Unchained Brands gave birth to a vision of Rock N’ Roll accessories that have beautiful meaning, paving the way to a lifestyle that gives back. Each chain is a symbol of “Courage, Compassion and Community” that is demonstrated by three distinct rings. Unchained Brands is also offering a website driven community that hopes to share a common goal of support as we work through these tough times, together.

This is not just a chain, Unchained Brands strives to be more than accessories, and they are creating a community of recovery. “We are a community of believers who share successes and failures daily,” explains James Pace Piacentino (co-founder). “We strive to work hard, maximize every minute of each day to become a better version of ourselves.  We believe with courage you can find strength to take the first step, with compassion you are of service to all and with community you have love all around you.:

With such a strong message to share, Unchained Brands went back to where the original chain came from – Griparic’s recovery and the support from MusiCares. Melding the two brands for the message of recovery made sense for both Griparic and Piacentino. They want to give back to the music community in need, so to pay it forward Unchained Brands will donate a percentage of proceeds to MusiCares

“Partners like Unchained Brands help MusiCares keep the music playing. We’re honored to be the safety net for this extraordinary community,” said Laura Segura, Executive Director of MusiCares. “We continue to encourage the collaborative power of music and ask both music makers and fans alike to support impacted industry professionals”

“I really love the Unchained Brands chain, it’s great. But More importantly, I love that it supports MusiCares®, which is a cause I deeply care about” – says Slash (Guns N’ Roses).

Please join us on our journey to connect, learn, grow and celebrate each moment together. For more information click unchainedbrands.com, Facebook: @unchainedbrands, Instagram: @unchainedbrandsllc, Twitter: @unchainedbrands

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