Queensrÿche announce their 16th studio album, Digital Noise Alliancewhich is set for release on October 7th. To celebrate the announcement the band have released their new song and music video In Extremis off the forthcoming release. The track is available on all digital platforms and the music video can be viewed below.
“This song is about being on your deathbed surrounded by your loved ones. Clinging to the last sense available, letting them know you will still be hearing them after correspondence or perceived consciousness is visible. Other conceptual metaphors flash in and out, taking note of a world that will not bend to accommodate such suffering, a universe of mockery, and a universe void of such abilities,” states Queensrÿche about In Extremis
With a career that not only spans, but has charted the course of multiple genres, Queensrÿche remains a force in their own right with the new release that continues the ever-evolving legacy the Bellevue, Washington born band began in 1982 when they first hit the scene with their well-received self-titled EP. Their recent U.S. tour with Judas Priest proved that the band’s time off the road and in the studio only stoked their ambition and fire.
Digital Noise Alliance not only refracts Queensrÿche’s past accomplishments but also pushes into the band’s future. It is the band effortlessly moving from strength to strength: immediate and thought-provoking. Quintessentially Queensrÿche.
Right after the release of Digital Noise Alliance, the band will embark on another tour opening for the mighty Judas Priest on their 50 Heavy Metal Years tour, see tour schedule here.
Queensrÿche line-up is Eddie Jackson (bass), Michael Wilton (guitar), Todd La Torre (vocals), Casey Grillo (drums) and Mike Stone (guitar)
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  1. The song is decent , it sounds like a queensryche song maybe a little forced ..their singer sounds like Bruce Dickinson doing an impression of Geoff Tate
    At least they still have 2 original members – I’ve never been a huge fan , but operation mind crime was a classic album filled with great songs , I love that album. I never got the pink floyd comparison though…

  2. Wow, I couldn’t disagree (respectfully, of course) more with the above comments. I think this latest tune kills it, and I’ve been a massive fan since The Warning. The drumming is amazing, the guitar tone is nasty. Todd’s vocals are top notch. Can’t wait for the new album. If the other tracks are even close to this one we’ll have a winner on our hands.

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