Welcome to the Skid Row live album 35 years in the making.  On October 24th 2022 Skid Row took to the stage at 02 Forum Kentish Town and bottled lightening with Skid Row – Live in London, their first official live album and concert film that captures unforgettable, definitive performances of their timeless classics including 18 and Life, Monkey Business and I Remember You as well as new fan favorites like Time Bomb and Tear It Down from their album The Gang’s All Here.  

A dream for the band and fans – in the heart of the city that so inspired them. Pre-order album now (vinyl, CD, digital), here.

“As teens, we dreamt of playing places like the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ and CBGB in New York City… our dreams became bigger with London, England at the forefront. We fantasized one day to headline a show in the very city where so many of our favorite bands came from,” said Skid Row.

Skid Row crossed the Atlantic to find a fierce crowd awaiting them to experience the power of a band truly committed to rock ‘n’ roll, past present and future. Live In London is a classic live album from a band that continues to innovate, grow and fire up audiences around the globe.

Set opener Slave to the Grind has been chosen as the first single and video. From the moment the band hits the stage, the energy is undeniable. And it just gets more intense from there. Live In London is the live album Skid Row fans – old and new- have been waiting 35+ years for… and this show, this instant, is what they’ve delivered.

“London has always been a home away from home for us. We are very excited to finally capture a live show on video for the rest of the world to see, says bassist Rachel Bolan

“After the release of The Gangs All Here”= album we realized that something special was happening. This record perfectly captures that moment in time. Thank you, London, You always deliver. Onward and upward,” says guitarist Snake.

Skid Row – Live in London Tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. Slave to the Grind
  3. The Threat
  4. Big Guns
  5. 18 and Life
  6. Piece of Me
  7. Livin on a Chain Gang
  8. Psycho Therapy
  9. In a Darkened Room
  10. Makin a Mess
  11. Gangs All Here
  12. Riot Act
  13. Tear It Down
  14. Monkey Business
  15. I Remember You
  16. Time Bomb
  17. Youth Gone Wild

5 Responses

  1. I just want to know what happened that they will not let Bach back in the band. He isn’t in jail. I know he can be annoying as all hell. Sabo and Rachel must not be the easiest people to work with either considering the lead singer spot has been a turnstile since Bach was dismissed. This is annoying as f-ck to me and I’m sure many others. In many ways it’s on a similar level as Tom Thayer and Eric Singer wearing Ace and Peter’s makeup and the fallout it has caused. But hey, as long as Sabo and Bolan are happy, that’s what’s most important. Don’t worry about your “fans.” Dokken was able to do it. Someone needs to come clean and give us to the true reason in detail. Otherwise, suck it up and please your fans. Nobody is listening to The Gang’s All Here over the first three records. Bunch of bullshit.

  2. Great post, Real. It’s glaringly obvious that a live album now is buying time. 97% old material. Nobody cares about new albums from Skid Row, or their peers. New songs are beer and bathroom breaks in concert. So put out a nostalgia based live album. You are at that point, Snake and Rachel. You are a nostalgia act. When this sells minimally, again, will it be a wake up to give the fans, WHO PUT THEM IN BUSINESS, a reunion? Or does Skid Row think that since the fans paid their way, they can unceremoniously sh-t on them by putting out records nobody cares about? Not happy with Bas? Well, WE are not happy with your lousy decisions. If you want to hire enough singers to fill up a 12 month calendar, have at it on your own time. Your fan base expects what they want, and if you won’t deliver, we won’t pull out our wallets.

  3. Agree 100% Mr. Rock N Roll! It’s amazing that the majority of the tunes that they play live are from the Bach era. If Bach is so bad, quit playing the songs he sang on and own your other shit. Fucking egos man.

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