Fun time today on my Volume show doing my Kiss Top 20. If you missed it it’s now On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Tomorrow we will discuss and debate it with you and also have Kiss Top 20 lists from Tom Morello, Corey Taylor, Chris Jericho, Sebastian Bach and more! Listen live 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106. If you missed my Top 20 here it is. And it was TOUGH to limit to 20! Feel free to post your lists here as well:

1: Detroit Rock City

2: Deuce (live )

3: Strutter

4: Love Gun

5: Black Diamond (Live)

6: King Of The Nightime World

7: Mr Speed

8: Got To Choose

9: Flaming Youth

10: Rock Bottom (live)

11: Cmon & Love Me

12: Creatures Of The Night

13: 100,000 Years

14: Magic Touch

15: I Want You

16: Strange Ways

17: Rocket Ride

18: Larger Than Life

19: A Million To One

20: Love Her All I Can

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  • Tyler Adams on

    Eddie, tried to email you but it kept bouncing back to me as “mailbox delivery failure policy error” and I couldn’t send anything. Jut thought you should know. Don’t know if anyone else is having the same issue. My email to you was as follows:


    Here is my top 20 Kiss songs list. I really enjoyed your list but was shocked by some of the picks. I knew you’d go with some deeper tracks but as goes with lists, you inevitably leave out some amazing songs that I actually put in my list. Both of us included Black Diamond, Flaming Youth, Mr. Speed, and C’mon and Love Me!

    Speaking of Flaming Youth, Destroyer was my first Kiss album and Flaming Youth was the song that got me to love Kiss. First time I saw Kiss was on some music trading cards and I thought they were some Gwar or Slayer esq type music. Boy was I wrong hahaha. Destroyer obviously was a letdown for me at first but Flaming Youth was the heaviest song and kept me listening over and over and eventually I came to love the band and Destroyer and become a massive fan of the band. Had I started with Kiss or Rock and Roll Over, I would of been hooked instantly.

    A little quick note… my honorable mentions is a complete alternate top 20 list. So many songs to choose and so brutally hard to pick! So without further ado, my top 20 Kiss list! Enjoy Eddie!

    Tyler – Indiana

    KISS TOP 20
    1. Cold Gin (Kiss)
    2. God of Thunder (Destroyer)
    3. Flaming Youth (Destroyer)
    4. Black Diamond (Alive)
    5. 2,000 Man (MTV Unplugged Version)
    6. She (Dressed to Kill)
    7. I Love It Loud (Creatures of the Night)
    8. Domino (Revenge)
    9. Mr. Speed (Rock and Roll Over)
    10. Forever (Hot in the Shade)
    11. I Was Made For Loving You (Dynasty)
    12. Shock Me (Love Gun)
    13. C’mon and Love Me (Dressed to Kill)
    14. Parasite (Hotter Than Hell)
    15. Reason to Live (Crazy Nights)
    16. Love ’em and Leave ’em (Rock and Roll Over)
    17. Hide Your Heart (Hot In the Shade)
    18. Good Girl Gone Bad (Crazy Nights)
    19. Unholy (Revenge)
    20. Rock and Roll Hell (Creatures of the Night)

    ***Honorable Mentions***
    We Are One (Psycho Circus)
    War Machine (Creatures of the Night)
    Fits Like a Glove (Lick It Up)
    A Million to One (Lick It Up)
    Thrills In the Night (Animalize)
    Tomorrow and Tonight (Love Gun)
    Into the Void (Psycho Circus)
    Let’s Put the X in Sex (Smashes, Thrashes & Hits)
    A World Without Heroes (MTV Unplugged Version)
    I Just Wanna (Revenge)
    Everytime I Look at You (Revenge)
    Turn On the Night (Crazy Nights)
    Who Wants to Be Lonely (Asylum)
    Nothin’ to Lose (Kiss)
    I Stole Your Love (Love Gun)
    Creatures of the Night (Creatures of the Night)
    Plaster Caster (Love Gun)
    I Still Love You (Creatures of the Night)
    Sure Know Something (Dynasty)
    I Want You (Rock and Roll Over)

  • Doug R. on

    It’s impossible to narrow so many great songs into a top 20 list. And also the fact that KISS doesn’t get enough credit for their 80’s songs, I decided to make up 2 top 20 lists, my top 20 KISS songs from the 70’s, AND top 20 KISS songs from the 80’s!

