vinceneil400pix Motley Crue singer Vince Neil appears to have lightened his stance over the band’s upcoming permanent split.

Last week they appeared determined to emphasize there would be no coming back after they complete their Final Tour and release a movie based on celebrated biography The Dirt.

They signed a legally binding agreement in front of press witnesses, allegedly making it impossible for them to regroup after the end of 2015.

Last year bassist Nikki Sixx vowed the Crue would “blow its own brains out” to ensure there was no chance of a comeback. And since the January press conference he’s stated that his side-project Sixx AM will become his main focus, while guitarist Mick Mars has said he’ll concentrate on solo work.

But Neil tells 93.3KDKB “Here’s the thing – Motley Crue’s not breaking up. We’re still going to be making music. We’re still selling merchandise and stuff. We’ll make music; do songs for certain things. Motley Crue will still be around. We’re just not going to tour any more. That’s really kind of it.”

He even says there’s a chance of the band performing together after their self-imposed deadline. “Somebody brought that up. They said: ‘If you’re inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, would you get back together?’ Probably so, but that would be it.”

At least he’s firm with his colleagues on one matter: “They go: ‘If a Saudi prince gave you ten million each, would you do it?’ No. Everybody’s looking for the loophole, the grey area. We’re done. There’s no more touring.”

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  • Scott on

    Vince must have spoken with Gene Simmons….

  • Lee on

    Classic Crue, well we’ll be still together making music. Expect the many one-off shows like the movie premieres all over, LP releases, Hard Rock residency (“it ain’t a tour bro”). This farewell is a joke. Vince will be in indian casinos and large bars til hell freezes over doing the same set.

  • richman on

    Can you imagine a Saudi prince spending $40,000,000.00 to hear shit off of GENERATION SWINE, and that new song SEX? WTF. Vince will burn through his money fairly quickly so by about 2017, we will see VINCE NEIL’S MOTLEY CRUE featuring C.C. DeVille, Rudy Sarzo and Eric Singer as Tommy Lee. No one will give a RATTs ass about any of these guys side projects. Nicky and Mick may form MOTLEY CRUE with Blackie Lawless. Tommy may have a career in pornography which is better than his gangster rapping. How bout this? THE MOTLEY CRUE RESURRECTION TOUR in 2016. See you there boys.

    • DR on

      I would pay serious coin to see a Blackie Lawless fronted Motley Crüe.

    • DR on

      Could you imagine Blackie doing Red Hot or Looks That Kill? He could even pull off Home Sweet Home. Richman as usual I bow to you and your creative genius.

  • Robert on

    So they have to break up to actually make music?

    They’ve only put out 1 album in ten years since their comeback! Breaking up the band will add more music? The bad thing about bands hating each others guts like Mötley does is none of them sit in the same room together to get their stories straight.

  • Doug Keeney on

    Only hope this is true if they TRULY stop touring. I’m going to the Cincy show. I saw Crue with KISS last summer and thank God they were there otherwise that show would not have been worth the paper the tickets were printed on. Can’t wait to see them with Alice!!

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