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Spent some time last night in Phoenix with my old friend Dan Wexler and John Aquilino of the band Icon who I loved so much I actually signed them for a third album when I worked for Megaforce. They are building an INCREDIBLE underground recording compels that I toured last last. Crazy cool! And they plan on making a new Icon album with the bands original lineup including singer Stephen Clifford. Can’t wait to see how this progresses and the facility is like nothing I have seen before. Hopefully new music from them next year. Hugely underrated band from the 80s.

On very little sleep but flying to LA now. Book Soup signing tonight 7-9 and if I can make it The Winery Dogs at Canyon Club later. And tomorrow should be a massive signing before Mötley plays at The Hard Rock Casino. Join me right next door to The Joint inside Vinyl for a signing and Q&A starting around 6P! Book tour has gone so well. Thank you all for supporting the books an these events. More soon and be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk

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