Any ideas?

Well, if you guessed it Poison guitarist CC DeVille, give yourself a pat on the back.

DeVille posted this photo to Instagram on June 2nd, along with the accompanying caption, “Who is ready to go on tour ?!! I am !!! -Rasputin DeVille.”

Several replies were made to his post, including fellow The Stadium Tour mate,  Mötley Crüe bassist, Nikki Sixx, who wrote, “Bring on the beards buddy. I’m rocking mine too. Look forward to seeing everybody.”

The Stadium Tour featuring Poison, along with co-headliners Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe, and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, begins June 16th in Atlanta, Georgia. To view the entire tour schedule, please click here.

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  1. OMG, I honestly would have never guessed it was CC. Def Leppard should be the sole headliner on this tour. They are still relevant, steady, just put out a really good album, are actually in shape. I will be shocked if Crue makes it to the end of the tour. Poison will be fun [although the crowd will be saying, “who’s the dude on guitar?’] as will Joan Jett. The youngsters, Classless Act might get toes tappin’ as well.

  2. Well, the clips from the opening night were pretty much just as I thought .. vince neil was awful , although he looked to have lost some weight but it didn’t help his voice- the band was very good too bad Tommy is injured – they should be playing 2nd fiddle to leppard , joan sounded great from what I saw no surprise there she is in the wrong lineup spot in my humble opinion , poison also was great Brett Michaels is a total professional and frontman,
    Joe Elliots voice is aged and a bit tired sounding but he sounded surprisingly good as well – crue should step out of the headline spot and give it to leppard

    1. “crue should step out of the headline spot and give it to leppard.’ TOTALLY AGREE!

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