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As I have said consistently since the announcement that Kiss will be going into the HOF, now is when much of the discussion and negotiation on what goes down starts to happen. You have what Ace and Peter want, what Gene & Paul want, and what the HOF itself wants to happen, and somewhere it all needs to be worked out. With the holidays behind us expect info to come out as we get closer to the date and the various parties talk. There is already some very differing information coming out now as a matter of fact. If you listen to my interview with Ace (now on my home page for all to hear), it is clear he would like the original band to be featured since they are the members actually being inducted. Speaking of that, there has been much debate since the announcement on even this topic. The HOF makes that call and they decided the founding members only. That’s what I was told by several people who actually have votes. That could also be an issue on how this goes down and something being discussed internally. My view on it personally is if it isn’t just the original band, then it should be ALL the people that have been a part of it. But everyone has consistently told me, including voters, it is only the original four actually being inducted. That does not mean however that others from the bands history won’t be there and won’t even potentially be involved as was the case with Heart and others. Ace also stated in the interview with me the HOF wanted the band in makeup which he was open to. Both Peter and Ace said they spoke with Gene and Paul and vibes were good before the holidays. Ace expressed concern in my interview about how the current band would be represented vs him and Peter who are actually being honored. Ace’s concern is also likely fueled by a VH1 Rock Honors event in 2006 where he was in the strange position of not being allowed to play with Kiss, while Tommy did dressed as him. Ace played with the tribute band that night to Kiss.


Last night Paul Stanley’s twitter account showed a glimpse into the very different views about what will and won’t go down and the issues that still need to be worked through. You can check the feed for yourself @paulstanleylive When asked last night if the original band would play together at the HOF his response is “seems unlikely”. When asked if he thinks working with Ace & Peter would be better now that both are sober he responded “No”. When asked if he would wear makeup with Ace & Peter he responded “No way”.


This is clearly a shift in what fans thought and were hoping for and what Ace and Peter mentioned. It also points to the various egos, posturing and control issues that could turn something the fans have wanted for 15 years into a train wreck! Paul’s answers do not surprise me at all. For Gene and Paul this puts them in a tough spot having to reconnect with members they’d prefer not to deal with no doubt, and who they have spent the last 10 years trying to recreate in the current band. Quite frankly coming out with the original band once again in makeup opens up a huge can of worms with fans that they have been trying to keep a lid on for a decade. It does not work with what they are currently trying to sell so well. And make no mistake, like it or not, they know seeing the original four in makeup again would be HUGE for fans and put a dent in what they have been selling to fans; that it doesn’t matter so much who’s behind the makeup. So you can already see how some of this is playing out. Gene & Paul on one side trying to protect the current Kiss and not go down reunion road again, and Ace & Peter wanting to be sure their night being inducted pays tribute to them, and not other versions of the band not being inducted. Nobody wearing makeup would take away some of the confusion as to who is who, but as per Ace the HOF really wanted the band in costume.


I understand Gene & Paul wanting to protect their current business model. Trust me, they know and have seen first hand the avalanche a reunion, even for a few hours, with Ace & Peter will cause (MTV Unplugged). It would be nice to think for one night the fans could celebrate the original bands induction with all of them working together for a few hours. Then bring up everyone from KISStory at the end for a jam or something. But I suspect this has many twists and turns still to come and Paul’s tweets last night give just a little peak into how this could unfortunately get very messy. If you are planning on buying tickets to this to see a Kiss reunion even for a couple songs as many have told me, I would seriously hold off. Looks like much still to be decided and as per Paul’s verified Twitter account it doesn’t sound promising at the moment. Listen to the interview with Ace I did a couple weeks ago, then read Paul’s tweets last night. This isn’t me stirring the pot or with any inside information. Just doesn’t take a genius to see there are some very different opinions as to how this should go down already. We shall see…I’m sure much more as we go.


