory” that Paul never wants to give credit to Ace & Peter where the credit is due. And the irony of this is Eddie’s hall of fame video when Peter mentioned that with Bogart & Aucoin “KISS” would be nowhere & Paul is still a taxi driver. Notice when Peter mentioned those important names (IMHO) Paul turned away in disgust acting like ‘we would still be here without Bill & Neil’…….WRONG!! “KISS”wouldn’t have exisited without them….so Andrew Eddie is SPOT ON!! Lesson over, Joe in The Cuse

      • C’mon Joe…every now and then you have good points and then you’ll throw out something stupid like Paul turning away in disgust type junk. You have no clue what was going through the mans mind at that point…total guessing on your part. Paul states in his book how important Bill and Neil were. And he’s repeatedly given Ace’s playing in the early days props. You’re grasping at straws here man. That’s exactly why I said “haters” in another post…this is a classic example of doing just that. So where’s Peter without Paul…still playing 2 bit dives. Again, as I always say…it goes both ways.

        • JB I certantly don’t “hate” anyone let alone Paul….he is actually my favorite in the band and grasping at straws?? Uhh no, I’m just merely stating what has been present for decades. Paul believed (Oct 1984 issue Creem) that quote “KISS” would have been successful with or without certain Bill Aucoin & Casablanca Records” ….aka Neil Bogart. Sorry JB, but those points are valid, not stupid. But I do respect your post. Joe in The Cuse

          • Again…fair enough but put yourself in his shoes in 1984. At that point in time these guys were scratching and clawing to remain an arena level band without two original members and a changing musical landscape…giving Aucoin and others props at that point for their success would be akin to saying “we weren’t good enough without them”. That’s admitting weakness at a time when your trying to appear strong when in reality the band was teetering on the edge. I mean COTN was arguably the greatest album those guys ever put out (is in my opinion) and it flopped. Future was bleak. I can totally see where his mindset was at that moment…afterall he was only 32 and facing a life without Kiss.

            Again…that’s why I take much of what these guys say with a grain of salt. Opinions, attitudes, view points…all change with time and age. And lately, I’ve read enough from Paul to decipher that he knows without Bill and Neil, he isn’t where he is today…he states that in his book and has been fairly consistent in those remarks in recent years.

      • Andrew Stone says:

        I’m just saying its a Paul Stanley book not just a KISS book. Get off Eddies balls already. BTW, agreed Pat!

        • JB….those are very valid points and you’re (IMHO) spot on. I’m really trying to not take sides here…I’m very grateful for what Paul has done…I loved the 80’s version of KISS, 70’s will always be the Bible for me but Bruce Kulick & Eric Carr along with Gene & Paul was just a fantastic band. Unfortuantly I was very uneasy for this era of Kiss and after seeing them twice & reading the many reviews I knew (basically for me) Kiss was a dead band. But I still don’t wish nothing bad & Im sure if Gene & Paul said, “Joe, dress in the Spaceman gear & go out & play with us”….Uhhh DAMN STRAIGHT I’m doing it. So kudos to Tommy & Eric. Joe in The Cuse

          • I love all the era’s Joe…except now. But I fully support them, they’ve earned the right to continue soldiering on IMO and if fans out there are still digging it, more power to them. At the very least…the fans that come now can get a bit of a taste of what it was like. I guess that’s better than nothing. One day it will all be just a memory and I’m glad I have them. I’ve seen them nearly 40 times but 5 shows stand out…Love Gun tour…was lucky enough to see that, my first rock concert. The COTN tour…musically they were a juggernaut on that tour and it really is to bad it failed. My next favorite show was the club tour to break Singer in…right when Revenge was released. Saw them at a 1,000 venue in Atlanta (Center Stage) and holy hell…they were amazing. No bombs, no production, no staging…they just threw down. Then the Revenge tour itself…loved it. And the Reunion Show…2nd night of the tour…was like old times. In a perfect would I wished it had all ended after the Farewell Tour but amazingly they’ve lasted another decade. Hell they’ve lasted longer after their Farewell Tour than most bands career…now that’s amazing and in reality shows the power of the band.

    • BC Southern says:

      He actually talks about Beth a lot. Mostly crediting Bob Ezrin for the song and not Peter. And when he pulls into his parents driveway with a brand new car, and he’s second guessing buying such an expensive ride, he mentions Beth being on the radio and how that was his reassurance that he’d be okay.

      Doesn’t seem to me, from Paul’s book at least, that he ever wanted Ace to leave the band. Ace chose to leave both times, despite being more social within the band and seemingly more happy in the company of both Eric Carr and Eric Singer, who he considered to be better drummers than Peter. And each time Ace also wasn’t doing well physically with his substance abuse.

  8. no matter ho many sides of a story, the truth of the matter lies in the middle for others to find

  9. Jim Colagiovanni says:

    Perfectly put Eddie. Was a good read just like the others. KISS was so unique in having four members that were so different on every level that its no surprise to me at all on how four of the books showed four completely different perspectives. It’s what makes KISS-KISS I suppose. As always, thanks for all you do for us metal fans!

  10. Gene Simmons of KISS (pronounced Keee-yuss!!) says:

    I have a few things to say regarding the very attractive Eddie Trunk’s comments about my band mate & lifelong brother the very attractive & powerful Paul Stanley. First I invented books & how to write them. However I didn’t give everyone all of my book writing secrets. Thus the reason why so many books were written prior to mine. It was to make my book look so much better written than everyone else’s. Also my Hollywood days of the 80’s never died. In fact I created reality tv which lead to the greatest reality tv series ever, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. And my recent appearance on CSI ( which I invented) confirms that my incredible acting ability of the 80’s was no fluke ( and don’t forget my tremendous performance in KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park just ask your girlfriend!).

