RivaSonsl640 California rockers Rival Sons appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman on October 9th performing their song Open My Eyes from their album Great Western Valkyrie. Watch their performance below.

Rival Sons released Great Western Valkyrie, their fourth album, on June 6th.

Rival Sons on the web:

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  • pete lytel on

    Never heard of them. Not interested

  • Doug on

    Letterman has always been great to put on rock acts on his shows over the years. Props to Dave! As for Rival Sons, they have a cool raw sound.

  • Nickwi on

    We can’t help the younger hip hop auto tuned generation screw them as long as bands are out there I’ll go see em and listen, to hell with the rest of society.

  • metalmania on

    Song was alright, I’d heard of them but hadn’t actually heard them until watching this clip. I might check out more but I don’t think they’re really what I’m into, BUT nice to see an actual rock band get some exposure. I’ve yet to check out the other bands mentioned, but is “Kyng” the same band that opened for Megadeth on the “Countdown to Extinction” 20th anniversary tour? If so I thought they were pretty good at that show, kind of heavy groove-metal-ish?

    Unfortunately I do think the days of new bands getting truly huge are over. Once Metallica, Maiden, AC/DC, etc. hang it up there won’t be any rock shows bigger than maybe mid sized theaters except for festival shows. Hell even those bands don’t necessarily go “platinum” with record sales anymore. Gold is a huge deal now, and rare. And I’m not really counting the likes of U2 and Bon Jovi, different category. Think how silly huge those bands are. I remember when I saw U2 back around 2000, they played arenas instead of stadiums so they could get back to a more “intimate” environment. I have to admit, I’m a little surprised Rap and Hip-Hop hasn’t fizzled out, or at least shrunk back down somewhat due to oversaturation. To each their own but I absolutely despise rap, and I hate that it’s permeated seemingly every corner of American life. It’s become the image of young America to the rest of the world. One of my relatives visited China a couple years ago with a group of students, and the Chinese kids wanted to know 2 things, who his favorite NBA player was, and who his favorite rapper was. He said he liked hockey and heavy metal, and they were like “What? But you’re American…”

  • Nickwi on

    The great hip hop take over will screw up everything and that’s the America we live in. Nobody is gonna go platinum anymore. People download a couple songs they like and move on.

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