In a new interview with The Hook Rocks podcast, Skid Row guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo was asked if he and his bandmates have “targeted” any new singers since their latest vocalist — former Swedish Idol contestant Erik Grönwall — quit the band to focus on his health. Snake responded (as transcribed by, “We haven’t targeted anybody. If we wanna continue as Skid Row, we’re gonna have to get another singer. But we haven’t targeted anybody. There’s a lot of great singers out there. But Lzzy[Hale of Halestrom who recently played two shows with Skid Row as a stand-in singer, see some clips here] just raised the bar, man. And Erik is a great singer. He raised the bar as well. And then Lzzy just came in here and just really raised the bar and showed us another side of what this band could be. So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a male singer in Skid Row. The options are wide open. And like I said, there’s so much talent out there, but we just wanna make sure that we make the right choice and that we can bring the band to another level. That’s the hope.”

Pressed about whether anything has changed in terms of his thoughts about a possible reunion with classic era frontman, Sebastian BachSnake said, “Well, the answer has been the same for — I don’t know — 20,000 years now. It’s not gonna happen. And I say the same thing every time. I’m thankful that people have such an interest in wanting to see that happen, but I also have to reiterate that this is about being happy in the situation that you’re in. So I’ll speak for myself personally.

First of all, I do need to say something too, is that the reason that this isn’t happening is because there’s three of us — myself, Scotti [HillSkid Row guitarist] and Rachel [BolanSkid Row bassist] — who’ve had conversations about this, and we’ve all been on the same page that we don’t wanna go down that road again. We just — we don’t.”

Rachel has taken a beating over this through the years,” Sabo continued. “He’s the one who’s been blamed for this. ‘Oh, it’s Rachel‘s ego.’ ‘It’s this and that.’ No, that’s a load of bullshit. That is not true. And I feel bad because he’s really, really had to shoulder that blame and has never said anything derogatory or anything like that. But you know what? The truth of the matter is that RachelScotti and myself have continually felt the same way, that we enjoy being happy in this band and we’re really happy.”

“It’s been such a great experience for the last however, 35 years, everything, all the ups, all the downs, everything, but we just don’t wanna revisit that particular aspect of our history,” he explained. “I love the songs, [I] love a lot of the memories, [I am] not fond of some of the memories, but just as individuals and as a collective, that’s just how we feel. So this is not on Rachel. And this has nothing to do with anyone’s ego or anything like that. So that’s just gotta be clear. Again, for anyone to sit there and make assumptions that this is Rachel Bolan saying ‘nope,’ it’s not. It’s the three of us, and we’ve all collectively sat there and just said that we don’t wanna do it. We just don’t wanna do it. And we wish everybody all the best.”

He added, “We’ve been just ripped apart by ex-members of the band and stuff — ripped apart. Some really sh-tty stuff [has been] said about all of us. And we just choose not to [respond]. It’s not who I am. It’s not who we are. We won’t go down that road. We just wanna play music and be happy. This has really never been about a monetary aspect of things because it’s known that we’ve been offered a good amount of money to do shows together and to reunite [with Sebastian] and whatever, but it’s just never been about the money, man. I choose my happiness, my willingness to continue to be a really good friend to my best friends and a really good husband and a really good dad and bandmate and person. And I don’t wanna endanger that in any way. So the people that we choose to play with, those choices are made in order to keep those particular things in line for all of us.”

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  1. Bach is an energy vampire, dude is annoying as f-ck but his new album is killer in my opinion, happiness is key and Bach needs to respect skid row’s decision that he’s just not liked by them and move along. It’s over.

  2. I would like to hear Bach with them again, but I suspect Bach’s personality has all the subtlety of a belt sander, and it’s not 1990 anymore (I wish it was though!). I do like Bach’s new single though, and that’s why I wouldn’t mind hearing him sing those songs like no one else (Although Lzzy Hale is no slouch)

    1. The 90’s ushered in Grunge, which killed off hard rock and metal, so I will take a pass.

      ’89 was a far better year, that was when Skid Row’s self-titled debut was released, but even better, Blue Murder’s amazing, eponymous album, was also released.

  3. Ah yes, there’s Dana again giving out the Blue Murder love! :() :() :()

    She’ll be telling us she loves John Sykes next…. :() :() :()

    I’m kidding you of course. (And Mr Sykes can sure play that Les Paul)

  4. Enjoy staying irrelevant. Sebastian’s voice and persona made SKID ROW, however unfathomable that reality may be to Snake.
    When you’ve used 5 singers since firing Bach, maybe it’s not a singer problem but a guitarist problem.

    1. I know it’s secretly annoying, but I am such a teenage fan girl, stuck in an old lady’s body, just pity me. Hey, at least I am loyal. 🙂

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