In a new interview with The Plan B Show With Brock And Hunter on the Rock 107 WIRX radio station in Southwest Michigan, Judas Priest iconic singer Rob Halford was asked what he thinks an 18-year-old metalhead who is just discovering the band might take away from the band’s upcoming album, Invincible Shield. He responded (as transcribed by, “Well, they’re embracing something that is, I would suggest, unique in the way that we’ve kind of broken the rules, if there were any, as to how heavy metal should sound and feel and what it should say.”

“And so, firstly, if you’re a new heavy metal maniac and you’re just turning 18 or you’re just turning 12 or 14, whatever, thank you,” he continued. “God bless you for coming to this band…And I would say embrace everything that this Priest band does, because, as you know, we can take you everywhere — we can break the law, we can go living after midnight, we can do some painkilling. We can take you on this incredible journey in this world of heavy metal that is exclusively unique to Priest.”

“This band has done manymany things,” he added. “One minute we’re the Sentinel and the next minute we’re gonna be a Turbo Lover. It’s a wild ride, man. It’s a wild ride. And so we really love to have this opportunity, particularly reaching new metalheads, to bring you into our metal community and give you some of the best times in your life that you’re gonna have.”

Asked if he has a favorite track on Invincible ShieldHalford said, “I still keep going towards that opening cut, Panic Attack (listen here). It’s got so much substance…So Panic Attack, which is the title of the opening cut…really carries a lot of weight. So, that is my favorite. But if you ask me five minutes from now, I’ll give you a different song. But I just love the energy and audacity of that particular track, the way it opens up, ’cause it opens up with these really cool — ‘What are these? Is this Turbo again? These synthy-sounding guitars. And is that Scott [Travis, drummer] on Syndrums?’ There’s a lot of, ‘Oh my God. What’s gonna go off?’ And then — bang! The track opens up, that riff that Richie [Faulkner] put together. It’s just mind-blowing. And Scott‘s work, Ian‘s [Hill, bassist] work, and then yours truly wailing on the mic. It’s, like, ‘Oh my God. Thank God for that. That’s still the Priest that we love.’ So let’s go with some Panic Attack and keep that side of Priest alive and proud.”

Invincible Shield will arrive on March 8th through Sony Music. To listen to additional tracks, from the album, please click on the highlighted song titles: Trial By Fire, Crown Of Thorns and The Serpent And The King (which can be heard below).

Invincible Shield will arrive on March 8th through Sony Music. The band has also announced tour dates, in support of the new record, view the itinerary, here.

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  1. I hate it when they do that. I already preordered it on vinyl, not going to buy another copy for three bonus tracks. And even if I hadn’t preordered it already, I don’t see that “exclusive” edition has a vinyl option. I don’t want a cd so I still wouldn’t buy it. Guess I’ll have to wait to see if I can DL the other tracks one of these days. Bunch of crap if you ask me! Just release the damn album and stop with this exclusive bs!

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