  1. As a huge KISS fan I have to admit I was disappointed that KISS had not been inducted into the RRHOF sooner but while I understand that KISS has to protect their brand I think that they should perform at least one song with the original band and then a song with the current lineup. What is MOST IMPORTANT is that all the members of KISS from their inception til today be represented. Bands do not always get along, everyone has their view…I certainly have my views but KISS is still the hottest band on the earth no matter what anyone says…. Any grudges/problems should be put aside at least for one evening and remember what it is they got into music for in the first place!!!

  2. If I had to guess, I bet the “current lineup” plays in full makeup, then Ace & Peter without make up (and probably Bruce) will join in on the all star jam at the end. Not the way I’d like to see it, but I can see Gene & Paul trying to push the current line up first.

  3. I think the original 4 should take the podium, but the whole band should be inducted or at least be there to play at the final jam. I do not know if Vinnie still plays, but Bruce, Eric and Tommy should be there, as they have made their contribution to give Kiss a life in their respectve eras. I have seen the band 4 times ever sisnce the Revenge/Alive III tour and I have loved every show, but I have to say Peter did not look that good in the Alive Worldwide reunion tour, let’s be honest, and Ace blew it so many times in his kisstory that if they for once admit at least a bit their faults, it would make a differece , at leats that is what I think. Of course Paul and Gene run the show and the band looks and sounds great now, in my opinion, but they should know that every once in a while they will need to acknowledge Peter and Ace as they helped built what Kiss is nowadays.

  4. If KISS is really about the fans, give us a fair means to vote for what option we would like to see..original 4 make up, no make up, all members no make up…highest vote total wins. And fans get what they asked for.

  5. I have the perfect solution as far as the KISS RRHoF make-up/no make-up. Have the original four members do something like Detroit Rock City in the full regalia. Then bring out Tommy and Eric Singer wearing the full Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr make-up to all play RnR All Nite. First time that all versions of make-up on stage at once.

  6. Keep It Simple Stupid,thats what kiss stands for,would rather see Kiss with just Ace And Peter than with Gene and Paul,Would be a better show,Its all about the money with Gene and Paul,not about music.

  7. I’m a longtime KISS fan but this is truly a mess. I think they ought to do a poll and let the fans decide what they want since its the fans who made them. RRRHOF sucks anyway…

  8. Wow, I was hoping Paul would be cool about all of this….been very excited for a possible reunion since I was too young to see them before but only time will tell but thanks Eddie for keeping is all updated and love the Red Dragon Cartel thing. So glad to see Jake playing again. Hope to meet you at m3 buddy. Take care and happy new year!

  9. Paul is more of a prima-donna than ever. He could careless about the fans on this one. Everyone who has heard a kiss song knows their history. HOF induction is well deserved for original members. Paul get your head out of your ass and do this one time gig for KISS fans! Get over yourself!

  10. Eddie, I am a huge KISS fanatic and think it would be cool to see original four but thats harder to see than getting tickets to TMS taping.Been trying for months to come to nyc to see the show. How do i get tix?

  11. Ed, the induction is still months away, so I believe this whole situation still has some twists and turns to make before things are set in stone. At this point, Paul & Gene need to put their egos aside and really ponder why they are going in: quite simply the fans is the answer. There have been just as many low points as high points in this band’s history and different incarnations. Yet, the fans were the ones that continued to buy records, buy tickets to their shows, and have continued to support them and demand their inclusion in this prestigious fraternity. It’s obvious the fans want the original members, as does the HOF, so for one night, one night, they should honor that. And as you stated, a jam with all former members such as the Eagles did during their induction, seems like the proper thing to do. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  12. I don’t think it’s fair to lay this all at the feet of Gene & Paul. First off, we don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. I can easily see that when the announcement was made, Ace & Peter starting to make demands. Let’s remember that it was Gene & Paul who kept the band alive for about 40 years now. Look at Paul’s response. He didn’t say, “No.” He said, “Seems unlikely.” Now I may be reading more into this than I should, but that sounds like he’s not against it. What’s happening with Ace & Peter?

