Off to NYC to tape this weeks new That Metal Show. Peter Criss will be our guest for the hour. Clearly much to cover with Peter and he hasn’t been on with us in a long time since the show was just 30 minutes. Ace Frehley was supposed to join us for this show but is stuck on the W Coast on a deadline for his new album. We will catch up with him at a later date. For the record ALL members of Kiss are invited through their management every season of TMS. We can only talk with and get the opinions of those that accept the invitation. Should be a fun show and you will see it premiere this Saturday 11P ET on VH1 Classic.

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  • mike m. on

    Peter the Great! Yes, indeed. The first drummer I actually knew anything about thanks to buying KISS ALIVE at the age of 12. His drum solo on “100,000 Years” is the first drum solo I heard growing up and it’s still a classic. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a great rock voice too; besides the obvious hits “Beth” and “Hard Luck Woman” Peter sang some of the deeper KISS cuts like “Mainline”, “Strange Ways”, “Getaway” and of course the lions-share (or should I say cats-share) of “Black Diamond”. Can’t wait to see him again on TMS!

    • Jim on

      Don’t forget Baby Driver great song too.

  • Rich on

    Would like to know Peter’s opinion of how Paul has supposedly “conducted” himself for not getting what he wants throughtout this whole drama, not just the fact that he refused to play with Ace & Peter, but his utter lack of any civility or regard for the HOF’s decision, instead only lashing out at the HOF for not getting exactly what HE wants. It’s ok to disgree but to rant on and on and on every other day and never quit….give it up already. Ace & Peter have been the respectful adults in the room, making an initial statement about their disappointment in Paul and Gene’s decision (and rightfully so) not to play with them and moving on. Paul has systematically, on his own, tried to make a mockery of Kiss’ induction and in the process has made it embarrasing for Ace and Peter to even be associated with Kiss – not to mention even go to the induction. My opinion.

    • Cali on

      And it’s spot on.

      Gene and Paul have behaved like first class jerks over this while Peter and Ace have sat back and behaved like true gentlemen.

  • El duce on

    Cool! It will be very interesting to see what he has to say. Too bad ace couldn’t do a skype or something. As long as he is working on his album that is good.

  • Van on

    Can’t wait to hear what Peter Criss has to say about what’s going on with KISS and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

  • Ivan on

    The Catman was ALWAYS the secret weapon in KISS. Vocals with soul, drums with groove. Very much looking forward to Peter Criss this week, his perspective should be interesting. I really think that the success of Beth really wrecked Paul. Seems like he chased that song the rest of his career… NEVER matching the popularity of it. Long live the REAL Catman!

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