foofighters640 On October 14th, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters began a weeklong residency at the Late Show With David Letterman. Last night, they were joined by Zac Brown for a cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs. Watch the performance below.

The band residency with Letterman is to promote their upcoming “love letter to the history of American music,” Sonic Highways, which will be released on November 10th.

In Black Sabbath news, singer Ozzy Osbourne announced back in September that the band will began working on its final album in early 2015.

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  1. Mandy Lion, this guy is in the same league as all the greats, the classic ones we grew up on. He sings like a cross between Lemmy and Rob Halford. He commands the stage like an Ozzy, Halford, Coverdale….he is as picky as a Dio or an Ozzy when it comes to selecting his band. His current band is Lez Warner (the Cult) on drums, Dan Mcnay on bass, and a GIT hotshot guitarist Toni Aleman. Pull up his song “Rise” and tell me that isn’t a classic metal song, (he also has that classic debut from 1990…I know, not much, but man, the quality is very high)….Sebastian Bach, he should’ve stepped up to the plate, but he either doesn’t want to be that guy, or he just can’t handle it. So, what? a comedy metal band? Mandy and Sebastian are still in their 40s..when they go, who’s left? Hear that canyon like echo? There’s no one. Metallica is in a different category, so they aren’t applicable here. Get what I’m sayin’? That classic metal performer/band? who is left besides Mandy?

  2. my god where is all this hatred for dave grohl coming from? people are entitled to their opinions but these comments are a little overboard- the guy was in nirvana, i was never a huge fan but teen spirit was an amazing song and changed the music scene almost overnight – then he goes on to have a huge career with the foo fighters , {not the dave grohl band but taylor , chris, pat, & nate they are fantastic players} and in a nutshell champions the the way music was supposed to be recorded and produced highlighting the studio and the artists who made it all happen , sound city was a great documentary and a testament to daves devotion to his love and passion for making music and trying to get it right , he gets it right more than he doesn’t – their performance at the hof was also fantastic joen jett should be in for sure! also if paul mccartney writes and records with him and jimmy page and john paul jones play” rock n roll” with him at wembley he is doing something right – and my final thought, he has a great sense of humour , last years hof inducting of rush and playing the opening of 2112 c’mon that was both hilarious and totally amazing playing – so now back to my comment about this post, the foos with zac was pretty cool , seeing a country guy sing black sabbath was great, i thought it sounded powerfull and very heavy , so zac fumbled the words it’s live rock and roll it happens all the time and to me it added to the performance, just trying to balance out all the negative-

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