    I’m not saying that Gene & Paul are blameless in this, but we shouldn’t be pointing in fingers at Gene and Paul. Look at the reaction to the original 4 with the reunion tour. You don’t think that Gene & Paul wouldn’t have wanted to keep that going?

    And as far as I’m concerned, anyone who ever had their name come after KISS IS: on an album should be recognized. Yes, even Vinnie Vincent. Just my 2 cents. (Which most people probably wouldn’t pay 1 cent for.)

  13. i would like to see the 4 original members reunite on stage one last time and at the end of the set have them joined by everyone and anyone who was a part of kiss to perform ROCK & ROLL ALL NIGHT PARTY EVERY DAY . that would be the proper way of paying tribute .

  14. I am for the original 4 without makeup, let them all speak and give their thank yous and then a possible jam with any past or current members who want to join in with the original 4 .

  15. INever seen 4 men inn there 60s act like there 2, Paul and Gene let go the past is the past for one night you can’t make work that’s sad, grow up you say you for the fans by the fans then make it right ,the fans that put you their should be thank for all the music and shirts and everything else we buy,make it right!!!!!!!

  16. Its all about the music..Of course Ace & Peter want to play..Can anyone name a album from the past 15 years these two hero’s have put out?? Sober or not,, let’s face it, these two that caused this problem..the fans!! Let them sit in the crowd,, maybe let them speak..But leave KISS, the band the way that it is..

    1. Peter and Ace earned the right to play. They were band founding members. Doesn’t matter if they haven’t put out albums since KISS- they are being inducted and have all the right to be there that Gene and Paul have.

  17. Being a fan of the original members to my age of 12, I get the sentiment, but Ace and Peter worked their way out of the band with both poor behavior and playing, they sure as heck don’t have their chops now after being “sober” for whatever amount of time. Not that Gene and Paul are all GQ at 60 + now, but both Ace and Peter look absolutely terrible, I don’t want to see either one in make-up, what’s Peter like 70 now? Not sure how to resolve this, but hoping the original four don’t play in make up.

  18. I’m glad KISS got into the RRHOF but I’m getting tiered of the hate they are getting! KISS deserves to get in and those individuals who say otherwise dont have a clue. The original 4 should be honored but also they’ll the line ups should be mentione. KISS have and continue to change and shape the music industry, quality rock shows along with the recruitment of new fands.

  19. Will somebody please explain to me who Paul Stanley thinks is going to show up at the HOF for the ceremony? Is it the casual fan who might have caught a show during the reunion? Is it the man on the street who only knows R&RAN? Is it the “fan” who doesn’t care who’s who under the makeup and just wants to see the fireworks at the shows? No, it’s people like us who truly care about KISS, its music and history and believe that all four original members should be equally honored and respected. Nobody expects a full-blown reunion at this point, so what’s the issue with spending an hour or so together with the original band and paying tribute to what they built together?

  20. This my view as someone who loves original band but has seen them a number of times with current lineup. My view is I would not be hurting gene paul financially by not going to shows why would I deny myself a night out in summer seeing a version of kiss because it not original 4. . Now as someone who didnt hate tommy or Eric for playing their parts and have paid to see them I will despise them if they show up in that iconic makeup and will never pay a dime to see band again. I think a lot of kiss fans who have paid see this lineup will stop going out of spite for gene paul denying us one last time see original 4

    1. Eddie!! if the original band doesn’t play then I say hell just have the best KISS tribute band in the world play. I don’t know who that would be. but have the original band say a few things up there and then FUCK IT. Let a younger better more energized KISS play the music and make the stage moves. Pauls voice is gone anyway. Im gona be so pissed if they have Tommy and Eric play. I will never spend another dime on KISS or have anything to do with them. That would prove they don’t care a bout us fans at all. I think Gene wants to do this with Peter and Ace. Its Paul’s Huge bullshit ego stopping it. Come on Paul!!! More than likely 1 of you 4 original members will be dead in 5 to 10 years. Quit being a pussy and give the fans what they want. WE WANT THE BEST-WE DEMAND YOU GIVE US THE BEST! THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD. KISS (Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul)

