Scars is the second single from the upcoming Smith/Kotzen debut album by Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen.

Released today (February 24th0, Scars is described by Adrian Smith as a song which “starts off with a dreamy intro then comes in heavy,” a hark-back to 70’s bluesy rock which the duo found particularly fun to work on.

As Richie Kotzen explains, “I remember Scars being one of the songs we wrote in the very beginning of the process. There is something moody and mysterious going on in this track that I find quite engaging. This would be a great track for us to stretch out live for some guitar improvisation between the two of us.”

As well as the pair co-writing, co-producing and sharing guitars and vocals, Richie also plays bass and drums on the track. The black & white video was once again shot on both sides of the Atlantic. Performances from the band take place in home studios in London and Los Angeles while outdoor footage juxtaposes the rugged beauty of the British Jurassic coast with the historic Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific coastline near Malibu.

Watch Scars below [Dana’s note: if video will not play, refresh the page] and to download the audio, click here.

Smith/Kotzen is the electrifying collaboration between guitarists & vocalists Adrian Smith & Richie Kotzen. Part-time Los Angeles neighbors, full time friends with a healthy mutual respect.  Both artists are seasoned performers on the global stage, having honed their skills throughout their careers to create their own unique musical sound. Their eponymous debut is released by BMG on March 26th.

To read more about this release, and to hear the first single, Taking My Chances, please go here.

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  • Dana on

    Wow….Smith sounds a bit like Joe Bonamassa, soulful.

    Kozten, as always, is a freak of nature.

    • Ray Gillen on

      Wow they are 2 for 2 on badass songs for this release so far. I didn`t know Adrian had that killer voice.

    • MikeyMan on

      Great call Dana, very Bonamas-esque.
      As a fan of Joe Bonamassa I wish he’d put out something this good lately.
      Glad I already pre-ordered this!

  • Doug on

    Oh man, so true, Kotzen is a freak of nature, the guy is mega talented. This is a cool collaboration, looking forward to it.

  • jimk on

    Holy s*** ! Never knew Adrian could sing. Well I only heard 2 tracks so far. I’m in , got to get this one. thanks 4 posting Dana.

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