    • Did you invent that seaweed net that you wore on your head on CSI?

      C’mon, is that thing alive or what? Do you need to feed it? Trim it? Cultivate it? Cage it?

      Is it going to appear on Shannon and Sophie’s new reality show?

      Everyone wants to know.

  11. *No acknowledgment of what a big song “Shock Me” was for Ace and the Love Gun LP, or the success of Ace’s solo album over the others with “NY Groove”.

    What about “Rock Ride”? It peaked at #39.

  12. I’ve read all 4 members books…all are good to decent.

    Paul’s book is good. Easy to read, well written. Every Kiss fan should read it. As Eddie said, Paul has upped his stance as the leader of Kiss and he hammers that point home. However lets face it and if you’re honest, you have to come to the same conclusion…it’s the truth. Nothing wrong with that folks. It certainly doesn’t make any of the original members any less important. The fact is when all other members were absent from the band due to movie making, drugs, alcohol, wrecking cars, getting shot, card games, whatever…Paul was there, the backbone keeping it going. From reading his book it’s clear, Kiss was all Paul Stanley ever had as he didn’t particularly enjoy his own life, wasn’t close to his own family and had no outside interests other than Kiss….until the birth of his first son. As for dirt on other members or detail…IMO it’s more than Ace’s but falls well short of Gene or Peter’s books. Nothing surprising about his feelings on Peter or Ace…although not as much detail as one would think or the haters would like to latch onto. I do get the impression that Paul always liked Ace though, especially from a musical/guitar perspective, besides it’s been well documented he wanted him to stay in the band. Still, it’s like none of these guys can give the other a pat on the back. The biggest revelation is Paul opening up about Gene…he pulls no punches from his point of view.

    I agree with Eddie, good book and a different slant that obviously favors the authors point of view “as they all have”. The high points I took from Paul’s book is just how little this guy had outside of the band. Truly Kiss was everything to him. Also that it took him well into his 40’s to finally learn to enjoy life with the birth of his first son and now with his family.

    I’d rate this 3rd best of all the books from the original guys…in terms of pure enjoyment. Would have liked to have seen more detail and admittedly a little more dirt. As Eddie pointed out, whole era’s were glossed over or rarely touched on. Leading me to believe that Paul, like Ace probably has book number two up his sleeve in the future.

    • Eric Heaton says:

      Wouldnt surprise me if he did another book…it seems that saying one thing and doing another is the MO in the kiss camp…

    • I tend to agree with JB. From all the accounts of the 4 books(I have read all 4) the one theme that is prevalent is the actions of Peter and Ace hurt their own career’s. I mean look at them now. They look Old,feeble and in Ace’s case fat. If you have heard the claims of people around the band and many that are mentioned in all 4 books their take is more in line with Gene and Paul’s books. I mean the guy everyone calls the imposter(Tommy Thayer) Had to actually teach Ace and Peter how to play again! Ask DocMcgee or Kullick or any of the producers on site they will all tell you the same. Is that being TRUE to the fans?? Every one is so forgiving of Ace and Peter and I don’t understand why. I mean Kiss songs from the 70’s although Great are not complex pieces of music. If you struggle playing that stuff I mean you are screwed. Ace was good in his book(the parts he could remember) and Peter’s book was just a twisted cry baby view where he takes no accountability for how bad his playing had become. I know the Disco tune hurts and every one made some mistakes but I know Paul always did his best for the cause. I like to see a Healthy KISS where they still Play and Look great. Lets Hope Paul’s voice holds up, They sounded Great on Jimmy Falon’s set recently but That is the main concern for the band now.

  13. Eddie’s is pretty much bang on. So many of the stories I’ve read and know of, as most Kiss fans would.
    A lot of it was Paul growing up with his ear situation and it is his story of overcoming that.
    There were some interesting tidbits about Bill Aucoin, Paul saying he wasn’t gay, Ace giving Peter’s dick a kiss, Slash calling Paul a fag behind his back, some stories about Donna Dixon. A lot of the other stuff is basically just retold in Paul’s voice. Otherwise, there isn’t that much that separates it from other Kiss autobiographies or books. Like Stuart commented, I would recommend “KISS Behind The Mask” by Leaf and Sharp as the best KISS book out there. “Kiss Alive Forever” is a fantastic book of the complete touring history of Kiss by Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs if you can find it.

    • The Slash remark reminded me of one of the best stories out of Slash’s book, when Slash calls Paul to get some free equipment and Paul just says, “no,” and it all comes from stories of what Slash may or may not have said in the press getting back to Paul.

    • Twin Paul said Bill Aucion wasn’t gay? That invalidates the entire book. He is re writing history. I know people very well who were managed by Bill Aucoin in the 80s. Twin Paul has taken over. Gene even says Bill was gay. Who cares anyway? Gay people have made such a huge contribution to the arts, Sean Delaney, for example, that I think we need some gay people on this planet.

