KISS400 Greg Prato of Songfacts reports:

Think back to the early ’70s for a moment, shall we? If you turned on AM radio, took a gander at the charts, or looked at a local concert listing, such feel-good, easy-to-digest musical acts as John Denver, the Carpenters, and America were the popular flavors. And then… there was KISS. Specializing in high-decibel rock anthems, pyro-heavy live shows and mega-merchandising, the band refused to display their naked mugs to the press, creating an air of mystery and rampant rumors – some of which were true.

Although the best known (and many feel definitive) Kiss line-up featured Paul “Starchild” Stanley, Ace “Spaceman” Frehley, Gene “Demon” Simmons, and Peter “Cat” Criss, the band has endured countless members coming and going over the years, and even – rather unwisely – unmasked and pursued more radio friendly sounds during the ’80s. And since the band based their personas on fantasy, it’s sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction.

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source: songfacts.com

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    1. Roland,

      If I posted a picture of the “classic line-up,” then someone else would complain that I am posting an old picture of KISS, as opposed to a current one. Can’t please everyone.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

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