Wolfgang Van Halen joined Dave GrohlThe Darkness singer Justin Hawkins and acclaimed session drummer Josh Freese at the second Taylor Hawkins tribute concert at Los Angeles’s Kia Forum on September 27th to perform Van Halen songs, Hot For Teacher and Panama. Fan-filmed video can be seen below.

In other Wolfie news, Mammoth WVH will release a digital deluxe edition of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut on November 11th, pre-order here. The new digital deluxe features the bonus track from the Japanese version of the album, Talk & Walk, as well as two previously unreleased tracks: As Long As You’re Not You and Goodbye. To read more details about this special release, and to hear, Talk & Walk, please click here.

The band will also be touring with Alter Bridge starting January 25th, 2023 in Tampa Florida, and winding down, on April 1st in Highland, California. For a complete list dates, please go here.

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  1. I knew wolfie was an excellent musician and I like his music alot ,now I know after seeing him brilliantly almost note for note recreate his dad’s playing, ( my opinion justin hawkins was an awful choice to sing he almost ruined that moment for me with his ridiculously clownish performance) wolfie should play guitar with alex,mike and dave that would be a proper tribute to Eddie, but dave doesn’t seem to care enough to participate..very sad ~

    1. Robert,

      Wolfie is chip off the old block, an incredible talent, and it breaks my heart that people bully him online. Gross and unnecessary.

    2. Hi Dana – I would not worry about Wolfie from the interviews and social media I see – he can handle himself and gives it back. However, I agree it takes a huge a-hole to say negative comments to him.

      A VH reunion at the Forum would have been amazing – what could have been!

    3. Oh Gene, I know he can handle himself.

      But it is a very sad, and pitiful, reflection of the world we live in, when people have to bully anyone online, let alone Wolfie. Just cruel…

  2. I wrote this in another post…its a shame not many people even realize Wolfgang has an album out, and a DAMN GOOD ONE at that. And that he plays every instrument on that album. He is an amazing talent and should be HUGE, but in todays world unfortunately he wont be. There is just NOWHERE that is playing this kind of music, unless you specifically search for it your never gonna hear it.


    1. Michael,

      The fact that he was nominated for a Grammy (not that that means much, but still) on his debut album proves he is a talent.

  3. I have no idea why anyone would attack and bully wolfie or anyone online , I was not aware … f’d up world we live in for sure …hopefully he just ignores the idiots

  4. People ridicule Wolfie online cuz they’re stupid…..and like my dad would always say, “You can’t fix stupid”. These stupid people hide behind their phones/computers and post rude comments that they would never say to the person’s face….just a cowardly act.

    And Wolfie is a much better guitarist that I thought….I shouldn’t be surprised, though, cuz he learned from one of the best guitarists ever.

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