  21. I have been a huge “Early Kiss” fan for many years …….Since 1975……(first 7 albums are the reason for the HALL)…Through it all Gene and Paul have held the torch while Peter and Ace (in departure order) …….went their own way. Paul and Gene are businessmen and Ace and Peter are Artists(Whatever talent level you wish to employ)…..Plain and simple !!! Suck it up and do the “Hall Dance” and give “HUGE” props to Eric Carr for all his contributions and let’s do this long overdue event!!!!

  22. The reunited KISS was NOT that good.. The guitar and drum solos were laughable. Can anyone post a kickass clip to prove otherwise? A video tribute of the original four followed by the original members together without makeup giving a speech and then a performance by the new KISS would be fine for me personally.

  23. If it is Gene and Paul’s position that it really doesn’t matter WHO is behind the makeup, they should have no problem with Peter and Ace (the REAL talent in the original Kiss) going out as Kiss and finding two assholes off the street to put on Gene and Paul’s makeup. The results should be not much different than the original band, musically.

  24. I hope the original 4 can make it happen for just the one night. Make up or not. Ace is the best. I would also like to see all members get together. Vinnie lives about 14 miles from me. I was out ghost hunting the night he was arrested by Rutherford County.

  25. I’ve said it already. I’ll say it again. I will continue to say it. Gene and Paul have turned into complete assholes as they have aged and without a doubt, one or the both of them, will find a way to screw this entire thing up for everyone. That is why I hope if Ace and Peter see that is going to happen, I hope they go in there with guns blazing, not staying above the fray, and put those two jackasses right in their place in front of the RRHOF crowd, and then the world when it airs a month or so later.

  26. Eddie has it pretty much nailed it here, although I see some wiggle room in the way Paul said “seems unlikely”, in contrast to a flat no as to the Original 4 performing, particularly since he flatly ruled out a full-on reunion tour. Gene and Paul, as Ed said, are trying to protect the integrity of the “current line up”, as we see with 3 performances they are doing with Tommy and Eric, including the Hell & Heaven Fest in Mexico, and the NHL Stadium Series gig at Dodger Stadium. They also have the as-yet-TBA “Free” KISS gig for their LA KISS Arena Football Season Ticket Holders. And, frankly, because they have so much invested in this version of KISS, they will hold out until the last minute, unless we, the KISS Army, demand it. I really want the OG 4 back for one last go-round, as a proper tribute to the the guys who made it all happen, and who, coincidentally, re-energized the band/brand during the 1996-2001 Reunion. Ace & Peter coming back made everything done since, in terms of “branding”, possible. All of the piles of cash G&P have stacked since are directly because A&P came back and they all put the make up back on. There would not be “Hello KISSy” without the iconic make up of all 4 guys. I hope, in the end, Gene and Paul will see the light, be gracious, and pay respect to the 2 guys who helped them realize their dreams. Oh, and somebody better acknowledge Sean Delaney, fer chrissake!

      1. I know that Aucoin will get some love, which Peter already did on his website, but Sean Delaney also deserves a lot of credit….and, as the KISS book about the early years itself notes, the original KISS Road Crew deserves a lot of credit too. As does Neil Bogart.

  27. Paul’s Facebook post from Dec 19,
    ” Gotta laugh. Some people want to seem important by talking like they know what we’ll be doing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” Eddie, is he referring to you? He probably heard Ace on your show talking about playing in makeup and now he’s pissed. Then he made another post telling everyone to remember to be kind and charitable to others. How about being kind and charitable to the fans who have supported Kiss for 40 years by playing a few songs in Brooklyn with the original 4?