      • Lonnie says:

        Paul said he himself wasn’t gay, not Bill Aucoin.
        The interesting tidbits were about Aucoin and age of some of the guys he fooled around with,

  14. Mike Mahler says:

    Eddie, I have been a fab of yours for a long time, however, you seem to have made this whole Ace & Peter against Paul & Gene thing your personal crusade. You know, probably better than most, that Paul IS/WAS and ALWAYS will be the driving force of Kiss. Ace and Peter’s books were more about who had a bigger dick rather than what things were really like behind the scenes. I honestly wish that you and Paul could just bury the hatchet and move on but I won’t hold my breath. Paul’s book is the best one as I expected it would be. Eddie…. I love you man but you have to stop bashing Paul.

    • Mike, did you even take time to READ what I wrote about Paul’s book? I mean you have to be kidding me! Bashing? I just gave a book he wrote a positive review and called him my favorite member and the driving force in the band and you call it “bashing”. UNBELIEVABLE! I have no need to “bury the hatchet” because I have nothing to bury. But your baseless absurd position is EXACTLY what causes the problems when others read and post with NO basis of reality and just spin things they make up! Unreal.

      • Don Kirschner says:

        The whole “basis of reality” is your post. Anyone who has any intellect can clearly see by reading your post that you still feel the need to take jabs at Paul. If Paul discovered a cure for cancer, you would probably say something like, “it’s great that Paul did that, but I think Ace and Peter had the cure several years before and they are the ones who should get credit for it.”

        • Wonder who really has the agenda when I can say 90% positive things about Paul and his book, but certain people POUNCE on a couple things I point out missing? EXACTLY the problem with Kiss and some of their fans. Buy it all or nothing! No objectivity or opinions allowed ever.

      • Andrew Stone says:

        Eeeeeaaaasy there Eddie, quit getting your panties in a bunch……

      • Mike Mahler says:

        Wow…Eddie…You have been bashing Paul for quite some time now…don’t get mad at me for pointing out the truth. Like I said….I am a fan of yours…but you have been backing Peter and Ace in every situation for a few years now…don’t get me wrong…I love those guys too but why would you expect Paul to mention anything positive about them when in their books all the did was bash Paul and call him “he-she”…. I did read what you wrote…maybe you should re-read what you wrote as well….I am an “objective” fan….I don’t buy any of the stupid gadgets and toys they put out…I am all about the music and the live show….I wish Paul would come on one of your shows and you guys could talk to us fans of both of you and we could all get along….Paul is the king in my opinion….and you are the best rock host/reporter that ever lived….you both should rise above all of the BS….you know KISS rules…

        • Don Kirschner says:

          Be careful, Mike. Your opinion conflicts with Trunk’s, so he may decide to delete your posts.
          That’s how he rolls. (like a 5th grader)

          • Tsk, tsk, just when I thought we were getting along.

            Eddie has the right to approve or disapprove any comments as he sees fit, it is HIS website.

            If you don’t like that your comments are being censored, please feel free create your own blog with Mike where you can be free to post whatever your heart desires. It would be really interesting to see how many disparaging comments about yourself that you would allow through on a daily basis by someone using multiple ID’s. In the beginning, you might be congenial and flexible. However when it is the same comments being made time and again, I am sure you would end up getting annoyed and losing your patience.

            Dana from EddieTrunk.com :)

          • Mike Mahler says:

            Ok, for the record…for Dana…Don Kirschner and I do not know each other and we are not the same person and I never said anything negative about Eddie, in fact, I admire his work and his passion for the music we all love…..I read all 4 books and I rate them in this order:
            Paul/Ace/Peter/Gene (a distant 4th)….

            My point is, I think some people are discounting what Kiss is today because Tommy and Eric are wearing the same make up that Ace and Peter wore….but if you look beyond that I think you would admit that the last two studio albums are actually really good…Maybe Tommy is going to far with the song titles and the guitar solos but isn’t tribute the best form of flattery? I have been a KISS fan since 1976 (I was 8) and they have been a big part of my life….do I wish the original four stayed together? Perhaps…but then we would have never gotten to know Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick, who in my opinion deserve just as much adulation and credit as any other band members including Paul and Gene….so guys…we are all KISS fans right? Let’s try and enjoy every era of our favorite band….peace

          • Mike,

            I think I might have been referring to another poster with the same name.

            Dana from EddieTrunk.com :)

    • Michael R says:

      Mike Mahler Eddie is exactly correct, you didn’t even read his review. You are one of the senseless Paul & Gene flag bearers that will continue to dredge up crap and controversy because that is truly what Gene and Paul are about now. Money, not the music. For all the headlines and shots Paul has taken at Eddie, and Gene, I thought he was overly gracious of Paul’s book. KISS is one Eddie’s favorite bands, he said Paul was always his favorite and Paul was the driving force behind the band. Taking into consideration his friendship with Ace, Peter and the late Eric Carr and what a monumental egomaniac Gene and Paul are, and the huge personal backlash Eddie got over the RRHoF I think his professionalism in reviewing the book is outstanding! But you as a hater didn’t bother to actually read it, you saw what your small mind wanted. Well done Eddie!

    • Mike, your ass isn’t a hat so get your head out of it before you post.
      Paul and Gene have spent several years bashing Ace and Peter, calling them hacks, calling them a Cancer, living in the past and talking about substance abuse while both have been sober for nearly a decade. Since when did Eddie make this a “crusade”?

      Did you just glance over the part of Eddie’s review when he said “I agree with his own feelings throughout the book that he has always been the prime driving force in the band.”??

