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Thank you all for the great response to last nights KISSmas show. it was a fun one with a bunch of music from the bands entire history and a really good call in from Ace Frehley. Ace was in great spirits and said it had been a crazy week with all the HOF stuff coming down. He did reveal he did speak with Paul and Gene and all the vibes are positive at this time. He didn’t get into the past issues and name calling, just said everything was positive and it was a nice call without getting into anything too detailed. He did reveal that the HOF does want the band performing in makeup and was open to it (said he needs to start losing some weight now to fit in the costume). He also said his assumption was the night would end with R&R All Night as the jam (just wondering, does Cat Stevens jam with Kiss?!). Ace said there was much to be figured out still and the discussions would resume after the holidays. He did express a concern that Gene and Paul might want to also play with Tommy and Eric, which Ace said wasn’t right to him. He stated many times this honor was for the four guys that started it and it should be about the original band. He also stated he would not share a stage with Tommy and Eric if they too were wearing the makeup. Said the only scenario he could make work is if they were included out of makeup in the end in the all star jam. The entire KISSmas show from last night airs on all my affiliates and online outlets next weekend at the dates and times on my site listed under “Eddie Trunk Rock-FM” under Live & On The Air tab. If you are a member of this site you can hear it On Demand starting next weekend as well. The playlist will be posted for the show in that section of the site after it airs on all stations.


As I have said all along there are still many things to be worked out with Kiss and the HOF. Ace thought the band would play 3-4 songs. He also said he would never say never to doing something more with the original band if it made sense, but his focus now is on his new solo album he is currently recording. Everyone hopes this thing goes down the right way no doubt, but it’s just way too early to tell and there are still many discussions to happen between now and then. One thing for sure, assuming the original band indeed plays, that entire event is going to be DOMINATED by Kiss and their fans. Feel bad for the other inductees but that’s just what the HOF gets for making Kiss wait 15 years. IF it goes down the right way that place is going to be nuts in Brooklyn!


Final year end special show debuts on Q104.3 this Friday and is the Year In Review special with all the new music I featured in 2013. There is much more in this show than what’s on my personal Top 10, so get ready for a ton of new music you may have missed in the last year.


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52 thoughts on “12/21: KISSMAS & ACE RECAP, YEAR IN REVIEW, MORE

  1. Eddie,
    I certainly hope that the KISS HOF induction is handled in a way that will not only honor the band but its fans. Certainly seeing the original on stage together again will be tremendous. I have no issue with all the musicians that have performed in KISS being present. If the original 4 are in make up, there is no way that Eric and Tommy can be in make up. I would certainly hope that Gene and Paul would even realize that. We have waited so long for this night, I just want it to be handled in a respectful manner and not turn in to another Van Halen induction. Looking forward to the new season of That Metal Show and also receiving your second book for Christmas. Had the pleasure of seeing Grand Funk Railroad last month perform and enjoyed seeing Bruce Kulick playing with them. This is also a band that deserves to be inducted along with other 70’s favorites Bad Company and BTO. Would love the see Don Brewer or Randy Bachman on TMS as well. I know I am going old school now but that is some classic music!!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

  2. I’m actually surprised Harry Chapin didn’t make it into the Hall before KISS 😉 KISS might have one dilemma: Their highest charting hits were Beth and I Was Made For Loving You. I’m sure they’d rather play Detroit Rock City and Love Gun instead. Deuce, the one song the original lineup can always fire up, wasn’t even a single. Not sure if that matters.

  3. Hey Eddie, like yourself a loooooooooong time KISS fan….and like you kept wondering what the hell the HOF was waited for but then again, even though KISS finally got the call there are many others that still are not in Deep Purple as you have pointed out time and time again. Well anyway….do you have ANY idea on if the tickets for the induction will be available to the public? I live only about 90 mins from Brooklyn and want nothing more than to be there for this. Love your show and of course the Metal Show….Merry KISSMAS

    1. Yes, tickets will be sold to the public with on sale info coming soon. Expect it to be priced and scaled like any arena show. It is a LONG night. Can be up to 5 hours and you know Kiss will go last

  4. Absolutely agree with Ace. Original 4. That’s the historic lineup and those 4 guys are the magic that made the band what it was. The replacements after Peter and then Ace left were mediocre, at best. Great musicians, no doubt, but the music they created with Gene and Paul lacked originality and will never have the impact like the songs that the classic lineup gave us. The original 4 were equals (at least in version I of the band), not two guys and two puppets. They were four creative guys coming up with the goods that changed the face of rock and roll.

