RA1006_SCORPIONS Scorpions have made a previously unreleased demo track called Running For The Plane available to stream below.

The rough cut was recorded ahead of sessions for the band’s 1982 album Blackout, but the song never made the final cut. The demo is included in the bonus material on Scorpions’ upcoming 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Blackout.

Released on November 6th, the package comes on CD/DVD and vinyl. The DVD features the band’s show at Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle in December 1983. Bonus material includes five previously unreleased demos, including Running For The Plane.

On the same date, expanded versions of World Wide Live, Love At First Sting, Savage Amusement, Lovedrive, Animal Magnetism, Tokyo Tapes and Taken By Force will also be unveiled. A limited-edition, numbered vinyl box set is also planned.

Scorpions say, “It’s hard to summarize 50 years in words, but listening back to all those songs – many of them previously unreleased – recorded in one of our most creative periods, really took us back in time. This was a very heartfelt project for all of us.

“It brought back great memories whilst we rediscovered our musical DNA by listening to the archives, selecting dozens of unreleased songs and early versions of well-known Scorpions anthems. We really worked on the material to improve the sound quality, but always taking great care to preserve its original feel.”

For full details on the reissues, visit the Scorpions’ website.

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  1. “Running For The Plane,” that’s probably what Eddie’s doing right now, 😉 LOL!!!
    Sounds pretty damn good for a demo! Can’t wait for this package! 🙂

  2. Not a bad song,I will buy blackout again,since its my favorite album of all time.I don’t ever buy reissues either.bought uli Jon roths scorpions revisited.totally amazing!I’m blown away.

  3. That’s good for a demo. So good in fact, I’d like to hear it 100% completed, mixed, possibly even re-recorded. As far as post-Uli era Scorpions go, I’ve always gone back and forth as to which is my favorite album: LOVEDRIVE or BLACKOUT. I love ANIMAL MAGNETISM and LOVE AT FIRST STING to. I tend to lean more towards BLACKOUT though, but by a very slim margin.

  4. Sounds like it could have been on Animal Magnetism. It has a 20th Century Man vibe to it. Sounds really good. Well gotta go, headin out to see Overkill/ Sympony X.

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