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Hope you guys are all doing well. Been busy on several fronts. We tape the two final episodes of the current TMS season this Tuesday in NYC. The guests will include The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, Joe Satriani, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. Plus on guitar in both shows will be Yngwie Malmsteen! And of course don’t forget this Saturday at 11P ET the latest new episode premiers featuring an hour with Peter Criss and Richard Christy on drums.

Peter talks about the first 6 Kiss studio albums and gives us his Rank of them, does our Put It On The Table segment, and of course talks about the RRHOF. For those expecting some sort of slam fest from him you will be disappointed. Obviously he wishes he would have been allowed to play one song with the original band, but now that nobody is playing he seems real happy to go up and accept the award and just thank the fans.

I’ll be in Largo this Friday hosting the Jake E Lee show. Meet & Greet and signing in the lobby before the show and books for sale. Then to MOR Cruise the next day. Honored to host MOR every year, can’t wait to see you if going!

Thanks to M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold for rocking a TMS shirt on stage at festivals in Brazil and Australia! Saw the photos and tweeted one. I have a brand new That Eddie Trunk / Stump This T Shirt just released! Check it out in the merch store on this site (please note I can not sell TMS shirts in my store, but check out the other designs).


Live on Q104.3 NYC tomorrow 11P-2A ET. Listen via free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app. Live also Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Vinnie Paul and Joe Satriani will be in studio!


There has been SO much debate and discussion on Kiss on this site, and as usual all respectful opinions are welcome. As it stands now the original 4 will go up, each say a few words, and that’s it. Doubtful anything will change as it is now too late likely with production of the show and so many other acts involved. I also heard from everyone that Paul Stanley called TMS Wayne’s World on his Twitter. I myself have called it that jokingly in interviews. That was a super popular movie, and TMS a very popular show, so all good by me. But what Paul doesn’t realize is he is only insulting his fans trying to take a shot at a show THEY watch and most of them love. Maybe more Kiss shirts in our audience on a regular basis than anything else! So if we are Wayne’s World, or whatever else he thinks is a knock at the show, we are certainly proud to be good enough for most Kiss fans, not to mention legendary acts like Sabbath, AC/DC, Rush, Axl Rose, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and many more who all appear and appreciate what we do. Paul can continue to be very comfortable going on channels like CNN where maybe 2% of the viewers care about rock and his band and he can get the usual cookie cutter liners from the anchor that just read the one sheet. Or maybe go on Howard Stern again, who just called Kiss the most irrelevant band ever on his radio show? We have plenty of artists that get and appreciate what we do, have a sense of humor, enjoy the debate, and acknowledge as fans we have opinions. Unfortunate that in Kiss land many times the decades of positives are never acknowledged and the few things you don’t like are blown up. But it’s all good by me. I thank all the amazing artists we have and will have on and most of all the fans around the world that support TMS and have made it VH1’s longest running show. Guess we are doing something right…Party on!


  1. As always Eddie…very well said! Thank you for just being a fan of music and allowing all of us to be just as passionate and speak our minds in this forum. And of course, thanks for keeping the music alive and turning us on to new great bands like the Winery Dogs and many others! Can’t wait to see the new TMS with Peter Criss, sounds like from what I have read he DEFINITELY took the high road…good for him!

  2. I myself like the casual “Wayne’s World” feel of the show. It feels like we are there sitting with you as you interview guests, listen to the great musicians playing live and cut up during the regular segments. I have been a huge Kiss fan since 1975 when I bought a cassette of Dressed to Kill. The Simmons/ Stanley sanctimonious act is wearing thin with me. I am glad they are finally in the HOF and only wish they would have made it a celebration and not the backbiting catfight it has become.

  3. You don’t need validation for TMS Eddie. You guys make us feel like you are literally in our living rooms holding court and it’s cool to see the relaxed, casual atmosphere you guys create. Glad it’s not a love fest, ass kissing of the artist on there too. I think my favorite part is when you see the guest watching the musical guest going into the break and the look on their face. We are all music fans. Even the guests. Good shit man. Party On Wayne!!!

