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Busy week coming. I’ll be live Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Jammed show with Vinnie Paul and Joe Satriani in studio. Then Tuesday we shoot the final two shows of the new season of TMS with Joe, Vinnie, Yngwie, The Winery Dogs, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. Then Wednesday a prep day for hitting the road and hopefully if time catch Winery Dogs at BBs. Thursday fly to Tampa. Friday host Red Dragon Cartel and do a book signing/selling at the show at the Largo Cultural Center. Saturday drive to Miami and board the ship to host the annual sold out Monsters Of Rock Cruise! Then home the following Wednesday for 24 hours before heading to Seattle and Portland for live club show with Don & Jim (all events will have books available for sale and signings). Going to be pretty nutty few months coming up but grateful for all the opportunity. And some more major cool stuff to announce hopefully very soon. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk and I’ll keep you posted up to the minute. Outside of the time i’m on the MOR Cruise where there is no cell service. Actually one of my favorite things about cruises, the one chance to disconnect for a bit!


Check out the brand new THAT EDDIE TRUNK T Shirt in my merch store just relesded. People seem to like it so thanks. Says “Stump This” small on the back. Appreciate everyone buying the shirts and showing their support out there for what I do. Really cool, thanks!


Air schedule for final two new TMS of the season is Winery Dogs & Vinnie Paul this Saturday, Joe Satriani, Artie & Breuer next Saturday. Yngwie plays in both shows!


  1. Eddie , i refuse to disconnect on a rock cruise … Get the international plan and get your data turned off … 5 cents to receive text msg ; 25 cents to send … My phone is my camera so that’s why I did it … Phone bill was a little outta hand but who cares … Lol

  2. Curious Eddie… You mentioned a long time ago there was some talks about doing a hard rock hall of fame or Eddie trunk hall of fame or something. I guess that didn’t go anywhere unfortunately?

      1. Just start it off on your show. Doesn’t have to start all big money! Give an award or 2 out on air. Maybe start with Dio since you have connections there, and because deservedly he would be one of the first people I would probably put in a Hard Rock HOF.

        Just like your show grew, think that you award prestige would grow. Year 2, maybe have a gathering at Duff’s Brooklyn or someplace, and it could build\grow from there.

  3. Eddie – wished more time could have been spent on the top 5 discussion – agree with I Want You, and applaud your including Got to Choose. I also am pleased that at least one other guy on planet Earth appreciates Charisma (Jim.) But to include Shock Me (classic solo aside) and not consider Parasite, Firehouse, I Stole Your Live, Hotter than Hell – I think you should revisit as a “Top 5 Songs in a KISS Set Liat that would Blow Your Mind” and then we can all have our Charismas, Let me Knows, Mr. Speeds, etc.
    Speaking of Mr. Speed (ohio’s own cover band voted best in the world in 2012) is performing on AXS channel in April on a show called “The World’s Greatest Cover Bands”. They are absolutely amazing – check out their version of Cold Gin from May 2013 on You Tube or Deuce from a 2012 North Tonawanda, New York show.

    1. He like rock music, and is funny\entertaining. Truthfully, I’d rather see him as a guest than the Winery Dogs. (At least the show can’t\won’t play any of their music though)

  4. Eddie,
    I was quite moved by Peters explaination of his feeling about this whole crappy issue with the HOF. Interesting about the trust issues he has with Gene and Paul, sad to see as they have so much history together. My question is: How did you feel AT THE Time during the show when Peter was pouring his heart out in regards to the issues of your favorite band? Also, could you explain further either here or on your website, regarding the trust issues Peter has with Paul and Gene?

  5. Ed, Gene Simmons is saying on twitter that the RRHOF won’t allow tommy &eric to perform along side the originals or at all . They are saying RRHOF is in charge of the performance. Can you find out please what’s going on thanks . Check out Genes tweets this early afternoon. Jr

  6. hey eddie I was just wondering how do you think paul Stanley & gene simmons would really feel seeing somebody else up on stage under the big kiss sign wearing their makeup & costumes, paul says he can even see a version of kiss in the future without even him or gene in the band, do think he’s serious? if he really means that, he’s way more delusional than I ever thought!

      1. but do you think anybody would buy it? I mean half of original kiss is one thing, but no original member version of kiss? what would be the difference then between that & a cover or tribute kiss band? at that point, I think especially paul would finally realize it does matter who’s behind the makeup, especially to us, THE FANS!

  7. Ed,

    I have both of your books already. Can I bring them to your appearance in Largo before the Red Dragon Cartel show to get signed, or do you only sign books bought in person?

    1. They recently had a reunion show in Texas. The bass player and one of main song writers, Monty Colvin, does and interesting podcast too… the Rockcast. Worth checking out at least, though he talks in weird “Wolfman Jack stoner surfer” kinda voice that I find a bit grating.

  8. Have a good time Eddie.
    Interesting Vinnie Paul wouldn’t give my 19 year old son the time of day when he was in Vancouver and waited politely and patiently. I told my son to cut him some slack, especially after what happened to his brother. At the same time, it’s interesting how from personal experience, the nicest guys to their fans are always classic guys like Paul Stanley, Ronnie James Dio, K.K. Downing, Glenn Tipton, Robin Zander, Tom Petersson, Alice Cooper and the biggest jerks are younger guys like Tommy Lee and Zakk Wylde. They should remember that if they treat fans like shit, they lose them forever.
    Eddie, I’m sure you won’t say, but I bet you’ve had to deal with a few a holes over the years.
    Keep up the great work!

  9. Eddie, curious your thoughts on Butch Walker? He was in a band called Southgang that had a minor hit at the tail end of the hair metal days (around ’91), then resurfaced in the late 90’s with a trio called Marvelous 3 and released 3 full length albums and had 1 top 10 hit (“Freak of the week”), then went solo and has been releasing consistently great records ever since. He also produces and writes for a lot of stars (Pink, Avril Lavigne, Weezer, etc)…

  10. If you liked Marvelous 3 then you would like his first solo record “Left of Self-centered”. His subsequent records, although great, have mellowed quite a bit.

  11. Eddie, I think you’ll scratch your head again about the R&RHOF on this. I saw a scroll on FUSE last week that stated that original Nirvana drummer Chad Channing will not be inducted. Funny, KISS’s induction is only the original lineup after being eligible for 15 years but Nirvana, on their first year eligible, is not inducting an original member. I completely understand why Paul Stanley is pissed at the HOF for how they are with certain bands. If you ask 100 people in a room to name Nirvana’s first album, I bet 99 of them would say NEVERMIND which gets to my point most people don’t know Nirvana prior to that record which makes me wonder why the HOF won’t include Chad Channing who played on BLEACH, the first Nirvana record. I admit that I never heard of them before NEVERMIND but the R&R HOF sees fit to induct Nirvana the first year eligible but only have one original member Krist Novaselic being Kurt Cobain is dead & Dave Grohl is obviously not original member. Theory is that the HOF thinks Nirvana was an important band in the very very brief time they were around, or this April is 20 years since Kurt took his life. I like Nirvana but the HOF should stop with their constant double standard with inducting only the original lineup for one band & leaving out an original for the other. I think the KISS induction should be all the members but it’s obviously not the case. Question, I saw on TMS commercials on guest lists on this season that Ace Frehley was one of the names & saw your post that the last 2 shows for this season were shot already. What happened with Ace. Anyway, huge fan & continued success.

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