  5. I hope Ace sticks to his guns; the first 5 years of the band yielded more utility than any other band except the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Dio saved Sabbath, Vinnie, et. al did not save Kiss. Simmons and Stanley’s charisma and the legacy of the ’70s is why they survived; it wasn’t until the reunion that they could reclaim their championship belt.

  6. Eddie,
    I have a question I haven’t heard anyone ask yet – are YOU going to be there? You certainly should be, after championing them for so long. I assume each member is allowed a certain number of guests, and if Ace and Peter invite you, I wouldn’t think there’d be anything Paul & Gene could do about it. I’d be willing to bet each member has his own table for family & friends, so it’s not like they’d have to sit with you if they didn’t want to. I hope you’re able to go – in your own way, you deserve it too.

  7. Got to admit.When I first started watching the show 18 or so months ago, I thought is wasn’t for me.lm old school.But I’m a big fan of Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Deep Purple, The Stones and the Beatles, Iron Butterfly, 60s/70s rock.I’ve learned so much about the Rock family tree, , its amazing.
    LONG LIVE ROCK..Thanks, Lee Beaman,, Bellville, Texas.

  8. You know how many interviews ive heard where THEY DID CALL THEMSELFS A METAL BAND !!!….i was watching a you tube clip during unmasked era and the interviewer was talking to paul about why they droped heavy metal and paul stanley says “oh were a heavy metal band just trying something different” it was during the 1980 european tour. Plus during creatures era many many many times they called themselfs metal….you know why ? because they were american metal 1974-77,1982-84,1992…..so shut up mr simmons…..plus on the kiss exposed video gene simmons said they were heavy metal beatles….what a joke .

  9. Its a damn shame you fans would rather see ace in makeup then get Eric Carr/ Bruce kulick inducted. If I was Gene I would tell them all member or they will not be there. let peter and ace accept alone…. come on gene give them the finger…..

    1. Gene Simmons has ruined KISS with his stupid reality show….totaly took the mystery out of the Band and overexposed them….same with Ozzy and his reality show…..used to be cool to be an OZZY or KISS fan until these guys got so money hungry they make D.Trump look like a slacker….

  10. I want to see Ace,Peter,paul,and Gene play together also. and I don’t think Eric and Tommy should sport the makeup. But I do think all members should be invited to play and be on stage to have there time to shine. I’m not a big fan of all the kiss music from 82 on but there are plenty of people that are. I just remember when the Ramones got in the hof and thinking to myself how fucked up it was that if both drummers Tommy and Marky got to go on stage but C.Jay was left in his seat. and Richy was not even mentioned. Something about that ain’t right. Having said that ACE ARMY FOREVER!!!!!!

  11. I hope KISS does four songs and each original member gets to sing one!!! I would love to see Gene sing Deuce, Paul sing Love Gun or C’mon and Love Me, Ace sing New York Groove since it’s being held in NY or Shock Me and Peter doing Black Diamond ( Please don’t sing Beth!!! Leave the slow stuff to others that are being inducted!!!) Hope it’s done the right way!!! Can’t wait to hear more details!!!

  12. Let’s face it, the band started like four guys And a dream… The hotter band in the world, but in their way they get lost!. They forgot the music And kiss became a franchise not a band. I love the old songs And albums but even then Pet & ace not play in all the songs, bob kulick not bruce play some songs on destroyer. The best time…. The original four. But Eric carr, bruce kulick And Eric singer were And are a very important part of kiss! Thomy is the new one but has to be involved. Ace had to be concius of that. Let’s hope they find a nice way to balance it. And hope the owner, CEO of kiss (gene simons) be aware of the fans And respect all the story of their music!

