Greg Prato of the Long Island Pulse spoke with Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer. Excerpts from the interview appear below.

LI Pulse: The Way Life Goes was originally issued in 2013. Why an expanded version now?

Tom Keifer: The record came out and was pretty well-received, and the label did a great job with the first single. But somewhere along the line, the record got caught up in a corporate shake-up and it ended up getting pulled down. It’s actually not been available for a couple of years. First and foremost, we just want to get the record back out. We’ve been working towards that, and we thought in the process of doing that, we’d create the deluxe edition.

LI Pulse: Were the 80s as wild and crazy as Behind the Music episodes make it out to be?

Tom Keifer: Not at all. That’s all a lie. [Laughs] No, it was an amazing time. I always describe it as we were in Philadelphia and South Jersey playing clubs, and we got that lucky break and it just felt like a tornado came and picked us up. The ride has been going ever since. It was a really fun, creative decade to be a part of. It continues today. The fans are so loyal, and I feel really lucky to still be able to walk out on stage and everyone is singing every word. That’s continuing with this tour with the solo band, too, so I feel very blessed for that.

LI Pulse: You’ve experienced vocal troubles in the past. How is your voice currently?

Tom Keifer: It’s doing very well. I had a little mishap this summer and had to have surgery. I just got back on the road and did a couple of shows—my first shows in two months. I’d had that paralysis of my left vocal cord that took me years to retrain, but I’ve been singing really strong. It was just one of those nights where I pushed something a little too hard back in June. But I had surgery, recovered and now everything is good.

LI Pulse: Would you ever consider a Cinderella reunion?

Tome Keifer: There’s really no talk of that at all at this point. I’m really happy with what I’m doing and I think everyone else is, too. Everyone else is off doing their own thing. I have put a lot of time into this new project, and it’s been going really well. I’m really enjoying it. I’m happy where I am.

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    1. Not yet, just a case of the “Bad Seamstress Blues!” 😉 Haven’t reached “The Last Mile,” yet…

  1. I respect Tom’s decision to concentrate on his solo career, as opposed to being pressured into doing a reunion where his heart wouldn’t be in it, like the guys in Dokken did. While I would love to see Cinderella back together again, and putting out new music, I would only want it if all of the guys really wanted to do it. I don’t want them to do it just for the money, or because they felt that they had to do it because of pressure from their fans. Clearly, if Tom doesn’t have the desire to get back together with the rest of the band, it shouldn’t happen. He was the real creative force in the band, so that’s that!

    1. I agree, Keith. I only saw Cinderella once, and I thought it was a great show. I would love to see them perform together again, but only if their hearts were into it.

      I really enjoy Cinderella’s music. I think they were unfairly labeled as a glam type band, probably because of their Night Songs album cover. Great, bluesy rock. And I love the video of “Don’t Know What You’ve Got” because it was recorded in Bodie and Mono Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Great places to visit if you love California history!

    2. I agree, Rattlehead. Cinderella had the whole glam look, especially on the NIGHT SONGS album. But their music was so much better than your standard glam band. I loved NIGHT SONGS, but they really came into their own on LONG COLD WINTER. Their music was much bore bluesy than your standard glam band. Tom K. is a really talented songwriter and guitar player. His playing isn’t flashy, but his solos are really tasty, and fit the songs.

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