    P.S. Aerosmith was on Wayne’s world on SNL. Never saw KISS there

  4. You go girl!

    Nothing but respect Ed, from the real hard rock and metal fans. Your news and insight are what radio used to be about and now that’s a talk show on TV. Most people, almost everyone gets it.

  5. I don’t think the starchild likes the way you defend ace and peter like you go out of your way to do it. I love the original kiss it’s my favorite era of kiss.I also think all eras of kiss are awesome to.You no as well as i do eric singer by far is a better drummer than the original cat man but the originals is the best music.Hey ed you should have singer and thayer on your show now that would get ratings.I am sure you tried to find v v that would be a hoot. I hope i see you at A.C. AUGUST 2 kiss leppard also holmdel july 26 LOL.35 YEAR KISS DIE HARD FAN 24 SHOWS AND COUNTING AND OVER 20 ACE SHOWS. johhny D

  6. Sad that Paul and Gene are so out of touch with the average hard rock/metal fan. Love your show as you can laugh at yourselves and have fun doing what you love….I’m sure most of us wish we could make a living do what we love. Love the show…been watching since day one. Love to see Tesla on again soon.

  7. I love the show and I love metal. Thank you for all you do. That being said, I wish the whining about Kiss would just stop. I have no knowledge of the inner workings of whatever relationship or non-relationship you have with the guys in Kiss, but it always sounds like whining. Just a little thin-skinned at times is the attitude. Maybe they have wronged you in some way that only you know, but it just comes off as petty when you fire back like this. Maybe that is what it needs to be on your end and maybe the guys in Kiss are just dickheads, but the back and forth is just tiresome. I hope that one day it just stops. Thanks for the chance to post.

  8. I guess he’s forgotten that we, the fans are the ones who got him where he is today. That’s really sad. Hope he realizes it can be taken away just as quick as he got it. I’ve lost all respect for him. Oh, and by the way….TMS ROCKS!! I want to be just like you when I eventually grow up. Im a music trivia nut, always have and always will. I love and have both of your books and Im hoping that you write another. Have fun on the cruise. Im gonna go one day!

    1. Me and Don are and always will be Kiss fans! We have TONS of Kiss fans that love and watch the show. We speak how we feel pro and con about bands we love. MOST bands appreciate that and get into with us. Unfortunate the MANY positive things are never acknowledged but we will continue to do what’s best for the show and our great audience. Thanks

  9. Irrelevant, That’s what Paul Stanley’s opinion is! I’m a die hard KISS fan since 1977 who’s dumped a shit load of money in their pockets! The way Gene and Paul are acting is fucking ridiculous! I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but Gene and Paul can KISS MY ASS!!!! That Metal Show is the greatest show ever on any network at anytime!!!! The only reason Def Leppard is going on the road with you clowns is because you’ve pissed off so many fans, you wouldn’t be able to fill the venue’s your playing in!!!! End of story!!!! Eddie Trunk, You and That Metal Show cast are top notch!!!!!!! peace…..

  10. Eddie, Your so right with with your comments Paul and Gene are just bitter old men that know that there career is coming to an end. I’m a huge Kiss fan have been since 1980 and I always will be, but lately I’m just been totally disgusted with these two they just need to hang it up already Paul can’t sing anymore his voice is shot but of course he won’t admit it. I love everything you Eddie and just keep representing the METAL WORLD like you do, your awesome at what you Thank You for everything.

    TMS RULES…..

  11. Eddie, as always you have articulated your thoughts and the truth quite well. Every time Paul or Gene open their mouths, they are insulting someone. Like you, I have been a fan since the beginning….first band I was totally into, first concert, etc. but they are really just doing and saying all of the wrong things right now. As you mentioned, going on CNN and all of these other news programs shows just how far removed from rock and roll these guys have strayed….it’s all business now, so they go on all of business/news programs. Isn’t the title of Pau’s book “Face the Music”? He should put his money where his mouth is and face the music on your show, which I’m sure he never will. Making fun of your show is ridiculous and makes him look even more foolish and cowardly. The only thing wrong with your show is that it is not on often enough! TMS is the best show VH1 has ever put on. What a foolish, missed opportunity to come on; especially considering all of the icons that have been on your show and the diehard fans that love this show so much. They should come on just to say thanks for all of the support you have given them through the years. Instead, they come up with a bunch of bullshit reasons as to why they don’t need to, want to, or shouldn’t appear on your show. Heaven forbid they go on a show where they are asked the questions people really want answered as opposed to someone reading from a script of likely pre-approved subject material.

