Ross Halfin and Rufus Publications have announced the publication of Edward Van Halen By Ross Halfin, a 320-page celebration of rock’s iconic guitar player, a man who changed the way rock music would be played forever. This extensive photo book features many classic and unseen shots chosen by Ross from his personal archive together with an exclusive introduction from Edward’s friend and fellow player Tony Iommi. Respected journalist Mark Blake provides a career essay on Van Halen’s hugely successful career.

Two editions of Edward Van Halen By Ross Halfin are available for pre-order. The first retails at £275 ($372.32) and features a 3D lenticular cover, a metal guitar-shaped slipcase, includes some photographic prints, and is numbered and signed by Halfin. The regular edition comes with a cloth-bound slipcase and is £89 ($120.50). The book measures 240mm x 345mm and is printed on 170gsm art paper.

“Sabbath were making the Cross Purposes album, and we were doing a song called Evil Eye,” Iommi writes in his introduction. “I suggested Eddie have a go. He played it with us and started doing all the guitar parts and solos. I still have a recording of it somewhere, which we may put out at some point in the future.”

Edward Van Halen By Ross Halfin will ship in June.

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  1. EVH/Sabbath? Please put it out, Tony! The future is now! Can’t wait to hear that! Or see all the photos taken by 1 of Rock’s greatest photographers of Rock’s greatest guitarist of all time – Edward Van Halen!

  2. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, Ross Halfin is a great rock photographer and many of his pictures are iconic, so I don’t think this will be some schlocky cash grab. Plus it’s got the involvement of Tony Iommi, who was actually personal friends with Eddie Van Halen. On the other hand, it does seem a bit too soon to be (let’s face it) cashing in on Ed’s life with a seemingly ostentatious and expensive book of all of Halfin’s photos of the man. Maybe I’d feel better if it had the endorsement of Wolf and/or Alex Van Halen. I guess I just don’t want to see Ed’s legacy cheapened in the way Jimi Hendrix’s life has sometimes been monetized by anyone and everyone.

    1. Does seem appear to be a cash grab. Yet, people will eat it up. Way to pricey for my tastes. If I did buy it I would most likely look at it once, put it on a shelf and then when I move that shelf or move out of my house years later I would then touch it again. That’s what all my Beatles & Metallica books along with so many that I read once get relegated to collect dust on a shelf. It’s a burden…lol \mm/

    2. Spot on RTunes.

      Would like Wolfie/Alex to have only licensed products with their endorsement in order to maintain quality etc.

      That said, I bought a number of EVH t-shirts after his passing so shame on me.

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