Whitensake frontman David Coverdale was a recent guest on Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Trunk Nation, where he discussed life under the Corona virus.

He told Eddie, (via blabbermouth.net), “I think anything that we regarded as normal before, that’s gone. I don’t think anything is gonna be normal. People are gonna have to get into the frame of mind to be able to go to these public gatherings, to go to an indoor theater, arena, stadium. This has really shaken up the whole thing. God willing, we can have a reset.”

“This is biblical, the stuff you read about in the Bible — the Black Plague of Egypt,” he continued. “This is immense. If anything, we must learn to work together and stop the boundary aspect. Europe has had to use the borders again to keep people out and quarantine the populace. And that’s very necessary. And also staying home is necessary.”

“But it’s gonna be an immense change,” he added. “And I sincerely hope, with my advanced years, that I’m still gonna be able to get out there while I can still do Still Of The Night at the end of hour [and] 45 [minutes].”

Coverdale went on to say that that he was not optimistic about a return of mass gatherings for things such as concerts in 2020.

“This ain’t going away just yet,” he said. “We should get all of these magnificent scientists at Apple — Chinese, Russian, Japanese, African, French, American — get ’em all together and work in one f–king focus: find a vaccine for this thing.”

Last month, Whitesnake announced the cancelation of all of its previously announced touring activities, including this summer’s U.S. trek with Sammy Hagar & The Circle and Night Ranger.

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  1. He’s got that right. The old normal is gone and we’re going into duck and cover territory with little relief in sight in the next 3 to 5 years. The quickest vaccine takes a minimum of 4 years. Hang in for the ride. shoule be some great Metal to come out of this era, that’s for sure.

    1. A vaccine is all fine and well, but a CURE would be the ideal situation. A brilliant geneticist, who can discover it’s structure, break the code and figure out how to kill it. I know that is wishful thinking, but I like to have hope.

    2. Right there with you, I hope there is a cure and not having to buy into a vaccine. Stay healthy & take care Dana.

    3. A vaccine for something as dangerous as this virus, could possibly be available late summer. Due to the dangerous nature of the virus, it would not involve a full defunct virus, but a part that may prevent the virus from getting to a host cell to replicate. That would make it safer.

      And Dave is right, this is will resonate for at least a decade and Tommy Aldridge is great drummer.

  2. I love all the early Whitesnake stuff.

    Love Hunter
    Ready an’ Willing
    Come an’ Get it
    Saints and Sinners

    Some excellent bluesy stuff. Mickey Moody, Bernie Marsden were incredible guitarists. Of course the John Sykes stuff was on another level. An incredible player that doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

    1. I love the days of Cozy Powell and still love Tommy Aldridge a double bass master with great 70’s hair!

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