Thank you all for the great response to last nights KISSmas show. it was a fun one with a bunch of music from the bands entire history and a really good call in from Ace Frehley. Ace was in great spirits and said it had been a crazy week with all the HOF stuff coming down. He did reveal he did speak with Paul and Gene and all the vibes are positive at this time. He didn’t get into the past issues and name calling, just said everything was positive and it was a nice call without getting into anything too detailed. He did reveal that the HOF does want the band performing in makeup and was open to it (said he needs to start losing some weight now to fit in the costume). He also said his assumption was the night would end with R&R All Night as the jam (just wondering, does Cat Stevens jam with Kiss?!). Ace said there was much to be figured out still and the discussions would resume after the holidays. He did express a concern that Gene and Paul might want to also play with Tommy and Eric, which Ace said wasn’t right to him. He stated many times this honor was for the four guys that started it and it should be about the original band. He also stated he would not share a stage with Tommy and Eric if they too were wearing the makeup. Said the only scenario he could make work is if they were included out of makeup in the end in the all star jam. The entire KISSmas show from last night airs on all my affiliates and online outlets next weekend at the dates and times on my site listed under “Eddie Trunk Rock-FM” under Live & On The Air tab. If you are a member of this site you can hear it On Demand starting next weekend as well. The playlist will be posted for the show in that section of the site after it airs on all stations.


As I have said all along there are still many things to be worked out with Kiss and the HOF. Ace thought the band would play 3-4 songs. He also said he would never say never to doing something more with the original band if it made sense, but his focus now is on his new solo album he is currently recording. Everyone hopes this thing goes down the right way no doubt, but it’s just way too early to tell and there are still many discussions to happen between now and then. One thing for sure, assuming the original band indeed plays, that entire event is going to be DOMINATED by Kiss and their fans. Feel bad for the other inductees but that’s just what the HOF gets for making Kiss wait 15 years. IF it goes down the right way that place is going to be nuts in Brooklyn!


Final year end special show debuts on Q104.3 this Friday and is the Year In Review special with all the new music I featured in 2013. There is much more in this show than what’s on my personal Top 10, so get ready for a ton of new music you may have missed in the last year.


Merry Christmas all! More on twitter @EddieTrunk and Facebook as well. Don’t forget the sale in my merch store with 15% off everything runs until the end of the year so jump on that now. And both of my books now available direct from me signed and personalized. See the Books tab on the site.

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  1. I actually saw one of Paul’s costumes at the Hard Rock restaurant in Moscow. It was from ‘The Elder’ set of costumes. Not sure how much other Kiss memorabilia I have seen at other Hard Rock restaurants. But I do realize they are not connected to the Hall of Fame in any way. I think it would be great to see full costumes (how about the 1975 ‘Alive’ gear?) and for the originals to sing Cold Gin, Detroit Rock City, Shock Me, and Black Diamond. Finish with ALL members singing RNRAN.

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