  12. Right on Eddie…Hit the nail on the head with your comments on Paul. Even heard a comment from him the other day that he can see KISS continuing on after he and Gene are finished…I’m sure Gene is busy now figuring out how to extract the royalties from that deal already!!! I am 42 and grew up listening to KISS and feel like I have had a death in the family seeing what Gene and Paul are doing to the legacy of this band. After years of believing that at least part of all of this was for the fans, I can see now that is a lie. You have 2 musicians that are basically ‘replicas’ of Ace and Peter who even wear their makeup – designed by Ace and Peter no less…and they cannot understand why the RRHOF wants to only honor the original 4 members? When were the best years musically for KISS? Who were members when the ‘Army’ was born? Who designed the logo? Played on the RnR anthem that most non-hardcore fans identify with the band? At the end of the day, in my opinion, the push back on the HOF is a sort of twisted payback for being overlooked for too many years. If you cant put your petty differences aside for one night (or even one lousy song) for the fans who have bought the houses you live in, supported the lifestyle you now lead, spend their hard earned money on your extortionate ticket prices then you dont deserve the induction you are thumbing your noses at!! Good luck on the next tour…I wont be there and from the comments I am reading online, neither will a growing number of your former fans!

  13. Great report Eddie! I have a fast question for you,
    Knowing now what you know of the end result of the KISS vs the RnR HOF fued,no one performing at the show.
    Would you do it all over again? to get KISS inducted?

  14. Well said Eddie! Big fan of the show and of Kiss, when Paul degrades the show he’s doing that to the fans as well. Really am growing tired of Gene and Paul and this tribute band. Look forward to watching The real Catman this week on Waynes World, I mean TMS. Keep up the good work Eddie, look forward to seeing you this summer at Rockin the Rivers in my home state of Montana!

  15. Ed,

    Great job on “that metal show” and keeping this music alive.

    The fact Paul is taking shots at the show says 2 things
    -1 the show is a powerful force in rock/metal
    2- Paul & Gene are watching the show ( also Sharon & Ozzy too is my bet)…lol



  16. There are 2 ways to stand tall…stand tall on your own or tear others down. Paul is hellbent on doing the latter as he tears down others…e.g. Ace, Peter, TMS, and Eddie. Talk up what you’ve done Paul rather than denigrate what others have done.

  17. I used to love Kiss, but Gene and Paul have become a couple of nagging ladies, always hidding behind the “we have more gold records than any american band”, so what? I still want to see how the four of them behave up there when they receive the award, though I doubt Genen and Paul will show up

  18. Hey, Eddie…I know you’ve received tons of feedback about the Kiss fiasco regarding the so-called Hall of Fame…being a fan since I was five years old (I am now 44) I feel like I have to get out my frustrations on all the BULLSHIT coming from Gene and Paul. In brief, the Kiss I love is the original band: the ones that wrote all the great songs that I still listen to 40 years later and will continue to until I’m dead (and if it’s possible, even then). With due respect to Eric Carr and Bruce Kulich (sp?) the ONLY Kiss that matters is the original lineup…they are the reason I lost my mind over the reunion nearly twenty years ago and why that tour was SO successful, they are the reason I’m still preaching them to the fuckhead nay-sayers (FUCK Howard Stern and his tiny cock!!)…there were plenty of great bands–the Doors, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Velvet Underground, etc…that were only together a short while, the “longevity” with the other members of the band over the years has NOTHING to do with it. What Ace, Gene, Paul and Peter created in those few short years in the mid seventies are the reason Paul and Gene have a band at all these 40 years later. What an erection-killer!