    The 70’s:
    20) Rock Bottom
    19) Flaming Youth
    18) Deuce
    17) 100,000 Years
    16) Nothin’ To Lose
    15) I Stole Your Love
    14) Mr. Speed
    13) Charisma
    12) Strutter
    11) Calling Dr. Love
    10) Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll
    9) King Of The Night Time World
    8) Love Gun
    7) Shock Me
    6) I Want You
    5) Detroit Rock City
    4) Rocket Ride
    3) Makin’ Love
    2) Rock And Roll All Nite
    1) Shout It Out Loud

    The 80’s:
    20) All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose
    19) Nowhere To Run
    18) Thrills In The Night
    17) Tomorrow
    16) Reason To Live
    15) Turn On The Night
    14) Get All You Can Take
    13) What Makes The World Go ‘Round
    12) I’m A Legend Tonight
    11) Exciter
    10) Down On Your Knees
    9) Uh! All Night
    8) Crazy Crazy Nights
    7) Tears Are Falling
    6) And On The 8th Day
    5) Heaven’s On Fire
    4) Who Wants To Be Lonely
    3) I Love It Loud
    2) Creatures Of The Night
    1) Lick It Up

    – That was exhausting! Fun, but exhausting! Cheers!! 🙂

    • Doug R. on

      Hey Eddie, I just had an idea for your next Top 20 list, – Van Halen! Maybe 2, a top 20 Van Halen (Roth era) and a top 20 Van Hagar era! Too many great songs from both eras for only 1 top 20! Same problem as KISS, too many great songs for only 1 top 20 list!

  • Rockmonster on

    20) Easy As it Seems
    19) Reason to Live
    18) Baby Driver
    17) I Just Wanna
    16) Master and Slave
    15) Domino
    14) Psycho Circus
    13) Lovegun
    12) Parasite
    11) Shout it Out Loud
    10) Cold Gin
    9) Rocket Ride
    8) I Stole Your Love
    7) You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best
    6) Love Her All I Can
    5) Psycho Circus
    4) Black Diamond
    3) Into the Void
    2) Let Me Go Rock N Roll (Alive)
    1) Deuce

  • mark medina on

    My top 20:

    .Flamin’ Youth
    2.Mr. Speed
    5.God of thunder (live)
    6.Rock bottom
    7. C’mon and love me
    8. Young and wasted
    9. Shock me
    10. Strange ways
    12. Creatures of the night
    13. Got to choose
    14. I want you
    15.I stole your love
    16.Rock n roll hell
    17.Magic touch
    18.Hard luck woman
    19. Tomorrow and tonight
    20. All american man

    Honorable mention:

    4. i’ve had enough (into the fire)
    5. Nowhere to run
    6. Not for the innocent
    7. Under the rose
    8. Rocket ride
    9. Mainline
    10. Love her all i can
    11. Is that you
    12.Larger than life
    12. Black diamond
    13.Christen 16
    14.Ladies room (live)
    15. Room service
    16.Two timer
    17.Take it off
    18.I’m a legend tonight
    19.Dirty livin’
    20. Naked city

  • Otis Mack on

    Otis Mack from Bronx NYC

    My personal KISS Top 20
    Black Diamond (Live)
    Anything For My Baby
    Talk To Me
    It’s My Life
    Almost Human
    Little Caesar
    Cold Gin(Live)
    Shock Me(Live 1977)
    Hell Or Hallelujah
    The Oath
    Shout It Out Loud(Tiger Stadium 96)
    Thou Shalt Not
    Ladies Room
    Uh! All Night
    Psycho Circus
    Modern Day Delilah
    I(From The Elder) with album outro
    R&R All Nite(Alive! Version)

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