      Bury the hatchet? Have to stop bashing Paul?
      WOW, you must be most biased fanboy of Paul Stanley ever…do you have a shrine in your house? The current lineup WOULD NOT EXIST if it weren’t for the music made by the original four, and your golden boy Paul is publicly calling Ace and Peter Jew haters but I guess Paul can say whatever he wants right?

  15. You’re right Eddie, no mention of the Symphony. He explains why they had to get Peter back in 2003 for the Aerosmith tour. The promoters required 3 original members but no mention that Peter was signed on for the Symphony in mid 2002.

    • Also glosses over the Live to win solo album and tour, the recording process and his heart scare in 2007 pre show. C’mon Paul! What happened? How did you feel, did you think you were going to die, how did your family react?

  16. Eddie; Does Ace ever admit he was a lazy ass and not load or unload equipment in the early days?

    • I played in bands for 30 years…you loaded your own equipment or it didn’t get loaded. Unless you were sick or something. Trust me…folks that have never played in bands don’t really understand how that is a big deal…but it is. That’s the kinda of stuff that builds up into resentment over time. I’d say if Ace did that over equipment…obviously he did that over other things like not showing up to record his guitar parts. That’s where the average fan doesn’t understand but any musician posting on here you know exactly what i’m talking about.

      Now, on the other hand if you’re willing to let other members slide when it’s time to take responsibility like showing up on time, loading equipment, rent money, studio time etc… without laying the hammer down then you are responsible as well for letting them get away with it.

  17. I can’t read

  18. Wasn’t impressed with the book…..Eddie and others have nailed most of the points I picked up on, too, along with the fact he blatantly contradicts himself at some points, like when he says he always gives the person the respect of firing them face to face or something like that, when 40 pages before, he was talking about how told someone else to get rid of Peter because he didn’t even want to deal with him. And he acted like that ear thing was equivalent to John Merrick’s Elephant Man situation or something…..enough about the ear.

    • Don Kirschner says:

      “enough about the ear”? So I guess compassion isn’t on your priority list? Your parents did a wonderful job raising you and I hope you share that with your kids.

      • Don Kirschner……….quick question. Would you rather have Paul’s ear situation or John Merrick’s situation? I never said Paul’s ear situation was nothing to sneeze about. I thought it was focused on a time or two too many in the book when I wanted to hear more Kiss talk……but you carry on with your insults about me, my parents and my daughter. Classy fella you are, Donnie.

  19. JB it’s not about “haters”. I certantly don’t hate or dislike Paul. And you’re spot on, Paul did keep KISS ALIVE….but here is the issue. Paul & Gene has had major issues since Ace & Peter’s departure. They couldn’t CONTROL Ace/Peter. And CONTROL is a serious behavioral issue with human society and a MAJOR issue with both Gene/Paul. How many times since 1983 till present are Gene & especially Paul going to hammer their ex-band mates?? How many “stories” since 83 is Paul going to change?? Personally I really don’t care who is telling the truth, I really don’t but AT LEAST keep some stories consistant, and unfortuantly both Gene & Paul have totally failed to do that on many many occasions. YOUTUBE it….it’s all there!! Joe in The Cuse

    • Well Joe..everything you said you have to apply to Peter and Ace as well. And again…find me something where Paul was bashing Ace in ’83. Sorry man…for a band that was trying to hide Ace’s departure for many reasons well into ’83 your not going to find them bashing Ace at that point. Yet you can go search the web and find old interviews with Peter dating back as far as ’81 complaining about having to play second fiddle to Ace, Peter and Paul. At this point we’re arguing semantics on who said what and who started it…they’ve all let it fly from every angle.

      As far as stories…I kinda take them all with a grain of salt because they’ve all changed them to suit (as Eddie puts its) their agenda at the time. And in all seriousness, I do believe some people have a hard time understanding that. They take whatever is said as gospel. Example…Ace stating to Guitar World that he was replaced by a tour manager…fair enough. No of course Ace fans will say Fuck those guys. Yet Ace was repeatedly begged to stay in the band on various occasions throughout Kiss and the door was left open for him to return after the Farewell tour so in essence he was replaced because he quit…repeatedly. So who’s fault is that?

      As I’ve always said…I like them all. It really doesn’t matter to me what they say about each other…sure it’d be nice to have them all give each other credit without bashing one another in the same breath but that just ain’t going to happen.

      And for the record I think Peter’s book is the most entertaining followed by Gene’s. I will say this much about Gene…people can hate him for what he’s become but I would lean to Gene the most when it comes to detail. He has the memory of an elephant once you strip away the ego and cliche’s…I’d say Eddie would even vouch for that.

      • Sorry for the typo’s…

        • Eh don’t worry about typos pal, we all do them. And you made some valid points….There is a Creem interview with Paul Stanley In 1984, I made the mistake saying 83. But anyways…I can totally appreciate Paul for what he has done not just for Rock music…but what he has done for all of us….and Gene, well IMHO I believe the man has a huge heart. I really do. Hey they are all guilty of something….Peter was probably the most difficult of all four but damn, Paul really has made some ridiculous remarks, especially about the Jew remarks, that I didn’t even buy for a second. Be safe JB—-Joe in The Cuse

          • Agreed on the anti-semite remarks. Whether they are or not…and I don’t believe they are, those remarks from Paul were disappointing. I think he stuck his foot in his mouth and instead of retracting it said WTF…it’s out there, I’ll run with it. Not cool.

