Emma Jayne of Screamer Magazine spoke with Sebastian Bach, portions of the article appear below.

Bach on reuniting with his former Skid Row bandmate, Rob Affuso, for his first single, What Do I Got To Lose? (see the video here), off his new solo album, Child Within The Man:

” I’ve always wanted to work with Rob and it was just so glorious and fun making something with him again because obviously we have such a chemistry and such a history that cannot be denied.

I keep thinking about when we shot the video.  We rented that old car in Las Vegas down on the strip, but we shot the video in the desert like 20 minutes outside of town.  So, the director said ‘Sebastian, you drive with Rob and we will meet you out there.’  Me and Rob, just by ourselves, drove this old Cadillac with the top down and the Vegas sun and we just laughed the whole time.  It felt like a child within the man.  We were kids when we were in Skid Row compared to where we are now.  It just felt electric and you can feel that energy watching the video.  I said to Rob, ‘Dude if you feel this energy just us two imagine if all five of us worked together – imagine that energy.’”

Sebastian discussing the possibility of a Skid Row reunion:

“I gotta lay some serious news on you right now, but you’re the first person I am telling this to. There’s a whole narrative that we don’t get along, or they don’t wanna get in the same room as me.  There’s stuff that I have found out recently on the business side that I can tell the Planet Earth this has nothing to do with what happened in ’96, or me being wild, or us not getting along.  This right now is a hundred percent a business thing.  And I found some sh-t out that’s true.  The only thing standing in our way is the business side of this.  I can’t give you all the details, but it’s not about us not getting along.  It’s about us figuring out how to make this work on the business side.  And hopefully, we can figure it out.  I’m ready to figure it out, but the whole narrative of ‘oh they don’t like him and he’s too crazy’ that’s not even true.”

On his new album, Child Within The Man:

“I made sure that there is no flipping.  I worked on this for 10 years, no joke. Anybody can tell you that works with me, once I focus on something I really hone in on it.  I am such a collector of vinyl records that I made MY ultimate record, not as a musician even so much as a collector.  My favorite albums to collect are from the seventies because I love the way they sound; Aerosmith, KISS, Queen, Van Halen.  All of those records sound perfect to me.  Everything about them.  And I think that’s a lost art because I don’t think any of the music today sounds like that.  Maybe I’m not hearing the right stuff, but to me, everything sounds too loud and too compressed.  It doesn’t hit me.  The first song What Do I Got To Lose? hit like a sledgehammer around the world, because it’s a good-time fun song and there’s not enough fun in the world right now.  People are looking to be entertained and take their minds off climate change and politics and guns and all of this nightmare bullshit that we wake up to every day.  People are looking for something more real from the old days that they can latch onto.  I set out to make an album in 2024 that felt like it came out in ’78…”

Read more at Screamer Magazine.

Sebastian Bach will hitting the road with his What Do I Got To Lose Tour, see itinerary below.

Jun-1 Morgantown, WV Ruby Amphitheatre

Jun-2 Columbus, OH King Of Clubs

Jun-4 Detroit, MI St Andrews Hall

Jun- 5 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre

Jun-7 Joliet, IL The Forge

Jun-8 St. Charles, IL Arcada Theatre

Jun-9 Moline, IL The Rust Belt

Jun-11 Des Moines, IA Wooly’s

Jun-12 Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theatre

Jun-14 Colorado Springs, CO Sunshine Studios

Jun-15 Denver, CO Summit

Jun-16 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater

Jun-18 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom

Jun-19 Little Rock, AR The Hall

Jun-21 Dallas, TX The Lexus Box Garden at Legacy Hall

Jun-22 Houston, TX Scout Bar

Jun-23 San Antonio, TX The Rock Box

Jun-25 Tucson, AZ Rialto

Jun-27 Ventura, CA Ventura Theater

Jun-28 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory

Jun-29 San Diego, CA House of Blues

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  1. Sebastian’s comments regarding why a reunion hasn’t happened yet are typical of a narcissist. Of course it’s personal…..if there were “business reasons”, I’m quite sure those would have been worked through a long time ago and a reunion would have already happened. Snake and the boys simply can’t stand Sebastian, for whatever reason…..probably cuz he’s a huge diva.

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