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Here is the statement from Kiss now on the HOF. Now nobody plays is basically what they are saying..




  1. Did Gene and Paul ever really think that the idea of playing without Ace and Peter on very the night of their own induction was going to fly? Obviously they did and that my friends is really the definition of complete and utter arrogance. That is the main essence of what Gene and Paul are, unfortunately. They tried to pull a fast one, were quickly called out and retreated back to their bunker about as quick as I have ever seen a retreat.

  2. Please explain on your show tomorrow that people voted for KISS meaning Peter, Paul, Gene & Ace. What they created from 74-78 was unimaginable. They were the biggest band in the world from 76-78 only Zep can even match them. The problem is that the make up is what made them famous and the characters they represented. Gene and Paul own the faces but not the era the fans own that period. There work afte that was good in some places but HOF worthy don’t think so.
    They meaning Paul and Gene should have not accepted the induction if they felt others should be included. We and they have known for 8 months who was and wasn’t going in and we the fans knew it was only the originals. The HOF never showed any other photos or any other time period to be voted on except the big years.

  3. Ed…This actually proves it does matter who is in the band…. the backlash from fans Gene & Paul have taken has been massive..so much they can’t even play with current KISS at RRHOF to prevent them looking like idiots on stage

  4. Kudos to Kiss for doing the right thing.
    And Eddie, maybe Paul & Gene would talk to you if you didn’t allow people to post homophobic lies about them (see Kevin Ross comment)

  5. Ahhh yes, another well-thought-out, cerebral post by a metal/hard rock fan. Once again you perpetuate the stereotype that all metal fans are pot-smoking losers with no credibility. Finish the last of that joint, get some sleep, and try to be early for work at Pep Boys.

  6. This is getting so stupid. I think I’m ready for this band to be over or two new guys come in and replace Gene and Paul. Let’s face it. Paul can’t sing anymore anyway. And the way they have acted since being inducted is ridiculous.

  7. While I’m no Gene/Paul apologist, this is actually a well-worded statement. Reading between the lines, there were probably conditions made by multiple sides. So, while Gene and Paul “never refused to play with Ace and Peter,” they probably said it had to be for specific songs, with/without makeup, and/or along side (perhaps literally) Tommy and Eric and perhaps others. Ace and Peter probably refused some of those conditions. Maybe it was as simple as, “The current lineup, which we view as Kiss, will play. You can join if you want.” vs “RRHOF said original four, we’ll share the stage with no one else.”

    Gene and Paul also were careful in this statement to praise Ace and Peter and not throw them under the bus. If any of the above is true, then they could have escalated the he-said/she-said war, and they chose not to.

    Eddie hit it on the head, though. This is all about business, and they’ve spent decades trying to craft the Kiss brand independent of a forced reunion. This RRHOF thing is a wrench in the works.

    Besides, few people would respond well to external calls to reunite with your ex, just because THEY liked you together.

    1. …Too bad that G&P insist on all new members dress and act like those ‘ex’s….screw fake ki$$. I hope A&P DO show up and claim their due. They will get WAY more applause than the fake-Ace and the copy-cat.

  8. This is starting to stink more and more like classic KISS hype. And we’re falling for it, myself included.
    Now, I think we’re supposed to begin to lobby for the band to play, and to ultimately be happy with any portion / incarnation whatever of the band, as long as they’re up there. Or, maybe it’s a good thing? If there is no planned performance, then there is no need for Tommy & Eric to attend, they are not being honored. So then just Simmons & RuPaul show up. And, if it’s just to be inducted … Pete and Ace could do that right? Which leads to the obligatory end of the night jam … maybe all four of those musicians join in the jam. And then, maybe the other musicians just start to drop out and exit stage, leaving the 4.