  19. How can Paul or Gene think anyone except the original lineup be inducted? Only the original 4 were members of Kiss. Paul and Gene chose to make everyone from Eric Carr to Tommy Thayer employees of them and not equals. People can mention other bands like Van Halen, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, Grateful Dead, etc. All the newer members of those bands became full members and not employees of founding members. Heart only inducted the original lineup and Lynyrd Skynyrd only inducted the 70’s lineups. Paul and Gene have nobody to blame but themselves for screwing over these other musicians that worked for them. I can see maybe Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick being inducted but they were only technically employees of Paul and Gene. If Paul thinks Aces playing and Peters drumming isn’t good enough to play a few songs with him and Gene, who by the way would play with Ace and Peter, he should hear how bad he sings now.

  20. Every now and then, you have to take a step back and analyze just what it was about your “heroes” that made them heroic to you. Unfortunately, as regards the recent statements made by Gene and, more specifically,Paul,regarding the Hall of Shame Induction ceremony, I’ve come to the conclusion that they were never heroic, only lucky and driven. It appears that their “drive” is about to take KISS over the edge of a cliff, and I doubt they will ever recover from the damage they are doing to this once great band. Sad and pathetic. Paul needs to retire and just go home and paint.

  21. Hey Eddie , big fan of you…….as a Huge original KISS fan myself (personal preference), I believe that Gene & Paul will appear at the RORHOF in full makeup & costume & Ace & Peter will most likely be in plain clothes……..what a slap in the face that would be to Ace & Peter.But we will see how many original fans will agree with me as well. Because to disagree with Gene’s attitude that “it doesn’t matter”, Eddie……it DOES matter, thanks man.

  22. Thanks for keeping up the good work you guys do on TMS, it is appreciated. Paul is entitled to his opinion as you have said but I think it shows just how out of touch he must be. Sorta sad really. One of my rock heroes from my youth who prided himself on being rebelious and pleasing the fans is really looking like a synical old man, like the neighbor who yells at you for walking in his front yard. Apparently if you disagree with him or Gene in anyway you must be against them. Say the wrong thing on their facebook page or twitter and you get banned. Eddie i believe you when youve said that you have no animosity twards the new Kiss and welcome them on TMS so they can voice their opinions. Instead of having an adult discussion with someone with a difference in opinion its better to just trash them. I was one of their biggest fans but I cant respect them anymore! They way theyve handled the HOF situation and recent comments are mind numbing. Even from a business stand point you cant alienate your target consumer group! Are they that hung up on themselves that they believe they can do or say what they want without any repricussions? Its not the 70’s anymore and they dont have the following they once.had. We know B.S. when we hear it! I think this will have a huge negative impact on their 40th anniversary tour. Keep up the good work Eddie and tell the guys onTMS we love ya!

  23. Eddie, been a kiss fan since 4th grade. Have liked all versions and 80’s w/o make up May be my favorite period. I think Paul Stanley is the best frontman ever, and have always respected him. That being said, not sure why he has taken such a stance against you. Wish he would go on tms or your Sirius show and talk it out. One more thing, what do you think of the kiss top 40 on classic rock magazine?

  24. Paul Stanley……………get over yourself. I am an original Kiss Army soldier. You can knock Peter and Ace all you want but it changes nothing. They are why you two are still around and why you still NEED to have The Cat and The Spaceman on stage. How you were able to hijack the characters from their creators is despicable. The 4 of you that are on stage for the Hall of Fame are the ones that made this a 40 years career for you and Gene and you need to acknowledge that you egotistical morons. Knock off the negativity and acknowledge the contribution of Ace and Peter to keeping your coffers full all these years because I don’t see a Wicked Lester induction in your future. Be real. Show respect to the fans at least by acknowledging what made KISS great.

  25. That was great Eddie. As a 52 year old KISS fan (since ’74) I don’t care how many drugs ACE has done, there is something very strange going on in Paul’s brain as of late. It’s sad actually. Looking forward to the show tonight and whatever you have planned for ACE in the future. P.S. The classy rock legend Alice Cooper didn’t seem to have a problem associating with Wayne’s world. The three of you should do “schwing” when Jennifer comes out on the last episode this season. Lol. That would be hilarious.

