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Just back from my first visit to Houston this past Saturday night and really my first ever ticketed live speaking engagement. It went down at Concert Pub North and I had no idea what to expect going in. So needless to say I was BLOWN AWAY that nearly 500 people came out to hang with me, hear me tell some stories and do some Q&A. It was a GREAT audience and a true honor for sure. Still amazed to be honest and grateful for the support. After I did about 90 minutes on stage I sat and signed and took photos with everyone in the place for at least another 2 hours. Can not thank you all enough for the incredible support for what I do. Also thanks to John and JD at Concert Pub and the local bands who also played that night, including a killer UFO tribute called Lights Out. It was a great night and I hope to book more Eddie Trunk Live dates soon! Keep an eye on the home page. This Saturday I am at Starland in NJ with my TMS partners Don & Jim for a night of comedy and more. The show is almost sold out so get your tix now if you want to come out. Please note. NO live club gigs by any of us are filmed or used for TMS. They are either speaking dates or comedy shows only. TMS is only done on the set in NYC with VH1C. Thanks.


Speaking of TMS, HUGE response to the Ted Nugent show this week! I’d say 80% very positive and people loved we kept it all about music. There are some of course that are anti Ted and I respect your positions but don’t agree. From a TV/interview perspective I love people that let it fly. We are in a day and age that everyone is SO PC, so afraid to say anything the least bit different than the norm. Everyone is just ready to pounce at anything anyone says that is different from their view. So it is refreshing as heck to have a guy like Ted who just says what he thinks. Do I agree with everything he has done and said? No. But I respect his right to say it. I have said this many times; I watch Bill OReilly and Bill Maher, and love both equally. I sure don’t agree with all they both say, but I love they have the balls to say it, especially in this hyper sensitive world of social media we are in today. I also grew up loving Howard Stern, having strong opinions sure as hell didn’t hurt him. But TMS is a music show, and Ted talked and played all music, and most loved it! It also got many talking about TMS and debating his appearance and that sure doesn’t suck either. I thought it was a great show about music, which as I say in my second book in the chapter on Ted, he is often sadly overlooked for at times. This episode repeats all week on VH1C.


Back live on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation tonight 6-10P ET. Myles Kennedy & Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge in studio. They will also be this weeks TMS guests that we tape tomorrow night in NYC.


Both of my books available signed from me on this site as well as all new Merch including hats and shirts. Please see the respective tabs for info. Books under Media tab for order info. Thanks.


  1. Ed, you can hide behind your “anti-PC” stance all you want. It doesn’t wash. Even Maher and O’Reilly don’t say “Obama, he’s a piece of sh-t, and I told him to suck on my machine gun” like Nugent. There is a different between having an opinion and being an embarrassment.

    1. Do I agree with Ted saying that if he did? No. Would that prevent me from having a great guest on a TV show that inspires controversy, debate and people talking, AND is a legendary classic hard rock musician? Hell no! I’ll take that any day over the usual safe here’s what I am selling this week approach I love everybody approach.

      1. Now you are desperately trying to justify your mistake. Notice how you never really answer any point I bring up. This is not about disagreeing with someone’s opinion. Down deep you know that, but continue to skirt the issue. I honestly thought you were above such tactics.

          1. Ed—You are very apologetic and forgiving of Uncle Ted. Guess you can excuse hate barbarism, huh? And Ed, The Nuge is a glorified bar band hack.Really. Wayne Kramer will still make him crap his pants. You got duped by a raging extremist and bar band leader.

          2. It is amazing that when people make a good point and call trunk out on something, his reply is always, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” or “you are clueless” or “people get way too crazy.”. Apparently Trunk is never wrong. A legend in his own mind!

          3. I don’t know what you’re talking about, you are clueless, you are way too crazy, I am a legend… See, you do have it all figured out! Thanks for being such a fan!

      1. Ahhh yes. Another well-thought-out, educated post by a conservative. Before you turn in, Beth, make sure both doors on your double-wide are secure. You don’t want any of them minorities tryin to break in and steal your guns.

  2. I loved seeing Ted on the show. He’s got a ton of energy and kicks ass on the guitar!! I’ll definitely watch if he comes on the show again at some point.

  3. Excellent interview and show with Uncle Ted! He has brought us great music for decades and frankly i’m glad he says what he thinks. Does anybody give Jon Bon Jovi shit for his left leaning views? Ted supports the military and loves his country. Bring us some more great music Ted!!

  4. I was at the show Saturday and the stories were great especially the one about Ace bowling. Thanks again for coming down and signing my books and taking a pic with me and my gf. We hope to see you back in Houston in the future.

  5. Letting if fly is one thing…being disrespectul and rude is another. When people are the latter, it is not PC or overly sensitive to be put off by that kind of behavior. But Ted was great on TMS. He said what was on his mind but not in a disrespectful way. Saying what is on your mind is a-ok with me but it crosses the line when certain remarks become insulting and offensive, which he can be. He wasn’t that way on your show. He was passionate and carefree. You CAN be that way and not cross the line of being offensive, which he wasn’t. So, he in my mind was a great guest – charming, funny, wild, all good stuff.