          • Don Kirschner says:

            If Paul’s remarks were unfounded or made-up. Ace and Peter would both have a valid law suit. We’ll see if they go to court.

      • The primary, maybe only, reason they wanted to Ace to stay in Kiss in 1982 is because they had signed that multi million dollar contract with PolyGram that stipulated that three of the original members always had to be in Kiss. So, Ace cost Paul and Gene a crap load of money, not counting the lost revenues in album sales (his departure had a lot to do with Creatures stalling) and ticket sales from the Creatures tour. (Vinnie, he is either the greatest guitarist on the planet, or the worst, I can’t tell). Ace did the video and promo tour so PolyGram would think he was still in Kiss, he did that as a gesture.

  20. Regarding the critique that Paul’s book doesn’t delve into the importance of Shock Me or Ace’s solo album or the KISS Symphony album, keep in mind that it’s Paul Stanley’s autobiography – not KISS’ biography. Obviously, there’s a crossover in that much of Paul’s life has been spent as a member of KISS and none of us would be reading this book if he’d never been a member of KISS. However, it seems like the nit-pickings of a KISS fanatic to complain that we don’t get to find out who the second engineer and intern were on the third day of recording sessions for Destroyer.

    Where this book is far better than the Gene’s and Peter’s is that Paul owns up to his shortcomings (as much as can be expected from an AUTObiography). Does Paul fall on the sword and grovel for forgiveness sufficiently for all the things that people on Team Ace and Team Peter feel he should apologize for? No. Why should he?

    By contrast, in Peter Criss’ maddeningly passive-aggressive book, he takes responsibility for his screw-ups…but then in EVERY instance he manages to somehow turn it around by saying that someone else took advantage of his screw-up and left him once again the poor victim.

    If I had to rate the books, it would be (from best to worst): Paul, Ace, Gene, Peter.

    • Well stated on Peter’s book…that is exactly what he does. Hard to imagine someone reading his book and not walking away with that very conclusion. Truly taking responsibility for something doesn’t end by pointing the finger in the other direction…as Peter tends to do. It ends with taking complete responsibility.

      That said I still enjoyed his book the, it was very entertaining however at most, I believe less that of what he wrote.

      I would go Peters first, Gene, Paul then Ace in terms of entertainment. In terms of factual information I’d have to put Gene’s first once you peel back the ego. I liked Paul’s book a lot and though I know what he was trying to accomplish, as a fan it would have been nice to see him dig into Kiss more than he did. After waiting so long it left something to be desired in terms of details in regards to Kiss.

      Of all Kiss books…The Complete Touring History just kills everything. Incredible book. I also like Nothing to Lose…was a lot better than I ever expected it would be. Those would probably be my favorites and I like Chris Lendt’s as well. An excellent book.

    • Ben Dover says:

      Just like the solo albums?

    • Andrew Stone says:

      Well put brother! That’s all I was trying to say, you said it better.

    • I don’t think so…what Peter does is put the events in a context of what he was thinking. So, more “this was my state of mind.,” this is not offering an excuse. By fully disclosing his actions you can decide for yourself. Obviously you don’t think his state of mind justifies his actions. I, as I’m sure he does too, much of the time agree that his actions are not justified, but I understand where he was coming from.

      • But goddamn, Peter busts his ass in ’96, does over 200 shows, keeps his head on straight the whole time, puts Kiss back on top…it just seems very ungrateful and disingenuous to then say, “well you didn’t have anything before this reunion so you should just be glad for what you get.” Then you hear Tommy bitching about working with them in rehearsals, like he wants the credit!

    • Just finished reading Paul’s book and was impressed by it. I have thought for awhile that he seemed the most thoughtful of the original 4 members and consider his book the best. It was shocking , but refreshing, to hear his true feelings about Gene over the years. Sorry Eddie, but to suggest Paul spend time in his book talking about “Shock Me” or how Ace’s solo album preformed compared to the others sounds a bit biased toward certain members of the band (and this is coming from someone who’s favorite member of the band was Ace ). It is his book and he focused on what he considered important to him. One thing that I will agree with you on about Kiss is that they should not have other people wearing the classic make-up. I can understand them having to resort to that for a few shows instead of cancelling them, but personally think it’s a bit much for them to continue doing that.

  21. If the KISS boys, including Ace my favorite, could just tell it like it is without holding grudges and giving their opinion without coming off as a jerk, KISS would be employing Bill Gates as a roadie. My gosh, if anyone could hold a grudge and carry that sort of torch day in day out it is Eddie with his ration and TV shows, but he plays it Like A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. Too bad the evangelists, politicians, and silver spoons and anyone else can’t learn from Eddie. All FOUR org members screwed up in some way, some more than others. THEY ARE HUMAN!!!! Ok, Gene takes it to a new level, but look where he came from. I have lawyer friends who have no problem letting me buy the round every time. Ed, that’s why I follow you and respect you.

  22. Hopefully everyone knows I meant radio, not ration

  23. Luijan Ranbel says:

    As much as I am a fan of the early and original KISS leading up to the Dynasty album, I also returned as a fan when Creatures of the Night was released.
    After that, I’ve been back and fourth on whatever followed.
    With that said, I have a Nicaraguan wife who has lived all of her life in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and I can tell you that KISS has a huge following in all of Central and South America due to IWMFLY.
    So as much as we rockers may dislike what happened back then, I will not criticize KISS for this and actually am thankful that my wife accepts and enjoys KISS.
    With the passion I have for KISS as an everyday part of my childhood back in the 70’s, I can simply say today that were it not for IWMFLY, I would not be with my partner.
    We differ tremendously in our musical tastes as I am all metal and she is all Latin music.
    So sad, but true and thank you KISS.