  26. No reason for Paul or anybody to knock something unless there is some underlying jealousy, insecurity , arrogance or fear, else you wouldn’t do it. Eddie is spot on about Paul. He doesn’t have any kind of filter or realize that he’s inadvertently (at best) knocking his own fan base that do watch TMS. If you (reading this) had a Twitter account, were in a band and a fan went on your account to express an opinion that was different than yours, would you respond and call him an “idiot” or a “moron”. That is just what Paul has been doing on his live Twitter account. That is what you do if you are in grade school, right? I personally wouldn’t want that kind of comment from myself to be out there for the world to read. That is what I mean by no filter. Again, for all the people who like to skewer Ace and Peter, these 2 guys have only been doing 2 things of late: either defending the thinly veiled insults from Gene or Paul in public of late or taking the high road and setting an example of how to be civil. Paul is setting an example only of how you shouldn’t act at the age of 62. Your supposed to be a little more wise or diplomatic at that age. He’s going backwards. Ace and Peter and moving forward as adult guys who do have a filter and are always mindful of their choice of words and respecting Kiss fans around the world. I want to like Paul Stanley but there isn’t much to like these days. It’s fine for him to express disappointment in the HOF selection process but the way he goes about it is not very constructive and mostly inflammatory.

    1. KISS fans, if you are upset by the way Paul and Gene are only concerned with money, and don’t like the disrespect toward Ace, Peter or even Eddie, PLEASE put your money where your mouth is. PLEASE Don’t go to any KISS related concerts, even if you are a diehard Def Leppard fan (DL will be back later this year or next yr once they have a new album out). Don’t buy Paul’s book new either. Buy it used maybe and show up to a book signing with a TMS or Ace or Peter shirt.

      After awhile, maybe just MAYBE they’ll get a hint.

  27. I guess Paul and definitely Gene likes it their way and only their way. If anyone challenges them they are the enemy. Even if the questions are being asked by a KISS fan, who they say they work for. They only want “Yes people” (both fans and business associates alike) to surround them.

  28. And again you always ask why is it Paul won’t just talk to you, or why you get blocked from their Twitter accounts by Gene…Eddie yes you for your career always played Kiss on radio and you always do a beloved Kissmass show for all of us.. but when you say you support all eras you don’t because you don’t support THIS era of Kiss. You take such a sensitive issue to the fact that makeup designs that were willingly sold by their originators are used by wonderful musicians and men that contribute greatly to Kiss in the form of 11 yrs of touring,two albums, and being team players as well as having built a current chemistry many also 70s fans like myself love and appreciate. Yes you say nothin against them as players and being in Kiss but go on to not want to support them live or respect two albums that while some don’t like many critics and fans have acclaimed and enjoyed.I never hear you any longer support the other founding two members that have always kept kiss going.whth all respect you talk of us that love old and current Kiss as kool aid drinkers in “Kiss Land” and never find complements for Gene and Paul and plenty of love to Ace and Peter. I love ace and Peter too but I love Kiss and their hard work and efforts now as well. I started with Kiss since 76 and honestly Eric Singer is my favorite drummer. And Ace is my favorite guitarist. Gene and Paul are still good musicians and I acceptPaul’s voice live and the shows excite me and inspire the children in my family like the originals first inspired us Eddie. I apologize for xming harshly at you the other day. But Eddie I know how u feel about the make-up isn’t only you but many. But you are highly influential Eddie and folks are swayed your way alot. I’m just seeing how sometimes a neutral stance could be so nice. It’s always so negative about Paul and Gene and heaps of praise for ace and Peter. Eddie you read Peters book. It’s Peter’s story but doesn’t make all the pop shots he took at gene and Paul 100% accurate. It’s his side and I can respect that but do you think paul would not be hurt or upset by many of Peter’s words? I’m sure it stings. And Paul and Gene never wanted to play only with the originals at Hall but they wanted to do a lil with everyone. And when Paul says the guys that played on Multiplatinum albums he was referring to Carr and Kulick. And the Hall is the real reason no one like ace or Peter are playing because the Hall can let Grateful Dead send all they want but Kiss is told one way. I find admirable respect that Paul and Gene didn’t give in to that place. Deep down o believe this four are brothers to what they started and no real hate just very different. Anyways please accept my apology for hitting so hard but understand I only would like to see you try to be a lil more neutral and realize we

