vanhalenlogo640 As previously reported, Van Halen will release its first-ever live album to feature original singer David Lee Roth. Recorded on June 21st, 2013 at the famed Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Dome Live In Concert includes 23 songs, spanning all seven of the band’s albums with Roth. It will be released as a double CD; four-LP set on 180-gram vinyl; and digitally beginning March 31st, 2015.

Fans who pre-order Tokyo Dome Live In Concert before its March 31st release date through Amazon digitally at iTunes will instantly receive downloads of Panama and Runnin’ With The Devil. Listen to the streams below.

Also, as previously reported, also being released the same day as Tokyo Dome Live In Concert, Van Halen will be releasing remastered versions of Van Halen and 1984. Read about these re-issues, please click here.

Tokyo Dome Live In Concert features an electrifying performance by singer David Lee Roth, guitarist Eddie Van Halen, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Wolfgang Van Halen. Mixed by award-winning engineer and mixer Bob Clearmountain (Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Roxy Music, Nine Inch Nails, and many more), and mastered by Chris Bellman, the album features such classic anthems as Dance The Night Away, Beautiful Girls, And The Cradle Will Rock… Unchained, and Everybody Wants Some!! as well as blistering versions of Tattoo, She’s The Woman, and China Town from the group’s most recent studio album, A Different Kind of Truth.

A deluxe collection featuring Tokyo Dome Live In Concert Track Listing:

Runnin’ With The Devil
She’s The Woman
I’m The One
Everybody Wants Some!!
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Hear About It Later
(Oh) Pretty Woman
Me & You (Drum Solo)
You Really Got Me

Dance The Night Away
I’ll Wait
Cradle Will Rock
Hot For Teacher
Women In Love
Romeo Delight
Mean Street
Beautiful Girls
Ice Cream Man
Eruption (Guitar Solo)
Ain’t Talkin’Bout Love

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  • Michael B on

    Couple of first impressions (yes I saw them this last tour): The band sounds great, very tight. Dave….well, he never was a great singer, but it doesn’t sound very flattering. I still miss M.A.’s background vocals.

    To be honest, I’m not super interested in a live album at this point in their career. A live album from pre-1985? You bet.

  • Keith Mortenson on

    As much as I like “Live” albums this is horrible. The vocals are embarrassing.

    • Mr. Rock And Roll on

      Dave and Paul Stanley should form a band and call it Delusion. Their debut record could be titled “Stayed too long at the party”…

  • shannon mehaffey on

    You know….I don’t mind this, sure, it’s not the “we are out for blood, take no prisoners, no quarter” VH from their halcyon days…but, these songs are still fun, and Dave is an entertainer. In other words, I don’t hear smug anywhere on here.

  • Frank Wolf on

    I’ve always been a fan of DLR and really enjoyed some of his solo work. I think after the A little aint enough album he started singing differently or losing some of his ability to sing. The new live van halen is disapointing. The guitar work is great but DLR gets to playful with changing phrasing and lyrics for my taste. I agree that I’d rather hear a live album from an 80s pretty hagar show.

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