In 2016, guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore made his much-anticipated return to rock music, with a new line-up of his landmark band Rainbow. They delivered three powerhouse concerts in the UK in 2017, which are now captured on Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow: Memories In Rock II-to be released on April 6th as a 2CD+DVD set, vinyl, and digital formats via Minstrel Hall Music.

Memories In Rock II boasts two CDs of live performances, and a DVD with bonus interview footage only. The setlist includes classic tracks drawing from both Deep Purple and Rainbow, such as Spotlight Kid, I Surrender, Mistreated, Man On The Silver Mountain/Women From Tokyo, Perfect Strangers, Black Night, and Smoke On The Water. Additionally, the set includes Rainbow’s first new single since 1996: Waiting For A Sign, with Ronnie Romero on vocals. This will be released as a digital single on March 16th.

Complementing the live material, Memories In Rock II delivers a backstage pass via a DVD of exclusive interviews with the new line-up – Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie Romero, Jens Johansson (keyboards), Bob Nouveau (bass), Dave Keith (drums), Lady Lynn (backing vocals) and Candice Night (backing vocals, as well as frontwoman of Renaissance rock band Blackmore’s Night). Rounding out the interviews are the crew members that brought these shows to life.

Fans have waited for the return of Rainbow – a promise that these shows delivered in spades. Blackmore’s blazing fret work and soaring solos once again proved why he remains one of the most respected and celebrated guitarists of all time. For those who were not in attendance on these nights, here’s your ticket: the ultimate Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow LIVE experience!

Memories In Rock II tack listing:


Over The Rainbow
Spotlight Kid
I Surrender
Since You’ve Been Gone
Man On The Silver Mountain / Woman From Tokyo
16th Century Greensleeves
Soldier Of Fortune
Perfect Strangers
Difficult To Cure
All Night Long
Child In Time


Long Live Rock’n’Roll / Lazy
Catch The Rainbow
Black Night
Carry On Jon
Temple Of The King
Smoke On The Water
Waiting For A Sign (brand new song)

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  • Rattlehead on

    I would really like to get into this release, but I can’t get over my thinking that this is nothing more than a performance by a glorified tribute/cover band. Ronnie Romero is a great singer and there are fine musicians performing, but this lineup sure as hell ain’t Rainbow or Deep Purple.

  • T on

    Never been a fan of Graham Bonnet or “Since you been gone”, but I think they just threw that one in for a single to get radio play when they made the record. I do think Ronnie Romero is a good vocalist, and the rest of the bad as well. I’ll get this if it’s not too expensive. I like that they interviewed crew members as well, they always have a different perspective. I wonder of the backstage catering was done by Medieval times? 😉

  • robert davenport on

    I watched a lot of clips on youtube of this rainbow line-up , I was not impressed , Richie played pretty good overall but not great , I do have to say Ronnie Romero’s voice is amazing – the band was ok , but the chemistry was off.. something was missing -Richie can do what he wants and people who love him will buy it , IMO you need real heavy weight guys on drums , bass and keys to really make this work to push a talent like Blackmore to be his best on stage , I didn’t see or hear that- – as for bonnet and turner , if you hear these guys sing now bonnet is not even close to what he was , and turner is better , but still not what he was either – smartest thing Richie did was hire Romero on vocals –

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