  6. The Uncle Ted addition of TMS has to be one of my all time favorites. I think the less an interviewer has to say to get great responses the better. Ted talked music on a music show. Nuff ced. Do you have any appearances planned for Phoenix or Los Angeles? I own both of your books. If I brought them to an appearance, would you sign them or do I need to buy at the venue? This TMS season is looking like the best ever. Keep it up.

  7. Eddie I loved the episode one thing i was confused about though, not related to Ted Nugent. In your second book you recomend Kevin Dubrow’s solo album in the Quiet Riot section, yet during Stump the Trunk yuo acted as though you never heard the record. Whats the story there?

  8. I was nervous about the Nuge bring on the show, but I thought he killed it! What a fun show! I dragged out all my Nugent jams and I am cranking them at work! Thanks TMS!!

  9. I wish Ted only talked about music, but he kept going on and on about his joy in killing animals.

    Too bad he doesn’t have the same respect for other opinions that you seem to think we should have for his.

    1. Ted loves hunting and respects the animals he hunts in the same way people have for thousands of years. It is a joy. Man can both love the living animal and take that joy in the hunt. The nature we all love is not ever so kind.

  10. It was great to have you at The Concert Pub North this wekend !!! I don’t think i have ever had so many people thank me for a show as we had at the end of the night that you were here, you are a class act and you are always welcome down in Houston with us !!! Safe and happy travels, jd.

      1. Dear Eddie, you were brilliant and we all agreed you could have kept on talking for hours more! You were so sweet and kind to all of your fans, just as I pictured you would be. The Zak story was a hoot, and my husband just says he’ll never look at Don and Jim the same after their audition tape story!!!!

  11. Wango Tango? Please Eddie go listen to “Hey baby” and while you are at it Play the entire Weekend Warrior album. The facts are Amboy Dukes to Weekend Warrior anything after that is garbage, I was a teenager and bought the albums as they were released I was there! You also were weak on Nugent trivia. Never the less I love the show and The Houston show was cool- Peace

  12. Love him or hate him Ted Nugent was epic! His high engery and knowledge was great….and he can play a mean Guitar….I think that when you have classic rockers like Ted,Sammy they have a great story to tell and their music will live forever…keep the classic rockers coming….love the show….

  13. Eddie my awesome friend! Great show tonight as always but you ARE VERY WRONG. Creed gets NO airplay AT ALL on radio. I repeat Creed does not get any airplay at all on ANY radio station in the United States. This is what I meant by stigma when I called in tonight. They had 1 POP HIT that RUINED their career LIKE NO OTHER BAND HAD EVER EXPERIENCED before or since. Sadly it seems like Scott Stapp is not allowed another chance by anyone if you read the terrible things people continue to say about him. Creed is a HARD ROCK band. I thought you would have been the 1 guy to have seen through that stigma – you’ve done it with other bands and taught us GREAT LESSONS in the process. Scott Stapp solo album came out in November and it KILLS. He is at Irving Plaza & Starland in April. Give them an honest listen , please? EDDIE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!

    1. Evan, you are trying to make a case about promoting a band that sold MILLIONS of albums at one point and I saw headline Rocklahoma a couple years ago. Very hard to rally around feeling bad for a band with MASSIVE success. Stigma against Creed was because they were so big and there was a backlash against Stapp. Not sure what you are looking for but they were a major band and can be again if they should become active..

      1. Thanks so much for respondin’ Ed! – Just a final note because I think I’ve become “that Creed guy” lol (although you prob might remember me for winning a big contest of yours almost 10 years ago) –
        anyway, to answer: Creed DID become active again in 2009 after an almost 10 year break up yep – Stapp, Tremonti & Co toured and released a new album that year BUT did not become a major band again – in fact, Tour/ album was moderately successful at best even though it was their HEAVIEST effort. I guess my “case” is that I admire when you advocate bands/albums/songs efforts that go unnoticed because you are the last hope for any of them. (You turned me on to EXTREME when all I thought was MORE THAN WORDS). Creed WAS very successful but now is not and prob is defunct again – even though MOST of their stuff holds up to their hard rock peers at the time (Monster Magnet etc) Anyway, I thought that is enough to at least play a few of their heaviest tracks from time to time -(or Stapp’s new solo) but ultimately its your show, obviously. Regardless, love ALL you do , hope to see you in TMS audience next hopeful season.

  14. Weren’t you allowed to mention the Chili Peppers by name? At one point on this Saturday’s show (Feb 8), it was obvious you were talking about the Super Bowl, but stopped short of calling out the Peppers.

  15. Loved your gig in Houston. It was so awesome to meet you, get my books signed and have the opportunity to “stump” you. The Ted Nugent episode was very good. It was fun to watch and well done. I had no fear that it would be a joke or whatever people were talking about before the show aired.

  16. I LOVED the episode with Uncle Ted! I see him alot on political shows, but it seems his music is forgotten sometimes. His appearance on TMS was CLASSIC! Up there with the last Ace episode as one of all time faves! When he “Humped the Trunk”? OMG I about died! Thank you for having him on! Now we need Dereck St. Holmes on.

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