  24. Chris Jaros says:

    As with Eddie, my favorite member of KISS is and always will be Paul, and having had the chance to have met the man on many occasions, even having dinner once, his book was very enjoyable. What everyone needs to remember is that the books these 4 guys have written are coming from their points of view, and none of us can really pass judgment on any of the 4 because none of us lived in their inner circle throughout all their years together. I don’t think there is any way for any of them to actually cover every possible thing that happened throughout their careers/lives or else we’d be reading their memoirs like encyclopedias in different volumes. Everyone is going to read a book and take from it what they want and maintain their own points of view. I found all 4 of them to be entertaining and very interesting. But Paul’s, for me, was a bit more inspiring because of how he spoke of his childhood and how that ultimately affected him when he became a father himself. To read about his dedication to his family and where his priorities are in life, I found that to be the most uplifting part of his book. Every comment or review boils down to a matter of opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. I just wish everyone could stop arguing about things relating to who’s bashing who and just let the books say what they said and move on with your own lives cuz Lord knows none of us are perfect either, and having never walked in their boots, we’ll never know what it’s like to be them. Eddie, thanks for allowing the fans to have a place to post how we feel. I respect everyone’s opinions.

  25. Ed Zachary says:

    I just got the book Friday night April 25 in San Francisco at the Jewish Community Center where Paul Stanley was doing a signing/interview/read of his new book. Paul told a lot of great stories, some in the book and some not. I haven’t finished the book yet and am waiting to get to the KISS era of Paul’s life. Paul didn’t have great things to say about Eddie Trunk. What’s the bad blood their?

  26. Not to seem like I’m kissing Eddie’s ass here, but I enjoyed Peter’s book the most out of the 4. I thought there was a lot of real honesty not only about the other three members, but about himself as well. I also feel like Peter offered a much more elaborate behind the scenes picture of the Reunion and Farewell Tours. Peter had lots of surprising and untold stories that I had not seen written by the other members, where he could have rehashed a lot of the stories and events…..Paul, Gene, and Ace often told of stories and events that every KISS fan has already heard a million times. I will say that Paul’s chapters up through starting KISS were interesting, only because it was a lot of traumatic events that he’s never really talked about before. But everything Paul talked about from 1973 and on is just rehashed and boring dribble. And Gene’s book was just delusional and self promoting. At least half of Gene’s book is total bullshit.

  27. What book are you people reading when you say that Peter didn’t except responsibility for his actions? Not a chance that one could not read that book and see that he throws himself under the bus.

    • I’ve read Pete’s book twice…very enjoyable. It’s my favorite of the books. And yes he does take responsibility but more times than not it always ends up being someone else’s fault for putting him in that situation. Again, taking responsibility for something means owning it…not saying “yeah it was my fault but because they treated me bad, that’s why I did it” type thing. Either you see that or you don’t…but it’s clearly there. Hey, just look at how he dealt with Lydia.

  28. I’m glad Eddie touched on the absence of Paul’s book mentioning Kiss Alive 4 since this is just one of many major topics – conspicuous by it’s absence – that Paul doesn’t even mention particularly over the past decade or so. The fact that Paul didn’t say a word about the night of the Kiss show where he almost died and had to be rushed to the hospital to have his heart restarted, which left Gene to perform as a three piece!? Not a word on Live To Win, the cruises they’ve been doing, etc. It’s like after the reunion era, even Paul doesn’t see what Kiss has done as relevant based on how he covers or doesn’t cover this period.

    Aside from Paul being open about his ear deformity and subsequent insecurities, I got little if any accountability on his part for his faults and mistakes related to Kiss or otherwise, as Eddie mentioned. Paul’s book reads more as an inspirational self-heip book that’s better placed next to the likes of self-help guru Tony Robbins than being the great rock ‘n’ roll tell all I was hoping for. It was more like he was trying to make amends with his current wife and justifying to his kids why he slept with thousands of women. Like everything questionable (Kiss or otherwise) that he could be faulted far is somehow pardoned because he had this ear deformity, which he reveals was cosmetically fixed in the early 80’s. How anyone can see this book as being this great testament to honesty over Ace and Peter’s books clearly haven’t read them or are taking from them only what they want to believe vs. what is clearly laid out in black and white. Overall Paul’s book is good, but way overrated. It’s more of a commentary on Stanley Eisen and less on Paul Stanley of Kiss.

    • David McLaren says:

      i read Perter’s book and I feel that although he wore his heart on his sleeve and really felt like he was left out and not appreciated and left out things. He dosnt t take responsibility about why. He does make mention in the book that he use to threaten the band that he was going to quit all the time. He fobs it off but it must have been disruptive.He also dosent take ownership that being so out of it ,drugged & drunk. Not rocking up to rehearsals or recording sessions because of substance abuse would have pissed Pau & Gene no end. Whould it have pissed you off if you were trying to keep a band going – there is just so much one can take. Re Aces book. How much can you really put a lot of faith in when he cant recall many of the years in kiss. He was so
      spaced out -blurred recounts

  29. Though “I Was Made for Loving You” certainly became a discofied hit, Dynasty wasn’t a total disaster, and in fact was largely rock-based (OK, X-Ray Eyes was pretty cheesy), but as it was the biggest hit, it’s what people remember the album for, for better or worse. On the other hand, during their peak era, from 1973-1978, it seemed like each studio album was a keeper with very little filler. It’s fair to say that such lame songs as “Bang Bang You”, “Read My Body”, “Torpedo Girl”, “Dance All Over Your Face”, etc… would have NEVER made it onto any of Kiss’ earlier albums. They continued to sell, but the quality sunk to a low level, Gene went Hollywood, and a lot of the fans moved on. It would have been nice for Psycho Circus to have been a full band effort, and though it was a pretty enjoyable album, it’s disappointing at least for this Kiss fan to read how little input Ace and Peter actually had on that album.