  13. It bugs the living crap out of me that Gene/Paul are talking about Tommy and Eric playing on stage together. The Hall ceremony and induction is not about them! Will Ace and/or Peter please put Gene/Paul in their place for once! Gene/Paul should have no more negotiating power that the other two since the Hall inducted only the original 4. Gene/Paul are not going to not play just because Ace/Peter stick to their guns and just say NO to Thayer and Singer. If the Hall wants the original 4 to play then all Ace and Peter have to say is NO to anybody but the orig 4. Eddie, when you say Ace spoke to Gene and Paul and the “vibes are good” so far, with all the history of Ace and Peter being screwed – if Peter’s book is objective – that should mean nothing to you OR them. I can see how it goes, Gene/Paul push and push and push until Ace/Peter finally break down and say “OK, Tommy and Eric can play with all of us on stage!”. Doesn’t anybody read the tea leaves with all the water that is not under the bridge. Ace and Peter – wake up and don’t believe a word the other two are saying because whatever they tell you are ONLY words and they should mean nothing to either of you. Crap the whip and tell them NO. That isn’t being unreasonable in light of the induction being only about the orig 4. Do it now and put it to be so it doesn’t carry over right up until the ceremony. Besides, what is so freaking important about Eric and Tommy being on stage performing? Nobody really cares about them or at least shouldn’t given what this event is supposed to be about. You’ve been screwed before. Stop letting it happen to you. Get a backbone, say because the induction is only about us, therefore so should the performance. Gene and Paul are in marketing mode and have no regard for either Ace or Peter. The Hall induction really means something to Ace and Peter but to want Tommy/Eric onstage only means they need to keep plugging the band to make more money in the future. Ace/Peter – get a Doc like figure or somebody on your side who can NEGOTIATE with these tindlywinks. If you let them run all over you, you will regret it even though you book says “No Regrets” because you will have one again compromised yourself for the other two who have only slammed you repeatedly. Yeah, they’ll be kind to you now to get what they want. That is what its all about. Ace/Peter, you are way to nice and accomodating to these two businessmen.

    1. Rich
      You said it perfect !
      Although I do like all the versions of Kiss and I’ve met Singer a few times ( great guy, great drummer ) I ended it when Gene & Paul decided to try to recreate/copy the original to sell more concert tickets to Joe Blow . And , honestly , monster and sonic were surprisingly boring . The last really good, consistant release ( imo ) was Revenge

  14. If Ace and Peter do not want anybody on stage playing but the original 4, then Gene and Paul should understand and respect that. But then again, when have Gene or Paul really cared about what Ace and Peter want? This is about power and Gene/Paul asserting themselves over you. If they have the upper hand in the negotiations over both of you, it is because they are used to getting their way. They expect nothing less this time around either. They feel both of you are weak and will acquiesce because that is the way it has been all too often. They have tried to pummel your confidence by saying your still drug addicts or alcoholics. I’ve read your book, Peter. It is brutal how you have been taken advantage of in every way. If Ace doesn’t want Thayer and Singer on stage, they should get the hint and respect what he wants. After reading Peter’s book, I don’t even need to ask him what he would think of Thayer being on stage with him. Please. I feel passionate about this NOT because I only like the original 4 or don’t like the current lineup. I am indifferent to the current lineup, but this is about RESPECT because the Hall didn’t induct anybody but the orig 4. Tommy/Eric should respect Ace and Peter’s preference and say to their bosses that they really don’t need to play with the orig 4. Ace and Peter don’t want you on stage with them. I am sure of it. If either of you respect Ace or Peter even in the slightest, you will not be on that stage the evening of the induction while the orig 4 play. By Ace saying it might be tolerable to have Tommy/Eric without makeup playing with the orig 4 in makeup, I believe it is Ace being a nice guy and throwing Gene/Paul a bone because he probably doesn’t like conflict. Ace/Peter, this induction is one night and only one night. This will never happen again. Don’t be disrespected. Its not being selfish to want nothing but the WHOLE evening to be about just you guys. I know Ace and Peter do not want the event watered down. I believe its about whether they can respect themselves and not settle or cave to the selfish demands of some.

