Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy was guest on Detroit’s WRIF radio station, where he discussed, the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame‘s lack of respect for 80s bands.

He told Meltdown (as per blabbermouth.net), “It’s all politics, man, and that’s the worst thing about the Hall Of Fame. It’s, like, sorry, Dave Grohl, but how many times can Dave be the ambassador or awarded. I mean, there’s so many musicians from the ’50s, the ’60s, the ’70s… They don’t give a s–t about us, the ’80s groups, at all — the Hollywood scene; they don’t give a s–t. You’re not gonna see Mötley [Crüe] up there anytime soon, or Ratt. We were lucky enough to see Van Halen get it. Scorpions, are they in? [JudasPriest? That was a milestone, having Judas Priest in it. They had to break; they didn’t have a choice… They had to. I mean, it’s overwhelming. It’s, like, you’ve given everybody else this award. And even guys in the band. It’s like The Police have one, and Sting has one [individually]. It’s, like, break it down. The group or the guy? Does he need two of ’em? At least [BlackSabbath is in there.”

He continued, “Inevitably, they have to throw us a bone. Our genre of music in the ’80s made billions of dollars for the music industry — billions. And what do we get for it? ‘Oh, it ain’t cool.’ ‘You’re not cheesy enough or cheeky enough’ or whatever the f–k. It’s, like f–k you! I have awards in my office that mean more to me than having a Grammy or something, because it’s from the hardcore fans, it’s from the heart. It’s not a political… ‘Hey, fill out this ballot, and we’ll change it on the day.’ Kind of like the presidency.”

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  1. Let’s see… Bon Jovi is in the Hall of Fame, Def Leppard is. Guns ‘n Roses is in there, Metallica is. Not to mention the new wave and pop bands like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Go-Gos, Eurythmics. Sure Stephen, they hate 80s bands! As much as I hate the Hall of Fame and how I think this year’s class is the lamest and most political yet, they’ve put their share of 80s bands in there. He’s just bitter because Ratt doesn’t have a hope in hell of making it.

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