  30. I am no rush to read Paul Stanley’s book as I was turned off by his refusal to do a few songs with Peter and Ace at last month’s Hall of Fame Ceremony in Brooklyn. Gene in an earlier interview said he had no problem doing it – Paul showed utter selfishness towards the fans for not wanting to play with the Original Lineup one last time. I was at the ceremony wearing Ace makeup and have to say that his speech was the worst; how dare he criticsize the Hall of Fame at his induction ? It’s like winning Lotto and complaining about the taxes…he was out of line and I will never see another Kiss concert again because of this. This and the anti-semetic remarks about Peter and Ace…terrible !

    Boo !

  31. Just found out Paul will be The Talk tomorrow. That should be interesting.

  32. Andrew Stone says:

    If Paul wrote a book about every single thing about every song, album, producer, etc. it would be 9,000 pages long. C’mon already…

  33. One thing I wasn’t really happy about was some of the things he said about Eric Carr.I also didn’t like what they were recording a new album with another drummer while he was still sick.Then again Paul said in his book when Eric Carr came in to audition,he wasn’t impressed by his drumming at all,but got out voted in the decision.

  34. You know I want to say this…and this isn’t kissing ANY ass here because I TRUELY believe Eddie Trunk is just one of us. Eddie has really given all of us a great opportunity to chat/talk etc:, let’s not be disrespectful to Eddie if you don’t agree with what he writes and feels or if you don’t agree with his interviews on TMS because by the way some of you people react to Eddie it just shows me that there is a JEALOUSY issue and I personally know this from my own sports background. And I don’t need a ‘outta boy reply’ from nobody. Let’s just be respectful to Ed and to each other. And I’m sending good POSITIVE Energy to all of you out there because a a POSITIVE ATTITUDE/ENERGY will bring POSITIVE back to you!!! Believe that. Joe in The Cuse.

  35. Chris McCarty says:

    I realize it’s his spin, but I thought it was the best written out of all of them. Like Eddie, Paul Stanley was always my favorite band member so that might have something to do with it, but I liked all of his stories about growing up and how he got into music.

  36. Actually I have to disagree with Eddie about the loss of popularity for Kiss starting in ’79. I was in high school then, and we the fans would have forgiven them for ‘IWMFLY’ if they would have rocked their other songs. What we could not defend were the ridiculous outfits worn for Dynasty and Unmasked tours – it became downright embarrassing to be a kiss fan. Gene’s outfit in particular was just laughable – watching the demon trying to look evil in the videos for ‘Shandi’, ‘Talk to Me’, ‘Made for Lovin You’, She’s so European’, and ‘Sure Know Something’ – it just didn’t fit the songs, nor any songs for that matter because it became clear Gene wasn’t all that evil – he was just trying to elongate his marketed rebellion gothic demon image into the 80’s.
    So I’m going with Paul Stanley’s version on why the sudden loss of popularity starting in ’79 was due to the schmaltziness of what Kiss had become.

  37. Pounder says:

    Another thing Paul totally skipped (not sure if someone has already mentioned this here – too may comments to read) is his second solo album, Live To Win as well as the short tour he did to support it. Since it was totally his solo project, I’m at a loss why he left that completely out.

    • Pounder I actually saw his 1st solo tour. I loved it. Paul really opened up more to me as a musician/performer. Totally entertaining and was certantly appreciative of everyone showing up. I wonder where everyone thinks Paul Stanley ranks among the great ones in Rock……my opinion is Top 5 easily. Freddie Mercury IMHO is #1. Joe in The Cuse

  38. You watch some of those ’96 shows on youtube, the one Jersey, for instance, and they were killing it. They never sounded or played better. They did over 200 shows on the Alive/Worldwide tour! It just seems that maybe, I dunno, Peter and Ace could’ve gotten a re-negotiated contract as a sign of goodwill. Then maybe Peter and Ace would have had a better disposition to making it work. I’m just sayin’.
    And at some point when they were really gelling they should have gotten Eddie Kramer and made a kick ass Kiss record. But no, they get Bon Jovi’s producer, put the leftovers from Hot In the Shade, and Carnival of Souls on there, you know, the ones that weren’t good enough. And pick Ace’s worst song. …In other words, how to fuck up a cup of coffee.

  39. I love Paul Stanley, in the Platonic sense there is a very deep affection. But sometimes, reading these comments, I haven’t gotten his book as of yet, due to reading/hearing what’s in his book, such as not caring for Eric’s drumming but being outvoted, not caring for Peter’s drumming, I wonder if there is a Twin Paul Stanley who lives on a planet I will call Twin Earth, and they switched places.

  40. Glad to see he admitted not standing by Eric Carr when he got sick was a mistake. That was just rude! it would have been one thing if the sick person in the band tells his bandmates to go on without him, but Eric did not say that.

