Busy week coming. I’ll be live Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Jammed show with Vinnie Paul and Joe Satriani in studio. Then Tuesday we shoot the final two shows of the new season of TMS with Joe, Vinnie, Yngwie, The Winery Dogs, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. Then Wednesday a prep day for hitting the road and hopefully if time catch Winery Dogs at BBs. Thursday fly to Tampa. Friday host Red Dragon Cartel and do a book signing/selling at the show at the Largo Cultural Center. Saturday drive to Miami and board the ship to host the annual sold out Monsters Of Rock Cruise! Then home the following Wednesday for 24 hours before heading to Seattle and Portland for live club show with Don & Jim (all events will have books available for sale and signings). Going to be pretty nutty few months coming up but grateful for all the opportunity. And some more major cool stuff to announce hopefully very soon. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk and I’ll keep you posted up to the minute. Outside of the time i’m on the MOR Cruise where there is no cell service. Actually one of my favorite things about cruises, the one chance to disconnect for a bit!


Check out the brand new THAT EDDIE TRUNK T Shirt in my merch store just relesded. People seem to like it so thanks. Says “Stump This” small on the back. Appreciate everyone buying the shirts and showing their support out there for what I do. Really cool, thanks!


Air schedule for final two new TMS of the season is Winery Dogs & Vinnie Paul this Saturday, Joe Satriani, Artie & Breuer next Saturday. Yngwie plays in both shows!

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  • pete lytel on

    It’s an honor to support you, any way possible. You bring so much happiness to so many brother!

    • Eddie on

      Thanks Pete!

  • Rob on

    Eddie , i refuse to disconnect on a rock cruise … Get the international plan and get your data turned off … 5 cents to receive text msg ; 25 cents to send … My phone is my camera so that’s why I did it … Phone bill was a little outta hand but who cares … Lol

    • Eddie on

      I LOVE the disconnect, the only time I get to! Thanks

  • luke on

    Curious Eddie… You mentioned a long time ago there was some talks about doing a hard rock hall of fame or Eddie trunk hall of fame or something. I guess that didn’t go anywhere unfortunately?

    • Eddie on

      still working on it, not easy to do right without big $$

    • luke on

      Kickstarter campaign!

    • aaron on

      Just start it off on your show. Doesn’t have to start all big money! Give an award or 2 out on air. Maybe start with Dio since you have connections there, and because deservedly he would be one of the first people I would probably put in a Hard Rock HOF.

      Just like your show grew, think that you award prestige would grow. Year 2, maybe have a gathering at Duff’s Brooklyn or someplace, and it could build\grow from there.

  • Steve on

    Eddie – wished more time could have been spent on the top 5 discussion – agree with I Want You, and applaud your including Got to Choose. I also am pleased that at least one other guy on planet Earth appreciates Charisma (Jim.) But to include Shock Me (classic solo aside) and not consider Parasite, Firehouse, I Stole Your Live, Hotter than Hell – I think you should revisit as a “Top 5 Songs in a KISS Set Liat that would Blow Your Mind” and then we can all have our Charismas, Let me Knows, Mr. Speeds, etc.
    Speaking of Mr. Speed (ohio’s own cover band voted best in the world in 2012) is performing on AXS channel in April on a show called “The World’s Greatest Cover Bands”. They are absolutely amazing – check out their version of Cold Gin from May 2013 on You Tube or Deuce from a 2012 North Tonawanda, New York show.

  • Chas on

    Have a blast on the cruise, dude!!!

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