    1. Actually a lot of what you write isn’t true, When Paul first made those comments he WAS speaking of Tommy and Eric. When album sales figures and ticket sales (North American) were brought out, then he changed his tune. Those last two cds didn’t sell, the last Kiss cd to go Platinum was Psycho Circus and now Kiss is reduced to teaming up to do co-headlining tours with bands that blow them off the stage. Look here is another point no one wants to talk about, I don’t want to hear about the records don’t sell. AC/DC had a similar deal with Walmart like Kiss did for Sonic Boom and AC/DC went on to sell over 3 million copies. People, like me, hard core fans for over 30 years are just tired of all the sniping, especially when you have men pretending to be Ace and Peter, and please don’t tell me they aren’t pretending, Tommy still sings Shock Me for Christ sake. Aerosmith doesn’t need to co-headline, neither does Metallica, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath or the Rolling Stones. Kiss, as much as it pains me to say is dying a slow death because of the egos of the two men running the ship.

  29. Well Eddie. I just got one thing to say about Paul Stanley’s,! Weather be like to show weather heats the show weather is making fun of the show! Paul Stanleys paying attention! The shows on his radar! And eventually he’ll have to give in!

  30. Good Job ED, keep it up. Sounds like a lot of sour grapes with Paul, that’s his choice I guess but only adds to the divide, pity he doesn’t take the high road. IMO Twitter is going to be hindrance for Gene and Paul they can’t resist the urge to take shots at people or respond to criticism better off just using it as a promotional tool and not responding to fans or negative postings only hurts there brand. But again Gene loves the attention and keeps him in spot light in some fashion. Paul seems too insecure for this type of stuff and will put him back in therapy….LOL!

  31. Eddie I couldn’t agree with you more. Paul is free to promote the band however he sees fit. If you look at the sales figures of the last couple of albums, and the fact he has to package the band with other bands that routinely blow them off the stage (ex Motley Crue, and now Def Leppard) instead of acting like a child and knocking detractors, he may want to start acting like the grown man he is and stop being so petty. I understand that he doesn’t want to do TMS and that’s his right, but as time drags on the legacy of the band is being tarnished and it is a shame that he can’t see through his own ego to see how he is alienating a large segment of the fan base. Oh well I guess, just sad is all. I guess wealth changes people in bad ways sometimes. Keep doing what you do. I will support you.


  32. From a promotional prospective I would think Paul would love the idea of using TMS as launching point for there ventures when possible. Just bad business to cut off the only show on TV that is directed at your audience. oh well I guess that is right up there with his idea of hiring his therapist as manager of the band.

  33. Given the “larger than life” egos involved, would it be entirely delusional to expect to see all four original members of KISS on stage performing in the annual all-star jam at the end of the HoF ceremonies? While they might be jamming to an E Street Band song (instead of Rock & Roll All Nite) along with 96 other musicians, I can’t imagine that the egos of Gene, Paul, Peter, and Ace would allow themselves to sit on their hands in the audience…guess we’ll have to wait and see….

  34. I have a very hard time liking kiss anymore, i dig what they have done on a professional level and for the most part some of us idolize our rock star heroes only to meet them and find out what they truly are, total douchebags who constantly rip off their fans, money is all they know, they have no clue who their fans are, have a nice day

  35. Didnt Kiss used to have a close relationship with VH1 Classic? I think VH1 had something to do with their kissology DVDs even. Now AXStv has become the Kiss network. Does their relationship with VH1 have anything to do with the dismissal of That Metal Show? Or are they going to let the “feud” escalate to take advantage of the publucity bonanza of finally coming on the show?
    I dont get it…its the only show on tv dedicated to their style of music and they act like its unimportant.

  36. Well said, Eddie. Have been a Kiss fan since ’77. Traveled all over to see them, even during the non-makeup years when they realluy needed the support. Traveled to Toronto to see Paul in Phantom of the Opera. Met him on his Live to Win solo tour. Was a complete and total jerk to me and several other fans. Lost all respect at that point. Keep doing what you do, Ed. Your fans appreciate you.

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