  15. As much as I would like Kiss to “dominate” this event, I don’t see how that is going to happen when you have Nirvana going in with them. Kurt Cobain is the voice of Generation X that killed off a genre of music(expect to hear that repeatedly that night). Dave Grohl is the biggest rock star of the last 20 years, and who knows what kind of bonkers shit Courtney Love is going to say and do at this thing. Its not like its some middle of the road 90’s band going in with Kiss, its F’N Nirvana dude. Don’t be surprised if Paul McCartney shows up to play with them.

  16. Its about time Kiss got into the rock n roll hall of fame. But many other deserving bands should now get the nod too… Deep Purple, Priest, Maiden, Scorpions, Motorhead, Cheap Trick, Foreigner, Styx, Megadeth, Pantera, ELO, ELP, Kansas, etc. Just too many bands to name. And who could forget? Blue Oyster Cult, Grand Funk, Bad Company, Ted Nugent, Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer…

  17. As a long time Kiss fan from the age of 8, 1975. I would like to see the current lineup make an announcement and retire the make up. I think it’s time. The money has been made , this version of the Kiss experience has been put out there long enough for young an old fans to see. Now is the time to retire the make up and honorably put it back on, one last time with the 4 original members.
    Even if the current line up would continue to make albums and tour without make up , that to me would still be ok.

  18. If you look at the Rush induction, I feel they did everything right. Great, Rush-like speeches, Foo Fighters cover was great and hilarious, they played the songs you expected them to and well. KISS has got to get it together and make this not like the farce that the Van Halen induction was. Even GnR was missing it’s lead singer and that was wrong too. KISS is four guys in makeup, Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter. Others have come and gone, but if you look at who created it, it was those guys.

  19. I know this is going back a bit, but does anybody know why Ace and Peter’s input was so limited on Psycho Circus, when they obviously were able to capably play their parts on tour? Was it the producer’s (Bruce Fairbairn I believe) decision or Gene and Paul. It’s not as if Ace and Peter were unable to play well on albums they played out during Kiss’ peak. The other thing is, if, and this obviously would be a HUGE if Kiss actually reconvened for 1 more studio album (far from likely), I wonder if Paul and Gene would allow it to be a true group effort. I’m too much of a dreamer, and should probably just settle for them playing 3-4 songs together their induction without Eric Singer or Tommy Thayer also wearing their makeup! Ace and the fans would like Gene and Paul to “do the right thing”, but I guess we’ll find out soon…

    1. My understanding was them not playing was over a contract and money dispute. The only track I was told they are all on is Into The Void. Still I think a solid album that G&P seem to now slam for some reason

  20. Think people are jumping the gun and getting worked up over Tommy and Eric playing or being there in makeup. I have yet to see any comments from Gene or Paul stating that would happen.Tommy and Eric have been classy guys and are fans of the band and would think they would be respectful of that evening as well. The fact Ace said he would be ok with them being on stage without makeup for RNR All Nite shows as well that level heads could prevail and allow opportunity for all to be involved in the right way.

    Would love to see them blow the doors off with Deuce, Detroit Rock City, maybe New York Groove and RNR all Nite. Would Peter be ok without singing Lead on a song?

    Finally will KISS finally give up some memorabilia for an exhibit at RNR HOF? That had been a point of contention in past. Hopefully it all works out for everyone – I think they should select a fan to induct them as a nod to the KISS Army.

    1. Who is ace to say? he is not a member.. he sold his makeup, gene and paul can walk away right now, which would be thier best bet. because the ed trunks of the world would stir the pot, free advertisement.

      1. Stir the pot? Guess I have been stirring the Kiss pot for decades now being the only one in their home market that plays the band for the last 30 years, EVERY lineup, EVERY album.. perhaps everyone would be happier if I stopped stirring the Kiss pot completely?

  21. I actually saw one of Paul’s costumes at the Hard Rock restaurant in Moscow. It was from ‘The Elder’ set of costumes. Not sure how much other Kiss memorabilia I have seen at other Hard Rock restaurants. But I do realize they are not connected to the Hall of Fame in any way. I think it would be great to see full costumes (how about the 1975 ‘Alive’ gear?) and for the originals to sing Cold Gin, Detroit Rock City, Shock Me, and Black Diamond. Finish with ALL members singing RNRAN.

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