    1. No clue who he is talking about since he doesn’t communicate with me, but if he reached that conclusion with me its because he listens and reads third party information instead of communicating. Been the problem all along. Anything I have ever said I have been clear is MY opinion. Anything I say outside of that is because I was told it directly by reliable sources. And as usual things can also change.

  28. Perhaps the hall should induct them by character and not by name. Gene and Paul might love that because that’s how they’ve been selling the band the last few years. They can say it doesn’t matter who created the band, here’s some dudes dressed the same.

  29. I have been supporting the band through all personnel changes as well as all the good and bad times in their 40 years. I have always had special love for the original four that started it all. but I do understand the problems that they have had and different personalities that made it difficult if not impossible to keep the original band together. That being said I think it will be a true FAN disappointment and let down if the original band that is getting inducted do not except the the award and play together. The Barclay center will be filled with die hard kiss fans that are buying tickets to see the original band. The deafening roar of the the crowd will truly show the RNRHOF the mistake they made not inducting them 15 years ago and the rest of the people watching who the greatest band in the world is. GENE, PAUL, PETER AND ACE PLEASE PUT YOUR DIFFERENCES ASIDE FOR JUST ONE NIGHT,

  30. Original 4 with makeup for the RARHOF induction ceremony! Show us fans again how that original KISS magic was done! You guys might end up having a little fun doing that! Plus it will pack the house & the media will be all abuzz! And… it would be an awesome gift to the fans! The excitement would be thick & smiles abound!

  31. Ive gotta tell ya…as much as I love the original group as I started listening the day they put out the first album sans my brother that they were a much better band without ace and peter musically…I wish all past and present members will be included in the induction. Seriously though…Paul and Gene kept Kiss going throughout the years and I value there stance more than I do Ace and Peter…In my opinion Ace and Peter even though they came up with the original makeup and were the original band I think they made up the least integral part of Kiss!

    1. The least integral? They were very essential to the group. Though they’re no longer with the group, without them KISS might of never been.

      The original four were with the band until 1980, then Peter left, Ace left in ’82- then Peter rejoined for the
      1996- 2001 tours then again in 2002 to 2004 tour. Ace went back for 1996 to 2002.

      Each of these guys logged as many years as the other fill ins just about.

  32. When I was 15 year old, back in high school 1977, I had the entire kiss catalog. When Peter and Ace left, I too left. I did go see them unmasked with Kulick and Carr. Queensryche smoked them on stage, that was 1984. 1996 all 4 put the makeup back on, and I saw them in 96, 97, and 99 Halloween at Dodger stadium. And then 1/2 left again, and so did I.
    I WILL pay to see the original 4 again in concert if they all come back. One can only hope!

  33. This is sad. For something that the original four founding members created over 40years ago .paul n gene both wanna behave the way they are is just down right wrong and disrespectful to first ace n peter and then the fans who wants this to happen. and for what to protect their own interest in what their tryin to sell today as the current kiss lineup. You know as a fan of completely supporting them from original lineup to after the farewell tour all eras in between I see now why I don’t like what gene n paul once again tried to sell upon to me the current lineup today which I felt was wrong as respect to ace and peter and it is clear to me now their more worried about this current lineup of kiss then what the hof and the koriginal kiss army wants in first place. I lost all respect for paul n gene and can’t wait till their retired

  34. So what happened to Gene’s comments that he would be open to it because KISS was started with Ace & Peter. Yes kiss is trying to create a brand new KISS, but that doesn’t mean they should ignore their past as if it never happened. Ya know there would be no KISS without Ace & Peter. Ace created the signature 70’s KISS sound. It was Vinny Vincent who created the 80’s KISS sound while Bruce Kulick refined it and made it his own sound. Paul is a real jerk if he doesn’t want to do it for a couple hours. I think the fans will understand that its only a 1 time deal and not a permanant reunion. I for one will not expect a full reunion. The original KISS is done. I don’t think it will ever happen again. I accept that and still listen to the band as it is now. however, I do not agree with Eric & Tommy doing the Ace & Peter makeup. That is just disrespectful. They need their own makeup just like Eric Carr and Vinny Vincet did. I for one cannot nor will I accept them for doing that.


