Ryan Loughlin of the Atlantic City Weekly spoke with Ratt frontman, Stephen Pearcy. Highlights from the interview, appear below.

Ryan Loughlin: You guys have had a lot of lineup changes over the years. How is the current version of Ratt getting along?

Stephen Pearcy: Very well, it’s probably the most cohesive we have been.

RL: Rock music has taken a bit of a backseat as far as popularity in recent years, do think pure rock ‘n’ roll like Ratt plays will make a comeback?

SP: I think it is already. We go out and play and the shows are huge and the crowds are crazy and the audience is young. Of course there are also the 40 and 50-year-olds that grew up with us, but there are a lot of young people at our shows.

RL: How do you think young people are getting exposed to your music?

SP: The music is everywhere. It’s on TV, in commercials and I guess there is still a lot of word of mouth, which is great.

RL: Do you have any plans for a new record?

SP: Yes, there’s plans for new music, without a doubt. We’re deciding now how we want to go about releasing it, whether it will be a full record or just a bunch of singles. I think we will probably go that route though, release a few singles, see how people take to it and the rest is easy.

Read more at the Atlantic City Weekly.

Ratt’s current line up, features original members Pearcy, and bassist Juan Croucier along with, guitarists Jordan Ziff (Razer) and Chris Sanders (Britny Fox, Knight Fury) and drummer Pete Holmes (Black ‘N Blue).

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  • Doug R. on

    That’s great for rock, of course, but for me, no Warren, no Ratt! That’s all I Juant to say.

  • elliot goldberg on

    i saw a ratt in a chinese restaurant on the menu. it was called “juan yung guy.”

  • T on

    All ball busting aside, they do have some really good songs. I really like Warrens guitar playing though. I feel like the guy that Don Dokken got, sounds extremely similar to George Lynch, so I wonder if Pearcy will do the same for RATT’s new music, to try to maintain that critical part of their sound. I wonder what Bobby Blotzer is up to these days. He was really letting them have it there for a while (Crypt Keeper).

  • RTunes68 on

    “A lot of young people at our shows”….well, now that’s a relative term, coming from a 63-year old man….

    A few kids showing up a Ratt show because they misread a Facebook ad and thought it was going to be a show of musical rats isn’t exactly “a lot of young people at our shows.”

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