Fans of classic Canadian rockers Triumph are in for a special treat – the launch of the Triumph Vault website today (December 14th). 

By accessing, fans will be able to discover artifacts from the band’s career beginning with a celebration of Triumph’s classic 1981 album, Allied Forces.

This inaugural collection will feature a selection of newly discovered artifacts personally curated by Rik Emmett, Gil Moore, and Mike Levine in collaboration with Definitive Authentic. Several pieces are partnered with new audio commentary directly from the band. 

New collections will be added to the Vault regularly for fans which will unlock over 45 years of Triumph’s illustrious rock & roll history through rare photos, audiograms, video, behind the scenes content, and exclusive collectables.

Commemorating the launch, the Triumph Vault will offer signed and numbered limited-edition memorabilia that have never been made available until now. And as part of the celebration and in keeping with the iconic Allied Forces cover, fans who sign up for updates via the site are automatically entered to win a Dean Flying V guitar with a personal note from the band.

“We’re super excited to have our loyal fans experience the launch of the Triumph vault. Finally, after years of touring and recording, we’re able to unearth and display rare elements and artifacts from Triumph’s history. We can now share with our fans what we’ve  been stowing away for years at Metalworks Studios,” said Gil Moore.

The Triumph line-up – Rik Emmett, Gil Moore, and Mike Levine – rocked the world, and in the process, gave us countless classic hard rock anthems (Fight the Good Fight, Hold On, Magic Power, I Live for the Weekend, Lay It On the Line, and of course, Rock & Roll Machine, and albums (Just a Game, Progressions of Power, Allied Forces, Never Surrender, Thunder Seven, etc.).

Originally formed in 1975 and hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the trio was always proud of their Great White North roots. And seemingly ever since their inception, Triumph was on the cutting edge of technology when it came to their live show – particularly lighting, sound, and effects. Sophisticated lasers, pyrotechnics and moving lighting rigs, all computer-controlled – Triumph was one of the first arena rock bands to incorporate all of these elements into their shows.

Triumph’s headlining tours were legendary, and the band was featured on many memorable stadium/outdoor shows – including the US Festival, the World Series of Rock, the American Rock Festival and Texxas Jam, Day on the Green, to name but a few. And earlier this year, the band was the focus of a documentary, Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine, directed by Banger Films’ Sam Dunn and Marc Ricciardelli.

And now, Triumph fans will be able to celebrate the history of the band – with the launch of

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  1. I LOVE Triumph! Always been a huge fan of the band, “Just A Game” is, was, and always will be 1 of my favorite albums of all time! “Allied Forces” is another great album. Whenever the conversation of “bands that should have been huge” comes up, Triumph is always the first band that comes to my mind!

    1. Totally agree, Mikey! I love that album inside and out! I remember watching Don kirshner’s Rock Concert, I believe it was in early ’79? Anyway, when Triumph came on I was blown away! The energy, the music – “Lay It On The Line” quickly became 1 of my favorite songs! I ran out the next day and bought “Just A Game,” played the wax off of that album!! 😉

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