skidrow640 Skid Row released Rise of the Damnation Army — United World Rebellion: Chapter Two on August 5th. They have released a lyric video for their track We Are The Damned. Watch it below.

Rise Of The Damnation Army – United World Rebellion: Chapter Two track listing:

1. We Are The Damned
2. Give It The Gun
3. Catch Your Fall
4. Damnation Army
5. Zero Day
Bonus tracks:
6. Sheer Heart Attack (Queen)
7. Rats In The Cellar (Aerosmith)

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  • Brian Bulakites on

    This chapter so far has not caught my ear. The give it a gun sound to much like Billy Squire everybody wants you mixed with lack of communication. Thought the first chapter was better.

  • W. Vag on

    The skids kick ass. Rolling…

  • Mike on

    You know, I was a big Skid Row fan back in the day, and I want to like it, but it sounds pretty uninspiring. I suppose like every other band that keeps chugging along after they part ways with an iconic part of their sound, they lose something.

    It sounds like B-side riffing and pretty bland vocals. Lyrics are teenage angst/edgy sounding, with is great if you’re a teenager. These guys aren’t.

    Good luck guys.

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