    • From what I have seen and from what my older brother (old Kiss roadie) has mentioned on many occasions, Paul isn’t much of a sensitive person. That is why a lot of times I bite my tongue when I see certain posters say “haters/etc:)…. Gene IMO on the other hand (massive ego aside) has a lot of heart & I personally feel he TRUELY cares for Ace & Peter. Joe I The Cuse

  41. Eddie, at the MTV Unplugged, Bruce and Eric Singer got booed? That’s awful! I love Ace and Peter too, but that is disrespectful. I don’t have anything against Tommy either, but i don’t care for him ripping off the whole “Spaceman” thing. And his live playing on some songs, IMO, is attrocious. I hope I would never boo him, even if I want Bruce back in the band.

  42. David McLaren says:

    After listening to a lot of people talking about kiss. People that worked with them. eg guitar and drum technicians,Managers, stage hands etc. The common theme was that Peter was always a misery to be around and had lost it musically. Always wanting people telling him how good she was. He even made a big deal of it in the book to tell everyone that he had the biggest dick. Ace although cool was a strange creature that never cared for the band by putting it first. Just spaced out in his head

  43. Lee Gerstmann says:

    Hi Eddie. Thank you for what you said about Paul’s book. I have not read it yet. I wanted to see him at his book event at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco but the price of admission told me I could be there in spirit and not body, haha. I read some other reviews people said about Paul’s book and the general consensus of what they said was that Paul’s book was their favorite. However, I really appreciate your bringing things into perspective by mentioning that Paul’s book is HIS version of the story. If I was to say what book of a Kiss member I felt was the best (and I have not looked at Paul’s book yet so my comment might be premature), I really connected the most with Peter’s book. There were way too many details of things for me to think he doesn’t have his thing together. It seems Peter is VERY clearheaded when it comes to how things happened from his perspective. I know that Paul has a lot of intelligence and can say things quite articulately so I have some confidence that he probably approaches his book at least from having a good memory. But, for Paul to say that he questions Peter’s perspective because of Peter’s drug use during his years in the band… well… I have trouble with that. If I were to want to sit down with a Kiss member and talk to him both as a fan and a guy who wants to be friends with someone in the group, that person is Peter.

    I have a question… a “what the hell I might as well ask” sort of thing: In your opinion, would you say that on the surface Gene barks the loudest and comes on as the “tough guy” when in reality he backs down more than Paul who appears very mannered and polite on the surface but is very intense and demanding when it comes to issues with Kiss and what he will and will not accept within the group?

    Kudos to you,
    Lee Gerstmann

  44. It always kills me when Eddie Trunk, the biggest KISS fan on the planet, never gets his DUE respect from Paul and Gene. I mean come on already, Paul and Gene, are you really that stupid? I am a huge KISS fan, my first concert ever was the Love Gun tour; it’s time KISS supports Eddie and not the reverse.

    • Joe Pensanti says:

      Eddie Trunk doesn’t need Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. He already has the 2 members of Kiss that matter in his corner, Ace and Peter. I am going to compare it to the ’96 Kiss reunion tour, when they had asked Cheap Trick to open for them on one leg. Cheap Trick refused. My guess is they weren’t going to get paid, but nonetheless, Cheap Trick doesn’t need Kiss. They are beyond excellent showmen and musicians and songwriters. And nice guys. Eddie is a real down to Earth guy, Gene and Paul are not. Oil and water, friends, oil and water…

  45. This is the first Kiss book i have read. I met Paul at the book signing. He seems like a guy that has his act together, he’s very polite and respectful and listens to others and isn’t a wise guy ? Whether whats in the book is all true, we will never know. I have no desire to see them now. but in the 70’s they were awsome.

  46. Maxwell Vanderhoff says:

    What do you make of the fact that Paul completely omitted *Live to Win*?

  47. Fer Kastro says:

    Paul should have mentioned “Live To Win” and It was good to read that he has aceppted he made a mistake the way he handled the Eric Carr’s illness and death. Totally disagree when he says KISS will continue without him, but…..money talks. In general I really enjoyed the book. He is my favorite member of KISS.

    Greetings from México!

  48. It comes down to it each member of kiss have their own stories to tell they are a band but if you’ve read the books they were four businessmen making millions they didn’t have to like each other but it’s whatever to me their is no love loss there. Kiss is a company worth millions

  49. Charles C. says:

    Everyone sees things differently and to each their own. Ace, Peter to ME and according to many who worked around them have testified to their difficulty in dealing with their dysfunction and ungratefulness. Paul and Gene has a right to refuse to not work with them if they want and we as fans will buy or not buy their products (music, concerts, etc) if we object. If you have a business and an employee or partner clashes with you to the point where you no longer can work with them, but you know that a portion of your customers will not stay with you as a result, you make your choice and that’s it. Many bands (Journey, Styx, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk RR, VH, Slayer, Yes, Foreigner, etc) made their choice. This is not a unique situation…

  50. Charles C. says:

    I could never have imagined Kiss without Paul and/or Gene (you know the Kiss 102 idea! or whatever..) but as i dwell on that possibility, i could honestly see myself going to see a great “official” cover band of them in 20 years from now or whatever. When I’m sixty something years old and i have less choices to go to for entertainment (I mean how many “good rock concerts” will there be?) .I’m not gonna lie and say that wouldn’t possibly excite me. I mean, what was wrong with Beatlemania?

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