TMZ reports:

Singer Brian Anthony Howe has passed away.

Howe passed away Wednesday (May 6th) at his home in Florida. One of his relatives told TMZ. He reportedly died from cardiac arrest, possibly on his way to the hospital. He had heart issues, as the singer had a heart attack in 2017.

The 66-year-old singer’s career launched when he worked on Ted Nugent’s 1984 Penetrator album.

Howe replaced Paul Rodgers as the lead vocalist for Bad Company. Howe, who was also a songwriter, handled most of the writing for the album, Holy Water, back in 1990 It made the top 40 and attained platinum status. It was the most successful album for the group, helped along by the hit song, If You Needed Somebody.

The group’s last album with Howe was in 1992’s Here Comes Trouble. The album went gold with a top 40 hit, How About That. Howe left the group in 1994.

Howe went on to have a solo career, but it never reached the level of Bad Company.

Howe is survived by his sister Sandie and her husband, his son Michael and daughters Victoria & Ella, along with 3 grandchildren Kira, Alexandria, and Aurora.

Michael told TMZ, “I feel we are all put in this world for a reason. The passion for music was my father’s, and I am so happy that his legacy will live on.”

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  • Dana on

    I own Holy Water, it is a really good album. I also saw them tour with Damn Yankees, great show.

    RIP Brian 🙁

  • Doug on

    This guy never got his due, IMO. “Dangerous Age” and “Holy Water” are tremendous albums. I too saw them with Damn Yankees, great show! With all due respect to that Bad Co lineup, the Yanks (who opened), totally stole the show. RIP, Brian.

  • Tiny Music on

    Never really cared for what he did with Bad Co…very different band and material than when Paul Rodgers fronted.
    Nonetheless the man had serious chops.
    “Tied Up In Love” is a killer Nuge jam.
    That whole entire Penetrator album is a good one. The late Bobby Chouinard ( Billy Squier drummer extraordinaire) plays on that one as well.
    Yeah man 1984….better times.
    RIP Brian

    • Doug on

      “Tied Up In Love,” fantastic reference, great song!

  • Myk on

    I look at his records with BC not so much as a BC music but a band with former members of BC that Howe sings with. If you consider it BC than it won’t get the respect it’s due. Same with Nugent. I dunno…is that wrong? Kinda like the Thin Lizzy stuff after Lynot died.

    RIP and thanks for sharing.

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