  9. I am interested in hearing Eddie’s thoughts on this newest development. It is amazing how this has spiraled downwards…at least publicly….in the last few days. Right or wrong…it is only the original 4 being inducted. It is a simple concept and whether we as fans agree or disagree…or even the band for that matter…it is what the RRHOF has laid out. I feel bad for all of us as fans because it has taken so long to get the recognition they rightly deserve. I also feel bad for Eddie….combine your job…with being a KISS fan….and friends with Ace and Peter….man I would not be happy for sure. Nobody has mentioned this that I saw…but Paul’s book is coming out before the induction…I suspect there will be a lot of negativity towards Ace and Peter in there….right before the induction….have to wonder about the timing…

  10. The four original members will be inducted without makeup and it will be uncomfortable as hell. Then at the jam at the end, the closing song will be rock and roll all nite. Paul and Gene will be together at one mic on one side of the stage, and Ace will be at a different mic waaaay over on the other side of the stage with Daryl Hall, Kris Novaselic, whoever. Peter will be putzing along on a small kit at the back while Dave Grohl plays the big boy set. Various others will be out on stage as well, keep in mind that the E Street band is being inducted too. That is closest we’ ll get to seeing them play together.

  11. Wow ED, Kevin Ross comment sounds like it came from the 1950″s. What ever Paul’s sexual orientation is(has a wife and 4 kids) or anyone else’s for that matter have nothing to do with music or making a bad descision. Too Bad original Line up could not play and make some mention of past members as well. That would of been Best of both worlds.

  12. I want to repudiate what Kevin Ross just said. Homophobic commentary is NOT appropriate. We can disagree with Paul on what business moves he makes in the public arena, but whether or not he’s gay has no baring on any of that. Let’s keep in mind that like it or not, he is one of the greats, and deserves respect for his accomplishments.

    1. Thanks Ace for saying that, cause that post from Kevin Ross was not only grotesque but, filled with hate and ignorance. Looks like Eddie or someone pulled it… Rock Soldier brotha’!

  13. Paul @ Gene are AHoles for doing this.
    paul the only reason your ugly face is put on a pedestal and you are still singing like crap in 2014 is because of Peter and Ace.
    So give them the dignity and credit they deserve and play with them in honor for 1 last time makeup or not just Jam and shut the hell up.
    Last month they both said in Rollingstone they would play, everyone was happy what the hell happened!

  14. Btw, new TMS is really good. The whole story of what went down with Randy was tragic, but ultimately uplifting. Well done. Nice run on “Stump The Trunk”! Clean sweep! And the Throwdown might have been the best one of that segment by pitting the Big 4 classic records against each other…Well done.

  15. Hate to say it, but you could see this one coming a mile away. There was simply never any intention in my humble opinion of playing with Ace and Peter, because no matter how many times Gene and Paul try to diminish their importance and accomplishments to this band in the past they still don’t seem to realize that we the “THE BOSSES” never bought this fallacious line of B.S. As bad as the Rock Hall has looked in their 15 year snubbing of this bands induction, most of this would have been wiped away if only Gene and Paul could put their egos aside for one night and give the ” Kiss Army” what we have waited so long to see, the original members of Kiss standing side by side, brothers in arms, playing just one more time as they take their rightful place in the Rock Hall. No one is saying you cant or shouldn’t give respect and acknowledgment to all the individuals that have been germane to the initial and continuing success of Kiss, but this induction is about the musical foundation that everything else was built off of. And that can only be defined of in my opinion as Gene ,Paul ,Ace and Peter. It is truly a shame, that on a night that should have been so special, it now appears to have become just an unmitigated disaster.

