Greetings from the final day of Monsters Of Rock Cruise. Had a blast this weekend, so many bands, too much to cover here. I’m live from the ship 2-4P ET today on SiriusXM Volume 106 (replay 9-11). Guests scheduled include Lynch Mob and Queensryche. Tomorrow the ship transitions to Prog with Mike Portnoy cohosting with me live all week from Cruise To The Edge. Should be fun!

Huge bucket of gas thrown on the Kiss/Ace reunion rumors with Gene going to Ace’s show. I knew this was happening last week. John 5 made it happen and told me. Needless to say I had to stay quiet. Honestly I have no idea if this is all messing with the fans, just Gene reconnecting, or part of a bigger play kind of “checking Ace out..”. But here’s what I will say, Gene and Paul have been selling the “anyone can be in Kiss” and it doesn’t matter who the lineup is line now for a while. If it doesn’t matter I wonder why there is so much excitement at the POSSIBILITY of a reunion with Ace? Guess what? It has ALWAYS matter and always will…

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  • craig on

    Paul just released something saying that he does not want Ace back. Very sad!! I have said it before, it kills me to see Paul and Gene in charge of Kiss. THEY DO NOT NOT DESERVE TO BE IN CHARGE OF KISS WITHOUT AT LEAST ACE WHO MADE KISS AS MUCH AS THE OTHER TWO EGO MANIACS! BUT THERE IS A LESSON HERE. DONT DO DRUGS!!

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