      1. He gets to stand back and watch while KISS fans go nuts – just like they are doing here. He knows people are hanging on his every tweet. Could just be a power trip or a twisted sense of humor. “Watch what happens when I tweet this…” He probably enjoys it in some twisted way.

  36. This is so simple . I have been a kiss fan from the early 80’s . I have to say threw the years paul & gene always talked about how everything is for the fans and the fans are what keeps up going and we have the best fans . Hey what about the FUCKING KISS ARMY !! You guys need to put your heads out of your asses and just do what is best for the fans. Stop worrying about your personal issues with each other get over it already and go into the hall of fame the way you should as the band you started. Ace Peter Paul & Gene in make-up. This is only gonna happen once in a lifetime make it right. I can’t believe there not even seeing what is important here rather urge about stupid shit. Do it for the fans and your kiss legacy . It is only for a few hours and you go your separate ways .

  37. Too bad hof said only original members. I think a super kiss might be more appropriate with all the members in their respective makeups or lack there of and an empty drum set for Eric Carr. Everyone jams rock and roll all night and says thank you. Problem solved.

  38. Eddie, I’m miffed at Paul’s comments other than he wants to get even for unflattering comments in Ace and Peter’s book. Peter did everything but call him gay. It seems pretty petty considering the big picture. I truly believe the band has a thing for You in some fashion even if it is just that you are friends with Ace and Peter. The Rock Honors gig was a clear in the thought process of the KISS Duo. I would be surprised to hear Paul give any credit to the bands success to bill Aucion and Delaney.

  39. This has me really torn. I loved the original band…I enjoyed Eric Carr and his ability, Vinnie Vincent is a great song writer! I loved the kick in the ass Mark st John brought for Animalized. I thought for pure musicianship Bruce Kulick was a terrfic player and fit the Kiss model very well. Revenge with Eric Singer was a great comeback album for me. Where I get lost is the cover version of the current line up. Dont get me wrong….When Black and Blue came out I loved and still do love that band. Tommy is a great player as is Eric but when they assumed the image of the original members they lost me. For one night, let the original band perform but I believe all the members should jam together. Id like to see Kulick or Vincent play. Just my 2 cents!

  40. I love Kiss. Greater than 50% of their set list last year consisted of songs from the original 4. That right there shows that even the band itself acknowledges their most important work, was with Peter and Paul. Music isn’t about “who is the better drummer.” It is about creating songs, connecting with people, and putting on a great show.

    The Hall determines who gets in, so debating that seems futile. I for one don’t want another reunion tour. Paul and Gene turned Kiss into a tribute band by recycling characters, and quite frankly I think they intentionally duped some people over the years. However, the lineup getting inducted should play together, that is a no-brainer. I also think it makes perfect sense to include other members in subsequent jams.


  42. Love the article Eddie. My wife and I are part of those unlucky individuals who have planned a trip from Kansas City to NYC for this event. Luckily it is in NYC and we also plan on making a sight seeing vacation out of it. One thing is for sure, I’m not buying tickets and going if there is no Ace and Peter IN MAKE-UP. My fear is that they have turned the beings Ace and Peter into the Catman and Spaceman “characters” and that they think these “characters” will suffice as the original band. I haven’t seen KISS since thr last original band tour in 2001. I am a huge KISS fan with theur faces tattooed on me to prove it and the news from Paul breaks my heart. How can they be so disrespectful to us who made them what they are? We want just one night of the original four. Like you said, they don’t want to “face the music” of the fact they know it will damage their current version. Doesn’t matter to me…..they lost me a while ago.

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