  16. I have to say i would have enjoyed a retrospective of the whole kiss family. Yes the originals should be honored but a lot of people grew up on different incarnations. I have to say i agree that if Rob went in with Metallica then everyone should be at least showcased. I think it would have been like a once in a lifetime journey through the times of kiss. That is everyone is being honest woth their statements… I would have been there in brooklyn watching the whole thing man

  17. Honestly why cant Paul and Gene see the facts? If they would just take off the makeup, Eric and Tommy would get so much more respect from the fans. Dont get me wrong, to me KISS will ALWAYS be Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace. I dont care how messed up Peter and Ace were taking and drinking whatever they did, those 4 were and always will be the best KISS lineup. But then look at the non-makeup years and the lineup with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. Eric and Bruce got respect from the fans. Why is that Gene and Paul? Because Eric and Bruce weren’t in Ace and Peter’s makeup. But we all know the reason why Paul and Gene tour with the makeup on, it’s because they know they’d never draw new fans without wearing it. I forgot which DVD it was KISS released but there was a little piece with Bruce Kulick where he was asked how he felt about missing out on the KISS makeup era. Bruce’s reply was that he could have worn dog makeup and be the dog of the band, he didn’t care. The makeup era is the history of the band in the past and it should be left alone. Then after his little piece, it went right into the video for Rise To It. But being a KISS fan since 1976 when I first listened to Detroit Rock City and thinking to myself, “WOW, what a great song!”, you can see that it is all about the $$$$ now with KISS and not about the fans. It’s like being a fan of the NY Mets. How can you support the team knowing that the owners only care about how much money they make and not putting a winning team on the field? Paul and Gene care more about if the concert in NY or NJ sells out then if the fans are loving their latest CD.

    1. Those aren’t “facts”. That is your opinion. Personally, even though the first six albums are BY FAR my favorite, I felt at the end of the makeup reunion that Ace and especially Peter were holding the organization hostage. The Gene/Paul/Tommy/Eric version was by FAR the better live band after the first go round when the energy was fresh and before the egos resumed their hold on the individual members. Remember Australia? If Peter was the best choice for drummer, they would’ve paid him, and I for one respect them more for putting on a definitive, iconic live show rather than pander to convention and put on a sub-par show (with, as I suspect but can’t prove, back-up drummers behind the curtain).

  18. I can’t believe that now we are actually looking at the possibility of the original band not even appearing together at the Hall of Fame induction. I’m sure that Ace and Peter aren’t very excited about attending with Paul and Gene considering this last development. I stated in an earlier e-mail that I really had no problem with Kulick, Carr, Vincent, St. John, Thayer and Singer being recognized at the induction. Actually, if Paul and Gene wanted to they could recognize those guys in their speech. Even they have to realize the original band is what got the KISS machine going in the first place. I am so disappointed that the fans that have supported them for so long and have tried so hard to get them inducted into the Hall now have to deal with this. Nice job taking what could have been a great moment for the older fan base and flushing it down the toilet!

      1. I know people who partied to much and that sound never goes away they always sound stoned. I think a bit of the brain is gone. I would think it all catches up with Ace eventually so he needs to make piece with what he can and move on not let this or anything else take away from his life. if Paul and Gene want to be jerks he needs to focus on the good parts of his life because who knows how long he may or may not have.

  19. It seems the “who will play/who won’t play” fiasco worked Gene and Paul out of quite a (excuse the pun) jam. Now by taking the we won’t play route, it helps them save face.

  20. The army has stood by this band for 40 years with every version and personnel change. They marched on Cleveland and wrote letters and this is the thanks they get. It doesn’t matter Mr. Stanley that the RRHoF has broken rules before and it doesn’t matter how many. This is about a band and it’s fans. If you can’t swallow your pride and play one more time (Gene, Peter,Paul and Ace) and if the other two can’t either then I am ashamed at all four of you. All of you are in your 60’s you are not 25. You are not nice people at all – you are the vile narcissists we didn’t want to admit to. Sad on so many levels.

  21. Frankly, I think most of the “fans” are being selfish and unfair. Sure, the makeup era was iconic (I was there, then, and if you weren’t you have no idea how big Kiss really was). They wouldn’t be wearing it now if it wasn’t. But I think you have to look at it at least in part from Paul and Gene’s perspective: this was their baby. And at the height of their powers, two guys decided to choose alcohol and drugs and the egomania of stardom over the “good of the band”. You reap what you sow. At a time when Gene and Paul both had no reason to believe their creation would survive, guys like Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer came along and helped them overcome. This is far more about the RnRHoF and their continued disrespect for hard rock and heavy metal than it is about Kiss, or Paul or Gene. Why is no one else outraged that the E Street Band is getting their OWN INDUCTION separate and apart from Bruce, and they are not willing to honor the memory of Eric Carr (especially) in this event? The argument is that this is “Gene/Paul” versus “Ace/Peter”, but it’s not like this is an even playing field. Peter especially, when has he EVER put the good of the band over his own needs and desires? And now it is “despicable” (in Peter’s statement) that Gene and Paul are doing exactly that?

  22. This is worse than the van Halen and guns n roses induction combined. Just when I thought gene and Paul couldn’t possibly be any douchier they pull this crap. Fans are paying a crap load of dollars just to watch gene and Paul give some crappy speech and walk off???? They constantly claim they do everything for the fans and give them their money’s worth. So what do they call this????? Funny how as soon as kiss fans uproared over this crap, they decided to not play at all. This is nothing but a rip off and a sham. Gene and paul are more concerned with the la kiss football team than they are about kiss fans right now. I will just ignore kiss from now on. I can’t wait till aces album comes out. Gene and paul can F off.

  23. If the 4 original members did come to the show and wear make-up (that would be cool for the fans). I do not think Tommy and Eric would feel slighted nor should they feel that way. They know Ace and Peter are the original Spaceman and Catman. Gene and Paul need to get over their egos and animosities and let all the members enjoy the honors they deserve.

  24. Have to say, the 80s and ESP now the band should not b kiss its the Paul and gene experience band… Saw the kiss show from t he las kings… Stanley is toast, the two r. Afraid ace and pe tea will show them up…. Peter and ace helped gene and Paul make money on the reunion for… Three songs p and g, u selfish scyms can’t do that? Ace and Peter tried , they tried withs pscho circus… U diss them , the farewell, u diss them… 96:97 is the kiss I saw and kne w all 4 getting along

  25. All I can say is that the best things the guys from KISS should have done is taken Eddie’s advise and told the ROHF to shove their induction up their a$$. KISS fans have been sitting watching people like Modonna and Donna Summer getting inducted, while KISS and Rush kept getting the shaft. Now that they get inducted, the fans have to put up with this bullsh@t. Bottom line is these four have had issues since they split, the first time. They tried the reunion, and that only lasted a few years until, allegedly, the BS started again. I don’t know if it’s egoes or money, or both. I think KISS needs to go back 30 years, I think it was 84 when they unmasked on MTV, and perform without the make up. If they want to continue performing. Which I don’t think they should any more. Back then, they said the make up had to come off of out of respect. Where’s the respect now? I don’t care who wears the make up. I know it, and KISS fans know it, there is only one Catman and only one Spaceman. This is induction is going to be a joke, just like the Van Halen induction. I personally think it would have been great to see Ace, Bruce and Tommy on stage. I’m not so sure about Vinnie. Also, Eric and Peter could have done a double drum thing just like they did on Unplugged. At the end of the day, this I think has pissed off a lot KISS fans. I think there are going to be a lot of empty seats at the next KISS show. So here’s my advise to KISS. Get your induction, play one more show, pack it in. You don’t need the money. Paul’s voice is shot. It’s painfull, and sad, to hear him try to sing Love Gun. The range is just not there any more. Paul and Gene always said they did this for the fans. I guess the fans are not important enough for these 4 to put aside their issues for a couple of weeks of rehersal and 15 minutes of playing. Paul said that “they would not be where they are today with out Peter and Ace and probably would not be here today with them”. I would have to agree with that to some level. However, there is that one part, “they would not be here without them”. I have defended these guys for decades, when people would tell their music was crap and I was crazy for listening to them. What I let down this is. To end my comment I would just like to say I think this is huge F@CK YOU to the fans. And for this KISS Army, I think it’s time to go a-wall. Paul, Gene, Peter, Ace, you let us all down guys.

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